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CM Yogi is speaking like a moral education teacher

Mirra Alfassa, The Mother, arrived in Puducherry, then Pondicherry, on March 29, 1914 and met Sri Aurobindo; an epochal event for mankind.
@TrueIndology @SanjivDas74 Sri Aurobindo was born in Kolkata on August 15, 1872; was an accused in Alipore Bomb Case
There is no major politician or public intellectual in India today who'd proactively push the ideal of Sri Aurobindo in policy or curricula.
Be it Churchill or Hitler, or Subhas and Savarkar; best means to understand their historical significance is borrowing lens of Sri Aurobindo
[ARYA Vol.3. No 8—March 1917: The Integral Knowledge, Oneness, Sankhya & Yoga, PSD VIII, Second Hymn to Mitra-Varuna, IHU, & Heraclitus (4)]
Sri Aurobindo wrote The Secret of the Veda 100 years back but people are unwilling to imbibe this sublime resulting in a faulty understanding
Individuals overcome their weaknesses by following an ideology under some institution. Wrong ideology and interpretation can ruin a person.
Last year, many from Hindutva camp were expounding on Dharma. Now, they have forgotten it all like Kejriwal abdicating value-based politics.
@harshawardhan_j @smadygo @sanjayuvacha Obama campaign was the model on which Modi capitalised with Reliance as midwife; VIF had expertise.
Irreconcilable dichotomy between Yoga & Hindutva schools of thought. Focus on such finer points can raise the quality of political discourse
@ravikumarg14 This is an unsolicited advice. Reading Sri Aurobindo in some detail can impart the right frame of mind to sift truth from lies
@k_bhairav Poor Buddha fought against the Veda and had no clue to its wisdom. Sri Aurobindo gives the actual meaning of Go after millennia.
@k_bhairav 1) My thrust was on meaning, 2) Your personal emotion is fair enough; and 3) State must not interfere in matters of food choices.
India is too large for an individual aspiring for top Constitutional positions which means negation of Democracy and conspiracy led politics
Incessant talk of Purvanchal has already bifurcated UP, psychologically. Two CMs should have been sworn in by BJP before an impending split.
When supporters of ruling party uphold each and every move of the Govt and shoo away detractors, a sense of disquiet sets in as to goings on
If only those heading गोरक्ष पीठ could understand the real meaning as interpreted by Sri Aurobindo: Not, cow protection but nurturing light.
@prabhashashi If you read "The Secret of the Veda," then your whole perspective of civilisational history will alter and victim-hood vanish.
Popularising Vedic symbolism and Yogic spirituality as conceived by Sri Aurobindo is a thousand times more valuable than building any temple
Scholars tend to quote and equate him with others but when Sri Aurobindo wrote The Secret of the Veda he intended his interpretation to rule
Congress and BJP approach to Religion are two extremes. Sri Aurobindo rescues the situation by reinventing the Veda and recasting Evolution.
The notion that Religion is based on people's faith is erroneous. It's a full-scale industry and trade with professionals working for money.
Valorising Religion, Rituals & Mythology blunts vigour for Modernity. Sri Aurobindo recommends Spirituality instead.
Lethargy and technology-aversion of Indians in the past resulted in foreign occupation for centuries. My tablet and Twitter are both foreign
@vinod_sharma @Ymethink How long you will complain? We are eager to know what corrective steps have been taken by the Govt during last year.
Being prisoners of local culture, vast sections of Indians have not tasted fruits of Modernity yet. Hindutva will further put the clock back
BJP is in Govt and raising concern on minor matters is unwarranted. We are used to excesses in India and so waiting for a few years is fine.
Those romanticise environment and village living fail to notice their hypocrisy. Similarly indigenous knowledge system of tribals is a hoax.
A false notion Democracy feeds is what the masses say is right. Majority rule is merely an authorisation; can't be extended to every action.
Airlines refusing to fly a person is arm twisting and outright fascist. Even a murderer can't be refused and a minister escorted terrorists.
Young generation can benefit best by integrating the lead of MRP with YY. Anything less would be parochial, partial, and inconsequential.
Gandhi-Nehru-Tagore-Ambedkar brand of Modernity has locked horns with Mythology-based Hindutva-bandwagon, but the solution is Sri Aurobindo.
Evolution sparingly adopts crooked means to achieve its goal. Democracy is helpless before such harsh vicissitudes.
@LazyFatYeti Once upon a time there were two close friends: Ranga and Billa. Today, perhaps, their names would have been Taqiyya and Jumla.
@AgentSaffron Calculation is not easy as actual Protein content in each type of food is different.
Five to six persons, together, can form business firms or undertake affirmative action. But people are reluctant for joining hands, legally.
Plethora of mythological Yogis crowd our mind. Hopefully celebrity real-life Yogis straddling public sphere now will be able to replace them
Three Rishis of Modern India:
Jayaprakash Narayan
V.P. Singh has been a victim of a vicious campaign against him by the upper caste people and political detractors...
Reservations perpetuate inequality and hierarchy. Abolishing all types of reservation would bring justice to Dalits and end their alienation
@DivyaSoti Hope, you enumerate sometime their positive contributions like empowerment of the marginalised or quality art, movies and theatre
@GajananSK1906 Knowledge gathering is a life long process and one must see through propaganda or polemic. Honest quest for truth bears fruit
@madhukishwar @yogi_adityanath Democracy doesn't demand superhuman abilities or Messiah. CM just needs to be the First among equals. Enough!
@AshDubey_ Invaders were within their rights when they "re-used" under the sanction of a Monarch. Democracy doesn't award such an authority.
@AnupamConnects The deliberations, however, were focused; quite enlivening as well as enlightening. @sardesairajdeep @Swamy39 @asadowaisi
@GajananSK1906 It's not the question of my believing. Online distortions of history need to be pointed out for the benefit of young readers.
@GajananSK1906 @hindu_g Reads like an eye-witness account which it is not. What happens within a Monarchy can't be challenged by a Democracy
@trivedi_vinod I don't intend you to agree. That Monarchs can't be challenged was missing in your tweet and I wanted it to be kept on record
@trivedi_vinod I said, within his kingdom, i.e. after he conquered certain territory. Occupation is always through war and that's legitimate
@trivedi_vinod Babar's actions were lawful within his Kingdom. Indians should support rule of law instead of justifying demolition by a mob.
A Yogi by definition must not accept a high Constitutional position. How Sri Aurobindo had refused requests to head Congress is unequivocal.
@Sheks65 @htTweets @anirbanganguly Another Yogi
@skjain_05 Just a replay of pre-Emergency days!
@WordOfTheFree I'm reminded of how Dhiren Bhagat used to poke fun at celebrities like Shourie and  Nanporia.
