Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Sri Aurobindo's role was like a catalyst

Given the tumultuous nature of the uprising, it's difficult to reconstruct history so neatly after more than a century. There were many players and multiple streams of inspiration. Sri Aurobindo's role was like a catalyst responding to the demands of the moment. Hence, judging him from the perspective of some present problem is unfair and a methodological anomaly. [TNM55] 

Savitri Era Party ‏@SavitriEraParty - 14h Erroneous notions of monolithic past inhabited by fixed monochromatic fictional characters is a bane in present day India & hampers future. 14h Three madnesses, Four interventions, and Five Dreams define the life of Sri Aurobindo so perfectly and why he relied upon the Sixth sense. 30 Mar Pre-mythological allegory of "Uma Haimavati" in Kena Upanishad contains the clue to symbolism of Vedic deities Sri Aurobindo brings to life. 30 Mar Sri Aurobindo bases his vision on the Vedic dialectic of Evolution of wrestling with the evil & also surpassing the hurdle deployed by gods. 30 Mar Hindutva, like secularism, is an exercise in dumbing down by way of mythologisation, infantalisation, & relegating future hopes to the past. 30 Mar National goals and social priorities can't be decoupled from the object of Evolution. The notion of Mother India, therefore, is no fiction. 30 Mar The journey of Democracy in India must pass out of the Nursery school. Personality cult has ruled for too long; now is the time for ideology. 30 Mar Transition and transformation is not a smooth affair and involves prolonged conflict and friction but adhering to ideology ensures direction. 19 Mar - @krishnarjun108 Sri Aurobindo in "The Human Cycle" prefers a safer, longer span and tries to fit the role of India... http://centreright.in/2013/03/idea-of-india-in-defense-of-capitalism/#.UUgaYRej3yc …  View conversation - 16 Mar Synthesis is what Sri Aurobindo represents - in theory, in collective life, in metaphysical approximations, and in aesthetic sensibilities. 16 Mar Five Dreams Manifesto is the destined roadmap for India as heralded by Sri Aurobindo in 1947. The Postscript Chapter reiterates World Union. 16 Mar To stand beside an Evolutionary force and not any decorated regressive mask and avoid wishful thinking is the challenge before the Indians. 16 Mar Message of The Life Divine & The Secret of the Veda has not diminished a wee bit even after a whole Century. Sri Aurobindo is worth reading. 16 Mar First issue of "ARYA" came out on August 15, 1914 under the editorship of Sri Aurobindo which happened to be his birthday. 1947 was not far. 16 Mar Apart from being an adjunct to Vivekananda's name, the varied contribution of Sri Aurobindo spanning half-a-Century hardly finds mention. 16 Mar The Mother & Sri Aurobindo tirelessly worked for Human Unity and World Peace which, they believed, is the inevitable next evolutionary step. 16 Mar Sri Aurobindo envisaged a Federation of Free Nationalities to grow organically from the debris of Colonial and Imperialist past of mankind. 16 Mar Third Dream of Sri Aurobindo under the 1947 Tiruchirapalli broadcast was formation of a World Union replacing the UNO as part of Evolution. 23 hrs - @RajivMessage Sri Aurobindo has seen and said it all. The present task is to follow his path and contribute in the positive direction.  View conversation - Mar 10 Some greatest dreams for the mankind have been articulated by Sri Aurobindo in The Human Cycle. But the elite in India refuse to read those.

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