Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sri Aurobindo invites all to be as Varuna

The plight of Hindutva scholars to support and gather justification for whatever Modi does is unenviable. No salvation sans Critical Reason.
Ascendancy of Modi provided an opportunity to hold a distinct line of opinion at the national level, through Twitter. http://t.co/38A7AOg2Uy
Hindutva fans suffer from an enormous amount of intellectual lethargy in the pretext of opposing sec-lib (sic) ideology, to their own peril.
Common Sense approach: India of 2015 shouldn't be defined in terms of the state of affairs in 1520. Fifteen year olds must dictate future.
Education is lifelong and entails scouting for good books. Yoga Psychology & Transformation by Don Salmon, Jan Maslow http://t.co/rEZGtUSkMr
1. The Singularity and Socialism by C. James Townsend http://t.co/dbb4CSPBLM
2. Beyond Physicalism by Edward F. Kelly http://t.co/HDxnBOM1Pw
You may dislike Gandhi but read Leela Gandhi's books:
1. The Common Cause: http://t.co/bkjoCtZ4Hg
2. Affective Communities: http://t.co/JPluLXYrbB
Lesson for Hindutva fans: Go slow on Gandhi, Tagore, Subhas, Vivekananda, Savarkar, and Ambedkar to discover full import of Sri Aurobindo.
Lesson for Hindutva fans: Persuade yourself that Mythology is works of poetry and has to be appreciated as such. Keep children away from it.
Lesson for Hindutva fans: Understand that Sri Aurobindo represents synthesis, not only of various Indian traditions, but also with the West.
Lesson for Hindutva fans: Studying Sri Aurobindo's commentaries on the Veda, Upanishads & Gita is a must to understand self, India, & World.
Lesson for Hindutva fans: Get rid of the notion that Nationalism is same as supporting BJP & RSS. Be critical in judging Country's interest.
Lesson for Hindutva fans: Surprising but true that it's only Sri Aurobindo who understands the Veda correctly & invites all to be as Varuna.
Lesson for Hindutva fans: The way you understand and interpret the world is true by 20℅ only. Rest 80℅ will come from reading Sri Aurobindo.
@ravikumarg14 The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have written extensively on Education which is practiced in 1000+ schools in Odisha and elsewhere.
Hindutva enthusiasts should concentrate on deep-rooted social-ills of India instead of lambasting liberals and their inspiration, the West.
Antipathy towards West deprives many in Hindutva camp from reading good books on ethics, justice, and human rights. So, juvenility persists.
Hindutva camp is openly admitting the low status of women but RSS never took this up as priority. Learning from the West/Christians needed.
English is the vehicle for progress & prosperity. All other languages should be left to the social circle to be promoted and taught as hobby.
From a few of Sri Aurobindo's books, one can easily assimilate all that is good in Sanskrit without going through the rigours of learning it.
Save children from Mythology, Rituals, and learning too many languages. The best of West must be discovered through the gateway of English.
Economy depends upon the people; their willingness to spend and take risk with their savings. That's not happening; FDI alone is not panacea.
Books are also a consumer item and Hindutva fans should recommend buying of books (not coins & utensils) as part of celebration of festivals.
A more profitable discourse than this Electra complex hubbub would be the kind of feelings of a mother with two or more daughters & no sons.
@sankrant No one dedicates his life to any book, holy or otherwise. Human beings are wired to spot self-interest and chase it in any guise.
@sankrant People are told, okay. But no one obeys. People believe in multiple things, feign faith in some locations. Your portrayal is false.
@sankrant Some people join political groups as career & use holy books for their project. So, it's political diktat what they obey not faith.
@ravithinkz I always thought you have answers to all questions in the world! Btw, the Radha and Rasa-lila etc. are later day interpolations.
@ravithinkz I must have learnt so many things from your blog and Liberty theory in general which foresees a world without poverty, problems.
All stipulations relating to food, fasting, dress, hairstyle, etc. imposed by various religions, sects, cults, and castes should be banned.
Political parties preying on a particular colour, enforcing uniformity in dressing & wearing caps with printed slogans should be prohibited.
@hmadhok Rare occasion to disagree. How about? 1. Supply creates demand 2. Multiplier effect 3. City brand 4. Sense of vanity among people
@hmadhok Even here, they started with East Delhi route. So the breakthrough is important, add ons are part of evolution and experimentation.
Many things may be bad about Socialism but its effect on Bollywood and its music are an abiding contribution to art. http://t.co/vPGribjMa4

Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Ideal of Human Unity was unfurled in 1915

Although I am blogging since 2005 on the theme of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo, some accuse me of misusing their names for political purpose. This is nothing unusual since they are primarily seen as Gurus who are dedicated to spirituality. Bulk of their writings, in fact, relate to practice of Integral Yoga and psychological topology. Sri Aurobindo Centres, also, focus on meditation and weekly discourses on scriptures. In this scenario, even the academicians can't be faulted for treating Sri Aurobindo's writings as emanating from a Guru and not from a political thinker.

Be that as it may, it needs to be mentioned for those who are new that my blogs were meant for wide dissemination of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo's works. The purpose was to inaundate the Internet with their names by way of unabashed propaganda. Needless to say that many devotees find this approach unpalatable. The second reason why most people are enraged is that I favour a new Savitri Era Religion. This posits an option 'either/or' which irritates tradition worshippers. The third reason is politics or Savitri Era Party. This is totally unacceptable, they shout in unison.

The Heehs imbroglio, no doubt, was an eye opener and it's satisfying that I maintain an independent position to this day. Ascendancy of Modi, similarly, provided an opportunity to hold a distinct line of opinion at the national level through Twitter. These, I believe, are not mean acheivements. But, unfortunately, there is hardly anyone capable today who would judge things on merit. The Ideal of Human Unity was unfurled in 1915 and this is the Centenary year. There is an urgency to reread this "most dated" book of Sri Aurobindo so that it doesn't become the most hated. [TNM55]

