Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sri Aurobindo is the radical cure

Let this Election be a continuation of the JP movement of 1974 & its unfinished tasks & India sees fruition of #FiveDreams of Sri Aurobindo.
There shouldn't be any confusion that we are aiming at a #ThirdFront Govt. headed by Nitish Kumar by wiping out AAP, BJP, Congress & allies.
@Rjrasva The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have accomplished precisely such a prospect integrating almost all religions of the world. #FiveDreams
Twitter is witness how intellectuals succumb to peddling falsehood in the name of political choice. Sri Aurobindo's spirituality is remedy.
An advantage of Twitter is that one comes in contact with diverse perspectives. But, some are insistent that the RSS line is the only truth.
@AniilkumarAnil Leadership, whether in knowledge or in battlefield, is a fact of life. The field is wide open for competition; no compulsion.
@vs70 Somehow, I have clarity and conviction unlike many worthies who are vacillating and switching sides in the last minute.
@AniilkumarAnil The actual is not always the desirable since spiral mode of Evolution heightens the tension before imparting the correction.
@RajivMessage Best course for Modi now is to escape from the RSS fetters and become the Congress President by capturing the party!
@vs70 Sonia will surely have a hand in the formation of the next Govt. either from outside or inside but with much lesser clout. #ThirdFront
@vs70 Sonia is part of Indian history which we don't have the luxury to disown. Personal opinions will differ and we can wait till May 16.
@vs70 Difficult to say that as The Mother was French. Besides, Sri Aurobindo believed in Evolution & not any stagnant notion of nationality.
@vs70 Why? Sri Aurobindo is so multidimensional that understanding him takes decades and even then difficult to push him in straightjackets.
Although derided too often, Caste is now a proven glue in politics all over India & is posing a formidable challenge to fascist aspirations.
Begging for votes is perhaps the most vulnerable condition for a human being when he is forced to enact all kinds of feigning and deception.
Essence of India is not erecting skyscrapers but the skyward adventure of consciousness that TheMother & Sri Aurobindo attempted so daringly.
Many forget the fact that India is merely a portion of Global progress and is constrained by its collective capability including philosophy.
No amount of Development discourse can camouflage the Marxist-Gandhian-Nehruvian vs Hindutva formulation. Sri Aurobindo is the radical cure.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are the only solution to the Secularism-Communalism conundrum and Left-Right rivalry. Time to look at Puducherry.
Many feel contented by paying a visit to Sri Aurobindo Ashram but to be acquainted with his worldview is a lifelong project of contemplation.
Congress, Communists, & BJP have conspired to prevent dissemination of Sri Aurobindo's vision as a result of which Modi-brand fascism gains.
The terrorist tag on Sri Aurobindo so assiduously floated by Gandhians and devotees-of-Stalin-cum-peace-activists is a fraud on the nation.
The Nehruvian-Communist nexus disregarded Sri Aurobindo in the guise of fighting against the RSS which has cost the nation considerably.
Academicians must do some sincere soul-searching how the dishonest and deceptive Nehruvian recipe has landed India on the verge of Fascism!
RSS-BJP-Modi bandwagon represents pre-modern, obscurantist phenomenon. Sri Aurobindo weltanschauung is the future & not Nehruvian confusion.
Beware of civilizational hijacking under the fig leaf of economy and development! The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have set the Evolutionary path.
Failure of the Nehruvian view of religion is responsible for the rise of Modi-brand fascism but Sri Aurobindo offers the long-term solution.
Reading the works of Sri Aurobindo & imbibing his cosmic perspective can heal many young Indians of the hugely pernicious Modi intoxication.
Neither Modi nor Kejriwal have any sense of Ontology. Sri Aurobindo resurrected the Vedic truth to present a universal & integral philosophy.
Autobiographical Notes and Other Writings of Historical Interest by Sri Aurobindo. #FiveDreams
The philosophy of Sri Aurobindo differs from the RSS, Nehruvian, and Leftist ideology. So, no compromise on the political front in 2014.
What Sri Aurobindo delineated in the pages of The Life Divine in 1914 has come to manifest so glaringly as a frontal political clash in 2014.
Acute anti-Congressism has driven many followers of Sri Aurobindo to Modi's lap. Classic case of jumping from the frying pan into the fire!
Attributing a disproportionately large number of virtues to a modestly educated politician like Modi is bound to turn counterproductive.
Mohan Bhagwat said that the age group of 55 to 60 is ideal for leaders of the Sangh Parivar but no one imagined he will settle for 56 inch!
Why NDTV was so niggardly as to slice away 3 inches from BJP's projected UP tally will remain ever a mystery. Democracy is so entertaining!
Neither the Mughols nor the English were able to sway the Indians according to their sweet will. 56 and 49 will also fail miserably in 2014.
@AshokPradhanBJP Your bold stand against fascist forces will certainly inspire the perceptive population of NCR and beyond. Congrats.
@shantprakash Appropriate moment for all right thinking people in the BJP to raise their voice against personality cult and fascist policy.
High time for all non-BJP parties to coordinate and ensure tactical voting to consign Modi and his fascist design to the dustbin of history.
Is the emergence of Modi in consonance with the RSS worldview of endorsing monarchy? There are parallels.
All those who have put all their eggs in Modi's basket will have egg on their face and frantically search for the existence of their brains.
Modi will become untouchable on May16, 2014 and will go down in the history as a toy addressing a series of rallies from Lal Quila cut-outs.
@firaism Because Modi is a prisoner of his propaganda machine modelled on the Obama campaign & everyone parrots catch phrases, pre-scripted.
As BJP doesn't hope to cross 272, it's future allies will make the first condition that keep Modi out. Thus BJP is sure to earn a hat trick.

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  1. Modi's brand of Hindutva is not identical with the RSS brand. It is also certainly not obscurantist and traditionalist. Note the ruckus around his "pehle shauchalay phir devalay" slogan. Modi takes his cue from reformers like Vivekananda, and radicals like Savarkar. His stand is often at odds with traditionalists and obscurantists, and he built his own networks within Gujarat, separate from the Sangh Parivar. Therefore, at this point in the evolution of a new India, Modi is the leading edge. Dharmic forces must align. It is ridiculous to project Nitish Kumar or a Bangladeshi pandering Mamata's "3rd front" as an alternative.