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The Himalayan height of Sri Aurobindo

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have inaugurated a new era for the Mankind which is impossible to be accommodated within any of the old religions.
Sri Aurobindo has rectified many intellectual and ideological currents dominant 100 years back, originating from the West as well as India.
Sri Aurobindo supplies intellectual prop "@rmburra24: Indian spiritual tradition is broad enough withroom forall persuasions & perspectives"
@maulik_doshi @HinduAmericans By reading Sri Aurobindo's works one can gain clarity on the shape of the future and role of individual seeker
@GreatHeretic Thanks. Many will resent the superlative but once one realises the Himalayan height of Sri Aurobindo, there is no alternative.
Congress and RSS represent two extreme worldviews while Sri Aurobindo inspires to grow in consciousness to aid Evolution towards Human Unity.
Proud Hindus should be willing to discuss ills plaguing own society instead of evading them by citing some example of Muslims or Christians.
When booth level work is considered be all and end all of politics then intellectuals like Jaitley may seem of little value but it's flawed.
There is so much poverty on ideology front that much of public discourse revolves around things like who wears what or who is invited where.
Nitish Kumar stands out among present day politicians as the most seasoned and capable leader who accurately feels the pulse of the country.
Hindutva enthusiasts mocking Macaulay was understandable but Lutyens being at the receiving end for wrong reasons is unfortunate and absurd.
The mentality that I like the food of this Restaurant and so others must like it is a very narrow and puerile attitude that contests Nature.
Language, Religion, Nationhood, or Caste identity etc. should be considered as temporary and evolving sentiments for a conscious individual.
People should be free to believe in their preferred Cosmology and so it's illogical to impose archaic versions of boring Mythology upon all.
RSS-BJP scaled its peak in May 2014 and the downward journey is inevitable. Modi's deceitful oratory was a success for a while; not for ever.
Kejriwal's promises before coming to power were as farcical as Modi's vows to change this or that if made PM. Strange, people believe them!
Praising volunteers for hard work in elections is an insult to Democracy. Mature citizens needed, not micro-management of Constituencies.
There are some outstanding and sane voices on Twitter espousing liberalism who on closer scrutiny turn out to be slaves of Congress Dynasty.
@c_ontrarian Exactly, and ensuring such a liberal climate in the country should be the prime responsibility of the young generation.
@c_ontrarian Freedom and banning don't go together except in exceptional cases. What I discuss here is merely conceptual & Govt too is free.
@c_ontrarian Surely, there are messages emanating from elsewhere but first, there should be willingness on RSS' part to learn and transform.
Delhi has proved that RSS kind of Hindutva is not acceptable to the people and so it must redesign its worldview to make room for Modernity.
@c_ontrarian Slightly disagree. RSS is not a private organisation; it works in public domain and hence is entitled to feedback from public.
@c_ontrarian That may be a very technical view but RSS works in our community affecting the thought process of youngsters as well as adults.
@c_ontrarian Public domain & Public funding are two different things; confusion in semantics. Wikipedia too public-edited not public-funded.
@pras4net @fls53 @c_ontrarian Sri Aurobindo, too, can be thought of as an alternative but RSS supporters are used to think of Koran always.
@c_ontrarian I hear it for the first time but there are precedents too. Auroville was taken over by Central Govt. way back in the eighties.
@c_ontrarian RSS views are not static and it's changing over the years in response to additional political responsibilities. A sort of NITI.
@c_ontrarian Well, circumstances were different and may be it was warranted then but a similar situation is brewing in Sri Aurobindo Ashram.
@pras4net @fls53 @c_ontrarian Sri Aurobindo doesn't believe in coercive indoctrination and posits that each individual is evolving. So wait!
@fls53 Nature's way; no escape from Evolution. RSS has been trying to turn the wheel back since 1925 but without much success. You may try!
@pras4net @fls53 @c_ontrarian There are all kinds of people from all continents among Sri Aurobindo's followers. My work is merely online.
@fls53 @pras4net @c_ontrarian Hindus are already divided between those who vote for BJP and those who don't or won't. So, no surprise!
@fls53 @pras4net @c_ontrarian Fine, no problem; but you may like to check this link at leisure.