@balajiworld Why different? A criminal act should not be pushed under the carpet. Unlike riots, there is no dearth of witnesses in this case
@balajiworld SC hasn't ruled out hearing; merely suggested an alternative. Anyway, your endorsing the same is against Rule-of law principle.
@balajiworld Medieval dispute is an oxymoron here by using which you are obfuscating. Dispute is very much current and SC must give verdict.
@mahesh10816 Imposing National Integration upon others on your own terms is not only patronising but also highly undemocratic. @balajiworld
@balajiworld That's ideal. Let SC say in its judgement that it's all sentiments and we are unable to find solution to it. That's acceptable.
@balajiworld Point is, what private individuals support or wish is immaterial here. How Rule-of-law operates and Fair-play blossoms is issue
PM from RS remains the most brutal attack on Indian Constitution, even greater than the Emergency. BJP bypassing RS is like abacus fiddling.
Two MPs of Odisha are fighting as if they were responsible for BJD retaining power all these years. They forget that they are just ciphers.
@Devinder_Sharma Do you mean to say that the festival is secular and devoid of any religious connection? That seems to be a far possibility.
@LazyFatYeti Kejriwal-Sisodia pair is also a comparable one, may be, with a different set of skills. Jaya-Sasikala is another refuses to die
There is nothing to be particularly happy or proud about in the humdrum of a Democracy. The fact that some are smacks of superiority-bigotry
The very word minorities is absurd in a Democratic set up since every individual is equal. Eradicating grouping and ghettoisation is a must.
@gopimaliwal I remember an equally thrilling feeling on the day of [VP Singh's resounding victory in the Allahabad by-election in June 1988]
If BJP wants to defeat Naveen and win Odisha in 2019, then the only way is to make Manoj Das the President of India.
Those pretending as supporters of Market and also proponents of Hindutva must come out of their self-delusion. Conflating objectives futile.
Most feminist discourse raise their arguments on the premise of lack of proper understanding on the part of men when real culprit is passion
@Vidyut @genderlogindia @SuzaneNayak Human behaviour is inextricably linked with interplay of money, power, and sex. Futile to find solution
@Vidyut @genderlogindia @SuzaneNayak Point is, each person behaves differently in different situations and so, seeing patterns is arbitrary.
@sagarikaghose [If the god merely lifted his toes, avalanches of water would go skating to the shore and flood out]
@sagarikaghose He will come tomorrow, the Alien
Who has the key to all our ills, the clue
To all our jigsaw puzzles.
For those feeling confused by my TL potpourri, let me reiterate that Savitri Era Party is against AAP, BJP, Congress, and the Left parties.
As I plough a lonely furrow on Twitter, the soundness and validity of the political ideology I put forth is becoming more and more evident.
@iManojSingh @ashokepandit @drsugandhakohli Please work for Savitri Era Party for building a better future for India
Savitri Era Party current policies: 1) No Reservations, 2) Free Markets, 3) Sovereignty to States, and 4) No bowing to Mythology and Rituals
People in general have no idea as to what exactly role of an elected representative is. So no one bothers about qualities or qualifications.
RSS wishes to reinforce the Monarchy model by bypassing Parliament, Judiciary, and Elections. Everything can be settled through "consensus."
In the absence of effective communication much that happen remain in the zone of speculation. RSS somehow prefers this hush hush functioning
Tweets of Modi supporters are superfluous for all practical purposes. Ear for those few independent voices outside echo-chamber is essential
SM facilitates dissemination of opinion and access to dissenting voices. Blocking such critical views is like living in a windowless room.
A tweet should be judged on its own right and technology allows ready dissemination by RT. Despite merit in content, the author is boycotted
Jealousy and false pride is so rampant in India that people are reluctant to follow (which is not following, in actuality) or share by RT.
@SaffronWatch @DailyO_ अपने पैर पर कुल्हाड़ी मारे हैं
Do you notice how diehard Modi supporters have suddenly woken up against Yogi? It's all sponsored by Modi camp to ease him out or discredit.
Modi was General Secretary of BJP before being offered CM's chair on a platter in 2001. He didn't earn people's mandate; was a manipulator.
Before Modi RSS was admirably wary of personal charisma and focused on agenda. Surrendering ideals to political expediency will prove costly
Intellectuals mortgaging their brains to the ruling party and abdicating their duties to instruct the public ring alarm bells for Democracy.
@dhume Hope, you are saying it in earnest. Btw, your support for Modi has misguided thousands of people and that's perhaps the original sin.
@dhume I respect your scholarship and judgement but disagree with perception on Modi. Country needs your critical views once in a blue moon.
Old supporters of BJP seem to be feeling let down and dispirited because hordes of fresh entrants are quite vocal and hugging the limelight.
Atmosphere is so modified now that the Chief Justice of India volunteered to fire the first salvo of the 2019 campaign for LokSabha election
@_Mauna_ Thanks. There are justifications, no doubt, but my concern is for that child born in a Muslim family today bearing the past burden!
This is the nadir where anonymous heroism can lead to an otherwise brilliant intellectual. Being responsible or in power teaches moderation.
@VikasSaraswat Isn't renunciation and power separate domains? Rajarshi has different connotations; Classic template doesn't apply! @_Mauna_
@VikasSaraswat @_Mauna_ Involvement and the Throne are separate realms apart from the Varna restriction on jobs. Why not modify the Classic?
@_Mauna_ @VikasSaraswat @vasudha_ET As he himself has modified the Classic template by accepting the Throne, why blame others for curiosity?
Nariman's diagnosis may be a bit too alarmist but not without basis. He also brings Yogi into focus than a fake Modi. Up to Yogi to leverage
Being from UP & UK, Yogi can outmaneuver Modi and create an all-India profile. He is authentic, Modi is fake. But has to shed saffron robes.
Yogi was never Modi's choice; was deprived of the honour of being CM candidate prior to the election, thus failing to earn popular mandate.
@k_bhairav No leader can stand the way Yogi has started functioning. His wings will be clipped, sooner than later. Then cold war will begin.
Groundswell of support for Yogi must have unnerved Modi. May prod Yogi to make mistakes; then throw him out destroying his career for ever.
Yogi is a sadhak, not a politician. He won't compromise like Ramdev or resort to sleight and like V.P. Singh will resign on slightest slight
CM Yogi is speaking like a moral education teacher and it's unbecoming of a high Constitutional authority to be identified with a sect/path.
@anilkshastri Yogi is being projected as Hindutva icon but he will ultimately expose the fiasco that is Hindutva. Babri was PVNR trump card!
