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Rituals are facing negotiation from Modernity and Feminism

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Savitri Era: Communists are blind to Sri Aurobindo's overture
Not a happy news on #HindiDivas but Sri Aurobindo Karmdhara has notified suspension of its print version (1972-2016)
Wide ranging changes in customs and lifestyle in the wake of Industrial Revolution is on and India is no exception. #SriAurobindo #Evolution
Those pleading for tradition & rituals are deaf to the footfall of treasures that the future can harvest as part of Evolution. #SriAurobindo
@SwarajyaMag By reading Sri Aurobindo, Sanjeev Sanyal and Jayant Sinha can vastly improve upon their Ontological perception & prescription
Enjoying off from work due to religious holidays shouldn't be addictive nor nurture inertia. Expecting change and overhaul must be a habit.
Doing justice to salary has become so entrenched that commitment to facts and right knowledge has taken a beating. So vigilance is necessary
Savitri Era and not Buddhism is the right route for Dalits to escape to mainstream and the sooner their leadership realises this the better.
BSP fiasco has left Dalits confused and fragmented. Proof why a robust philosophy like Sri Aurobindo's is essential for movements as fuel.
Philosophers the world over have been striving for long to explain the functioning of the world without the concept of God in various guises
The Life Divine by Sri Aurobindo demolishes the combined efforts of atheists, rationalists, and Marxists, devastatingly, to reestablish God.
Instead of whining against Brahmins and Hindutva day in and day out, Dalits should embrace the liberal and global ideology of Sri Aurobindo.
Dalits have a sizable votebank but no leader. Instead of allowing unity to fritter away & advantage squandered, should accept Sri Aurobindo.
New found bonhomie between Dalits and Marxists animating student politics looks promising. Sri Aurobindo offers mature and enduring solution
Dalits believe that Ambedkar gave infallible theory. Same mistake as Arya Samaj vis-à-vis Dayananda. Need to study Sri Aurobindo critically.
Dalits & Tribals have served as crucial factors against the homogenising propensity of Hindutva. Sri Aurobindo can lend ideological bulwark.
BSP and Reservations have contributed to further Ghettoisation of Dalits leading to discrimination & deprivation. Sri Aurobindo can correct.
Conflating Dalits and minorities is an electoral compulsion but lacks ideological affinity or advantage. Dalits must discover Sri Aurobindo.
Discarding Hinduism to bolster Buddhism is a classic example of jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. Sri Aurobindo offers safe home.
@Ram_Guha @aadityahbti Thanks for mentioning Sri Aurobindo. Time to atone for excluding from Makers of Modern India by critical reassessment
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo refuse instant solutions. Grappling with current issues and burning problems have to be attempted to turn it Yoga
Aim of Integral Yoga is life, writes Dr. K.N. Varma, and endeavouring to fill life's imperfections with Divine aspiration to transform them.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have made the middlemen unemployed and empowered each individual to establish direct relation with the Evolution.
Instead of personal salvation as goal & resorting to selfish modalities towards it, The Mother & Sri Aurobindo ask surrendering to Evolution
Surrender is normally associated with bhakti and considered as a matter of heart but Sri Aurobindo is brutally honest to extend it to mind.
Despite being ignored for a century Sri Aurobindo has not lost an iota of relevance. That shows how powerful revolutions are silent & steady
@AmbedkarCaravan @ROUNDTABLEIND @khalidanisansa1 Real third way for Dalits to overcome is to embrace the path of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo.
Exclusive concentration is how Sri Aurobindo explains the uniqueness of an individual and hence commonality among humans is something rare.
Whether science is good or bad is a task within the domain of science itself. Same is the case with philosophy and test of intellectuality.