@pras4net See, once someone becomes a true follower of Sri Aurobindo, he loses his earlier religious identity barring for legal formalities.
@pras4net @fls53 @c_ontrarian That said, there are Sri Aurobindo devotees from different religions as may be found at
@pras4net @fls53 @c_ontrarian Besides, Peter Heehs has been accused to be an Ashramite with "Sekoolar" propensities:
@pras4net Bravo, but I don't think you'd visit a doctor with so many preconditions & so much prejudice. Give Sri Aurobindo benefit of doubt!
@pras4net You are putting some words into my mouth which I have not said. Let's be honest in arguing. Nation-building is not one day's task.
@pras4net Good question and good starting point to compare and contrast and be curious. Google is there to help and open libraries online.
@pras4net Reading Sri Aurobindo's Philosophy and Yoga is primary and accepting him as teacher is voluntary which may or may not happen.
@pras4net I never asserted that "Imams r modern" and I don't think talking about them is essential when we are pondering over our own goals.
@pras4net My comment was on RSS. Your inferring that Muslims are responsible for AAP upswing is an additional dimension; a different topic.
@pras4net Okay, got it; your argument is solid. That apart, AAP carries the additional vice of anarchism. But my intention was to pinch RSS.
@BirdsEyeWeiv Now that they are in power, our job is to point out the right course to them so that they are not goaded by blind supporters.
@BirdsEyeWeiv That's the reason why they were out of power all these years till Modi sought to bypass discourse with stress on Development.
@CRamanaKumar Modi, in fact, wants Kejriwal to win and become subordinate to him and if Bedi gets defeated, BJP doesn't lose much.
In the absence of any viable alternative to AAP, BJP, and Congress, supporting Kiran Bedi as Delhi CM is the best bet for the welfare of NCR.
The way Modi has conducted himself so far, he would prove to be an exemplary PM in the Congress model, while atoning for his past mistakes.
The methods Modi adopted to climb to the top though not palatable are tolerable in politics. Not disturbing the liberal climate is his task.
Signs of impatience of Hindutva enthusiasts with Modi signals his credit in keeping the country upon rails as regards Modernity & Democracy.
President Obama's successive statements on religious intolerance in India during election season, I'd like to believe, are prompted by Modi.
Seems sound, and can be trusted: “A win in Delhi will ensure that RSS does not breathe too heavily down Modi’s neck.”
A stable and well-oiled Party organisation is a sine-qua-non for success in Parliamentary Democracy but AAP has been a laggard on this score.
On Kejriwal's success, a new aberration came to be added to the Indian politics which is unfortunate and will take a long time to eradicate.
RSS driven BJP and Dynasty infested Congress plus many other regional parties are anomalies in Indian Democracy to which a Maoist AAP adds.
Democracy doesn't mean the unwashed majority would frame policy. Their role is to learn about and vote for right elite who play macro games.
Food type, needs and production may see drastic transformation in future with the aid of science and that would alter the face of economics.
[history has been defined by struggle for food. that struggle has been abolished, not just for rich but for everyone]
[Tusar Mohapatra proprietor of the Savitri Era Blogs had in March 2010  argument for making Satheesh’s letter public]
[Review article of "The World of Sri Aurobindo's Creative Literature" by Aju Mukhopadhyay] @aurofrance
[Two features of Sri Aurobindo's psychological thought are its experiential basis & integral nature.]
[pitfalls in contemporary attempts to integrate Indian philosophic/psychological ideas with contemporary science] ~DS
[Sri Aurobindo's Ashram > Jugal Kishore Mukherjee > The Practice Of The Integral Yoga > The Ninefold Daily Sadhana]
[In March 1973 following the resignation of Congress Ministry in Odisha headed by (Mrs) Nandini Satpathy, B.D. Jatti dissolved the Assembly]
@noidaveteran The same had happened in Odisha, but B.D. Jatti was too servile to Indira Gandhi and earned Vice Presidentship through loyalty.
Western disciples of Sri Aurobindo have greatly contributed in systematising his Philosophy Psychological principles.
And today, we seem to be back at the square one: that The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are, basically, Religion. [TNM55]
Sri Aurobindo borrows from the West enormously but refuses to be tied down to its overtly dominant rationalist stance

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