Some hardliners are extremely delighted with Yogi's elevation asCM but their fondhopes are bound to come crashing down in a matter of months
@cpings4 Be it politics or economics, individual is the key. Revolutions take root in minds first before manifesting
Present generation of Indians are product of Congress culture and Nehruvian worldview. Many merits in them and are also part of Nation's DNA
Sanskar is the internal scaffolding but its quality depends upon the nature of what's imparted. Respect education and not semiliterate folks
Social compulsions are a major factor for people being sucked into religious networks but the cultural and intellectual costs are enormous.
Sound Democratic practices are yet to evolve in India and past anomalies are no justification. Btw, Yogi has not won the mandate like Modi.
Look at individuals as individuals instead of his religion or ethnicity. Following The Mother & Sri Aurobindo helps to overcome parochialism
Time for revolting against dress codes, food prescriptions, and other religious diktat is today. Parents must not impose them upon children.
Ancient texts in all languages contain utterances contracting Modernity. Present generation must be prevailed upon to preserve rationality.
Religious scriptures popularise many versions of creation story. Science helps to dispel such superstitions by establishing latest research.
The dream of the World Union doesn't seem irrelevant or impracticable but the Hindutva Juggernaut will have to collapse under its own weight
Now that the focus is on Hindutva, nothing is more fragile and nebulous than that. It will be in smithereens on closer rigorous examination.
@athapar15 @ShekharGupta @sankrant [Akshaya Mukul's Gita Press and the Making of Hindu India is a well-researched..]
Amazing that BJP enthusiasts always find some Congress fault to justify their own wrong. Never realise the fallacy!
Mourning for Congress sinking is getting louder by the day; it's shelf life over. They fail to see, Sri Aurobindo is the hope of the future.
Management education has popularised the notion that you can design your future. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo recommend the path of Surrender.
Professional education can be a lame guide when it comes to dealing with psychological turbulences. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are experts.
Many had imagined 2019 will be a cakewalk for Modi but from now on, it'd be an uphill task as contradictions galore with spectre of rivalry.
Politics is about individuals. The day they differentiate what Sri Aurobindo is exhorting vis-à-vis current cesspool, Indians can progress.
Agrarian society was observing periodical festivals relating to crop cycle and Religion appropriated them. No inherent virtue in celebrating
@k_bhairav No denying that. Problem is religious codification and commensalism which are ultimately harnessed for political mobilisation.
@JGN190 The simple formula is to suspect the old and accept the modern. Sri Aurobindo has clearly demarcated what is good & what to jettison
@gopimaliwal At your own level you may consider creating a blog to record factual narratives so that it becomes a permanent reference source
Market dynamics should decide lifestyle choices, deviance, or innovation. Religious and political dispensations need to stay away from scene
@cpings4 I don't think Market debars anyone from altruism, philanthropy, affirmative action, voluntary simplicity, or other idiosyncrasies.
@cpings4 Market is free space where individual psychology gets a chance to have a rollercoaster ride. These drive (not, control) the Market.
@cpings4 You are right; it's about the future, part of Evolution's trajectory. [Secret is to begin by knowing that you have already arrived]
@cpings4 Thanks for the compliments. I'm only repeating outstanding prophecies of our time; no original thinking. You might be more prudent.
The Constitution of India doesn't make any Religion a necessity or value judges them. But a section of population is out to impose on others
Belonging to a particular Religion may be a legal description but given human nature what it is no person really remains confined to a faith
Venom against Islam is common on Twitter but when it comes to ground realities, it's hard to find a Muslim conforming to those abstractions.
Hindutva assumes that everything has already been told in the past and there is nothing to add. This stops creativity, ingenuity, and will.
Winning elections won't make any difference to the country unless higher education becomes common and reasoned arguments replace propaganda.
Hardly anyone in the Hindutva camp who has studied philosophy at the undergraduate level. Reason why Critical reason is in such short supply
Social issues are not good or bad electives; involve diverse ramification and complexities. Looking at them through religious lens is flawed
Better to proactively vote for first-timers so that new blood and new enthusiasm is infused into politics leading to genuine nation-building
BJP will be more responsible and civil in power than when in opposition. Being out of power is good for Congress to develop bones and brain.
Modernity Is bad, West is bad, English is bad, Science is bad, Secularism is bad, Liberalism is bad, Scholarship is bad: Dangerous mentality
Statecraft yielding to Mythology or Faith would be a regressive development when Development, Delivery, and Governance are pressing issues.
@livemint @ShashiTharoor Rajya Sabha should be constituted through PR based on the periodical State Assembly elections.
RSS could have been successful in carving out a Hindu Rashtra had it demanded the same in 1947. But, greed for the entire land prevented it.
Now, the choice is between Hindu population and whole of India. Coveting both is a compromise and recipe for perpetual anguish and unrest.
Many Hindutva supporters suffer from an inadequate understanding of the concept and are more driven by sentiment of hatred towards Muslims.
The future, however, demands a more refined configuration and The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have been prescient enough to hatch a new Evolution
[In our psychological interpretation of the Veda we are met at every turn Truth as the path to Bliss.] Sri Aurobindo
@murlignosis @kalisbrood Critical comments: High flown English, Weighed down by negatively towards the West. Too many concepts for newcomer.
Strangely, no rebuttals or clarifications from SAES !
[Savitri Era Open Forum: Mist persists on Mirambika imbroglio]
Savitri Era: Dictatorial mode of Modi doesn't bode well for Democracy #SriAurobindo
Savitri Era Learning Forum: Hegel's lifelong fascination with India
@EPButler @blog_supplement Hegel's India
[Please find attached a web-banner and a link to Facebook event page: Hegel's India: A Reinterpretation, with Texts]
Reimagining and Refashioning Integral Management - Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) Ghaziabad
@TheAlohaSlav @yugaparivartan [Let your grand-daughter live in a hut in my village, tend goats all day & sing poems]
@jiteshpillaai @tufailelif Where Dilip Kumar bears a slight resemblance to Shah Rukh Khan sans the latter's on-screen antics, of course!

