Monday, January 09, 2012

Savitri Era Party opposes dynasty

India as an economic might has a secured place now in the comity of nations. But, that might not be a sufficient reason for its inhabitants to be proud of or gloat over. The political reality prevailing in the country is immensely alarming and there is always the danger of the tenuous sinews of its democratic framework being snapped.

The foremost cause of such a dismal scenario is an anchorage to history. The lineage of almost all political parties operating in the country today can be traced to the colonial period when the priorities were understandably different as well as conflicting. The baggage of history and the memories of leaders long gone still drive the emotions of cadre and thus the future vision remains a subordinate concern. Worn out ideologies and discredited slogans still rule the roost even in many movements.

Dynastic leadership and hero worship is fast turning India into a nation governed by feudal lords and regional satraps. The democratic instinct is further getting blunted by the coercive ultra-left mafia rule. Savitri Era Party, against such apprensions, resolves to uplift genuine democratic spirit and discourage pernicious herd mentality. [TNM55]

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