Monday, September 16, 2013

India needs freedom from RSS

@SavitriEraParty: 2014 can be best understood by reverting to 1914 otherwise there's much likelihood of being afflicted with prejudices perpetrated by pigmies.
@SavitriEraParty: @onlyskr Factually incorrect, but it's important to study the history from 1893 to 1913 to understand the issues likely to dominate in 2014.
@SavitriEraParty: Anti-Congressism or genuine Nationalism has no such compulsion to align with narrow religious revivalism. Sri Aurobindo is the right option.
@SavitriEraParty: Since people in general are unaware of Sri Aurobindo's philosophy and his vision of the future then it's futile to expect ethical behaviour.
@SavitriEraParty: @sachi_bbsr One may not be very accurate in diagnosing one's beliefs but confronting right arguments as Sri Aurobindo's might ensure that.
@SavitriEraParty: Quixotic acrobatics may seem an easy tool for success in electoral politics but having an enduring ideology like Sri Aurobindo's is a must.
@SavitriEraParty: Individual may falter, Institution might flounder, but an Ideology like Sri Aurobindo's holds the promise of guiding light midst dark hours.
@SavitriEraParty: Sri Aurobindo has harped on Evolution leading to the World Union. Now, how India prepares to arrive at that destination is the most crucial.
@SavitriEraParty: The normal attitude may be to consign Sri Aurobindo to history but unlike his contemporaries his philosophy is Evolutionary work in progress.
@SavitriEraParty: Lal-Bal-Pal are conveniently clubbed together but understanding their respective distinctions juxtaposed to Sri Aurobindo is very necessary.
@SavitriEraParty: Just like Lal-Bal-Pal, it's also absolutely necessary to understand how Sri Aurobindo is different from Tagore, Vivekananda, and Dayananda.
@SavitriEraParty: @ProfVarshney History & mythology are replete with instances that any "reet" shouldn't be taken for granted. 2014 has greater significances!
@SavitriEraParty: RS aspirants are so many now that there might be a clamor for increasing its membership to Lok Sabha level. Quota for Twitter not ruled out!
@SavitriEraParty: Now the ideological space is so clearly demarcated that Advani just needs to announce New Party. That'd be the best homage he can pay to JP.
@SavitriEraParty: India is a huge democracy but the hands of half of our journalists are so tight that even Lord Ram cannot help them to write what they want!
@SavitriEraParty: Not that there's none in the RW who might be raring to write a sympathetic piece for Advani but the rules of the game are so tight now alas!
@SavitriEraParty: Advani never graduated as a great theoretician or an astute ideologue but his sulk at once has pitchforked him to the status of a statesman.
@SavitriEraParty: Victim of the RSS skullduggery in the Jinnah episode, Advani needs no other assistance to understand the brand he served all his adult life.
@SavitriEraParty: Not everyone gets a chance to atone for past mistakes. Advani's role in breaking of Janata Party & National Front Govt. has now been erased.
@SavitriEraParty: The autonomy Advani carved out for himself within the RSS ecosystem is a rare phenomenon. His stature has grown thousandfold within two days.
@SavitriEraParty: It'd be naive to believe that @SudheenKulkarni is a lone voice in defending Advani. LKA has far more supporters in the country than in 1992.
@SavitriEraParty: It was just logic and hope but still hard to believe that Advani would travel to this extent. Now, LKA's stock soars beyond JP's or VP's.
@SavitriEraParty: Poverty, development, or corruption are pet political slogans but Polity needs high culture, ethics, and ideology where Sri Aurobindo helps.
@SavitriEraParty: India has at least a dozen PM candidates at the moment but none seems to be minimally abreast of the lofty benchmarks Sri Aurobindo has set.
@SavitriEraParty: @Sheks65 That you can perhaps realise yourself when you have the chance of going through the major works of Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.
@SavitriEraParty: @Sheks65 Great then, but I have to follow Party-line in any case! Nitish-Advani-Kulkarni are our present hope to keep Congress, RSS at bay.
@SavitriEraParty: @MRVChennai Majority is simply an utility not a virtue. Sri Aurobindo has not been able to win any sizeable following even after 100 years!
@SavitriEraParty: @Sheks65 The Mother's rule started in pre-Independence days and meant for Ashramites may not be relevant for me. Moving with time is needed!
@SavitriEraParty: @Sheks65 I respect your perception and most devotees hold that view but my Internet-enabled role since 2005 has been different & pioneering.
@SavitriEraParty: @Sheks65 Course of events has been such that it has been tempting for me to believe all this as sanctioned by The Mother in physical absence.
@SavitriEraParty: @Sheks65 I don't think there is any legal or moral barrier for that. Sri Aurobindo is an acknowledged authority in political theory & praxis.
@SavitriEraParty: @Sheks65 Very right but I also have every right to use his name & teachings as I like. That doesn't prevent anyone from using Sri Aurobindo.
@SavitriEraParty: @Sheks65 You have not assigned any reason why. Popularising Sri Aurobindo's vision of The Life Divine is certainly no crime. So, I disagree.
@SavitriEraParty: @Sheks65 See, I keep Sri Aurobindo's #FiveDreams as the final goal and then decide who among our present political players helps the most.
@SavitriEraParty: @Sheks65 Yeah, there is no escape from our human condition and finitude but ordinary prudence and common sense are great assets for survival.

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