Friday, December 12, 2014

How to benefit from Sri Aurobindo

Left or Right, Centre or Subaltern; Sri Aurobindo is the most sought after voice to cut through theoretical confusion
1. How to benefit from Sri Aurobindo is a complex topic but a few tips can be of help to those with open mind and tons of curiosity to learn.
2. The basic requirement is to be aware about Sri Aurobindo's life history in brief and remember the names of major books authored by him.
3. To look at Sri Aurobindo as a poet, scholar, and thinker at the outset is more profitable than as a Freedom fighter or Spiritual teacher.
4. Synthesising ancient and modern knowledge of East and West was the intention while Sri Aurobindo began publishing ARYA on August 15, 1914.
5. A secret of fast learning is not to compare Sri Aurobindo with others  and voluntarily keep him high above in appreciation on all fronts.
6. Sri Aurobindo might criticise your idols & heroes or oppose your fond theories & ideologies. Stay prepared for such cruel dethronements!
7. Sri Aurobindo's opinions on people and events are invaluable which may not match with popular impressions or politically correct notions.
8. What was Sri Aurobindo's most important task and accomplishment?
The answer is "downfall of Hitler" whom he considered anti-Evolutionary.
9. In "The Future Poetry" Sri Aurobindo has written in detail how he ranked European poets whom he admired and modelled his own poetry upon.
10. Romanticism is said to form the bedrock of Sri Aurobindo's poetry and philosophy while Vedic symbolism validated his Evolutionary thrust.
11. Sri Aurobindo's thought, though embedded in Vedantic utterances, is seen as response to Marx, Darwin, Spencer, Nietzsche, Freud, & James.
12. "Nietzsche," hazards Debashish Banerji, "can be said  to inaugurate  the modern age." ~
13. "Sri Aurobindo’s idea of the superman was derived neither from Darwin nor Nietzche, but from the occult visions"
14. Segall "theories of Schelling and Goethe in Germany, and of Coleridge in England, is already fully evolutionary."
15. Evolution being the cornerstone of Sri Aurobindo's philosophy entails a radically new Ontology involving human origin as well as destiny.
16. The voice of Vivekananda speaking to Sri Aurobindo for a fortnight in the jail gave him a clue towards Supermind.
17. Though seeds of some crucial concepts like Involution can be traced to Vivekananda (as Rajiv Malhotra emphasises), Sri Aurobindo excels.
18. Evolution for Sri Aurobindo means ongoing Transformation of human nature which needs to be accelerated by volitional Aspiration or Yoga.
19. Sri Aurobindo differs with Sayana (and Max Muller) on Vedic interpretation and with Shankara on Mayavada and interpreting Isha Upanishad.
20. Sri Aurobindo's association with and admiration for Lal-Bal-Pal and Bharathi is well known besides his eulogies on Bankim and Dayananda.

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