Internal squabble, ideological confusion has been responsible for lackluster dissemination of Sri Aurobindo's thought http://t.co/lBcgLNZx95
His assumption that some are in possession of pure reason and are propelled by it, is a myth. http://t.co/ZdxxoSN6Rn
Nothing amazes more than fans lamenting constantly that media & Sonia are more powerful as Modi is incapable of doing anything against them!
Hindutva fans are intolerant of different opinion, ideology, or religion & want one-party-rule like China. No such luxury under Constitution.
RSS focusing on Hindi has alienated the elite & even now it is lukewarm towards scholarly enterprise in English. Also looks as anti-science.
Internet has brought massive collection of information but think of the deprivation of those who know only Hindi or single regional language.
Confusing Mother India for a picture or a painting is an easy trap. Whether one's actions subserve or subverse needs critical sensitivity.
Western scholarship is provincial and hence warped which needs to be corrected through adequate emphasis on India. http://t.co/c0Fqx7SbbY
Many ridicule Marx without trying to know what he wrote & why his predictions continue to attract brilliant minds who give first rate books.
That both Marx and Sri Aurobindo were lovers of Man and foresaw emancipation, might be the point of departure for... https://t.co/ttxFBOxsNS
Democracy is a game of numbers but if you apply the same rule in Twitter to judge whether an issue has merit, then it may lead to a blunder.
[Attend MEDITATION (Weekdays: 7-7:30PM) & SATSANG (Sunday: 10AM) at Sri Aurobindo Ashram - Delhi Branch (opp. NCERT)] http://t.co/9eS2FhICl5
[The Necessity of Overcoming the Sense of the Individual As the Doer of Works] https://t.co/8EmUa7qT0w
[Any chapter of Satprem's book is worth all the volumes of Ken Wilber (and even to say that is a slur on Satprem).] http://t.co/9Rv4aDGvRM
[The Common Cause: Postcolonial Ethics and the Practice of Democracy, 1900-1955 By Leela Gandhi] http://t.co/M0jditPM97
[Vivekananda, Radhakrishnan & Gandhi promoted the notion that all world religions belong to a single spiritual unity] http://t.co/DMOUEsnyG7
[Graham Harman's take on Rousseau and Locke's definition of the State of Nature in the modern political age] http://t.co/1JFbs3eIAz
[how human culture evolves positively through exchange and specialization, bestselling author Matt Ridley does more] http://t.co/Z1vnK2de8B
[where Kurzweil, Diamandis, Ridley and Kelly leaves off and extends their thought to all the way to the Omega Point.] http://t.co/lYPpuMmVQz

Friday, June 26, 2015

No kowtowing to Hindutva juggernaut

We have commented upon Rajiv Malhotra on several occasions disapproving his approach towards the West. Besides, he is not sympathetic towards Sri Aurobindo. So, when he expounds on Indian culture or Hindu ethos, it's to be taken with a pinch of salt. If the people from the Ashram rely upon outsiders to define knowledge for them, then there is no greater misfortune. Internal squabble and ideological confusion has been responsible for lackluster dissemination of Sri Aurobindo's thought. Let it not be disfigured again by kowtowing to Hindutva juggernaut. [TNM55]

Heard Amit Shah speaking today against Emergency where he valiantly claimed BJP having internal democracy. Nothing could be further from the truth!
Modi Seems to be interested in claiming pre-BJP Janata legacy for which only obstacle is Nitish Kumar but can be mollified post-Election.
Modi doesn't appear to be too interested in Hindutva; may be his leanings towards Lohia and JP has some genuineness apart from vote strategy.
Modi is a puppet at the moment, that much is sure. No need of any halo of honesty or super-human mask but an iota of sincerity for the poor.
Modi is more contented to have CMs like Mamata, Jaya, Kejriwal, Naveen, and Nitish Kumar under him instead of those from BJP or pliant types.
Apropos women, intellectual dishonesty displayed by the likes of Kishwar is no less a corrupt practice than Raje, Swaraj, Irani, or Munde.
Those who adore Modi but vilify Gandhi are surely a bizarre breed. New historians, somehow, seem shy of casting a glance at Sri Aurobindo!
Restricting Gandhi to texts is bound to produce a squint vision. How his visits were affecting people in the countryside is worth examining.
It's crystal clear: Gandhi, despite his faults, is a thousand times more preferable than Subhas Bose or Savarkar, heroes who admired Hitler.
Robotics, Singularity, and the vision of Sri Aurobindo http://t.co/xn8dCnRD64
Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Robotics, Singularity, and the Evolutionary vision of Sri Aurobindo

Politics is not all about Current affairs or history. Searching for the best ideology and internalising its principles needs long practice.
Slow transformation of erstwhile fierce nationalists into tolerant of corruption & foul means is so pathetic. Long live Conspiracy of silence!
Instead of wasting time on Emergency, it's better to concentrate on  Robotics, Singularity, and the Evolutionary vision of Sri Aurobindo.
Political mythology is as injurious as religious mythology in keeping Indians under snare. Sri Aurobindo encourages to think of the future.
@cvoter Zeitgeist doesn't care for history or continuity. Evolutionary dialectic is too erratic to be defined by past narratives.
Vast diversity in India doesn't allow foreseeing a technological future but the kind of Evolution Sri Aurobindo talks about is worth knowing.
Public intellectuals owe an explanation to the nation as to why they have been so niggardly in writing on Sri Aurobindo's political thought.
When it comes to Sri Aurobindo, both Leftists and RW commentators are equally guilty of not only neglecting but also ostracizing his vision.
A Twitter celebrity once characterised my tweets on Sri Aurobindo as spam & threatened to block me. So much abhorrence towards Sri Aurobindo.
Understanding clearly the ideological moorings of RSS & BJP vis-à-vis Sri Aurobindo's political philosophy is crucial http://t.co/W40S4wOuUT
@shyamanuja I'd prefer my Odia identity not to be clouded by J-cult despite it being promoted by the media disproportionately in recent years.
@shyamanuja One can outgrow social aspect of religion.
Sri Aurobindo: The Chariot of Jagannath http://t.co/CZNtuCGwZ8
@shyamanuja In the Bengali original he must be referring to the then environment in Bengal but can mean any collectivity (even, Corporation)
@shyamanuja Corporates are becoming still more challenging by digital empires like Google and FB. Still, principles of Evolution does apply.
@shyamanuja [many humans fear change and long for the very stable and static past. It is a delusion fueled by fear..] http://t.co/sEG9RPdcJy
[To truly have real change, we have to come together and work as a team] http://t.co/PcKpTk5RLo
[The Lal-Bal-Pal trio have been disposed of in two sentences without even a mention of Sri Aurobindo, Mukherji said,] http://t.co/K85ADrXyad
[Sri Aurobindo and Vivekananda provided the foundation before the Marxists. It is time to bring back their influence. http://t.co/Twq1Fn2Tm9
[Thus, the book features not just Sri Aurobindo and Mirra Alfassa or The Mother but also James Cousins, Paul Richard] http://t.co/qknc4lgWk5
[The dangers of dynastic politics: http://t.co/MyFdKG0R7Q
The Emergency’s enduring cult of the supreme politician] http://t.co/26NUy8ftne 
[mischaracterizations of leftists who deliberately falsify SA works to set up their straw man thesis of communalism] http://t.co/jp2Nmr1gbs
[Sri Aurobindo said his purpose in writing ARYA was to laydown the metaphysical & religious basis for a new movement] http://t.co/5UGcUbQXFG
The Clasp of Civilizations, Singularity and Socialism http://t.co/LCJoEcur5I

