Friday, June 19, 2015

Political relevance of Sri Aurobindo against fascism is gaining momentum

People must resist the attempt of RSS to turn the whole country into an extended Shakha in the guise of celebrating #InternationalDayofYoga
There are a thousand ways to exercise the body as per one's convenience and circumstance. Forcing Yoga upon a whole population is despotic.
RSS concern is how to draw young people to its ecosystem and school-children are easy targets. In the name of health RSS seeks mind-control.
Protect your child from the regressive mentality of RSS. Teach them the value of Modernity, Market, Science, English, and postmodern outlook.
Introducing children to the philosophy of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo takes the burden of parenting away to a great extent as they self-learn.
@anityakr Don't take me as a role model. Reading the works of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is more important. My RTs reflect diverse views.
@anityakr Some people know me well & there is no scope for tweeting a disclaimer every time. There shouldn't be intolerance for other views.
@anityakr Cheap is a relative term. You perhaps didn't notice. Immediately afterwards I RT reviews of a play called Boma which is connected.
Request to all RSS supporters on Twitter: save your children & relatives from the contagion. That will prove to be your finest gift to them.
As long as you admire RSS, Savarkar, or Vivekananda, your chances of appreciating the lofty teachings of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is slim.
Get over from one illusion that your patriotism and support for RSS-BJP are synonymous. Read the works of Sri Aurobindo for fresh lenses.
@Sheks65 That was at a different level and "nothing less, nothing more." RSS supporters are not supposed to possess that kind of insight.
@Sheks65 Your proprietorship claim of Sri Aurobindo is preposterous. Equally ludicrous is your RSS-man's burden to advise me and correct me!
@PriyabrataT Many RSS supporters are wellread & come from the RK Mission background. Both organisations are working very closely at present.
@Sheks65 Sounds strange! Under what authority you are imposing restrictions on me? Tell Modi first not to invoke the name of Vivekananda.
@Sheks65 Which Party? Where is Sri Aurobindo's name? Are you hallucinating? I simply advise people to read Hegel, Bergson, and Sri Aurobindo.
@Sheks65 Read the handle again. Where is Sri Aurobindo? A Democracy has scope for all streams of politics and you need not be apprehensive.
apart from the religion aspect the political relevance of Sri Aurobindo has become utmost crucial in India at present
All those who were Ministers under Vajpayee-Advani continue to value the Kulkarni-Doctrine among whom Jaitley is foremost today. Admirable!
All those who are in politics handle unaccounted money. So, why insist on a halo around someone who has been successful to hide his deals?
@surajitdasgupta @Hitarth1987 Is Modi more honest than MMS? Will he be more honest than MMS after 10 years?
Hindutva supporters rejoicing over Sanskrit terms, ancient Idols, or reference to Mythology is symptomatic of naïve symbolism. No deep probe
That an unprecedented Democratic upsurge like the Modi typhoon has been punctured by the shenanigans of a petty business tycoon is pathetic!
The way the fan following of Lalit Modi is multiplying for exposing corrupt politicians, he is sure to replace Kejriwal as 2019 PM candidate
@pras4net Sri Aurobindo is a bit more elaborate than the couple of words mumbo jumbo & fits well with anti-fascist stand of Nitish & Advani.
@Sheks65 Modi, as Advani reiterated today, represents fascism, and hence, we must resist his attempt to appropriate Sri Aurobindo's legacy.
@pras4net @Sheks65 Taking the name of Sri Aurobindo is not essential. Nitish Kumar, as a follower of JP, perfectly represents Sri Aurobindo.
@pras4net @Sheks65 I repeat that the name is not important. Sri Aurobindo stands for Evolution and Nitish Kumar most suits as a politician.
@pras4net @Sheks65 In fact, it's Kulkarni Doctrine which was followed during NDA-I. Modi, till now, has not violated that but fears persist.
@Sheks65 @pras4net That might be the perception but K-D is in the interest of nation and future Evolution which Modi is following, perforce.
@Sheks65 @pras4net Part of 21st Century history and real, whether one likes it or not. K-D is the reason why supporters are upset with Modi.
@pras4net Nitish Kumar is not a follower of Sri Aurobindo but lesser evil among current crop of politicians so far as Evolution is concerned
Modi till now has not violated Kulkarni Doctrine but it is the very reason why staunch supporters are upset with him.
@pras4net That's a different dimension. As Modi is angling for Nobel Peace Prize, he is mollifying Sonia so that she may put in a word.
Sad that BJP supporters are constantly attacking the media & top journalists without answering the questions they raise. Absolutely fascist!
BJP supporters should stop criticizing adversaries and media. Instead, they must look inside and strive to bring in change within the party.
For those who might be unaware, Kulkarni Doctrine was best articulated in Atal Behari Vajpayee's "Musings'' from Goa.
[woman’s internal turmoil amidst Bengal’s freedom fighters] Jun 19, 2015 - Pramita Bose

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