[What a read. Choice of Indigenous would b decided by Golwalkar or Aurobindo ? Must read]

[With the comprehensive victory of Hindutva, has India's (un)civil war ended? My op-ed column in DNA today:]

Misgivings on Science are to be dispelled by more of Science and not falling back upon, Mythology, Astrology, Rituals, or Ayurveda. Those deriding Liberalism and Secularism are enemies of Modernity and Plurality. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo provide us futuristic paradigms.

Beauty of Democracy is that it harbours diverse types of opinions and sentiments by citizens. Evolution hates repetition and is always in the mode of exploration for paradigm shifts. Stability and status quo are valued many a time, but the Time-Spirit brings out surprises from Womb of possibilities.

Ideology is not something fixed or static nor remains imprisoned in clichéd niches. History is witness to waves of thought and tides of fortunes with unfailing regularity. Evolution also sparingly adopts crooked means to achieve its goal. Democracy is perhaps helpless before such harsh vicissitudes.

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Dictatorial mode of Modi doesn't bode well for Democracy

Tweets by @SavitriEraParty
@Nikhil_7D @RajivMessage @jsaideepak Each scholar needs to be respected for his contributions but sewing a syllabus is likely to turn moribund
@sarkar_swati @RajivMessage That's again is not the whole truth. It's a pity that such simple historical facts are distorted by learned ones
@KSVSUBRAMANIAN @sarkar_swati @RajivMessage Covert urge for spreading the message of the Theosophical Society was also another dimension.
@a_r_j_u_n @sarkar_swati Facts are very much in the public domain for anyone to draw his/her conclusion. The "Sleep with" phrase is a distortion
@a_r_j_u_n @sarkar_swati I don't think your assertion is wholly true. My request is to stick to facts and avoid distortions. @RajivMessage
@yugaparivartan @a_r_j_u_n @sarkar_swati @RajivMessage Scholars should avoid getting personal. We are discussing some historical facts here.
@yugaparivartan @a_r_j_u_n @sarkar_swati @RajivMessage A fact is a fact. Interpretations are subjective and driven by political affiliation.
@a_r_j_u_n @yugaparivartan It's not the question of my condoning and the facts are nothing new. You are free to rake it up if you so prefer.
@s_duvvuri @a_r_j_u_n Life of Gandhi is so imbricated with the history of our nation that it is of epic proportions with diverse dimensions.
@navinkhaitan Kejriwal emerged through a complex chain of events and movements. Ticking him off in such a simplistic manner would be myopic.
@KirtivardhanD @dikgaj Reading Sri Aurobindo's delineations on evolution of society and ethics, many myths and prejudices can be got over.
Those deriding Liberalism and Secularism are enemies of Modernity and Plurality. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo provide us futuristic paradigms.
Misgivings on Science are to dispelled by more of science and not falling back upon, Mythology, Astrology, Rituals, or unverified Ayurveda.
Forget EVMs. Govt can't even enquire into a simple land encroachment dispute hanging fire for the last two years.
@Stupidosaur What about this claim?
Some amount of hostility between people of different political persuasions is understandable but in India it turns hardcore religious hatred
Today, I learnt of 1) Single event upset (SEU), and 2) Neuronal microtubules. So much to know but power of understanding and memory are puny
A basic problem in India is that those at the helm of affairs tend to paint a rosy picture instead of spelling out the hurdles & bottlenecks
Handful of hardcore Hindutva handles keep on fulminating against Modi. But responsible voices with critical stance on Modi must spring forth
Power brings moderation and within next couple of years BJP supporters are likely to be singing praise for Gandhi and Nehru's Statesmanship.
Was surprised while watching Chetna that a doctor refused request for MTP. Checked Wikipedia: The MTP Act came into effect from 1 April 1972
Though socially abhorrent, many accomplished actors end up with playing the role of a prostitute and many acclaimed films have this theme!
A deeper look at literature and culture brings into focus how socially undesirable subjects are made mainstream with disastrous consequences
It's an irony that while Culture is extolled to be refining emotions, it has the potential of causing the opposite just as Mythology retards
Tolerance for Modi may be on the rise but Degree imbroglio coupled with Smriti Irani as HRD Minister will continue to tarnish his credibility
Being ecstatic about Modi as PM can be idiotic unless he delivers and surpasses his predecessors. Otherwise, it'd be another wasted decade.
If thousands of years of Hindu Civilisation plus the recent technological revolution throw a leader like Modi, it's disappointing phenomenon
Instead of thanking Mayawati for gifting them landslide victory in UP BJP fans are elevating Modi-Shah to illogical heights forgetting Bihar
Zeitgeist trajectories are a bit complex sans ethical duress. RSS occupying centre stage after a century of its formation is a harsh irony.
Kshatriya spirit displayed by BJP in Goa and Manipur recently is like rewriting the Mythological tenets expounded by Bhishma or Vishvamitra!
Isha is the only Upanishad that is part of the Veda and Sri Aurobindo has written on it extensively signifying the zenith of Indian Wisdom.
There is a widespread, delusional notion that listening to chanting of Sanskrit hymns in the morning can transport one directly to heaven!
Dalit resistance to the Veda is misplaced since Sri Aurobindo encompasses it within his Ontological formulations by displacing from Rituals.
Religious festivals, Rituals, pilgrimages, and Mythology are easy avenues for reaping political dividends by BJP but Sri Aurobindo bypasses.
Contrary to what so many are hoping, I don't think the new CM can bring any substantial change to UP unless the State is given Sovereignty.
Recent election results prove how the States of India think differently and choose independently. Granting Sovereignty to them is fait accompli
There is no reason why the Central Govt should exist at all. The States must be endowed with full autonomy for decentralised decision making
@k_bhairav Each State will exercise its Sovereignty and certain functions can be delegated to a Federation/Mutual negotiation modelled on EU
Historical data overwhelms and status quo applies inertia of motion on Evolution. Yet, a new world order may emerge and States will be free.
If UP results lead to banning of EVMs ultimately, then India's journey back towards Ram Rajya would seem to have begun. Rule Patanjali rule!
Dictatorial mode of Modi doesn't bode well for Democracy. And, RSS must endeavour to shed its Fascist objectives and Kafkaesque functioning.
Nobody has demanded that UP MLAs should elect their leader through a transparent process by each indicating three preferences in the ballot.
BJP supporters accuse that a Hindu who has not voted for BJP is anti-national. This sort of fascist mentality is against Democratic freedom.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have done enough spadework for annihilation of dominant religions ruling the world. Join this silent revolution.
Savitri Era: Forcing cultural purity will lead BJP to Dalit status #SriAurobindo #FiveDreams #WorldUnion #SavitriEra
[Hegel’s India: A Reinterpretation with Texts] By AAKASH SINGH RATHORE and RIMINA MOHAPATRA
[Cousins’ New Ways in English Literature (1917) inspired Sri Aurobindo to write The Future Poetry from 1917-1920.]
Sailo Jharapara High School, Teacher, 1976-1977; Punjab National Bank, Officer, 1977-2000; Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF), Director, 2000-
Reimagining and Refashioning Integral Management - Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) Ghaziabad
@OdiaCulture Also, the lyricist of "Katha thila dine" chorus (wrongly attributed to Akshaya Mohanty in this video)

