Sunday, November 29, 2015

Free Indian Democracy from the clutches of Congress and RSS

The Marxist and the Nehruvian paradigm is past its prime, and the RSS school of thought is no match for the future.
The question is if "anti-Hinduim" is an established fact of Indian polity, then whether it should be seen as a negative feature or respected.
Being areligious or anti-religious is normal in a Democracy and educated people shouldn't be so bothered about such predilection of citizens.
Those who are engaged in propagation and protection of some religion are entitled to dismal views of others, but Democracy takes precedence.
Majoritarian mentality is an absurdity within a Democracy. Respect for the choice of each person, without any hindrance, should be the norm.
India is a Democracy first and foremost as per its Constitution. Those religious minded should mould their feelings towards fellow citizens.
Educated people must practice Democratic behaviour in public. Denouncing religious attitude of other citizens can't be treated as Democratic.
Those concerned on religious lines must understand that Democracy is only criteria that unites India. Anything else is recipe for disaster.
The other day, a politician remarked that the effect of Castes and Religion in politics is almost non existent in Odisha which is admirable.
Though numerically marginalised, antipathy towards Brahmins among other castes in UP and Bihar runs deep, subverting Hindu cohesion of RSS.
Congress prevented discourse beyond dynasty; RSS considered intellectual probe as subversive. Focus will perforce shift to Sri Aurobindo now.
A whole generation of public intellectuals have been responsible to keep Sri Aurobindo away from the public notice. A criminal conspiracy!
If Sri Aurobindo's philosophy could touch Gebser and Wilber, why intellectuals in India happen to be so insensitive?
Certain contradictions in polity and society are beyond repair and need to be discarded like an old appliance. Sri Aurobindo has the answer.
Savitri Era inspired by the Vedic Evolutionary paradigm unveiled by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is at the forefront of Secular-Liberal march.
RSS got rid of Advani and Modi will pass into oblivion; for Mohan Bhagwat, Gadkari is the right man to lead the nation. Rule Nagpur! rule...
There is no better formula than Democracy as regards human affairs. RSS jettisoned by BJP will be the first step for ushering in Democracy.
Communists joining electoral politics in India with their masters in China is same as BJP feigning Democratic functioning with Nagpur intact.
Indians will have to win Democracy by shedding their weaknesses for lesser ideals like language, religion, region, profession, caste, etc.
Democracy can set the nation free to pursue the path of its true destiny as envisaged by Sri Aurobindo. End of Congress and RSS is a must.
There are some good theoreticians among the RSS supporters and, understandably, their contemplation over the health of Democracy is minimal.
As long as Congress and RSS are active, Indians stand no chance of enjoying the taste of true Democracy and the consequent reign of Liberty.
Neither emotional issues nor economic matters are as grave as the political question. Democracy is in the doldrums and, hence, must be saved.
India is strong enough to deal with any kind of security exigencies. But Indian Democracy is suffering from malnutrition due to Congress-RSS.
Victory in Bihar exposes many shortcomings of Democratic functioning. Young Indians must unite to win true Democracy by banishing Cong, RSS.
Before Independence, Liberty was the first objective. Seven decades later, Democracy is the prime task but RSS and Congress are hindrances.
Hidden agenda of Congress and RSS have prevented economic forces from operating freely as a result of which Indians are trapped in poverty.
Unless India is freed from the clutches of Congress and RSS, its people won't achieve the power of self-determination or economic progress.
Patriotism is akin to any other form of love. If you harbor soft corner for language, faith, or caste, your love for the country is impaired.
Contribute your mite to award every citizen of India his or her full Democratic entitlement unhindered by dynastic designs & remote control.
[real understanding comes by the body-understanding. Indeed, true aim of knowledge is not merely to know but to be.]

