Thursday, March 10, 2016

M. Alan Kazlev, Levi R. Bryant, and Elisa Freschi

Faith is a purely personal as well as irrational affair. So, the devotees of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have their own justification and reason for their faith. But, one thing to be vigilant about in such a scenario is no one should peddle false siddhis or promises. To adopt an extremely cautious and rational approach is, therefore, necessary. This includes supposed experiences and powers that one may gain over the years. Needless to say that a huge contradiction is involved here. Not to give credence to someone's (or, own) inner experiences while reading about the same in the books is like disowning spirituality. But given the possibility of misuse of such phenomena by ambitious and fraudulent characters, need for extra caution is surely in order.

This, however, lands us in a very interesting situation since the aim of our yoga is "Matter shall reveal the Spirit's face." That means, our implicit aspiration (or demand) should be to see all acts of grace in a manifest manner, like the blossoming of a flower. So that there is no hide and seek or going through endless doubts and questionings about the genuineness of fleeting visions and experiences. Further, it's not unreasonable to believe that the gap between the physical and the supra-physical must have been bridged to a considerable extent since The Mother & Sri Aurobindo spoke about them. If that is not the area of operation of the Supramental, then what it is for? The day of spirituality cutting a sorry figure before empiricism must come to an end. Let not quacks and impostors in impeccable costumes steal the limelight while sincere seekers go unnoticed and die unsung!

R. Jagannathan has advocated "a Hinduism Lite for India, where the social content is emphasised more than high metaphysics." This shows the scant weightage Yoga and Self-culture command in the scheme of things of modern and educated Indians. The relevance of ancient Sanskrit texts also, more or less occupy, an identical status. No one, of course, is to blame for this state of affairs save the march of time and technology. Thus, looking backwards, is certainly not the prudent strategy. The other extreme, however, is Science Fiction as being attempted by M. Alan Kazlev. Or, even philosophy, especially, when Levi is fighting a terribly bad mood. But the final trophy goes to Elisa Freschi for asking, "Thus, why engaging in philosophical thought, if you care for a given religion? Why entering a field in which you will loose anyway, since sooner or later a new development in, say, physics or neurosciences will show that you are at least partly wrong?" She, of course, glances back for snatching an answer! [TNM55]

K. R. Srinivasa Iyengar, V. K. Gokak, and R. Jagannathan - a sophisticated version for the western markets, and a Hinduism Lite for India, where the social content is emphasised more than high metaphysics. Mridula Chari · Mar 08, 2016
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7. The Eternal Day: The Soul's Choice and the Supreme ... SAVITRI
The Spirit shall look out through Matter's gaze 

And Matter shall reveal the Spirit's face.

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