Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Brush up on Political Theory from Sri Aurobindo

The youth of India have no compulsion to support a political party; they must brush up on Political Theory first from Sri Aurobindo instead.
Sleek packaging of economic or development dreams shouldn't blind us of the core obscurantist ideology of RSS or anarchist potential of AAP.
Fascist fascination of BJP-RSS and Anarchist dreams of AAP-Left are equally hazardous for a young & evolving Democratic Republic like India.
BJP fighting AAP in Delhi elections has started resembling the war between Germany and Russia during WW-II. Both to suffer heavy losses.
@sagardeshpande The question is framed bluntly, but the truth is that Sri Aurobindo dispels the ignorance of youth better than Vivekananda.
@DrLeoRebello No doubt, there is dearth of meticulous scholars in Hindutva camp but Sri Aurobindo's place is secure. http://t.co/dWwdGnz2lk
@drsbasu2115 That's great but right now some activism is needed to make Sri Aurobindo sliding into general discourse. http://t.co/dWwdGnz2lk
RSS hacks citing Sri Aurobindo to fan religious hatred is absolutely against what the Master strove for all his life. http://t.co/Q2Ki4BG1VE
Sri Aurobindo borrows from the West enormously but refuses to be tied down to its overtly dominant rationalist stance http://t.co/mhKnHtgCh1
Pursuing incessantly the cause radical
Offering realism a critical stance
Hoping to transcend the dialectic triad 

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