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Savitri Era gains when Congress and RSS fight

Remember the two cats and a monkey story? When Congress and RSS wrestle over Secularism, benefit would accrue to Savitri Era automatically.
BJP, RSS, Modi and Margdarshak Mandal are four different directions. I don't think it's within human capability to manage this contradiction.
Disproportionate emphasis on Hindi is a major factor contributing to corrosion of intellectual vigour in RSS. English can instil liberalism.
Those used to read Hindi newspapers tend to avoid English almost instinctively and, consequently, are deprived of much intellectual stimuli.
Many are comfortable with glorifying Hindi, Sanskrit, and other regional languages, but promoting English and Humanities should be priority.
English is a link language not only in India but also across the globe. Nothing to be apologetic about this great language & unmatched reach.
Language, culture, religion are evolving phenomena like technology or markets. Developing receptivity for what suits the future is prudence.
Cartelisation is the most debilitating disease Markets are suffering from. In a way, regulatory bodies facilitate this by enforcing rules.
Without trying to understand Sanskrit as per Sri Aurobindo's hermeneutics, pedantic conclusions are bound to be flawed
@curbset @Openthemag Consulting Sri Aurobindo what he wrote a century back can solve many of our ideological dilemma
@jothishnair1010 @TRILOKHNATH Please go through latest scientific findings which favour AIT/AMT without any bias.
Follow Sri Aurobindo's Ideal of Human Unity
Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Follow Sri Aurobindo's Ideal of Human Unity


It's tempting to understand human behaviour or society in biological terms but Sri Aurobindo would invoke One Consciousness underlying all.
Trying to read Sri Aurobindo & understand him is a challenge worth taking and more rewarding than being a foot-soldier of RSS hate campaign. 
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo spoke of Integral Education but were more reliant upon the overpowering action of Evolution for ousting ignorance 
RSS is a thought system which one needs to outgrow. Each person is endowed with that potential barring those wallowing in material benefits. 
Fans used to target Jaitley in a veiled fashion but now many have grown spine to attack Modi, directly. First hero perhaps is @Janamejayan
If sports can make RSS supporters so devastated, then it's unthinkable how they will react to a real war situation and one who talks peace. 
Nitish Kumar as Prime Minister is the only hope for the future. That will end the current Govt sponsored peddling of hatred and intolerance. 
@maidros78 @krishnarjun108 Please refrain from such repartees and debate on something more worthwhile. @chinmaykrvd
@ramolia82 There are books and books but you can start with Vrekhem's Patterns of the Present.…
The Mother emphasizing upon Mind of the Cells and Body understanding far surpasses many semiotic laws like Luhmann's theory of communication 
Equating nationalism with one religion with commensurate hatred for other religions and nations appeals to adolescents who never grow later. 
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have singlehandedly accomplished an intellectual feat what hundreds of thinkers strived in the West through 20thC 
Ideas need to be judged on merit and not as per pet ideologies. Mortgaging intellect to Mythology is a punishment that one inflicts on self. 
RW scribes circumscribing Sri Aurobindo's inconvenient views is as despicable as the Marxist scholars' innocent-seeming act of ignoring him. 
Reading a few pages by Sri Aurobindo enables to see through the game various religions & political ideologies play to perpetuate their reign. 
Nehruvian-Marxist dispensation pushes a warped worldview while RSS keeps clinging to a flawed imagination. Sri Aurobindo is the right answer 
Sri Aurobindo sees each aspect of existence as both complementary and conflicting, searching for its true significance in the final harmony. 
Converting every discourse in India into Hindu-Muslim hue is what RSS endeavours. All right thinking people must avoid falling in that trap. 
No nation or culture owns human intellect, not even religion. This domain is Indra as per the Veda and its symbol is the sky, wide and free. 
Art and culture seeking permission from RSS for creative pursuits is an absurd proposition. Constitution seems to be the source of all evil! 
Without trying to understand Sanskrit as per Sri Aurobindo's hermeneutic pedantic conclusions are bound to be flawed…
Many are ruing about watching Aamir Khan movies, so I feel happy not to have seen any of his films apart from QSQT. How neat? Saving sanity. 
@vhpparekh Sri Aurobindo's writings have been translated into almost all major languages, both Indian and foreign.…
Plurality may be a good political principle but philosophically would amount to confusion. Sri Aurobindo helps to arrive at a secure truth. 
Neither Anekantavada nor Tagore represent unblemished philosophies and search for a true icon ends at Sri Aurobindo.…
Robust arguments undergirding Sri Aurobindo's philosophy turns it without peers. Those insisting on plurality should update their syllabus. 
Ruminating over Sri Aurobindo's words is the best way for self-education and thorough orientation in politically correct or ethically kosher 
Writers, actors, filmmakers, no one is of any value for the RSS members unless he kowtows to cows and subscribes to Mythology and Rituals. 
University Degrees were instituted to distinguish the capable from those who are not. RSS man has started issuing certificates independently 
RSS school of thought has its own set of standards before which neither Indian Constitution nor University Degrees are of much consequence. 
1915: Sri Aurobindo is publishing a monthly magazine called ARYA in which he is contemplating over the future of India as well as the world. View details · 
That BJP & RSS are proceeding on an anti-Evolutionary trajectory is beyond dispute. Writings of Sri Aurobindo provide clarity on this score. View details · 
By following Sri Aurobindo one can serve best the prospect of a luminous future for India as envisioned in his 1947 "Five Dreams" broadcast. View details · 
Sri Aurobindo inaugurated a brilliant future for India as precursor to a splendid destiny for humanity culminating in Life Divine on earth. View details · 
Only The Mother & Sri Aurobindo teach the right path in the domain of philosophy, psychology, education, religion, politics, culture, & art. View details · 
Oppose AAP, BJP, RSS, and Congress so that India moves ahead as envisaged by Sri Aurobindo in his Five Dreams, broadcast on August 14, 1947. 
[the Puranas cannot be accepted as commentaries on the Vedas. No, not even the Upanishads ...] ~Nolini Kanta Gupta…
[20th c. has been branded the cruellest, most absurd period, but true significance may prove to be quite different.]…
[The Ideal of Human Unity first appeared in the Arya in thirty-five chapters between September 1915 and July 1918.]…
[Sri Aurobindo was the greatest intellectual of our age; a poet, a seer, a critic, an interpreter and commentator of Vedas and the legends] View details · 

