Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sri Aurobindo warns against literal reading

Sri Aurobindo warns against literal reading of old texts. His extensive translations and commentaries on Veda & Upanishads are an eye opener.
Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo enables you to take control of the Present instead of worrying too much about History, Mythology and Rituals.
Right should uphold individual freedom but in India they tend to kowtow before Mythology while Left fights for liberty instead of supressing.
Scholars on either side of ideological isle find Sri Aurobindo problematic and avoid him as he is found subversive to their neat narratives.
Constitution of India offers everyone utter freedom but some fear it so much that they prefer to take refuge under the yoke of Mythology.
There is no greater delusion than professing a Hinduism based on Mythology, Astrology, & Rituals is better & hence others should embrace it.
Fortunately, The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have left behind enough intellectual resource & cultural capital to take recourse to escape Hindutva.
@AgentSaffron @HindolSengupta No nation or religion should be a permanent address and man must reclaim his right to choose his destination.
Why the most dominant religion of India should depend upon State support to spread itself is really astonishing. Mythology fails to deliver?
Mythology and Temples perpetuate the Caste system and Indians must mull over how this social monster can be annihilated and justice awarded.
Sad that those under spell of mythology want their kids to be injected with it right from infancy. Indian Culture !!! http://t.co/IYPlRaesvC
While Common Sense provides protection against Mythology, it isn't a sound base for Democracy or Civilisation. Sri Aurobindo, a great help.
Independence came on the day Sri Aurobindo was born (August 15) and he passed away the same year the Constitution of India came into force.
"Swami Dayananda denounced idolatry and ritualistic worship prevalent in Hinduism" and Jyotirao Phule "opposed idolatry and caste system."
@gsurya @rationalketan @sumanlayak @MDPai05 Not Economics, the Nehruvian view of religion, by ignoring Sri Aurobindo, has sapped the nation.
"Man is a transitional being, he is not final" said Sri Aurobindo. Thus Science, Economics, and Politics are in flux. http://t.co/SeVg1cgGV7
Sri Aurobindo's thought helps to overgrow Nehruvian juvenility & Hindutva obscurity by imparting a robust Ontology based on Vedic Evolution.
Man's relation to religion, as pointed out by Sri Aurobindo, is a permanent one. So both Hindutva and Nehruvian lines are avoidable extremes.
Despite good intentions, love for four languages is bound to be bogged down. English for reading, Hindi for Music and Odia for talking fine.
@Nimai_Swain Identity is not something fixed, it evolves; it's also traded for advantage in life. So, better to sail with time & technology.
@Nimai_Swain Consequence of unkind course of history & geography plus Market dynamics; emotion not enough to resist favourites of Evolution!
Reading Sri Aurobindo tells alternative motivations of "Male Idiot Theory: That men often do stupid and risky things" http://t.co/5np9t4Nc5r
Evolution is about the future and not lamenting over the past. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo award excellent opportunity to pursue Perfection.
Sri Aurobindo was busy writing The Life Divine while "Austria-Hungary competed with Serbia and Russia for territory" triggering World War I.
@GreatHeretic See, from one religion's viewpoint you may be right but one can be magnanimous unilaterally sans any spite towards rival faiths.
@GreatHeretic Those who are chasing political careers through religious mobilisation would act like that but for you and me, we needn't copy.
@GreatHeretic Doesn't help; history of Europe is different. Indian situation is complex and it's upon us to make our Constitution a success.
@GreatHeretic Their Management is facilitated by the Govt. but I don't think any siphoning of funds takes place. If yes it should be stopped.
@GreatHeretic Parliament should discuss this on a priority basis as there would be many angles to the problem. But no one demanding it seems
Indian territory has always been tempting and will continue to be so. War is a perpetual phenomenon, yet love for man must not extinguish.
AIT is defended by @blog_supplement and must be respected, so also Aravindan Neelakandan's @SwarajyaMag articles. 
Brief guide to access Sri Aurobindo's thought structure and its relevance for future Evolution and human emancipation http://t.co/CWieQX8qwb
Nitish Kumar and the proposed SJD, despite all misgivings of the past, are a ray of hope amidst the gloom pervading Indian Democracy today.
While consolidation of all anti-Hindutva forces is welcome, Congress and Left are sure to face isolation/decimation. Tragic but inevitable!
@Lutyenspundit Who is the President of AAP? Do they have any list of Office Bearers, btw? Their Website doesn't show any; seems strange!
Internet Hindus feel ashamed and embarrassed that they have to repeat their pet demands on Twitter though having a majority Govt. in Delhi.
Ashok Malik is advising silence. The other name for censorship or dumbing down; a time-tested fascist tactic to mute dissent or criticism.
@waglenikhil Behind the hullabaloo, awarding some contract or big purchase takes place which generally goes unnoticed. Money surely matters!
2014 is a landmark year in Indian politics that exposed both Modi and Kejriwal's subversive ways to capture power and dumbing down methods.
The year 2014 can be fairly represented by a movie with the proposed title, "Modi, Mehdi, Modiano."

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