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dive headlong into SAVITRI to partake of Sri Aurobindo

Many are talking about the body and mind apropos Yoga but soon they will discover deeper complexities as Sri Aurobindo maps them in SAVITRI.
Instead of worrying about the origin or history of Yoga, a more profitable pursuit is to dive headlong into SAVITRI & partake of Sri Aurobindo.
Those opposed to Congress Dynasty going the BJP way and imbibing RSS philosophy is not unusual since Sri Aurobindo's thought is read rarely.
Each and every political party in India has kept the memory & words of Sri Aurobindo outside its ideological framework & action programmes.
Scholars and intellectuals, too, find Sri Aurobindo devoid of any worth although there are several authoritative works on him by Westerners.
Although some followers of Sri Aurobindo support RSS, its absolutely myopic. His vision of World Union is incompatible with RSS parochialism.
Being under the influence of Mythology & Rituals is a medieval feature of the RSS. Sri Aurobindo roots for the Vedic dialectic of Evolution.
Mythology and Rituals trivialise profound psychological concepts but The Mother & Sri Aurobindo invite us to understand them in their purity.
Integral philosophy of Sri Aurobindo, not only takes care of psychology and personal development, but also lays down a robust political path.
Sri Aurobindo, not only enthuses us to fight fascism, but also insists upon the Sadhak attitude: not to feel superior than fellow citizens.
As a votary of Freedom & volitional Human Unity aiding Evolution, Sri Aurobindo is against any hegemonic economic ideology or fascist traits.
Though he wrote extolling Indian culture and several scriptures, Sri Aurobindo never limits himself within any particular nation or religion.
Hermeneutic breakthrough in identifying the gods of Veda as psychological principles forms the most original contribution by Sri Aurobindo.
A happy outcome of Sri Aurobindo's Vedic exegesis is the new understanding of the four Varnas which had degenerated into rigid caste system.
Evolutionary change, as envisaged by Sri Aurobindo, is inevitable but supporting hostile forces like RSS, evidently, enhances the obstacles.
Democracy is in peril in India today as all political parties are ailing. New party drawing inspiration from Sri Aurobindo is the only hope.
The way politicians struggle perpetually for their positioning, it's difficult to expect high ideals from them sans Institutional mechanism.
Neither BJP nor Communists come from Democratic roots. Congress which brought Democracy went Dynastic. A strong bulwark for Democracy needed.
BJP won in 2014 by capitalising on Congress decline in UP. Dynasty has corroded Congress; still it's not willing for any course correction.
Useful to remember that most opposition leaders started their career in Congress. Even today BJP tries to imitate Congress in many respects.
The history of Congress is almost synonymous with the 20th century history of the nation. Place of Gandhi in it is too complex to be derided.
Judging Gandhi as an individual would be erroneous. It's a whole ecosystem with dollops of myth, motivation, marketing, and final martyrdom.
Gandhi is unique and inseparable from modern India. No need to put him on a high pedestal but dissecting him threadbare should be avoided.
RSS objective is to spread hatred. Gandhi may have many faults but a lady Professor in America pouring vitriol against him is reprehensible.
@jadhav_in Think of the nation first and learn the political philosophy of Sri Aurobindo instead of being a blind follower of RSS-BJP-Modi.
[Sri Aurobindo has replied to all questions ... capitalism, communism, political organisation] http://t.co/dAPwz1uM4H
Victimhood was understandable when not in Power. BJP-RSS supporters suffering from the same inferiority complex after one year is surprising.
Now that they are in Power, RSS must respect the Indian Constitution and appoint required percentage of SCs & STs among its office bearers.
Nothing wrong in having a RSS or NAC type supervisory body over the Govt. of India but there should be necessary Constitutional amendment.
@vipulIT @tufailelif Whoever is born in India is an Indian. There is no scope for some people treating another as Indian. It's not charity!
RSS abhors the idea of citizenship and teaches young people that they are more equal than others. This is a fantasy but adolescents love it.
RSS striving to build a huge Hindu vote bank is understandable but in the process it is alienating a large number of people & their goodwill
RSS must subject itself to scrutiny & institute necessary changes in its functioning to shoulder responsibilities as required in a Democracy
Although the role of RSS as a spike to restrain a dictatorial Modi is a welcome situation at present, its commitment to Democracy is suspect.
It's absurd to judge current state of RSS by its past as it's struggling to grapple with new challenges but Modernity not yet its priority.
Most RSS supporters on Twitter are products of Modernity and want to be respected but become furious when their Medieval leanings is mocked.
Prime Minister and the Party President hailing from the same State indicates clear fascist propensity but to fans it's Democratic fragrance!
India today can't be compared to what it was even 100 years back (let alone 1000 years) in terms of population, communication, and commerce.
Hindu interest and National interest are pure separate concerns and those who pretend to represent both are committing full-scale hypocrisy.
Tweets by those employed by media houses or political parties are propaganda and should not be considered as genuine Democratic discourse.
Instead of concentrating on service delivery, Modi is turning the Govt. into a vain propaganda machine & frittering away precious resources.
For RSS people, it's one Karyakram after another; no respite. Never look back or bother about what you promised a month back or a year ago!
@jadhav_in I read newspapers but rarely see RSS functionaries addressing the press or doing an annual review of their performance appraisal.
@pras4net @jadhav_in Targeting the person is a fascist mentality. I'm criticising organisations & those holding public offices. Answer them.
@jadhav_in That's a lame excuse. If media is made to publicise Yoga day, it can be managed to cover organisational performance. Possible.
@jadhav_in I don't contest your support to Modi but opposing anti-fascist propensity is also a duty in Democracy. Twitter gives opportunity.
@jadhav_in 1) Yoga is healthy for the world statement is fascist in essence
2) Internal assessment done in secrecy is also fascist in spirit.
Yoga or Food, Govt. initiatives involving large section of citizens should be discussed in Parliament first otherwise deem unconstitutional.
Yoga turned joke today with Govt sponsoring dubious practices as salutary for citizens. Citizens value freedom and Ministers shouldn't teach.
No nation can progress fast if modern & medieval forces pull it in opposite directions. Indians must learn to eschew anti-Evolutionary bias.
Those above sixty should refrain from defining the world of the future meant for who are sixteen today. RSS is nothing but a Jurassic Park!
Ministers espousing Mythology & Superstition is a sad reflection on the state of the nation now. Reading Sri Aurobindo's works can liberate.
Aggressive Cultural Nationalism unleashed by RSS through Yoga day etc. are sure to invite forceful backlash from diverse quarters in future.
India is of the Indians, for the Indians, by the Indians, and certainly not of any particular group of people belonging to some religion.
@jadhav_in You are trying to wriggle out of the specific issue I have raised in this particular tweet. BJP, a national party must introspect.
Family persons and those who are single face different sets of problems and so lifestyle solutions like Yoga shouldn't be imposed uniformly.
Yoga may be useful for those who are single to keep their passion in control and so they recommending it to married persons is superfluous!
The trouble with Yoga and Indigenous medicines is that some fayda is promised but no quantification or precise evaluation of their effects.
Sometime back BJP was for compulsory voting. The day may not be far they will enforce compulsory Yoga and compulsory viewing Aastha Channel!
Instead of Modi turning a brand ambassador for Yoga, they should have asked Aamir Khan to make a motivational movie for deeper penetration.
Some are enthusiastic about Yoga with the notion that it's a once-in-a-year affair but will opt out when told to practice it on daily basis.
Modi Govt. must promulgate a new Calendar in India so that June 21 falls on Sunday every year for maximum participation in Yoga by citizens!
@sankrant @VikasSaraswat @BinaNepram Instead of the weekly system, we should have holiday on dates: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 31 every month.
@sabhlok Also please look at very erudite posts of @blog_supplement who is also a scientist and holds firm views at https://t.co/MDPm71lwlj
[Man gets so enamored of his intellect's powers that he believes that there is nothing beyond material existence ...] http://t.co/Utvaq8tFVP
[@waglenikhil ignoring the pen and protesting like voiceless people is defeat before the fight. Not using biggest weapon. @RavindraAmbekar]
[Quality of writing often reveals intellectual depth of the writer. Gandhi's writings are verbose, vague, self-contradictory & lack clarity]
[@pranavINC If intellect exists it shows up in writing, can't usually be hidden, yes he communicated with people to enlist soldiers 4 Brits]
[Humanity is not a resource that needs to be managed; it is an evolutionary force that needs to be finally set free] https://t.co/JhM7GWgPqx
['The Singularity & Socialism' - An Interview With Author C. James Townsend - SERIOUS WONDER] http://t.co/8mWkbnM8yj - http://t.co/y62oDzKN91
["The Singularity and Socialism" by C. James Townsend] http://t.co/sd4ADhSIQd