Monday, November 23, 2015

The individual is an abstraction

Democracy, and not ethics, is supreme from a practical angle, given the swathes of imperfection that the society and humanity is embedded in.
Election system, and not Democracy, is at fault for throwing flawed outcomes and the former needs to be fine tuned on a continuous basis.
Democracy, by definition, can't prohibit dynastic or corrupt rulers but it offers enough option to apply correctives or alter the situation.
The individual, though an embodied being, has no independent existence and hence is an abstraction. So, Democracy is a much superior notion.
Lalu standing firm against Hindutva is a hundred times more valuable than the intellectual dishonesty of highly educated BJP fans on Twitter.
@Ish_Apte You are entitled to characterise the way you like. What I want would be clear if you care to go through my TL over a month or so.
@dikgaj I too share the honour of being blocked by him!
@maidros78 @SumukhNaik @sarkar_swati
Not Pakistan, the internal tension of India accentuated by aggressive Hindutva should draw our energy and attention.
Many people are needlessly bothered about war, terror, or crime. The fact is, the State is adequately empowered to handle those exigencies.
Lack of adequate orientation in Arts and Humanities is turning our nation too utilitarian and insensitive. So, right education is essential.
Each political party should impart public education on Enlightenment values and Liberal ethos by discarding Astrology, Mythology, & Rituals.
Enlightenment or Liberalism are not a monopoly of any race or nation. Each individual needs to be trained in those qualities systematically.
If you teach Science in the school and emphasise on Astrology or Mythology at home, then don't expect children to pick up the desired values.
Theories by themselves can't change the society. They are to be taught in the schools and colleges on a continuous basis, to be effective.
@c_ontrarian You very well know about the modalities of Ministry formation. So, it's up to you to be satisfied with your own argument or not.
@c_ontrarian I'm okay if Irani becomes Dy.CM/CM/Dy.PM/PM or any other Minister than heading HRD @mamtan14 @sarkar_swati @madhukishwar
@c_ontrarian Nothing undemocratic about her, but propriety and legitimacy are also imp considerations @mamtan14 @sarkar_swati @madhukishwar
@c_ontrarian Acceptable as long as it's democratic. Propriety is for the PM/CM to evaluate. @mamtan14 @sarkar_swati @madhukishwar
@c_ontrarian @mamtan14 She heading HRD is being questioned, not being a Minister. Any other portfolio is okay. @sarkar_swati @madhukishwar
Twitter interactions indicate that people are indifferent to The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. The primary reason is lack of awareness about them.
Prejudices purveyed by different quarters and reluctance to engage with difficult writings perpetrate 'nothing to gain' from Sri Aurobindo.
@amancool5 Fine. I'm more interested in how educated Indians can read The Mother & Sri Aurobindo's original writings
@maidros78 There can't be a better delineation on the significance of the Mother worship than Sri Aurobindo's words.
Let the luminous wisdom of Savitri and The Life Divine mould the minds so that waves of new action and education become the order of the day.
Not only cognition or education but also our enjoyment system runs on a set of hermeneutic motifs tied to self-interest and self-protection.
@ajithm69 Empiricism, by definition, scavenges on historical data while thought and philosophy plumb the womb of अनागत to design the future.
@ajithm69 You can modify the list of philosophers you read for better perspective instead of harbouring such an uncritical and low opinion.
70℅ defeating 30℅ should not be the only goal. Popularising a positive political ideology as proposed by Sri Aurobindo must be the priority.
This 53:47 ratio may be misleading but a list of top 50 books offering a right perspective on India would be better.
Any grandstanding on the basis of some imaginary past or a hallucinatory future is dangerous without Sri Aurobindo's Evolutionary dialectic.
When academicians speak, try to be sympathetic to their methodological compulsions before disagreeing with arguments & rejecting inferences.
Academicians getting divided on political lines is unfortunate. Quest for truth & knowledge and methodological rigor must be embraced by all.
All major texts need to be subjected to critical scrutiny and the specious logic of validation by popular faith must be summarily rejected.
Demanding a new historiography is hilarious! The point is to write new books to establish claim and no one is preventing from authoring them.
Academicians must sit together to find ways and means for fighting against human misery and also understand social ills peculiar to India.
Errors are more tolerable than terror. Given a choice between Marxist version of history and Mythology, the former should be preferable.
Nitish Kumar emerging as a consensus candidate to lead India marks a significant step towards sanity, sobriety, and core democratic values.
Nitish Kumar's enormous experience across castes, ideologies, and parties is sure to stand him in good stead in steering the country ahead.
October 30, 2013 to November 20, 2015: [Fourteen parties close ranks against 'communalism'] -
From October 30, 2013 to November 20, 2015 [Divided within Left parties try to create a Third Front] via @indiatoday
Till now India has not seen a Prime Minister who has really risen from the grassroots on his own. Nitish Kumar may be the first such person.
@Ish_Apte Modi didn't win any mandate when he became the CM in 2001. His rise is a story of manipulation, maneuvering, and devious politics

