Monday, June 08, 2015

Modi flown by two swans

PM Modi can't open his mouth and his hands are tight; his plight resembles that of the tortoise being flown by two swans - Adani and Ambani.
Not improbable if the office of the Prime Minister is made a three-member body like the Election Commission to accommodate Adani-Ambani duo.
Last tweet today: Modi is fast losing his grip on his die hard supporters. He has been a picture of ambivalence thus far as Prime Minister.
Awarding Vajpayee was a sly; intended to remind Modi of the ex-PM's counsel of Rajdharma at a crucial juncture of his political trajectory.
@Atheist_Club Interesting bio but Nation is missing. Is it deliberate or you support the notion of a Nation? Region is a bit confusing, btw.
@chinmaykrvd She is the future PM and advising her is in vain.
@nesoron Hindutva has explanations: the Adikavya Ramayana was authored by a person who had undergone more or less identical transformation!
Congress supporters criticise Modi and BJP supporters reciprocate. How many on Twitter can claim independent thinking and objective views?
People elect the Prime Minister so that he delivers. But he goes on visiting temples to beg from stone idols and returns empty handed, alas!
Hindutva has no solution for betterment of man or society barring performing Rituals and offering milk or sweets as prayer through a Priest.
Scriptural ethics and Societal order is so dominant in Hindutva worldview is that normal human longings and failings escape its attention.
Hindutva indoctrination of young minds can be counterproductive when they grow up. Mythology & Rituals can never satisfy enquiring intellect.
Hindutva fellows forever dwell on themes like Pashupati-Shiva sculpture or Shivaji as great administrator. No concern for present or future!
Hindutva fundamentalism is an anachronism but can be preserved as a museum; nothing more. Young generation must exercise their free choice.
It would be interesting if Hindutva stalwarts on Twitter disclose how far their own children endorse the fundamentalist ideology they bruit.
One good thing about the Adani-Ambani hold on Modi is that Nehruvian Secularism is given a fresh lease of life & Hindutva agenda kept at bay.
Political entertainment can't be unipolar with Modi fans snatching away all fun. The sight of a Modi photo so boring and disgusting. Be fair!
Two names are utter anathema for Modi: Nitish Kumar and Sanjay Joshi. And they say, every dog has its day. Surely, interesting times ahead!
The success of Modi campaign has its roots in the success of HAHK movie or K-serials which proved how people can be influenced in mass scale.
Neither RSS nor anyone from BJP helped Modi to rise except Jaitley. PR agencies strategized his campaign and continue to direct his movements.
@shyamanuja Let's keep aside subjective perceptions and ponder over Washington starting the two-term tradition to avoid long stint in Power.
@OdiaCulture Can't comment on other genre but film music till the Seventies form a firm foundation for Odia in terms of language and melody.
@OdiaCulture Role of AIR Cuttack is duly lauded but it failed to innovate in orchestration as a result of which its songs used to sound same.
Go to BJP Headquarters, buy a book from their sales outlet. Leave aside the content, the get up itself will tell you about the quality of it.
@Sheks65 Why emulate the Bihar model? Point is, where is the fabled Hindutva excellence when it comes to producing quality & credible books?
@Sheks65 They are from Voice of India and RSS doesn't believe or promote them. There should be a Hindutva rating authority for certification.
@Sheks65 Not very highly. Mother knew people inside out, she just tolerated them. You can checkup authentic information from @spmrfoundation
@Sheks65 There might be several references. SPM was considered the most suitable for Inaugural function from publicity pov. @spmrfoundation
@Sheks65 Okay, I back out; now that you are in Power, its too difficult to confront the Hindutva reconstruction of history! @spmrfoundation
Surprising that one who easily understands the difference between Apple & Android doesn't distinguish between Vivekananda and Sri Aurobindo.
It's really a riddle how those tweeting in fine English through latest technology can be supporters of such a regressive ideal as Hindutva.
Beyond Gandhi, Nehru, Tagore, Subash, Savarkar, Ambedkar, Periyar
Sri Aurobindo and not Hindutva is key to the future

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