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Design new tools for the future Evolution

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo encourage not to be possessive about past cultural frameworks but to design new tools for the future Evolution.
Visitors are likely to confuse Ashram and Auroville representing Sri Aurobindo's Philosophy and Yoga. No, they just signify tiny experiments.
Followers of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are scattered all over the globe and their work, though unrecognized, contributes to peace & harmony.
The state of AAP, BJP, and Congress is a firm pointer to the urgency of a new political party built around the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo.
Earning money is justifiably a Vaishya trait but a complex job like money laundering is a combined effort of Brahmana, Kshatriya, & Vaishya.
Competent people opposing fascist propensity of Hindutva gives nice feeling but on closer scrutiny they turn out to be slaves of Sonia!
Understandable that for many people it's money & earning livelihood but it's utter hypocrisy who claim their support to Sonia is on ideology.
RSS supporters are more interested in the reaction of minorities to Yoga than any genuine interest in practicing it. Fascist way of imposing!
Advani was brought in to divert attention from Lalit imbroglio but Modi fans are so depressed now that they refuse to a flog a dead horse!
Some have stopped twitting and other regulars have scoured heaven and earth to find alternative topics to tweet but Lalit imbroglio aches!
Many were living in a fool's paradise (partly to cope with own insecurity and alienation) and so Modi's fall from the pedestal is rude shock!
Fan reticence is proof enough that too much is at stake over Lalit imbroglio and the whole Sangh ecosystem is likely to weather cyclones.
Lalit imbroglio erupting before Bihar elections proves to be a double whammy. Modi may find it as an alibi to escape campaigning in Bihar.
BJP might be gloating over achievements like Beef ban & Yoga day but will surely lose whatever few Muslim votes it would have got otherwise.
Lalit imbroglio is a godsend opportunity for Indian citizens to force cleansing of the political system of corruption and clandestine deals.
Modi's ivory tower style, no doubt, has alienated the Govt. from the public. Lalit imbroglio however will definitely bring him to his knees.
A person is product of his circumstances. Had Gujarat been more intellectually stimulating, its citizens would have gifted a different Modi.
Trouble with attending some meetings is that the speakers will periodically urge to raise hands, shout a slogan, clap, or yell Shame! Shame!
The word confusion has nothing to do with Confucius but his philosophy is so specious that anyone can justify any act http://t.co/1APuvViaOP
Political relevance of Sri Aurobindo against fascism is gaining momentum: People must resist the attempt of RSS [...] http://t.co/dzi6RJYwTR
History of Yoga S.P. Singh. Part 3 - Consciousness, Indian Psychology and Yoga - Kireet Joshi & Matthijs Cornelissen http://t.co/P5OUukC062
[Hinduism … gave itself no name, because it set itself no sectarian limits; it claimed no universal adhesion, ...] http://t.co/5TjN8nwrVr
[Physical culture occupies a very important place in the life of Sri Aurobindo Ashram and in the Centre of Education] http://t.co/y1CqKjg33f
[narendra — what is the evolutionary step accomplished in Savitri and where is it placed. the Mother & Sri Aurobindo? http://t.co/CtzNm4Cg6t