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Our enjoyment system runs on a set of hermeneutic motifs

Savitri Era Party  @SavitriEraParty
Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Director, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF): 
Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.  SRA-102C Indirapuram Ghaziabad
25,275 Tweets  243 Following  558 Followers 

From alienation to anonymity, the role of philosophy is ever relevant to tackle the questions of life and society.… 
Sri Aurobindo’s philosophy within... That explains how personal bias can stifle genuine academic inquiry.… 
Most religions perpetually churn history and mythology whereas #SavitriEra is focused on the future evolution. #FollowTheMother&SriAurobindo  
@ajithm69 You can modify the list of philosophers you read for better perspective instead of harbouring such an uncritical and low opinion. 

@ajithm69 Empiricism, by definition, scavenges on historical data while thought and philosophy plumb the womb of अनागत to design the future.  
@akazlev @shaviro hints as to how Science Fiction can be seen as amply ontologically pregnant vis-à-vis futurity at 
Power without knowledge and awareness can be misleading with horrible consequences. Reading adds perspective and amplifies right perception.  
Most in India are suffering from cognitive closure & the only way to get over it is by reading appropriate books preferably Sri Aurobindo's. 
Not only cognition or education but also our enjoyment system runs on a set of hermeneutic motifs tied to self-interest and self-protection.  

70℅ defeating 30℅ should not be the only goal. Popularising a positive political ideology as proposed by Sri Aurobindo must be the priority.  
Even after capturing power, many BJP supporters are unable to come out of the compulsive habit of criticising Congress cultivated over years  
@ramolia82 The Clasp of Civilizations by Richard Alan Hartz… The Forgotten September11 and the Clasp of Civilizations 
Sri Aurobindo wrote out his Yogic prescriptions after analysing in depth the root causes of the malady afflicting the present civilisation. 
Let the luminous wisdom of Savitri and The Life Divine mould the minds so that waves of new action and education become the order of the day 
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have laid down the secured blueprint towards a harmonious civilisation. Each nation must consent to follow them. 
State is amply empowered to deal with crime, terror, or war; one of its basic functions. All noise surrounding these, therefore, superficial 
If current scientific evidence favours AIT/AMT, there should be no hesitation in accepting that. Indology Conference should settle the issue 