How far away people are from science can be imagined from the widespread ignorance of right nutritional value of foods they cook and consume
@DasBolshevik Sidelining top knowledge source can't be considered a virtue. Ignoring Sri Aurobindo's futuristic theory is such a catastrophe
@DasBolshevik Superficial discords are symptomatic of deeper secrets for understanding which there is no better authority than Sri Aurobindo
AAP, BJP, SP, BSP, Congress, and the Communists are making Sri Aurobindo relevant every passing day. Even the U.S. Hillary vs. Trump contest
Mythology and science can't go together. Emotional clinging to the past and unverified narratives should be replaced ruthlessly by raw data.
Finding something interesting or holding any cause close to the heart is not altogether innocent or harmless if probed from Freudian angles.
The Mother warns against music that titillates and Sri Aurobindo says Ananda is an altogether different zone than our ordinary concept of it
Atheists, Dalits, Marxists, and Hindutva votaries need to be healed of Ontological flaw by injecting Sri Aurobindo's Evolutionary dialectic.
Priorities in life and perspectives on issues are severely skewed due to gender divide which Integral Yoga has an ambitious aim of bridging.
The same Marxists who fight for freeing copyright for dissemination of knowledge would not touch Sri Aurobindo's writings with a barge pole.
Hard to find a single University teacher in either side of the ideological isle who openly sides with Sri Aurobindo or recommends his works.
In the absence of incentives and remunerations, dedicated study of Sri Aurobindo's thought has dried and the current dispensation seems deaf
Theoretical relevance of Sri Aurobindo in wide ranging fields like philosophy, psychology, science, education, literature, politics etc huge
Marxist imperialism and arbitrariness in education domain must be squarely overthrown so that the reign of Sri Aurobindo is given a free run
Undergraduates must be rescued from the sanitised syllabi thrust by the Marxists and exposed to the Evolutionary ontology of Sri Aurobindo.
Just like Congress is no more the natural party to rule, Marxist Profs must be shown the door so that the mischief they've perpetrated stops
@a_r_j_u_n I agree with your sentiments but not with the grand narrative you love to espouse that is clouded by Mythology & retrograde ethos
@a_r_j_u_n I'd request you to think for yourself instead of depending upon and falsely glorifying other scholars and obsession with history.
@a_r_j_u_n I know that your encounter with Sri Aurobindo stops at respect and obviously I am not a fan of the Aurobindo of your conception.
@a_r_j_u_n Pigeonholing someone as secular is an old Hindutva game and serves no purpose. Sri Aurobindo is smart enough to defy false label
@a_r_j_u_n These kind of studies including that of Prof @blog_supplement are excellent for intellectual development but puerile as ideology.
@a_r_j_u_n Hope you disabuse yourself of the notion that I have not read anything during my last sixty years. Am amused with your innocence!
Marxist-atheists, Dalit-Buddhists, Hindutva-obscurantists, and Congress juvenility are to be fought with the single weapon of Sri Aurobindo
When you have a Govt of your choice, it's illogical to advise it on day to day happenings and each and every issue bypassing its own wisdom.
Hindutva occupying centrestage has one advantage in that traditional rituals are being subjected to negotiation with modernity and progress.
Feminism is also coming to the fore in questioning Hindutva anachronisms and an internal fermentation leading to reforms is not far behind.
Music is often lauded for lyrics and in that sense a few genres in India are overrated. Discretion is the better part of valour not to name.
Reimagining and Refashioning Integral Management - Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) Ghaziabad
Redistributing content is one of the finest gifts of the Internet age but the recalcitrance observed on Twitter to RT is really so pathetic!
While friends are legion on Facebook, one meets adversaries more on Twitter which corroborates A wise enemy is better than a foolish friend.
@India_Progress Odisha (Utkalinga) as an ancient civilisation needs to be studied independently and not as an adjunct of modern day Bengal.
Odia cuisine, Odia language and its script are excellent products of human civilisation with which Indians should voluntarily be acquainted.
@c_aashish @waatho I retire on turning 60 but Railways won't allow Senior Citizen's concession until I'm 61. Why this gap year? @RailMin_Care

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