(Pics 2017: Delhi, Haldia, Indirapuram, and Balasore)

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Forcing cultural purity will lead BJP to Dalit status

For obvious reasons, Evolutionary tendencies will touch only a minority but Democracy privileges majority. So, a time lag is understandable.
A double role is involved here: to conceal one’s personal admiration and devotion while continuing to wield the critical tone in public.
India being an abnormally large nation turns most of the people marginalised and spawns alienation. Spirituality can force course correction
Sri Aurobindo says, a strict bifurcation between religion and secular activities is impossible since no action is separate from Evolution.
Twitter tussles between political opponents provide ample adolescent's joy but grappling with Ontological causes of injustice is more urgent
Democracy, Development, and Governance are aspirational concepts without any firm mechanism for delivery. Evolution is the ultimate arbiter
Sri Aurobindo believed that Evolution is not arbitrary and conforms to the Vedic aim of Harmony. Those fighting on Twitter better hear him.
Hindutva plank is bound to undergo considerable dilution responding to electoral compulsion and also for avoiding a Congress-like extinction
Hindutva rhetoric is out of fashion in mainstream BJP concerns at present and those voicing are half-a-dozen marginalised Twitter handles.
Still a mystery, why Modi reserved his showmanship towards the last leg of UP elections. He doesn't want BJP CMs anywhere, is my firm theory
No matter who wins in UP, all brands of political ideology during the last one hundred years have proved barren. India needs Sri Aurobindo.
Sri Aurobindo shifts focus from what Marx, Freud, and Darwin manufactured and advises against worshipping false gods or fighting false wars.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo's action are an ongoing phenomenon to be conscious of which is a challenge and a privilege. "All life is Yoga."
Marxist emphasis on visible change has its own validity and advantage but The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have laid foundations of a luminous Age
Examining Sri Aurobindo's philosophy from historical perspective has merit but his insistence on Supramental enforcing change more plausible
Though overall Ontology of Sri Aurobindo retains validity, his hope that people by volition can transform their nature stands slender chance
No dearth of expository books and essays on relevance of Sri Aurobindo but a critical examination from the Devotees' perspective still rare.
A double role is involved here: to conceal one’s personal admiration and devotion while continuing to wield the critical tone in public.
@k_bhairav @eternalamit Also, "For with pain and labour all creation comes." and "He must face the fight, the pang who would conquer Hell."
@Del_Alpha "This world was not built with random bricks of Chance, A blind god is not destiny's architect;" SAVITRI
Savitri Era Learning Forum: Questioning of Sri Auronindo's sanity to revering him as a deity
Savitri Era: Linguistic Nations will be more vibrant, cohesive, and competitive. #SriAurobindo #WorldUnion
The Integral Philosophy of Aurobindo: Hermeneutics and the Study of Religion (Routledge Hindu 2017) Brainerd Prince
[correspondences between Lurianic kabbalah, the Philosophie Cosmique of Max Theon and his wife, and Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.]
@rajendraraghave @MakrandParanspe @AnanyaBoston 
[Kabbalah, Philosophie Cosmique, and Integral Yoga - Peter Heehs]
@anilkohli54 @vivekagnihotri @Geminiseventh [The Bomb in Bengal: revolutionary terrorism in India between 1900-1910]
[Cousins’ New Ways in English Literature (1917) inspired Sri Aurobindo to write The Future Poetry from 1917-1920.]
['The Central Indian Highlands', on his march from Jabalpur to Pachmarhi in 1861-62, long lost times of tribal culture and rich wilderness.]
@GargaC @scroll_in In Odisha, we call it Huri or Hori which is also the term used in songs around Mathura/Brindavan.
The songs of Akshaya Mohanty is a universe in itself. How many Indians know even his name? The majesty of his voice: 