Shourie campaigned against Indira; history remembers him. He campaigned against V.P. Singh; a blunder. Now if he takes on Modi, it'd be apt. 
National interest should concern the educated citizens more than the interest of any particular party, organization, or person. Speak out! 
Instead of criticising the Prime Minister upfront, supporters choose the sly route of attacking Jaitley or others as a concession. Amusing! 
Modi cheerleaders are slowly discovering their folly but the cost has been enormous for the country. Let Shourie show the right way to them. 
What SwarajyaMag and IndiaFactsOrg serve in the guise of intellectual culture are substandard and at times regressive. Opt for Sri Aurobindo 
A large section of Sri Aurobindo's followers are Nehruvian and another wedded to Hindutva. Time to unhinge from these outdated formulations. 
The nation must learn to graduate from the juvenile enthusiasms led by Nehru to more cerebral and penetrating insights left by Sri Aurobindo 
Human destiny is not constrained by national boundaries and Evolution is irreverent of geographical barriers. Man set to transcend himself. 
Cultural purity is a common sense approach of seeking identity and security but finding common essence amidst plurality is the destination. 
Neither plurality nor homogeneity is sacrosanct for Sri Aurobindo. How any situation serves the purpose of Evolution is what's most relevant 
Sri Aurobindo's thought has disruptive potential for all religions & their radical ideologies. Evolutionary forces are slowly ensuring that. 
Anti-Congressism has justifiably dominated the political discourse till now. The way ahead is to find a secure path following Sri Aurobindo.  

Congress drowned in the Nehru boat & BJP awaits the same fate in the Hindutva boat. Indians must follow Sri Aurobindo for an enduring future 
Both AAP and BJP in their current forms are unviable. Nitish Kumar too in the present scenario looks vulnerable. Only recourse Sri Aurobindo 
Indians must read and discover Sri Aurobindo's insights on their own instead of depending upon foreigners to exposit…  
Sri Aurobindo helps you to focus more in terms of an individual and the Evolutionary imperative than being a Hindu or a Communist or a Dalit 
Judging people and events in history by one's own intellect is as fraught with hazard as assuming the Earth as flat relying upon observation 
Sensibilities so basic in Sri Aurobindo's thought don't percolate to the worldview of those under Hindutva sway and that is how they suffer.  
Modi camp is more into relying upon the people of Intelligence background than the intelligence of Humanities experts and lifetime insights. 
The principle of Evolution is just this: that you dislike the present order and aspire for greener pasture. Indians must cultivate intellect 
Politics has become election-centric and strict allegiance would be demanded. And those with rebellious traits will wake up to Sri Aurobindo 
Freedom unhinged from Philosophy, similarly, is potentially pathological. Sri Aurobindo offers the most viable template for Right Wing turn. 
Freedom is the watchword of Right Wing; it also amounts to free thought. Mortgaging intelligence to Hindutva can never lead to excellence. 
@bhoopalp To clarify, those who uphold Free Markets shouldn't be conflated with supporters of Hindu Nationalism and be called as Right Wing. 
It's a misfortune of Indian intellectual climate that Right Wing enthusiasts are unable to come out of the apron strings of Hindutva hoopla. 
Leftists curse Neo-liberal policies; Hindutva-wallahs denounce Secular-Liberal polity. Truly baffling to make sense of any such utopian zone 
@rahulkanwal Even Ghar Wapsi seems to be forgotten. 
@bhoopalp @Donna0sborn @Parikramah Moral standards are many a times a low priority when it comes to executing gigantic Evolutionary changes.  
Any totalizing idea about India, therefore, is fraught with defects of speculation and wishful thinking. Bihar polls wakes up all to reality 
Indian subcontinent was never a single kingdom or nation, nor is it today. Race, language, culture, etc. were always plural and competing.  
@waglenikhil @PriyabrataT You should say Savarkar-Golwalker. Moonje-Hedgewar ought to be judged in different light.… 
Adverting to Sri Aurobindo would have supplied muscle to the argument but ideological straightjacket tuns it insipid… 
Even books by Indians on religion and culture tend to avoid Sri Aurobindo or just mention his name in passing as is the practice on Twitter. 
Sri Aurobindo's political vision and philosophical sophistication far surpasses that of anyone from the West but not many books refer to him 
Ironically, many people are introduced to the spirituality taught by Sri Aurobindo before being oriented on his socio-political formulations  

