Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Yogendra Yadav, Arun Shourie, Arvind Kejriwal, & L.K. Advani

Tweets 3h - Savitri Era Party @SavitriEraParty - @swaraj_india If you are conducting a headcount, I tweet, therefore I am.  View conversation
3h - @vsengupta You paint a pessimistic picture. Instead of waiting, is it not worthwhile to support an ideology, a voice like Sri Aurobindo's?  View conversation
3h - @PondyTweets Your assertion, "a book should always be seen as a whole" has a quixotic ring to it that defies one hundred years of semiotic.  View conversation - 4h - @PondyTweets Not the book nor Sri Aurobindo, what is being debated is the author's intention & action judged severally; his suitability.  View conversation 
11h - @bchowla @dhanu_lagna @vinod_sharma Advani has realized the folly of the Hindu slogan and is out to revert to the Janata Party rationale.  View conversation19h - @Primal_Whites George Fernandes, who first befriended BJP, is the Trojan Horse and has a hidden agenda. (June 18, 2009) … -  View conversation [21h - ashutosh @Primal_Whites Was it LKA who roped in George Fernandez in NDA ?] Retweeted by Savitri Era Party - 23h - @krishnarjun108 2004 was defeat of Vajpayee and 2009 should be taken as a trial case for Advani. He deserves another chance to tweak policy.  View conversation - 23h - @krishnarjun108 That's because rise of regional parties as BJP couldn't offer a credible option. The party failed, not Advani.  View conversation - 23h - @krishnarjun108 I'm aware of your preference and disagree with it for various reasons. Happy to see that many in BJP too feel the same way.  View conversation - 23h - @krishnarjun108 BJP is far away from the critical mass for coming to power on its own. That should be a sobering message.  View conversation - 23h - @krishnarjun108 The truth is that NDA was never elected to power and formed Govt. by mercy of CB Naidu. So blaming Advani pointless.  View conversation - 7 Aug - @krishnarjun108 See how Anna could muster popular support; Advani can ride similar staus as he has pan-Indian recognition. Game of numbers.  View conversation - 7 Aug - @krishnarjun108 Right. And the NDA rule has not much to cheer about either. So, the challenge is tough and Advani has the stature to tackle.  View conversation - 7 Aug - @krishnarjun108 Right now BJP's strength is the states it's ruling, but the emphasis is on development and sadbhavna. Ideological deficit.  View conversation - 7 Aug - @krishnarjun108 No one person can direct the arrow of time. Votes are pure arithmetic & should be reckoned accordingly sans wishful thinking.  View conversation - 7 Aug - @krishnarjun108 That was under Vajpayee (Kulkarni Doctrine). That needs to be resurrected else BJP is untouchable than ever before.  View conversation - 7 Aug - @_Innovision Nitish will be more prone to pressure as his number of MPs is less, while a BJP man can turn Vajpayee.  View conversation - 7 Aug - @krishnarjun108 By expanding NDA to include third front candidates, obviously, with give and take but more of give on policy.  View conversation - 7 Aug - @krishnarjun108 He is striving hard to reverse the mistake of splitting Janata Party and forming BJP. It will be historic if he succeeds.  View conversation - 7 Aug - @_Innovision Gadkari is RSS appointee and he is yet to show any initiative in electing/selecting the NDA nominee. Ambivalence is deliberate.  View conversation - 7 Aug - @_Innovision RSS shuns sunlight like a cockroach and would prefer to further its agenda under Nitish by blackmailing him than anyone from BJP.  View conversation - 7 Aug - @amishra77 That was amply clear in Oct '11 when Jan Chetna Yatra took off.  View conversation - 7 Aug - @Rightwingdian Why should he? His very intention was to be interpreted the way the media has done. Serves his purpose of upstaging hopefuls.  View conversation - 6 Aug Kejriwal's Anna show was scripted to culminate in Advani's Oct '11 Jan Chetna Yatra catapulting him as PM candidate. It flopped; he blogs.
7 Aug - @RakeshSinha01 Let's hope that the mass upsurge will finally reinstate a party system.  View conversation - 7 Aug - Savitri Era Party @SavitriEraParty - @acorn Savitri Era Party espouses market and promises abolishing IT.  View conversation - 5h - Savitri Era Party @SavitriEraParty PM from Rajya Sabha is the greatest fraud perpetrated on our Constitution. Let there be a vigorous campaign for#PMfromLokSabha. Pl Retweet
7 Aug - @SandeepWeb Mukul Kesavan chastises Arun Shourie who "translates his crusading zeal into fiercely sectarian politics." … -  View conversation - 7 Aug - @einvijay Shourie need not confuse others on a subject he is poor. Sri Aurobindo is a much better guide here.  View conversation
7 Aug Yogendra Yadav's confessions also rips apart the mask of atheism or secularism. Moral force can carry you so far. Yoga is far more secure. 7 Aug Yogendra Yadav's disillusionment denotes the human limit. The next step is All Life is Yoga: marshalling one's aspirations for the sublime. 7 Aug What Yogendra Yadav laments for is precisely the reason why Sri Aurobindo declined to leave Puducherry and concentrate on permanent remedy. 7 Aug Yoking our efforts to evolutionary puissance of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is the only recourse for escaping existing paradigm of politics. 7 Aug YOGENDRA YADAV has followed the easier route of invoking the past. At the present moment Savitri Era offers the most appropriate solution. 7 Aug Combating the "built-in drag away from goodness" is the Vedic imperative, precisely for which Savitri Era roots for FIVE DREAMS Manifesto. …

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