Saturday, October 29, 2016

Keeping both Hindutva and Marxism at bay

Ever since I got acquainted with semiology and its implications, the impression took root that fiction must be looked upon in consonance with its actuality without contaminating the reality. But, last night, as I was watching Pyaasa (for the first time) and R&S joined midway, it occurred to me that it's a moment in history and the movie has entered my life, memory, and understanding of things. Thus, the role of content and the behind-the-scenes stories of content-creation are all part of history having their multifarious influences on human situations. Then, if one probes a little deeper to locate how one thing leads to another and discovers connections between events, then the complexity of the whole goings on becomes evident. At such moments, the mind readily accepts defeat and doesn't contest the advice for surrender.

The role of content in education and for inspiration is enormous. Since most of the things are stereotypical and commercial in nature these days, credible endorsements catering to niche interests and thirsts need to be cultivated. Philosophical and Spiritual discussions serve a useful purpose in this context. Whether or not one acquires any intuitive ability, the very opening of intellect's windows to these possibilities should be seen as a considerable progress. Some gain in artistic or poetic sensibilities, itself, is a substantial leap. All these lead to strengthening ethical substratum which is essential for sound individuation. The fact that even Management is searching for insights in Yoga psychology is proof enough of their relevance. But to be on the safe side, these ideas should always be treated as realms of possibilities instead of instant prizes. Further, tethering material demands like quality and success to spiritual pursuits is fraught with hazard.

So, apart from being sensitive to higher Consciousness, being politically correct, too, is an important task. But, this can be said with certitude that Internet doesn't have much guidance. Hindutva has become a magnet like Marxism in the yesteryears and there is no one to alert against both the streams, apart from us. Besides, blindly following The Mother & Sri Aurobindo and quoting their words out of context are dangerous practices. And all these are going to be mainstream in the coming days. Thus, keeping aloft an alternative understanding of collective affairs is crucial and pushing it in the face of dominant resistance is, definitely, a revolutionary stance. Let's hope that more and more minds understand this perspective and lend their backing to this initiative. [TNM55]

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