Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Anti-Evolutionary forces are gaining momentum in the country

It's heartening that a good number of The Mother's devotees are active now in the social media. Most of them are well read and display appreciable grasp on current affairs. But when it comes to grappling with political issues, they are found wanting. So, there is need to be aware on the basics and develop necessary logic to take on Sri Aurobindo's opposition.

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo worked for World Union and eschewed all kinds of parochialism and sectarianism. They were even willing to welcome different British initiatives in order to fight fascist threats. That line of action is relevant even today as anti-Evolutionary forces are gaining momentum in the country in various guises. It's hoped that more and more people will show intellectual maturity to support Savitri Era Party in consolidating its ideology and appeal. [TNM55]


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