March 11, 2017 onwards:
BJP has successfully appropriated nationalist politics which other parties will have to redefine and reclaim, observes @_YogendraYadav on TV
@_YogendraYadav The simplest alternative is to follow Sri Aurobindo and oppose BJP armed with a liberal version of Nationalism and Modernity
@Retributions Nitish Kumar heading a national party with everyone else joining is the only viable alternative. @_YogendraYadav should push.
Two frail men with robust minds occupy opposite sides of Indian politics. @_YogendraYadav and @MakrandParanspe can bridge ideological chasm.
UP being released from caste-centric politics is certainly a happy situation. BJP diluting its Hindutva in future is also a welcome prospect
Admirable sober election coverage by @rajshri_rai at @apnnewsindia channel without much shouting and too many panelists crowding the studio.
So much idle speculations on TV but it's strange why simple facts are not highlighted. Vote shares give real picture
BJP moving to the Congress space will trigger hardliners rooting for a more Fundamentalist party and moderates rallying round genuine Dharma
Amar Singh is right. Ram Gopal Yadav is also responsible for breaking opposition unity by turning down overtures of Mamata and Nitish Kumar.
UP results would have been drastically different in the event of bipolar contests. BSP in a way has gifted victory to Modi; closet alliance.
Now that Modi is everything and his popularity is projected to be highest, his credibility is lowest as his functioning lacks transparency.
After this, no one will accuse AAP as the B-team of BJP which contests Elections only to benefit the A-team. Still, I'm not sure! @skjain_05
@skjain_05 Exactly, that's a question no one asks. But, AAP is steadily making headways in Odisha where it is likely to harm BJP up front.
People are euphoric about saffron sweeping UP but fail to notice how much Lohia has been injected into Modi following footsteps of Deendayal
Today, the founder of @Rswabhiman is not part of BJP but it would be appropriate not to forget its original propounder of social engineering
@DasBolshevik That's obvious. So, while every one is clamouring Mandal is dead, it's actually, Long live Mandal. And two cheers for VP Singh
After a gap of certain years people are given the opportunity to elect a new Govt. It doesn't mean legitimacy for each and every damn policy
Congress is fast turning into a Civil Society organisation sans any electoral stake. Such an apex body is also in the interests of Democracy
Defeats are beneficial for political parties; sympathy grows and funds flow. AAP and BSP are in conducive positions to milk their drubbing.
This constant whining against Upper Castes by the Dalits is irritating; that seems to be an end in itself instead of forging wise alliances.
@abhijitmajumder @sourabh1972 RSS has been spreading its organisational network since 1925. Better to give credit honestly where it is due.
PM and President of the ruling party hailing from same State is an affront to the Federal spirit of Indian Constitution. Remedy is urgent.
All established parties have been discredited and intellectuals have exposed their bankruptcy of ideas. Savitri Era Party is the alternative
@cosmicblinker @sankrant @j_murthy @TVMohandasPai Every fourth day should be a holiday (On fixed dates: 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, and 30/31)
UP verdict implies that a large number of new voters jumped to BJP camp but I don't think any one on Twitter switching sides to support Modi
@AniilkumarAnil Each one is entitled to his opinion in a Democracy and preserving respect for each other is a prerequisite for Civil Society
We are all beneficiaries of cumulative Developmental activities during Delhi Sultanate, Mughal empire, and British rule. So, why denigrate?
@SandeepLaw Just a general statement to remind people of positive aspects who keep on denouncing past atrocities, destruction of temples etc
@SandeepLaw The story of Development in India is long and complex. Land settlement, irrigation, cottage industries, trade and commerce, etc.
@SandeepLaw Surely, truth is simple but at times the mind becomes clouded. Please, reread both my tweets and you won't find anything amiss.
@SandeepLaw The thrust of my first tweet is on Development, the Economy and not much on Culture. "Civilisation," of course, conflates both.
@SandeepLaw Nothing to disagree with what you say. But economic development is a continuous process and every period of history contributed.
@JAYANTH40830762 @Mohansinha Justice K. S. Hegde also hailed from Karnataka. And, we remember him even today.
Nothing wrong in gloating over UP win but Hindu consolidation means another prospect of "Two Nation." Btw, SP fight with BSP benefited BJP.
Also applicable to Parties & leaders. [The Chandrasekhar Limit is 1.4 times the mass of the sun; a star that exceeds is destined to explode]
High principles of Democracy are trampled upon when Ministers become bonded labourers by swallowing own conscience and thinking independence
Dalit issue is all about lack of education and BJP forcing cultural purity and linguistic exclusivity will lead to Dalit status before long.
Many BJP supporters are well read and Tech/Management expert but never reveal their intellectual debt to the West which is selective amnesia
There is no better authority on Vedic wisdom than Sri Aurobindo but he was forthright in pointing out the best of West Indians must acquire.
China and Japan may be models of Development today but The Mother & Sri Aurobindo point out why India stands out among the comity of Nations
Mythology and Religious festivals foster repetition and spoil creativity. Lack of scientific temper in the country is a result of this malady
Spectacles and carnivals have their social and psychological utility but Vedic paradigm entails adventure of consciousness in deep recesses.
Election campaigns valorise Road shows & mobilising crowd like Religion. Sri Aurobindo stressed silent psychological elevation and Evolution
It's a travesty of Democracy that 220m people voted since February 11 but could not elect a Chief Minister till today, i.e., March 13, 2017.
Manoj Das and not @Swamy39 is more grounded in Sri Aurobindo's philosophy and global vision. He should be ideal candidate for next President
@Devarya As Sri Aurobindo believed that All life is Yoga one may treat politics and its revolutions very much as part of the evolving Spirit
@Devarya You are right. That is precisely the reason why spirituality needs to be imported into politics to transform it and turn it perfect
@Devarya In his August 14, 1947 broadcast, Sri Aurobindo sets out a gradual, five-stage process to that ideal destination. No royal highway!
@alok_bhatt @digvijaya_28 Autocorrect would have made it two words, I suppose.
@DasBolshevik What is the alternative that you propose, apart from theoretical ideal situations?
@DasBolshevik No take on defence and internal security. Mutual dignity has been introduced as a normative but I don't think it's sustainable
Reimagining and Refashioning Integral Management - Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) Ghaziabad