What is good for India? Language, culture, religion, economics, politics, etc.? No match for Sri Aurobindo who vividly foresees the future.  
Kejriwal & Modi could catapult themselves to the top but staying there sans dynastic charisma or ideological spell is difficult proposition.  
The philosophical victory achieved by Sri Aurobindo over the West needs to be highlighted by Indians which the Westerners tend to undermine. 
While discussing their 20th Century philosophers is fairly common, Westerners slip back to 5th Century when it comes to Indian Philosophy. 
BJP was emasculated enough not to ferment further religious hatred. Obviously, Gujarat was an embarrassment. [TNM55]…  
A mainstream party adhering to the cause of Freedom and facilitating Globalisation is needed for which Sri Aurobindo is the best inspiration 
Discovering a new substratum for politics in the shape of Sri Aurobindo's philosophy is a must in view of new challenges posed by young gen. 
Nitish Kumar must wake up to the urgency of liberating India from the grip of both Congress and RSS, and not succumbing to Yadav dominance. 
Listening to the music of a dance item Nataraja by Madhavi Mudgal set by A Maheshwar Rao on a poem by Mayadhar Mansingh with full Odia pride 
@ynotbe86 @ashokkmrsingh It's also worth investigating what Sri Aurobindo calls religion of humanity in later writings. Matter of research. 
@ynotbe86 @ashokkmrsingh That's a pointer only. You can probe independently whether he meant Sanatana Dharma as equivalent to Hinduism.  
@ynotbe86 @ashokkmrsingh "Renovator of Hinduism" may not be an accurate assessment of Sri Aurobindo if one goes by:…  
@varundutta2381 No such compulsion for exhibiting loyalty and consistency in a Democracy. Citizens must be vigilant to judge issues on merit 
@tatyabichchhoo @rameshsrivats Political adversaries are a permanent feature in Democracy & branding them traitor is absolutely unwarranted. 
@chinmaykrvd Everyone has contributed. Nitish was undoubtedly the magnet to raise perceptions. Kejri-Mamata supporting him added credibility 
@shashidigital Standing before the Masjid there also imparts an overpowering experience.  
BJP must confront the truth that the popularity of Modi is drummed up and lacks emotional element. His fifteen months of fame already over. 
BJP must learn to hitch its wagon to the forces of future evolution and not chariots of the past. Paying attention to Sri Aurobindo can help 
CM candidates must emerge through open internal contests and not by lazy speculations on Twitter. BJP needs that kind of honest functioning. 
Robust internal democracy and open contest for top posts is the only way for BJP to acquire vibrancy and effect ideological reformulations. 
So satisfying to see BJP supporters now repeating what we have been saying about its dismal state of affairs for over more than one year. 
RSS is no manufacturing industry but has to pay its cadre. Those ranting against it must understand its financial constraints & compulsions. 
Make someone a Minister and he can't do any other job later. [Give a man a fish ... teach to catch fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.] 
Onus of safeguarding one's freedom lies upon each individual. Let no metanarrative like Hindutva usurp it in the guise of glorious tradition 
Civilisation, Culture, and Democracy are evolving phenomena. So let no one define them for ever on any predetermined template like Hindutva. 
Neither Nehruvian consensus nor Hindutva straightjacket is fit for future India. Sri Aurobindo's philosophy is the only recourse available.  
Sri Aurobindo attempts to understand Death in his philosophical epic Savitri and it’s worth consulting.… 

