Friday, June 05, 2015

Sri Aurobindo and not Hindutva is key to the future

Sri Aurobindo has shown that certain aspects of human life have been held precious since Vedic times. Political preferences are transitory.
RSS and Hindutva are essentially anti-Evolutionary and hence anti-Indian. Sri Aurobindo upholds the spirit of Human Unity and Globalization.
All those who love the country must hearken to Sri Aurobindo and desist from promoting Mythology, Rituals, Regimentation, and Superstitions.
Nehruvian rationalism has cost the country dearly. Hindutva pseudo-enthusiasm for religion will keep the country in dark for another century.
Most Hindutva supporters are political activists who care the least for genuine religious experience. Sri Aurobindo is true guide for that.
Since religion has fallen captive to commercial interests and glamour, Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo helps greatly to rescue it from torpor.
Mythology and Rituals do enforce a kind of regimentation and the resultant anti-intellectualism & anti-entrepreneurship impoverishes nation.
Those who don't subscribe to RSS kind of collective bonding are considered deviant because Hindutva is least sensitive to individual freedom.
Fed on the notion of Hindu Rashtra, RSS supporters forget that the country has no religion and only the faiths professed by citizens matter.
Hindutva promotes a curious type of patronising uniformity that tends to muzzle the feeble voices of marginalized sections of the society.
Euphoria over teaching Yoga in schools, weekly news bulletin in Sanskrit, or write-up on Swadeshi economics is so out of touch with reality!
[The RSS's view of 'Indianization', and why it is wrong; my column in @htTweets]
[Savarkar and Golwalkar mistakenly (some would say maliciously) saw Indian culture as monolithic, as containing a so-called ‘Hindu essence’]
@jdj_tweets Besides Sri Aurobindo Karl Marx books by Georges Van Vrekhem are essential reading
[Universe already existed prior to any possibility of being observed, interpreted, or evaluated] by Steven Shaviro
Modi is no less a prisoner than MMS. Time now to pity him and enjoy his costume drama. Two industrial houses have replaced the British rule.
The sight of a seasoned politician like Yechuri in the opposition space is heartwarming. Should work with Nitish Kumar as CPI(M) is outdated.
If Modi indeed values Lohia, then he should hold a Conference of all political parties owing allegiance to him to discuss economic policies.
Nothing wrong if Modi is eyeing the SVD legacy but must take conspicuous and convincing steps for promoting Dalit and Muslim representation.
Merely paying obeisance to long departed leaders is not enough, and in fact, obfuscating. Laying down policies for today's environment must.
One may forget Ramdev or ignore Elst, but three top intellectuals are embarrassments: Subramanian Swamy, S. Gurumurthy, and Rajiv Malhotra.
Hindutva folks not showing any promise, rehashing dead history; Globalization and Robotics more urgent than Mythology.
The secret of turning a tweet-length story into a blog or an article is by adding background culled from history, history, and more history.
Regimented practice of Yoga is good so far as recommending it to others. For self, one must be free to opt from assorted physical exercises.
Wide fragmentation among Indians along Ashrams & Babas and resultant intellectual stagnation is the most regressive feature of 21st Century.
Odia media resorting to profusion of religion is driving the State to middle ages. Classical status for Odia good but not be all and end all.
Although the film Sri Lokanath has since been resurrected, watching the video of its songs has not been possible till now. How long to wait?
[#Aurobindo: #Spiritual revolutionary who severed the thread of #global power structure] -
Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.
(by Tusar Nath Mohapatra)

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