(Pics 2017: Guntur, Haldia, Balasore, and Yanam)

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Linguistic Nations will be more vibrant, cohesive, and competitive

Returned from a month-long multi-nation tour: Andhra, Odisha, West Bengal etc. Both Dakshin Express and Poorva Express were eight hours late
@cpings4 Not in terms of legalities but culturally and language wise, they are definitely separate nations like the European nations.
@cpings4 You are right. People of India should be given freedom to choose the boundaries of their own sovereign nations with local flavour.
@cpings4 Present reality may not last long and overpopulation will force India to break into 40 to 50 nations with 50m population as maximum
@Birajmohandas @AgentSaffron @cpings4 Each language is a nation and accepting this reality of India is the most demanding aspect at present.
@cpings4 Sri Aurobindo advocated a World Union of free nations. Thus, a Federation of 50 Indian Nations can be a stepping stone towards it.
@Shakra_Kulish @cpings4 @AgentSaffron Thanks for deciphering something unique about me which I feel is a quest for Harmony & @IntegralUnity
@cpings4 Sri Aurobindo acted as per demands of time. Population has grown fourfold since then and so India may break
@cpings4 Fine. I'm not claiming I'm right but am convinced that linguistic nationality is a huge undercurrent waiting to explode any moment.
@cpings4 You may be right but I don't agree with your perception that there is some intrinsic virtue in India being a single large nation.
@cpings4 Future Indian Federation of 50 nations will also preserve the Indian wisdom and express it exponentially in the international arena
@cpings4 Every society is upholding some form of human values and I don't think only Indians have monopoly over it. Global vision essential.
Indians will really be empowered and attain their full potential when the Central Govt is abolished and the States become Sovereign nations.
@k_bhairav Federal structure is a possible scenario. What happens thereafter is not easy to predict. Besides, Nature avoids mere repetition.
@cpings4 @k_bhairav Status quo imparts a feeling of safety but my sense is that smaller nations will be more vibrant, cohesive & competitive
@Shiv_sahyadri @RAJ_KUMAR_VERMA @cpings4 No confusion at all. I am campaigning for a EU like Federation for India.
From AIT to Bastar, there is a need for dispassionate discussion on all aspects of Indian nationhood and future possibilities, sans agenda.
@cpings4 Variation of "Go to Pakistan" !
Frantically looking for English alphabets was such a disappointment while touring Andhra except EXPRESS written on some buses. New Nation?
Roadside cluster of shops are common but their makeshift nature and lack of symmetry or any kind of beauty should trouble urban designers.
News value is reckoned on the basis of TRP these days and often manufactured accordingly but emotional connect with leaders stay undisturbed
@ravithinkz @kalisbrood Humanities need to be promoted and those pursuing despite meagre employment opportunities/uncertainty must be lauded
@mahesh10816 Why crib? You may ask BJP to change the Constitution.
@profabanerjee Well, that's history. Btw, I'm campaigning for Sovereignty status for the States; Federal structure under a EU like umbrella.
@profabanerjee My feeling is that the Central Govt. is a bottleneck and linguistic Nations will be more vibrant, cohesive, and competitive.
With 18℅ of World population, India needs to be divided at least into 18 new nations for administrative efficiency and last mile Democracy.
Caste and Religion are dominant factors in UP election. There is no escape from this situation in foreseeable future unless State is split.
[Comparing Federal Structures: India, US] @MillenniumPost Garga Chatterjee
Democracy negotiating diversity and navigating through difference is perhaps an exemplary situation but raises questions about suitability.
Struggle for power will never allow fair play in politics but Democracy has that aspirational element built into it and Judiciary keeps watch
Sensing public mood is the most important aspect of Democracy and Elections are one of the tools for that. Imposing one's will is fascist.
It's amazing, why BJP doesn't encourage the straight and decent path to counter Leftist agenda instead of employing hooliganism by students?
Leftist future vision is as distorted as their history narrative. But BJP myopia and Hindutva slant makes them look virtuous in comparison.
Select BJP supporters have started feeling uncomfortable on certain fronts. Not enough; Hindutva needs to be dropped lock, stock, and barrel.
To whomsoever it may concern: This is to certify that we have been advising BJP for better sense to prevail since 2011 sans any remuneration
Supporting Congress, BJP, AAP, or the Left parties is a straight and clear indication of working against the National interest. Bitter truth
There is a difference between Left parties and Leftist scholarship. Neglecting Critical Theory or postmodernism is intellectual harakiri.
Twitter has helped people from all professions to metamorphose into political commentators which is good for Democracy but humility lacking.
Compulsion of political parties for keeping Advocates, TV Anchors, Newspaper Editors, Professors, and Psephologists in their rolls is costly
Spinning narratives out of isolated events is common in history writing but a misleading feature. Filter needed for right vision of future.
Many on Twitter are in business and have the image of being honest. This is difficult to accept unless donation is not treated as corruption
Like AIT, it's difficult for me to assess criticism against Aadhaar or EVMs due to inadequate technical knowledge. Why others are confused?
Apex level political discourse on Twitter always finding an alibi for veering towards a female member proves Freud right day in and day out.
Thankfully, what goes on on Twitter has little relevance to real world. People are single-mindedly busy with their own affair and transport.
Savitri Era: Futility of various religions and rituals #SriAurobindo
Reading "Ama Odia Chalachitrara Itihasa: 1936 - 2016" by Parikshit Jena from Sabitri Gita Prakashani, Bhubaneswar; 372 pages. @OdiaCulture
