Thursday, January 08, 2015

Auroville example is a clear violation of The Mother's words

@wwosaa Thanks for responding; I have simply reiterated my oft-repeated demand that Ashram head should be elected/selected for fixed tenure.
@wwosaa That's quite admirable and I too hope & wish all success for the Ashram without stirring any further Human Rights concerns in media.
@wwosaa As Sri Aurobindo's entire body of writings are not published yet and I have no access to the Archives, I perforce pick and choose.
@wwosaa The liberty of writing Sri Aurobindo's biography can as well be extended to politics etc though I don't consider it a sound argument.
@wwosaa I'm not inflicting but, I guess, I do enjoy the independence of commenting on Sri Aurobindo Ashram, without starting any new Ashram.
@wwosaa I'd prefer to restrict myself to what I think today instead of indulging in conjectures on hypothetical assumptions about tomorrow.
@wwosaa Auroville example is a clear violation of The Mother's words and the same might follow for the Ashram irrespective of my devotion.
Autonomy and non-interference policy is good but Sri Aurobindo Ashram is a test-case how authoritarianism develops without sound elections.
Since scope for individual initiative is limited, drawing a fine balance between State jurisdiction and Social/Corporate intervention is key.
Spewing venom against erstwhile Muslim or Christians rulers of India today is pure anachronism but serves as a convenient defence mechanism.
Employing History to spread hatred among the present generation is no doubt despicable but some have been specifically recruited for it.
About a dozen SouthIndian Brahmins who have mortgaged their high intellectuality to Hindutva are doing the greatest disservice to the Nation.
High time to disabuse yourself of the aggressive doctrine that the words Secular or Liberal are pejoratives; it would help sensible debate.
It's for the youth of India to discard present political parties and organise themselves under the inspiration of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo.
Focus of current discourse proves that dominant players are not interested in ushering in alternate political culture or required reforms.
The only possibility for India to attain greatness is through understanding Sri Aurobindo's Philosophy and Prophesy and following his path.
Sri Aurobindo imparts a body blow on the resectability built around Six Darshanas and goes on to develop Integral method of Self-Perfection.
Sri Aurobindo's Philosophy of Evolution of Consciousness takes the stress out of a materialist and mechanist view of Life and the Universe.
Better to be wary of scientific evidences pertaining to ancient India & rely upon Sri Aurobindo for right interpretation of Vedic utterances
There are issues against Science and Modernity but that doesn't mean we discard them and welcome Mythology, Astrology, & Speculative theses.
Free thought, Free Markets, and Free Progress system of Education are crucial for future evolution of India as a leading nation in the world.
Transparency and open competition in all spheres of life including Religions is the only way to revivify people and National consciousness.
RSS and Reliance are now the twin agencies to hold India back from achieving its destined political and economic superiority in the world.
The circumstances are not exactly conducive at present in India but that's no reason to lose faith in Democracy, Modernity, and Free Markets.
It's assumed that everyone will act towards his economic advantage and safeguard self-interest except for the journalists and media-houses!
Congress dynasty has been a hurdle against a genuine Democracy taking shape in India and now Reliance dynasty proving hurdle for Free Markets.
After robbing AAP successfully of its Jhadu, BJP is attempting to take away NITI from the name of Nitish Kumar who looms as its scourge.
Has @NitiCentral since been notified as the Official organ of @NITI_Aayog ? Exemplary foresight in naming the website!
Difficult to understand why the Sanskrit word Niti is not acceptable to Hindutva Govt. which clumsily transformed it into the acronym NITI.
May the Boat issue that is mired in obscurity be a springboard for accessing Knowledge in its plenary originary regions plumbed by the Veda.
Varuna denotes the vastness and immensity of Light and Knowledge to which the Veda invites all human beings to arrive, as per Sri Aurobindo.
Sri Aurobindo however gives more weightage to Vedic innovations on Consciousness than scientific or artistic excellence achieved in the past.
Sri Aurobindo formulated all principles of raising human Consciousness for aiding Evolutionary mechanism that acts as per higher inspiration.
The Life Divine by Sri Aurobindo too is a vision & a prophesy but is saved by the logic of inevitability of Evolutionary pressure & action.
Quality of Democracy by definition would depend upon people involved and it that sense Indian Constitution remains an aspirational document.
So often we fall prey to wishfully repairing the past instead of hearing what the present tells or where the future Evolution is leading to.
Democracy can be said to be an ideal like Harmony but since Evolution is not linear, it's a long way for Humanity.
Harmony is a crucial term in Sri Aurobindo's Philosophy that presupposes plurality and posits an aspirational destination through Evolution.
@postcolonialist @scotchism Agreed Aryabhatta was a genius but how that entitles Modi to become PM is really very hard to see the connection.
The same BJP & RSS which are loathe to look at their own Advani turning so enthusiastic about resurrecting Aryabhata seems so hypocritical.
Ignoring Advani - the tallest politician of our times - but honouring Malaviya or Patel appears meaningless for country's current realities.
Issues relating to Religions, Castes, Gender etc. require much more mature and sensitive handling than the brusque ways of Modi or Bhagwat.
@aashish_bhalla Advani understands India better than Jinnah, Malaviya, Patel, and Ambedkar put together. He should have been at the helm.
Sri Aurobindo set forth his major and mature theories on Society, Religion, and Culture between 1914 and 1921 before RSS took birth in 1925.
Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.
Speculative chronology and fresh myths
Confusing cultural aspects as the core of religion is naïveté. Savitri Era Religion releases one from vacillation.

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