Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Democracy has no archetype

Democracy has no archetype. It has evolved over a period of few centuries and hence is a work in progress. Besides, it is not something absolutely novel. Rather it contains strains of all preceding forms of governance. Thus, aberrations within it are more glaring when seen against the backdrop of the idealized version. Moreover, cultural and geographical diversity has its effect on the dynamics of democracy.

Introduced a century back in a rudimentary form under British midwifery, democracy in India is far from being mature today. Long years of dynastic rule by the Congress has enfeebled it considerably. The left wing and right wing offshoots of the Congress too have been wanting in imagination and fallen prey to short term expediency.  The political mosaic of India today, though varied, gives a picture of fragmentation, localization, & ghettoization.

An enduring national ideal has eluded us so far. The Neheruvian-Gandhian-Tagorite project, clearly, has come a cropper. The Savarkar-Golwalkar bandwagon, similarly, is forever in search of crutches. As for (whatever remains of) the Left, the less said the better. The Ambedkarite agenda too is a hostage of myopic and egocentric orbit. On the whole, this is a sorry state of affairs for the nation but offers a wealth of opportunity to the Savitri Erans. [TNM55] 

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