Friday, June 19, 2015

Political relevance of Sri Aurobindo against fascism is gaining momentum

People must resist the attempt of RSS to turn the whole country into an extended Shakha in the guise of celebrating #InternationalDayofYoga
There are a thousand ways to exercise the body as per one's convenience and circumstance. Forcing Yoga upon a whole population is despotic.
RSS concern is how to draw young people to its ecosystem and school-children are easy targets. In the name of health RSS seeks mind-control.
Protect your child from the regressive mentality of RSS. Teach them the value of Modernity, Market, Science, English, and postmodern outlook.
Introducing children to the philosophy of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo takes the burden of parenting away to a great extent as they self-learn.
@anityakr Don't take me as a role model. Reading the works of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is more important. My RTs reflect diverse views.
@anityakr Some people know me well & there is no scope for tweeting a disclaimer every time. There shouldn't be intolerance for other views.
@anityakr Cheap is a relative term. You perhaps didn't notice. Immediately afterwards I RT reviews of a play called Boma which is connected.
Request to all RSS supporters on Twitter: save your children & relatives from the contagion. That will prove to be your finest gift to them.
As long as you admire RSS, Savarkar, or Vivekananda, your chances of appreciating the lofty teachings of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is slim.
Get over from one illusion that your patriotism and support for RSS-BJP are synonymous. Read the works of Sri Aurobindo for fresh lenses.
@Sheks65 That was at a different level and "nothing less, nothing more." RSS supporters are not supposed to possess that kind of insight.
@Sheks65 Your proprietorship claim of Sri Aurobindo is preposterous. Equally ludicrous is your RSS-man's burden to advise me and correct me!
@PriyabrataT Many RSS supporters are wellread & come from the RK Mission background. Both organisations are working very closely at present.
@Sheks65 Sounds strange! Under what authority you are imposing restrictions on me? Tell Modi first not to invoke the name of Vivekananda.
@Sheks65 Which Party? Where is Sri Aurobindo's name? Are you hallucinating? I simply advise people to read Hegel, Bergson, and Sri Aurobindo.
@Sheks65 Read the handle again. Where is Sri Aurobindo? A Democracy has scope for all streams of politics and you need not be apprehensive.
apart from the religion aspect the political relevance of Sri Aurobindo has become utmost crucial in India at present http://t.co/IBbpxoXHcQ
All those who were Ministers under Vajpayee-Advani continue to value the Kulkarni-Doctrine among whom Jaitley is foremost today. Admirable!
All those who are in politics handle unaccounted money. So, why insist on a halo around someone who has been successful to hide his deals?
@surajitdasgupta @Hitarth1987 Is Modi more honest than MMS? Will he be more honest than MMS after 10 years?
Hindutva supporters rejoicing over Sanskrit terms, ancient Idols, or reference to Mythology is symptomatic of naïve symbolism. No deep probe
That an unprecedented Democratic upsurge like the Modi typhoon has been punctured by the shenanigans of a petty business tycoon is pathetic!
The way the fan following of Lalit Modi is multiplying for exposing corrupt politicians, he is sure to replace Kejriwal as 2019 PM candidate
@pras4net Sri Aurobindo is a bit more elaborate than the couple of words mumbo jumbo & fits well with anti-fascist stand of Nitish & Advani.
@Sheks65 Modi, as Advani reiterated today, represents fascism, and hence, we must resist his attempt to appropriate Sri Aurobindo's legacy.
@pras4net @Sheks65 Taking the name of Sri Aurobindo is not essential. Nitish Kumar, as a follower of JP, perfectly represents Sri Aurobindo.
@pras4net @Sheks65 I repeat that the name is not important. Sri Aurobindo stands for Evolution and Nitish Kumar most suits as a politician.
@pras4net @Sheks65 In fact, it's Kulkarni Doctrine which was followed during NDA-I. Modi, till now, has not violated that but fears persist.
@Sheks65 @pras4net That might be the perception but K-D is in the interest of nation and future Evolution which Modi is following, perforce.
@Sheks65 @pras4net Part of 21st Century history and real, whether one likes it or not. K-D is the reason why supporters are upset with Modi.
@pras4net Nitish Kumar is not a follower of Sri Aurobindo but lesser evil among current crop of politicians so far as Evolution is concerned
Modi till now has not violated Kulkarni Doctrine but it is the very reason why staunch supporters are upset with him. http://t.co/IBbpxoXHcQ
@pras4net That's a different dimension. As Modi is angling for Nobel Peace Prize, he is mollifying Sonia so that she may put in a word.
Sad that BJP supporters are constantly attacking the media & top journalists without answering the questions they raise. Absolutely fascist!
BJP supporters should stop criticizing adversaries and media. Instead, they must look inside and strive to bring in change within the party.
For those who might be unaware, Kulkarni Doctrine was best articulated in Atal Behari Vajpayee's "Musings'' from Goa. http://t.co/gos05mPNgS
[woman’s internal turmoil amidst Bengal’s freedom fighters] Jun 19, 2015 - Pramita Bose  http://t.co/J42yHL2Ihu

[And you thought he'd lost the fire? Bratya Basu drops a bombshell in his interview with me] http://t.co/IMbzh6QvDI - http://t.co/z7bFbBAVRm

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Understand Yoga from The Mother & Sri Aurobindo

Although The Mother and Sri Aurobindo belonged to different cultures, their area of work began to converge after they met on March 29, 1914. But the Ashram in Puducherry, as we know it today, acquired a definite shape not before November 24, 1926. Sri Aurobindo passed away on December 5, 1950 and The Mother left her body on November 17, 1973. After the death of Nolini Kanta Gupta on February 7, 1984, the Ashram witnessed many turmoils until the Heehs imbroglio exploded in 2008. Although the contours of the conflict is yet to mapped properly, periodical tremors have been felt since then, in and outside.

The return of the BJP Govt. at the Centre casts its own shadow and rumblings over Hindutva are audible now. While Heehs faction is adamant on No Religion, the Reddy camp is hell bent in subscribing to aggressive Hindutva. Although, no one supports a separate Religion openly, such sentiment is not altogether absent. However, it's important to remember that apart from the religion aspect, the political relevance of Sri Aurobindo has become utmost crucial in India at present. [TNM55]

Current euphoria on Yoga is actually Hatha Yoga about which Sri Aurobindo was not very enthusiastic & enunciated his Integral Yoga, instead.
Yoga entails connecting outer action to inner consciousness. It's not for nothing that Sri Aurobindo wrote thousands of pages to explicate.
Before submitting yourself to any kind of regimentation or mind-control called Yoga, understand its theory from The Mother & Sri Aurobindo.
Understand that you, your body, and intellectual need are unique and hence submitting to mass mechanisms might be harmful for your evolution.
Hindutva supporters rejoicing over Sanskrit terms, ancient Idols, or reference to Mythology is symptomatic of naïve symbolism. No deep probe.
Modi hankers for the Nobel and understands that Sonia holds the veto. Without her endorsement nothing can happen. RSS also favours harmony!
Gurumurthy has set forth a strange definition of Nationalism: overlook State-level scams and small-time offenders. Hindutva code of amnesty!
All those who were Ministers under Vajpayee-Advani continue to value the Kulkarni-Doctrine among whom Jaitley is foremost today. Admirable!
The temptation to regulate including compulsory voting is irresistible for rulers but freedom is a more time-proven mechanism for progress.
Where is our so familiar "Law will take its own course?" Many downplay the controversy by terming it as media creation; some want to ignore!
No one imagined that Modi would be in soup so early and so easily. Those who were trying to portray a saintly image of him are crestfallen!
@Vidyut That's the greatest disappointment. And these folks chant Dharma at the drop of a hat and pose as astute scholars of Hindu religion!
All those who are in politics handle unaccounted money. So, why insist on a halo around someone who has been successful to hide his deals?
@surajitdasgupta @Hitarth1987 Is Modi more honest than MMS? Will he be more honest than MMS after 10 years?
Sad that BJP supporters are constantly attacking the media & top journalists without answering the questions they raise. Absolutely fascist!
@chinmaykrvd You may consider deleting this tweet. Not fair.
[Sri Aurobindo demands for a legitimate understanding and practice of his teaching. DB] http://t.co/5UGcUbQXFG
[In his sonnet The Golden Light we have a very clear statement of siddhi of Mind of Light achieved by Sri Aurobindo.] http://t.co/LlNXnSx9vw

