Monday, August 26, 2013

Ashram is being pushed towards claiming protection as a minority Religion

Piecemeal revision and republication makes the writings of Sri Aurobindo much complicated from the research point of view. To be mindful of the history of changes that particular paragraphs of some heavy tomes underwent in the course of several decades is certainly difficult. Public consumption of bulk of his correspondence with personal associates is also a debatable arena. Further, the question of his fidelity to manuscripts published subsequently continues to prick, let alone the propriety aspect.

The Savitri controversy has turned almost intractable and the devotees will have to learn to live with it. But, what about the Sri Aurobindo and Hinduism thesis? Why the issue has not been debated threadbare? Why there is no clear stand on the overall issue of a separate Religion? By treating the current Trust Deed akin to a revealed document, the Ashram is slowly moving towards the inevitable position of claiming protection as a minority Religion. But such eventuality should have arrived by choice and clean conscience and not through coercion and compulsion of circumstances. Our incontestable status not only as the World Religion but also as the World Philosophy need to be firmly announced on all fronts. Fortunately, we have no dearth of able theoreticians for the purpose but that consensus and conviction to act is wanting. [TNM55]  

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