Monday, December 29, 2014

Sri Aurobindo acquaints with Evolutionary questions

Sri Aurobindo, and not Aamir Khan, can teach you what's wrong with religion & how to imbibe correctives to set right Evolutionary alignment.
It's a challenge, every morning, to shift genuine news from planted news, manufactured news, engineered news, & sponsored reports of events.
Return of BJP-RSS to power has kindled a fresh lease of talk on monolithism about India but history has never favoured such a dispensation.
Sri Aurobindo, surely, theorises about larger human aggregates but hastens to insist on federalism with the formula, "unity not uniformity."
Any number of Virat Nationalists on Twitter but most don't care to be aware of Sri Aurobindo's sociopolitical thought nor Secret of the Veda.
@Openthemag Any encomium on Vajpayee must not overlook how @SudheenKulkarni doctrine helped shape his perceived statesmanship & inclusivism.
Rajya Sabha should be constituted by proportional representation on the basis of Assembly elections and restricted to women and minorities.
@OsamaManzar Managing Trustee should be elected by inmates for a fixed tenure instead of present continuing for life.
@ChandrusWeb Multiple issues are involved and a plethora of material has appeared on the web since 2008. Needs careful examination & verdict.
@ChandrusWeb The Ashram may be a highly inspiring place but the present management has many vices which mustn't be pushed under the carpet.
@ChandrusWeb Managing Trustee should be elected by inmates for a fixed tenure unlike the present continuing for life.
Each citizen should be free to change his religion through a simple legal formality. Mass ceremonies and sponsored spectacles may be banned.
If one must embrace some utopian vision then The Life Divine by Sri Aurobindo is a much preferable model than what Hindutva or Marxism offer.
A lot of Modi supporters have turned silent or evasive on Twitter as promises never seem to be fulfilled and high expectations stand belied!
All those who pushed the Modi mass hysteria have irreparably damaged the fledgling Democracy of our country by espousing fascist hype modes.
Absence of level playing field during election canvassing jeopardises democratic process and BJP's conduct has set so many bad precedents.
It's no secret now that BJP has thrown out internal democracy but its attempt to strangulate Democratic polity of the country is unfortunate.
Most issues hugging the limelight at present relate to religion while crucial Election reforms that can safeguard Democracy stand neglected.
Can India rely upon people with fascist mentality to strengthen Democracy? Surely not, and hence it's really urgent to mobilise resistance.
Team Anna and its later avatar AAP badly mauled the rules of game of electoral politics. Their campaigning method in Delhi was hugely flawed.
Both AAP and BJP lack transparency and share fascist instincts. So Democracy is not safe in their hands. Adopting Election ethics is a must.
Mythology is bound to lose adherents over the years. Unless people follow Sri Aurobindo & adopt critical reason consequences will be dismal.
Colleges and Universities never teach to succumb to Mythology or Astrology. Educated Indians must protect their children from its influence.
As a follower and student of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo, one is bound to experience a steady intellectual growth. The path it takes varies.
Religious conversion is politics & doesn't relate to religion proper. Understanding Sri Aurobindo's Integral Yoga leads to inner perfection.
Nehruvian & Marxist models have failed miserably and Hindutva is no different. Sri Aurobindo's #FiveDreams Manifesto is the most appropriate.
Bhagwat is aiming at something which RSS never attempted in its history. Such daydreaming and megalomania is sure to have a Quixotic climax.
Hindutva enthusiasts suffer from victim hood and rant against other religions. Sri Aurobindo delves into basic questions of human existence.
Even if Indian population turns 100% Hindu - as RSS aspires - aim and meaning of life will torment man for which Sri Aurobindo is the answer.
Mythology corrupts and atrophies thinking. Grounding in Sri Aurobindo's thought allows to overgrow the puerile fascination for fantasy tales.
Carbon footprint or Energy security etc are not the only threat staring at human future. Sri Aurobindo acquaints with Evolutionary questions.
Democracy enables periodical change of rulers and Sri Aurobindo Ashram badly needs a new Head elected by winning hearts of majority inmates.
The country heaves a sigh of relief today with forceful launching of a strong opposition party in the shape of Janata Parivar. Best wishes!
Good that BJP is proceeding in the right path, towards chaos, confusion, and likely disintegration. Mythology & medievalism won't last long.
Some had alerted that Modi victory is not a ratification for RSS but it was overlooked it seems. Communists too had erred on power of Castes.
Kejriwal & Modi have already extracted their first mover's advantage. Nitish Kumar is marking time but knows the power of Castes & Ideology.
Stock excuse for BJP fans for why A is at fault is that why not look at B of C party who is equally guilty. Strange way of justifying wrong!
One felt that Modi indeed has undergone a genuine change of heart & is out to atone for his past sins by concentrating on Development. Alas!
Economists are shying away from labelling the record of Modi Govt's 7-months either as leftist or rightist. Spectre of Hindu rate of Growth!
Ensuring proportionate representation for Muslims in Parliament & Legislatures in line with SCs is essential if India indeed values justice.
The ruling party not having adequate presence of Muslims in Parliament is a travesty of Indian Constitution and an insult to its populace.
Rajya Sabha should be constituted by Muslims, women & other marginalised sections through proportional representation via Assembly elections.
Congress poor poll performance is no endorsement of Hindutva and all young Indians must understand the Evolutionary appeal of Sri Aurobindo.
Mythology and heritage may motivate to a limit. Challenges of future, as Sri Aurobindo pointed out, are deeply psychological and must be met.
Waiting for Godot ended and Hindutva had its peak in May 2014. Now, Godse mythology and such other craziness will drive it to dissolution.
Wild fascination for Kejriwal or Modi proves how the young yearn for better future and Sri Aurobindo shows the way it should be channelised.
We do empathise with enthusiasts who confess that espousing Hindutva characterises them as regressive or communal, but then that's the truth.
Young and educated taking interest in politics means good but politician worshipping implies perversion. Studying Sri Aurobindo imparts why.
Neither @NitiCentral nor @Team_CRI or @SwarajyaMag have been able to mobilise a really coherent and convincing Hindutva narrative so far.
The essence of being Indian and its implications have been delineated by Sri Aurobindo with unmatched insight which the youth must be aware.
BJP winning polls no longer makes interesting news. How far Hindutva expands its area of influence among the intelligentsia is the real test.
Converting some folks to Hinduism is mere statistics. How BJP approaches issues like Ram Sethu or GM Crop will tell its stamina for marathon.
Never forget about the Index of Opposition Unity that is crucial in determining election results. Analysts should be honest about its role.
Lambast the Left, if you must, but belittling the human welfare issues they foreground amounts to throwing the baby out with the bath water.
Hindutva enthusiasts focus on History and keep away from Philosophy whereas Left ideologues sharpen their brains by wrestling with Theory.
The Left welcomes discourse, invites debate but Hindutva is intolerant of views, movies, and human freedom and favours fascist restrictions.
Each field of study spawns its own habitus but the cocktail of history, religion and politics can be heady as Hindutva ecosystem has proved.
@Satyapriyan No religion exists by itself; it's only practitioners what one observes. People's behaviour anyway changes; so does observer's.
@DilliDurAst Are you serious? Before taking such a step, please check Savitri Era Religion. Sound prospects!
Interestingly, #Gharwapsi for those born as Muslim or Christian etc would mean returning to their Mother's womb! How impractical and absurd!
[all religions should have privilege of free exercise and be evenhandedly treated, political ideals are placed first]
[A tale of two Right wings - Hindustan Times]
[A full night's rest isn't what you've been led to believe] -

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