BJP supporters must decide first what do they want. Whether they want to rule the Country/States or Hindu unity. Achieving both not possible 
BJP might consider its product as the best but garnering popular support warrants concessions and climbing down.… 
Modi squandering away an unprecedented mandate in less than two years is a clear sign of Hindu incompetence, insecurity and inferiority bug. 
Right moment for Nitish Kumar to shift to Delhi; being CM will tie him down. The nation needs him more than Bihar.… 
Bihar results expose how so much of rubbish is peddled over Twitter which are enthusiastically recirculated but our unbiased view is ignored 
In his speech in Talkatora Stadium on October 30, 2013, Nitish Kumar resolved to fight fascism which he redeemed today. Exemplary trajectory 
Catering to cow welfare instead of addressing human misery means dwelling in fools' paradise. BJP must vow to eschew such contentious issues 
It's not the cadre who have failed BJP, it's the intellectuals among its supporters and their arrogance which is eating into its credibility 
Someone was singing the virtue of huge rallies by Modi, a few days back. Now, there should be rethink on it as regards electoral dividend. 
Bihar turned into a neat fight between rival camps. No such luck for UP in 2017. SP has to be backed to the hilt to keep BSP and BJP at bay. 
The third point is Modi must address the Press from time to time so that he connects to the people in a natural way and escape ivory tower. 
She may not have much to do with the Bihar defeat, but shifting Smriti Irani from HRD would signal drop in Modi's arrogance and nonchalance. 
Rajnath Singh must be the happiest person today and can expect heading BJP for the third time soon. He is next to Gadkari on who RSS relies.
Dr Kalam was a Global citizen and represented the Integral spirit. His memory must be rescued from being besmirched by a controversial road 
Nothing wrong in wanting Hindu Rashtra. But circulate a draft Constitution, add it to your Manifesto and win an Election on the basis of it. 
@avenger_D @snehal_gandhi Agree. But why cow was an issue at all? Isn't it harakiri? 
Bihar verdict should also serve as a lesson for all those followers of Sri Aurobindo who had started leaning on Modi too disproportionately. 
@chinmaykrvd The restless soul of late Dr. Kalam on forcibly being identified with a controversial road in Delhi has also its occult effect. 
@shantprakash @PahadiaVijay BJP forgot Advani during the last two years but he still possesses the potential to steer the party in right way 
Supporters are neurotically attached to the false superhuman image of Modi which has thankfully been dented drastically by the Bihar verdict 
@Ish_Apte Whatever we want has to be through a political party and electoral politics. That's the constraint Democracy imposes. That's fair. 
@Ish_Apte You may be partly right, but any possible reforms have to be pursued within the ambit of the Constitution and not by defying it. 
@Ish_Apte The Constitution is a legal provision which ensnared me as soon as I was born sixty years back. So, here, I don't have any option. 
BJP must shed the twin crutches of Modi and RSS and learn to grow organically by following mainstream policies as per Indian Constitution. 
Hindutva ecosystem is yet to debate its ideological moorings adequately and with honesty. Bihar defeat affords a magnificent opportunity. 
@skjain_05 @AnaMyID @arungiri @lazybanker Savitri Era Party drawing inspiration from Sri Aurobindo is the most suitable option for Indians. 
Trouncing Congress Dynasty and now the clout of Modi are welcome developments but only Sri Aurobindo's ideology can lend Evolutionary push. 
Bihar MGB is an unprecedented grand alliance against Modi with tacit blessings even from sections of RSS/BJP/NDA. It lacks ideological glue.  
Etv has proved all other channels as jokers today. They must start a national channel with their credible reporting highlighting grassroots. 
@Parikramah @sarkar_swati @maidros78 A distinct political line inspired by Sri Aurobindo is the need of the hour.  
Sri Aurobindo was able to foresee 100 years back what India is debating now. He worked for World Union to overcome ignorance and intolerance 
Amusing that some on Twitter consider themselves wiser than Sri Aurobindo; question his interpretation of the Veda and rejection of rituals. 
Reading Mother & Sri Aurobindo's works is a sure means to be cured of stupidity, rascality, bigotry, and intolerance  
This is semifinal only, as V.P. Singh used to remark. Interestingly, the poise and maturity exhibited by Nitish Kumar reminds of Raja Saheb. 
Without holdng any polls, it can safely be be said that BJP vote share will be restricted around 30%. So reassuring for the future of India!  
Each one is entitled to his own edition of Ontology and act accordingly, but when it comes to teaching it to others certain scrutiny is must  

