Saturday, May 12, 2012

Tribalism of liberal scholars

  • @kunal_nd @pbmehta Auroville stops Ranade's lecture in his own country but Heehs an American writes from the safety of Sri Aurobindo Ashram.
  • @kunal_nd They are firm that there is nothing objectionable in the book and their duty is to defend Heehs from false accusations. Perception
  • @vinod_sharma Liberal scholars backed Peter Heehs with a vengeance ignoring scores of objections listed against his book on Sri Aurobindo.
  • @kunal_nd I tweeted yesterday.
  • @tavleen_singh @BDUTT When Sri Aurobindo's reputation was badly mauled by Peter Heehs, no one came to his defence but all agog for Ambedkar.
  • @kunal_nd Yesterday Ranade was not allowed to speak in Auroville. This blatant flouting of freedom of speech didn't interest the twitterati.
  • @kunal_nd I'm not talking about the general public but the elite of this country, the civil society, twitterati etc. Political bias at work.
  • @pbmehta Same tribalism when liberal scholars hailed Peter Heehs and his book on Sri Aurobindo to the skies. The content was never examined.
  • @kunal_nd That we have been demanding for the last three years but in vain. The larger question is why no one is defending Sri Aurobindo.
  • Uproar in Parliament against Ambedkar's cartoon, but not a whimper of protest against Peter Heehs' delinquency in denigrating Sri Aurobindo.
  • @prasannavishy SEP seeks to revive the Nationalist fervour of 1907 from which both the Left and Hindutva streams ensued in diminished form
  • Upcoming political alliances won't survive sans ideological glue. BJP-JD(U) axis tottering is a threat to NDA as Nitin-Nitish war escalates.
  • @vinod_sharma Paid news is not all that bad provided there is competition. Cartelisation like ad-breaks in TV at the same time is dangerous. 
  • @prasannavishy Savitri Era Party drawing inspiration from Vishwaguru Sri Aurobindo's FIVE DREAMS Manifesto is poised to occupy this vacuum.
  • @amargov @anshumansunny
  • @gopimaliwal @amargov @prasannavishy Ranade being prevented from speaking in Auroville on Sri Aurobindo is an affront.
  • @pawandurani Auroville cancels Sraddhalu Ranade’s talk on Peter Heehs’s obnoxious book on Sri Aurobindo on May 11, 2012
  • @amargov Auroville bans Ranade addressing a meeting to expose Peter Heehs' offensive book on Sri Aurobindo . Freedom of speech under threat.
  • 10 May [Jiten Gajaria @jitengajaria All one is seeing is pro-Modi and anti-Modi diatribe. If this is not evident of shallowness of political discussion here, nothing is.] Retweeted by Savitri Era Party
  • 10 May [S Irfan Habib @irfhabib It was today in 1857 that the rebel soldiers from Meerut marched towards Delhi n raised the banner of revolt against the East India Company] Retweeted by Savitri Era Party
  • 10 May Patriotism, Nationalism, Democracy etc. all operate on irrational footing. The challenge is to elevate the urge to our rational discernment.
  • 10 May In the absence of any supernatural powers of perception, the best course to judge the world & events is through The Mother & Sri Aurobindo.
  • 10 May New to Twitter & learning the ropes. But the kind of polarisation, prejudice, and hatred one finds here is suffocating. Honourable men all!

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