Thursday, July 07, 2016

Focusing on humble and unassuming seekers

V.N. Narayanan once complained about "atibristi or anabristi" in his Sunday HT Musings which is a common feature in life. There are any number of songs on the theme "Sansar hai ek nadiya, dukh sukh do kinare hain" which is playing now on Vividh Bharati (5:24 PM, Film: Raftaar, 1975). It was quite startling for me when I heard Ashis Nandy on DD-3 years ago that Experts hold a lower rank in public affairs than generalists or politicians. A similar feeling had come on reading the objection of P.A. Sangma to Indian Classical music as hegemonic. He was defending the emerging music scenario in the North-East.

Music, Art, and Poetry (MAP) occupy a very high priority in the teachings of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. But talent is rare, as Satyajit Ray has observed, and only a few people are able to earn expertise in these fields. Besides, artists remain prisoners of their respective skills. This apart, the compulsion of art to be commercially viable or chasing popularity robs it of many sublime facets. Media highlights successful persons but when we look at it from the Yoga angle, they have hardly any value. So, according enough importance to all those normal persons who are humble and unassuming seekers is necessary instead of focusing on achievers, all the time. [TNM55]

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