Cultivating an intellectual ecosystem involving those anchored to Mythology, Astrology, and Rituals is, obviously, a humongous contradiction 
@jaganniwas I respect your love for Modi but fear that so much of trust and faith will come crashing down one day. Just keeping you warned! 
Jyoti Basu, Ramakrishna Hegde, and L.K. Advani were prevented from becoming the Prime Minister. History would have been, surely, different! 
It's a failure of Indian nation when people like Shourie and Akbar accept Modi as their leader. The tragic consequences are bound to follow. 
For most supporters Modi becoming PM is a matter of great satisfaction. That, itself, is not a virtue; its quality which matters ultimately. 
It's an utter failure of both Democratic modality as well as Hindu Nationalism that a person like Shourie is pushed out whereas Modi rules. 
Shourie and Sinha criticisms are manufactured to create false cacophony and sympathy for Modi in advance before the impending Bihar defeat. 
BJP fans perpetually suffer from inferiority complex. Their tweets are steeped in victimhood who always justify own fault by citing congress 
Hindu or Muslim, Left or Right, Dharmic or Abrahamic, goodness has no substitute which each human being ought to cultivate sans any holiday.  
RSS relies heavily on loyalty, preaching, and propaganda. Democracy functions in the reverse direction by valorizing individual preference. 
Democracy is nonchalant regarding predetermined schemes like Hindu Rashtra. Its only concern is to reflect the will of the people accurately  
Indian reality and technology impose linguistic diversity and, hence, to hold that schooling be imparted in mother tongue is a superstition. 
Democracy and fighting of elections is nothing but a game flouting the rules of which can disrupt, corrupt, and dismantle the game itself. 
BJP might have drawn a hit-list of roads in prime locations for accommodating its leaders whenever they happen to expire in the future! 
The soul of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam can't rest in peace unless his name is withdrawn from being identified with that controversial road in Delhi. 
BJP fans are so focused on Muslims that all other issues afflicting Indian society fail to receive their attention or attempt at mitigation. 
BJP can't grow as a natural party to rule as vast and diverse a country like India on twin crutches of Modi and RSS.…  
Viewpoints of Savitri Era devotees might diverge, but even questioning can be part of Yoga.…… 

Most BJP fans' responses, sadly, suffer from Ad hominem logical fallacy. Opponents are attacked personally and not the content of arguments. 
Those brought up on a neat Dharmic/Abrahamic taxonomy might claim monopoly over ethics but moral force is universal and surely not a farce. 
Being in a ridiculous minority, their votes don't matter, but their voice represents a moral force and therefore remains relevant over time. 
Talent is rare and, hence, the nation must not be driven to a situation for disregarding creativity and artistic activity even by opponents. 
Political opponents are an integral feature of Democratic set up but arts and literature are Civilisational resource. Handle them with care. 
Political patronage and an environment of approval is a spur for creativity to blossom. So, questioning the background of writers is unfair. 
Resist the temptation of discrediting literature/creative arts in the guise of opposing political adversaries. Remember "the author is dead" 
Nurturing Creativity, Quality, & Talent should be the national goal and not soulless repetition of mythological tales & meaningless rituals. 
The most ardent supporters of BJP are its worst enemies who fail to understand how much antipathy they add for the party by their hardline. 
Spiritual violence and the divine revolution of Sri Aurobindo Ghosh -Alex Wolfers @sharethis  
I'm a late riser and, hence, I dread the prospect of sleep timings slipping into the provisions of UCC. Nothing seems impossible at present!  
Admiring the deserving among those living should be considered a bigger virtue and a duty than paying tributes to the dead, year after year.  
Is RSS, too, a fan of anarchy like Kejriwal? It seems to be driving the country towards chaos without establishing first the measuring rods. 
Modi camp is more into relying upon people of Intelligence background than the intelligence of Humanities experts & their lifetime insights.  
@chinmaykrvd One may or may not agree with their political views but top intellectuals like Mehta deserve respect and space. @krishnarjun108 
Modernity pillars: English, Science, Democracy & Market… 
Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother  

Monday, November 09, 2015

Excluding Sri Aurobindo not an ideal choice


Dear Amod,
This post brings back the emphasis on intellectual exploration as against personal religious choices. Your interrogations, along with that of Levi and Matthew David Segall, are extremely valuable for those interested in an honest philosophical discourse. In that context, may I add that excluding Sri Aurobindo from your intellectual quest may not be an ideal situation. You may not agree with him but confronting his propositions on an academic level is a necessity. More so, if you are really honest about your urge for finding answers.

I am not trying to convince you but just pointing out a sense of lack which this post doesn’t seem to convey. [TNM55]