Monday, August 26, 2013

Free Auroville of quackery

Turf issues still make content on the Internet hard to access or even to be aware of. In a relatively minor area like writings relating to Sri Aurobindo, for example, the situation is chaotic. Books, journals, - both print and e-variety, - anthologies with solitary articles, and now the ubiquitous blogs; the area is too vast to keep a tab. Further, the absence of any dedicated reference or archival facility is a serious handicap. However, the material one encounters at the first Google search of “Sri Aurobindo” is too daunting and inundating. Any number of exegetical literature on the complex cosmology of Sri Aurobindo and his mystic poetry are now freely available online.

But the problem is how a student of 20 should approach Sri Aurobindo in the 21st Century. Earlier the challenge, predominantly, was to exhibit and explain but now it’s to make it interesting and engaging for the young. It’s not enough to say Sri Aurobindo tells this or that, but precisely why the 20 year old should be drawn to him or profited by his philosophy. And, he is in a hurry, has many other concerns; so, tentativeness or vacillation on our part can dissuade him, and may be for life. Reading about the ongoing conflict in the Ashram can deflect a whole generation; do we comprehend enough the magnitude of the collateral damages? Unless a robust theoretical thrust is devised through an elaborate ideological thrashing, the teaching of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is liable to degenerate into many pre-modern modes of quackery promoted in the Auroville at present. [TNM55]  

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