Thursday, September 04, 2014

Savitri Era Religion demands legal recognition

Two recents Posts elsewhere, The Rationalised Ashramite – by An "Irrational" As... and The “No Religion” Refrain – by Baikunth grapple with the religion issue. But still it's too late and too little. There are apparent confusions too which we may point out in a nutshell.

Religion has been characterized as a set of devotional practices and rituals (specific to a dominant Religion) whereas the real issues are sociological and political. Further, it's not simply a question of what happens within the protected environs of the Ashram or Auroville but rather about the identity crisis of thousands of devotees scattered all over the Globe. Marriage and Minority-Education are two specific fields in India where a categorical legal sanction as a separate Religion can help the followers of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo immensely.

A further point to note is that although Sri Aurobindo was involved with many of his contemporaries tangentially, none of them schould be accorded any importance. Literary and Philosophical comparative studies may be in order but when it comes to his Divine Manifestation and Yogic Vision, bringing in other names is wholly absurd. Jettisoning past baggage is also a crucial element in Integral Yoga. The Life Divine by Sri Aurobindo enables the modern generation to imagine a Universe sans any assistance from arcane Mythology or Astrology.

Now that the Hindutva bandwagon is in power, there would be immense pressure on our Centres and Schools to abdicate our specialities and introduce Mythology. Such attempts need to be resisted with firm hands and steadfast conviction. For this, political identity and unity is also important since Courts are not helpful always. In this context, it's hoped that spontaneous support builds up for Savitri Era Party and Savitri Era Religion. We must expose all those who are eager to brand us as nothing more than just another Hindu sect. [TNM55]

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