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

All attempts to wrap Sri Aurobindo within Hindu religion is juvenile and myopic

Idea of Auroville might seem ordinary today but think of 1968 when it was inaugurated with soils collected from 124 countries and 23 States.
@pras4net Great thinkers retain their niche circle of admirers regardless of popular reception. It, basically, depends upon one's education.
All attempts to wrap Sri Aurobindo within Hindu religion is juvenile and myopic which no amount of scholarly justification can substantiate.
Assimilating both East and West, Sri Aurobindo, the poet of Urvasie and Ilion, occupies a unique place in the history of human civilisation.
When Western Philosophy is returning to Alexander, Bergson, & Whitehead, The Life Divine fills us with joy and pride. http://t.co/xLlfH8U0jc
From Magna Carta to Maritain, the West has undergone catharsis for Democracy and Human Rights. http://t.co/AGkYN63xaw
Now that BJP is in power, many followers of Sri Aurobindo have recovered spine to turn vocal for aligning his teaching to Hindutva. Beware!
Succumbing to parochialism is immaturity. Sri Aurobindo's Universalism & Integral vision is much wider than Gandhi, Tagore, & Radhakrishnan.
@Sheks65 My comment is strictly academic, based on their theoretical output. It's your privilege to judge with spiritual vision which I lack!
Articles galore on the need for rewriting history books but no one is ready to write. Clearly exposes lack of scholarship in Hindutva camp.
Linking improprieties committed by certain persons to their religion is a logical fallacy but lends to generating considerable juvenile glee!
Strangely, the religions of millions of law-abiding and noble-hearted citizens - across nations - are never lauded by spiteful hate-mongers!
Nothing happens by chance; even tweets are timed. So it's really perplexing to sense what can be Lalit Modi's connection to Bihar elections!
Sushma Swaraj is most likely to be declared as the CM candidate for Bihar which'd be a textbook example of killing two birds with one arrow!
Lalit Modi imbroglio has sealed the fate of Sushil Modi as CM aspirant since Modi can't stand another Modi to gain stature within the party.
Gag order on family members of Ministers is utterly undemocratic. They must express themselves freely to defend their relatives in trouble!
Modi better set up a new Ministry for Humoneytarian affairs so that cadre from the Bangaru Laxman school are able to display their talent!
Modi could have paid a visit to London to celebrate #MagnaCarta800th along with Adani & Lalit Modi instead of resorting to cumbersome route.
MMS institutionalized this HUF model of Cabinet whereas the PM has be directly responsible for all acts of commission and omission by Govt.
Those who lecture about following Dharma day in and day out are pretending to be out of station when Modi Govt. has been caught red handed.
I don't watch TV, but what I gather from Twitter is, many insist the onus of proving any sort of allegation rests upon someone called Arnab!

The Life Divine is Vedic and Speculative at the same time

Yoga seeks to practice an attitude of detachment and dispassion, but the problem with writing is that one gets identified with what one writes. Even stray thoughts when tweeted are to be owned and be responsible for. Evolution of thought and personality, therefore, is inhibited by past writings. The same is also true for many other fields of art and creativity.

Sri Aurobindo has spent a lot of energy in revising his past works. Only The Life Divine can be said to have been thoroughly revised and enlarged to his satisfaction. This is the most important book in this sense. Other works can be accused as dated, incomplete, creative, subjective, or not intended to be published. When stalwarts of Western Philosophy are returning to Alexander, Bergson, and Whitehead, The Life Divine fills us with joy and pride. Vedic and Speculative at the same time, the authentic hand of Sri Aurobindo builds a foundation for future humanity through it.

The Life Divine, thus, is to be seen as a base and not a complete system. Many other streams like The Mother, The Mind of Light, or The Mind of the Cells are to be incorporated into it to understand the whole vision of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. Acquaintance with insights of Freud, Einstein, or Maturana et al certainly facilitates a deeper appreciation. But an Ontological framework, itself, is not the required solution.

Various strands of political, cultural, and religious ideologies hold strong sway over people in different parts of the world. Besides, struggle for survival and economic advantage is part of everyone's life in a natural way. Against this backdrop, whether the Evolutionary vision of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo will stick to the dominant consciousness of the humanity is a big question mark. However, the march of technology aiding to unite the world is a ray of hope. Reading The Life Divine, available freely online, remains a sure formula of hope for each and every person. [TNM55] 

Monday, June 15, 2015

Sri Aurobindo's Yoga adds surrender to The Mother

@arunishas Though Bhakti aspect gets integrated with Vedantic Knowledge in Gita, Sri Aurobindo's Integral Yoga adds surrender to The Mother.
Sri Aurobindo looks upon gods as levels of Consciousness & they are in need of further riches to scale higher peaks http://t.co/19W8wzSekW
@SwarajyaMag Mythologies built around Human Rights & Freedom are surely more preferable than Hindutva Mythologies perpetuating Superstition. http://t.co/u3rsYyH8Sg http://t.co/cz2KtDCnZb
@SwarajyaMag Anti-Colonial sentiments shouldn't blind us to the enormous intellectual debts that we, - as a modern nation - owe to the West.
Democracy, like Corporates, is flawed by the fact that with just 10%, the rest of the 90% can be subjugated. A variation of 80:20 principle!
Elected representatives should speak out in a Democracy but they are mostly silent on Twitter except paying obeisance on birthdays of dead.
Secularism is suspect in India as activist Christian and Muslim intellectuals see it as a convenient tool to fight Hinduism sans theology.
@Sheks65 That doesn't mean Secularism or Democracy are jettisoned. Those adorning public offices bear onerous responsibility to nourish it.
Academic and professional competence being judged on the basis of whether one supports Modi forms a body blow inflicted on talent and merit.
There is more clamour from BJP supporters to remove Jaitley rather than Smriti Irani from Ministership. Speaks of their quality & integrity!
MMS had no guilty complex since none expected him to perform. Modi is losing ground so fast that he may be forced to order a mid-term poll.
With everyone agreeing Nitish Kumar is heads and shoulders ahead, Bihar election scene has become a little boring barring Manjhi, the clown!
BJP fans are known for neurotic obsession for history. Now that there is nothing much to write home about Modi, it turns a Defense Mechanism.
@OdiaCulture One theory says that the name Utkal derives from Utkalinga (Uttara Kalinga), the northern part the then empire. Seems probable.
@OdiaCulture Temple art was everywhere & craft persons were hired. Nothing is strictly Utkal. Like Balakrushna's music can't be called Odia.
Hindutva fans are perpetually concerned with issues like Beef eating, Yoga in schools, Vande Mataram, etc. No other problem matters to them.
Theoretical sensitizing can easily convince a person that despotic acts of kings in history need not be avenged upon the present generation.
Religious hatred is a common phenomenon but the challenge is to inculcate moderation under the rubric of Democratic and Humanistic discourse.
@inrealisation Multiple voices per se is not a problem but backing it with arguments is important. You can examine "appeasement" in detail.
Hindutva has no firm theoretical bulwark nor clarity on contemporary concerns since it speaks through multiple voices http://t.co/bWhaYwci3k
@Sheks65 Your comment verbose also extends to current writing samples, I felt. So called Spiritual approach promises much but delivers little.
@Sheks65 Current writing seem to be no different

