Saturday, August 17, 2013

Integral Evolution to Unity and Harmony

Tweeted @amishra77: "so if someone contributes at merely intellectual narrative building at broad level, they are mocked at as unimportant. That is why, in long run, larger parivar has not yet sufficiently built a counter intellectual narrative."
Such confessions come rarely and are cunningly ignored by others also nor any sense of deficiency ever voiced by any core member. 
Sri Aurobindo in his letter dated August 30, 1920 to Dr. Moonje laid down that "I am no longer first and foremost a politician, but have definitely commenced another kind of work with a spiritual basis, a work of spiritual, social, cultural and economic reconstruction of an almost revolutionary kind, and am even making or at least supervising a sort of practical or laboratory experiment ... as I have taken it up as my mission for the rest of my life." Had Dr. Moonje had the foresight to follow Sri Aurobindo and his writings in the journal, "Arya," the country would have been spared of the intellectual impoverishment forced by the RSS that even a loyal hand like Mishra complains of at this day.
The message of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is loud and clear. That it has grown steadfastly over a period of a Century is all the more reassuring. The so called right wing in India is obscurantist and regressive to the core and will be pulverised under the pressure of Integral Evolution. Unity and Harmony will lead the march to the future and not sectarianism and bigotry. [TNM55]

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