My elder brother passed away yesterday. Death remains the most crucial question mark vis-à-vis human existence or all pursuit of excellence.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have been the most serious explorers to grapple with "conquering Death" but nothing tangible has surfaced so far.
All political discourse or Developmental activities pale in significance before the humongous issue of Death and Sri Aurobindo is insistent.
@Gayatri__J @SuryaNishtala All are under the spell of confusion in the absence of any firm future vision. Sri Aurobindo is a beacon of light
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo were never interested in reforming various religions; they simply had no confidence in them at all. Caveat emptor
@harigiri941 @PanchaVaktra It would be an error to restrict Sri Aurobindo to his Uttarpara utterance and equate Santana Dharma with Hinduism
If Religion A has survived without any reference to or assistance from Religion B, it proves futility and obsolescence of both the Religions
Worshipping false Gods fascinates people. So, rationality demands that superstitions imposed by tradition and culture are dispensed with.
Can you think of the sheer beauty of a full moon without the association of this festival or that relating to some Religion or its founder?
Go to any scenic place and it is so disappointing that all the prime locations are occupied by installations by some Religion or the other.
Those building career out of Mythology and Rituals are free to do so. Ordinary individuals bear the responsibility for insulating themselves
Protecting school-going children from the tyranny of Mythological Fiction and Religious Rituals is a paramount duty of parents and teachers.
Unlike political Parties in a Democracy, Religions don't enjoy the privilege of a superior validity if followed by a larger number of people
Fictions abound from Religious sources and every person has the right and responsibility to scrutinise them by applying ordinary prudence.
BJP is building its ecosystem steadily but it can never secure legitimacy for Hindutva. Modernity will triumph over Mythology, ultimately.
@profabanerjee Hindutva as an aggressive political ideology was not so prevalent during Sri Aurobindo's time. So my tasks are a bit sterner.
What one learns when young as enjoyable and beautiful due to family influence may not retain the same charm in the years next. No illiteracy
@PanchaVaktra @harigiri941 Perceptions evolve over time. Keeping Sri Aurobindo at a distance from immediate political situations might help.
Nothing more absurd than Modi supporters hallucinating of him as harbinger of harmony and glory in the county as per Sri Aurobindo's vision.
@harigiri941 @PanchaVaktra @OhWhyC @RAJ_KUMAR_VERMA It's 1907. Btw supporters' inflated expectations from Modi is at fault and being exposed
@OhWhyC @harigiri941 @PanchaVaktra @RAJ_KUMAR_VERMA Mandate for PM is a tightrope walking in which Modi has performed reasonably well so far
@PanchaVaktra @harigiri941 @OhWhyC @RAJ_KUMAR_VERMA Hawkish Hindu-centric demands are difficult to fulfill for any PM and Modi acts clever.
@OhWhyC @harigiri941 @PanchaVaktra @RAJ_KUMAR_VERMA On Education and History front, I agree. But books should be written by scholars, not PM
@PanchaVaktra @OhWhyC @harigiri941 @RAJ_KUMAR_VERMA The names you mention will disagree on many issues. There are deeper problems if opened.
@Retributions Novelty factor of 2014 can't be repeated by Modi but Dalit and Middle Class Congress votes migrating to BJP is a reality now.
@SandeepLaw @maidros78 @Indialover2013 @sarkar_swati Certain compulsions emerge when one is in power. Hope, you retain your liberal voice.
BJP, despite its Nationalist stance, is more attuned to Regional differences than Congress and won't ride roughshod over States' sentiments.
Odisha is least affected by Hindutva and Congress decline is the sole reason of BJP gaining. Pundits better refrain from complex analyses!
All ABVP bashing notwithstanding, as long as the Govt doesn't exhibit any sign of throttling protest avenues, it can't be accused as fascist
ABVP surgical strike at Ramjas has been able to strategically hijack the Seminar theme and widen it to interrogate diverse memes and norms.
@kazhugan Not to get carried away by negative outpourings and posit something for objective assessment of the situation was my suggestion.
RSS strives to surreptitiously usurp various functions demarcated for State and dictate things from behind without assuming responsibility.
Congress rule was like undergoing MBA course for the people. BJP and Regional parties are like facing ground realities when one lands a job.
Modi is going through electioneering rituals mechanically; he isn't interested in ruling the States. He loves CMs of other parties under him
@_SwarajIndia @_YogendraYadav That's not enough for a political party to be successful. An icon like Sri Aurobindo is needed @MakrandParanspe
@AgentSaffron @jaganniwas It's paradoxical that staunch Sita Ram Goel admirers fight among themselves and there is no consensus on issues.
Many BJP supporters expected career opportunities by spreading hate but now it seems they have come around to shedding hope, thanks to Modi.
Let there be no confusion that the Modi-Jaitley combine has provided the country a reasonably satisfactory Democratic atmosphere so far.
As hawks among the Hindutva camp are feeling restless and are mounting scorn on Modi, it seems necessary to judge Govt./Jaitley objectively.
Right voices should matter in a Democracy without being subservient to any Party or discredited leader. That is the sign of People's power.
Many Hindutva supporters recommend Sri Aurobindo without reading his books themselves. They refuse to amend their flawed impression of him.
Followers of Vivekananda mention Sri Aurobindo's name at times without realising that irreconcilable contradictions exist between the two.
Compared to UPA regime present Govt is far more Democratic, transparent, and participatory. Modi's foreign trips are not secret like Sonia's
Arun Jaitley deserves praise for navigating present Govt. to adhere to Constitutional values. The role of Ram Madhav, perhaps, is laudable.
Those mocking Rahul G. as campaigning for BJP should understand that Modi-Jaitley are zealously driving BJP towards the Congress destination.

(Pics: Chandipur, Narsapur, Haldia, Yanam)