Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Kejriwal is a repeat case of Mahanta fiasco

Sri Aurobindo awakes us to the Ontological configurations of human stupidity & futility that gets reflected in Political paradoxes & falsities.
Congress saddled with Dynasty and the Gandhi-Nehru legacy is responsible for giving way to AAP & BJP. Sri Aurobindo holds the right formula.
Both Kejriwal & Modi represent anti-Evolutionary fascist forces but BJP biting dust in Delhi is a clear sign of how Evolution turns the tide.
Kejriwal is exactly the type of character that RSS wishes to mould through its training. So it must have been secretly happy beyond measure.
Defeat in elections is nothing wrong when you stand firm with your ideology and strategy like Congress. BJP, on the other hand, has none.
It should never be forgotten that 2013 Muzaffarnagar riots catapulted Modi to Power and much water has flown down the Yamuna since May 2014.
It's not unusual to garner more than half the votes in direct contests but BJP retaining its National average is no mean accomplishment.
@AgentSaffron Not yet. It's the major opposition in many states and people are eager to become its office-bearers and exercise local power.
High time for all those who oppose AAP, BJP, & Congress to join hands and strive for a truly national Party under Nitish Kumar's leadership.
Kejriwal is a repeat case of Mahanta fiasco. [In 1985, Prafulla Kumar Mahanta was elected as the youngest chief minister of the country.]
Many are hallucinating that AAP has emerged as an alternative to BJP. It's not; only Nitish Kumar has the potential to thwart Hindutva march.
AAP has not held any Party election and the personality cult around Kejriwal is being woven so furiously that it is dangerous for Democracy.
Delhi should be merged with Haryana and East Delhi with West UP. Tiny States are vulnerable to micro-management & upset Democratic verdict.
Victory for Modi !!! [Modi, in fact, wants Kejriwal to win and become subordinate to him and if Bedi gets defeated, BJP doesn't lose much.]
Forget Vishkanya; the acrobatics of Panchkanya are no less responsible for the recent BJP downfall. Madhu, Smriti, Saswati, Rupa, and Kiran.
@kumarsunkara Interpretations are subjective but there are many tell-tale paintings & poems reinforcing earthy imaginations affecting youth.
Reports on Sri Aurobindo Ashram controversy are vanishing [parties demand restorationof facilities to ashram sisters]
Thus, an integral portrayal (and reception) of Sri Aurobindo is, by definition, impossible. [TNM55]
[understand the great message of Sage Aurobindo, partly because of lofty style of his writings - Swami Krishnananda]
[Narayan Prasad - People wondered why Sri Aurobindo giving so much support to a sworn enemy of India like Churchill.]

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