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hindutva has no firm theoretical bulwark

Rise of Hindutva to Power in India poses a peculiar problem as it has no firm theoretical bulwark nor any clarity on contempoary concerns since it speaks through multiple voices. But the stress on Civilisational ethos and Social order is conspicuous. In this context, On the recognition of human rights by Nicholas Wolterstorff at The Immanent Frame is an interesting read. Whitehead on Feelings » too constitutes an important comment on scientific studies on Consciousness which can change its direction towards The Mother & Sri Aurobindo.

Congress declined as it refused State leaders to grow. BJP's downfall will be for exactly the same reason. Promoting young talent is a must.
Modi has exhausted his tricks and now his downhill journey begins. So, Nitish Kumar is the man of the future but surely not only for Bihar.
All those who are still hopeful about Modi must understand that he is destroying BJP, challenging RSS & distorting Democracy by one man rule.
During Emergency, at least there was a coterie or a Kitchen Cabinet, but under Modi no one matters, not even the External Affairs Minister.
What India needs is a democratic minded Chief Executive who would bolster Institutions and remove hurdles before the Market. Nothing more.
MMS may be a good person but many Institutions including the top suffered severe erosion during his tenure due to his precarious position.
Sonia is squarely responsible for UPA misrule and Modi ascendancy. She did a disservice to the nation by Dynastic ambition and corruption.
All those who value Democracy must join hands to throw away AAP, BJP, and Congress and support Nitish Kumar as India's next Prime Minister.
Restoration of Democracy in the country is a priority. An undereducated Education Minister reflects PM's arrogance and dictatorial tendency.
Tagging the name of Modi to pictures posted on Twitter of sites of tourist interest is as irritating and unethical as defacing the monuments.
Modi's hands are tight; his plight resembles that of the tortoise being flown by two swans - Adani and Ambani. http://t.co/h4CvxIn8JD
Understanding the full significance of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo's books: A. S. Dalal and Georges van Vrekhem http://t.co/OKzqH2ma2i

Monday, June 08, 2015

Modi flown by two swans

PM Modi can't open his mouth and his hands are tight; his plight resembles that of the tortoise being flown by two swans - Adani and Ambani.
Not improbable if the office of the Prime Minister is made a three-member body like the Election Commission to accommodate Adani-Ambani duo.
Last tweet today: Modi is fast losing his grip on his die hard supporters. He has been a picture of ambivalence thus far as Prime Minister.
Awarding Vajpayee was a sly; intended to remind Modi of the ex-PM's counsel of Rajdharma at a crucial juncture of his political trajectory.
@Atheist_Club Interesting bio but Nation is missing. Is it deliberate or you support the notion of a Nation? Region is a bit confusing, btw.
@chinmaykrvd She is the future PM and advising her is in vain.
@nesoron Hindutva has explanations: the Adikavya Ramayana was authored by a person who had undergone more or less identical transformation!
Congress supporters criticise Modi and BJP supporters reciprocate. How many on Twitter can claim independent thinking and objective views?
People elect the Prime Minister so that he delivers. But he goes on visiting temples to beg from stone idols and returns empty handed, alas!
Hindutva has no solution for betterment of man or society barring performing Rituals and offering milk or sweets as prayer through a Priest.
Scriptural ethics and Societal order is so dominant in Hindutva worldview is that normal human longings and failings escape its attention.
Hindutva indoctrination of young minds can be counterproductive when they grow up. Mythology & Rituals can never satisfy enquiring intellect.
Hindutva fellows forever dwell on themes like Pashupati-Shiva sculpture or Shivaji as great administrator. No concern for present or future!
Hindutva fundamentalism is an anachronism but can be preserved as a museum; nothing more. Young generation must exercise their free choice.
It would be interesting if Hindutva stalwarts on Twitter disclose how far their own children endorse the fundamentalist ideology they bruit.
One good thing about the Adani-Ambani hold on Modi is that Nehruvian Secularism is given a fresh lease of life & Hindutva agenda kept at bay.
Political entertainment can't be unipolar with Modi fans snatching away all fun. The sight of a Modi photo so boring and disgusting. Be fair!
Two names are utter anathema for Modi: Nitish Kumar and Sanjay Joshi. And they say, every dog has its day. Surely, interesting times ahead!
The success of Modi campaign has its roots in the success of HAHK movie or K-serials which proved how people can be influenced in mass scale.
Neither RSS nor anyone from BJP helped Modi to rise except Jaitley. PR agencies strategized his campaign and continue to direct his movements.
@shyamanuja Let's keep aside subjective perceptions and ponder over Washington starting the two-term tradition to avoid long stint in Power.
@OdiaCulture Can't comment on other genre but film music till the Seventies form a firm foundation for Odia in terms of language and melody.
@OdiaCulture Role of AIR Cuttack is duly lauded but it failed to innovate in orchestration as a result of which its songs used to sound same.
Go to BJP Headquarters, buy a book from their sales outlet. Leave aside the content, the get up itself will tell you about the quality of it.
@Sheks65 Why emulate the Bihar model? Point is, where is the fabled Hindutva excellence when it comes to producing quality & credible books?
@Sheks65 They are from Voice of India and RSS doesn't believe or promote them. There should be a Hindutva rating authority for certification.
@Sheks65 Not very highly. Mother knew people inside out, she just tolerated them. You can checkup authentic information from @spmrfoundation
@Sheks65 There might be several references. SPM was considered the most suitable for Inaugural function from publicity pov. @spmrfoundation
@Sheks65 Okay, I back out; now that you are in Power, its too difficult to confront the Hindutva reconstruction of history! @spmrfoundation
Surprising that one who easily understands the difference between Apple & Android doesn't distinguish between Vivekananda and Sri Aurobindo.
It's really a riddle how those tweeting in fine English through latest technology can be supporters of such a regressive ideal as Hindutva.
Beyond Gandhi, Nehru, Tagore, Subash, Savarkar, Ambedkar, Periyar
Sri Aurobindo and not Hindutva is key to the future http://t.co/icnVW1Veit

