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Bharat Mata? Hakuna matata

Saying Whitehead, Bergson, and Heidegger enunciated "the same philosophy" as Sri Aurobindo and identifying Sri Aurobindo with the Hindutva thesis of RSS are identical, but two different extreme, forms of distortion. But, thankfully, there is nothing canonical about such strands of thinking and each one is free to form his own opinion on the basis of independent sources. Faith in the Divine Manifestation of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is, of course, a subjective, and often, progressive, affair but backing it with right conceptual rigour is an indispensable element of Integral Yoga. Therefore, the role of reliable reading material turns crucial.

History of Western philosophy, psychology, and poetry are essential to understand Sri Aurobindo but they are such vast fields that very few can earn an adequate competence. Besides, the occult intervention by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is beyond any common sense view. Thus, a mere historical picture of them is erroneous and amounts to an injustice to their legacy. Be that as it may, searching for right information and forming accurate impression is an individual responsibility but personal bias and political spin often hinder. How Heehs could skid so severely in 2008 is a reminder and a lesson for all for a long time to come.

Critical analysis of Sri Aurobindo's work remains relevant, nevertheless. "The Defence of Indian Culture is a polemic from start to finish, as Aurobindo closed his eyes to the critic's positive judgments and blasted him" needs full-scale interrogation and explication. Perhaps, the Bharat Mata controversy is preparing the ground for turning the lime light on pre-Gandhian freedom-fighters including Sri Aurobindo. That itself would be a great occasion for the nation to learn about an important chunk of its history and allied philosophical conversations. [TNM55]
Robert N. Bellah - 2011 - ‎History - we must ask: Why did so many new developments occur in the eighth century? In answering this question it is important to remember that early Greece, whose geographical extent was constantly changing at least from 1200 to 600 bce, was part of the “Orient,” as Mycenaean civilization had been. ... 1200 to 800 were dark in much of the Near East outside of the Mesopotamian and Egyptian heartlands.
Joshua Ramey - 2012 - ‎Philosophy
The principles of nearly all strands of Western esotericism can be traced back to the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus. As Christianity and Judaism began to ...
Unlike Whitehead, Bergson and Heidegger who did not prescribe, Sri Aurobindo states the same philosophy but prescribes a Yoga for achieving a state which those philosophers perhaps achieved in a similar way in their own lives, but they were not Yoga gurus.

Lacan - Let’s be honest, Freud and much of the psychoanalytic literature prior to Lacan is just plain crass. We get something that appears like a reductive hydraulics of psych. With Lacan entirely new terms are introduced that go to our existential, extimate core: love, desire, jouissance, the Other, the Law, ethics, etc. These are not really terms that Freud used; at least not in the sublime sense deployed by Lacan. Somehow Lacan introduces something entirely new into Freud, while also finding something that was everywhere there. 

5% done with Modern Literary Criticism, by M.A.R. Habib: …
Rakhi Dalal’s Reviews > Modern Literary Criticism and Theory: A History > Status Update Rakhi Dalal is 5% done - In a broad sense, the history of Western thought has often emerged as a conflict between these two visions: the idealistic Platonic vision which views reality as above and beyond our own world, and the more empirical Aristotelian view which seeks to find reality within our world. — 8 hours, 6 min ago
Rakhi Dalal is 4% done - What also emerges here as a crucial element in the conflict between philosophy and poetry is the right to name the divine, to authorize a particular vision of the divine world: for poetry, that world is presented as an anthropomorphic projection of human values centered on self-interest, a world of dark chance, irrational, in flux, and devoid of a unifying structure. — Mar 13, 2016 07:50AM

Sri Aurobindo’s psychology adds to the Indian tradition the theory that the earth is a place where divine life will manifest. at 10:02 AM

7. It was because India failed to unite politically over several millennia despite being spiritually and culturally one, that it opened itself to foreign attack and conquest. It was the British occupation which finally welded it into a nation, though they left it after deliberately splitting it into two separate states. Raman Reddy

8. And yes, true solutions may often lie beyond ideology, beyond the comforting labels of Left and Right. We need to debate Right Vs Wrong, not Right Versus Left. Sometimes, both Left and Right may be Wrong. We need a new balance between state and citizen, state and private enterprise that goes beyond ideology. R Jagannathan

9. Je Suis Kamlesh‏@tvayi_kimviryam 12:25 AM - 18 Mar 2016
@mariawirth1 @Parikramah Y is this Hindu talking about God when he should be talking about the Self? Sucking up to Muslims a failed strategy  
Allama 1ball ‏@Parikramah  7h 7 hours ago No concept of God in Hinduism?? Neo-Advaita reductionism at its best! 

10. Auroville Radio ‏@AurovilleRadio  16h
16 hours ago The Integral Paradigm Day 1. Program by : Philippe-Dionne
A seminar on the integration of the SENSES, the FACULTIES, the individual, universal, and transcendent SELF, and the Approches and Disciplines of Knowledge – SEEING, HEARING, SPEAKING, THINKING. Listen at:
Peter Heehs - 2008 - ‎Preview - ‎More editions So viewed, Aurobindo wrote, Greece of the philosophers was inferior to the later Roman Empire. ... The Defence of Indian Culture is a polemic from start to finish, as Aurobindo closed his eyes to the critic's positive judgments and blasted him ...

In 1905, Gujarati politician and writer KM Munshi asked Aurobindo Ghosh a question that has become a vital a century later: “How can one become ...
That Aurobindo considered Bharat Mata worthy of navavidha bhakti or nine-fold worship is a good indicator as to how the image of India as a mother goddess had already taken root in 1905. That in 2016, a Muslim MLA was punished for not chanting a slogan for “Bharat Mata” shows just how far popular Hindu nationalism has become.

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