1. 10 years is a long time. 2005: I learnt of a Blog first from a HT article by @Hashestweets when he used to blog at http://t.co/vBul5Cbcy1
2. Explorations by @akazlev was an excellent help for touching variety of Integral themes at http://t.co/XT0EjdRa5c & http://t.co/yDYzKlksDQ
3. A Clinical Psychologist, @GagdadBob used to be a formidable voice in anti-Left campaign who continues to blog at http://t.co/yYffNfhLgL
4. My understanding of Philosophy took a flight with relentless writing by @LarvalSubjects who continues to blog at https://t.co/u4iYW6yps4
5. Famous for his insights into Cinema, another brilliant contributor to Philosophy, @shaviro continues to blog at http://t.co/QbOBWl5hpQ
6. Three other voices:
@loveofallwisdom - http://t.co/UDCf9FJUvV
@ThouArtThat - http://t.co/EO5FiUhst2
7. Interdisciplinary and insightful @SSRC_org blogs at @ImmanentFrame - http://t.co/EBTUsjuhb1 have been immensely helpful over the years.
8. Issues on Sri Aurobindo were avidly debated:
9. Authentic concerns at
10. Finally, my own growth by posting inter alia at:

Friday, June 05, 2015

Sri Aurobindo and not Hindutva is key to the future

Sri Aurobindo has shown that certain aspects of human life have been held precious since Vedic times. Political preferences are transitory.
RSS and Hindutva are essentially anti-Evolutionary and hence anti-Indian. Sri Aurobindo upholds the spirit of Human Unity and Globalization.
All those who love the country must hearken to Sri Aurobindo and desist from promoting Mythology, Rituals, Regimentation, and Superstitions.
Nehruvian rationalism has cost the country dearly. Hindutva pseudo-enthusiasm for religion will keep the country in dark for another century.
Most Hindutva supporters are political activists who care the least for genuine religious experience. Sri Aurobindo is true guide for that.
Since religion has fallen captive to commercial interests and glamour, Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo helps greatly to rescue it from torpor.
Mythology and Rituals do enforce a kind of regimentation and the resultant anti-intellectualism & anti-entrepreneurship impoverishes nation.
Those who don't subscribe to RSS kind of collective bonding are considered deviant because Hindutva is least sensitive to individual freedom.
Fed on the notion of Hindu Rashtra, RSS supporters forget that the country has no religion and only the faiths professed by citizens matter.
Hindutva promotes a curious type of patronising uniformity that tends to muzzle the feeble voices of marginalized sections of the society.
Euphoria over teaching Yoga in schools, weekly news bulletin in Sanskrit, or write-up on Swadeshi economics is so out of touch with reality!
[The RSS's view of 'Indianization', and why it is wrong; my column in @htTweets] http://t.co/8jv1xImaR6
[Savarkar and Golwalkar mistakenly (some would say maliciously) saw Indian culture as monolithic, as containing a so-called ‘Hindu essence’]
@jdj_tweets Besides Sri Aurobindo Karl Marx http://t.co/2gJaGfMcGj books by Georges Van Vrekhem are essential reading http://t.co/URWMzHPMdX
[Universe already existed prior to any possibility of being observed, interpreted, or evaluated] by Steven Shaviro http://t.co/f15UaUR1i2
Modi is no less a prisoner than MMS. Time now to pity him and enjoy his costume drama. Two industrial houses have replaced the British rule.
The sight of a seasoned politician like Yechuri in the opposition space is heartwarming. Should work with Nitish Kumar as CPI(M) is outdated.
If Modi indeed values Lohia, then he should hold a Conference of all political parties owing allegiance to him to discuss economic policies.
Nothing wrong if Modi is eyeing the SVD legacy but must take conspicuous and convincing steps for promoting Dalit and Muslim representation.
Merely paying obeisance to long departed leaders is not enough, and in fact, obfuscating. Laying down policies for today's environment must.
One may forget Ramdev or ignore Elst, but three top intellectuals are embarrassments: Subramanian Swamy, S. Gurumurthy, and Rajiv Malhotra.
Hindutva folks not showing any promise, rehashing dead history; Globalization and Robotics more urgent than Mythology. http://t.co/UVkjeStmlz
The secret of turning a tweet-length story into a blog or an article is by adding background culled from history, history, and more history.
Regimented practice of Yoga is good so far as recommending it to others. For self, one must be free to opt from assorted physical exercises.
Wide fragmentation among Indians along Ashrams & Babas and resultant intellectual stagnation is the most regressive feature of 21st Century.
Odia media resorting to profusion of religion is driving the State to middle ages. Classical status for Odia good but not be all and end all.
Although the film Sri Lokanath has since been resurrected, watching the video of its songs has not been possible till now. How long to wait?
[#Aurobindo: #Spiritual revolutionary who severed the thread of #global power structure] http://t.co/JlCAoOsp2e - http://t.co/XoksCypFpW
Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.
(by Tusar Nath Mohapatra) https://t.co/9A8OWTNzpV

Thursday, June 04, 2015

The world changed in 1998 with Google

The world changed in 1998 when Google came into existence. Hence, all 20th Century political ideals are rendered dysfunctional in the 21st.
English, Science, Democracy, and Markets are non-negotiable features of India's future as a global cultural hub evolving on Vedic paradigms.
Futile to blame some events in history since the future of the country is inextricably linked with those from which new paradigms to emerge.
Modest education of the Prime Minister and HRD Minister reflects the nature of Indian situation and comparison with U.S. or China is absurd.
A whole generation has lived with utopian dreams: Socialism, Free Markets, Hindu Rashtra, Naxalism, No English etc. Better to accept reality.
100 years back, Sri Aurobindo is writing new interpretations of the Veda and Upanishads and formulating a new philosophy based on Evolution.
100 years back, Sri Aurobindo wrote The Synthesis of Yoga which is a foundational book for anyone who calls himself a Hindu or learns Yoga.
[own perfectibility, a constant drive towards an ever increasing & more adequate & more harmonious self-development] http://t.co/gH0xjiRnQk
[In the Veda its fundamental conception forbids the Puranic arrangement of the supreme Trinity and the lesser gods.] http://t.co/gH0xjiRnQk
Spend sixty minutes every week to hive wherewithal for leading a satisfying life after sixty. http://t.co/w2lHeffGkZ - http://t.co/3QTn6P7YOB
[Pondicherry Ashram is a place meant to help you see all that is imperfect, false, distorted, and insincere in you.] https://t.co/65cfuSWCMZ
[Mirambika Crisis – Odia Consciousness – Fakir Mohan Senapati’s novel Chha Mana Atha Guntha, Six Acres and a Third] https://t.co/7ZuoyqlAOM
So satisfying that no one can just blame Sonia and MMS (and the clichéd policy paralysis) for the slew of blunders perpetrated at present.