Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Hegel and Kierkegaard, Baudrillard and Merleau-Ponty

Lot of noise on imposition of Hindi or hegemony of English. Most volatile subject but thankfully the brute Survival of the fittest operates.
If Parliament is supreme, it means dialogue & discussion are supreme. But, unfortunately, human inertia is biased towards fixity & stability.
Hindutva approximates as Hegel's Owl of Minerva but may learn from Kierkegaard that life is understood backwards but must be lived forwards.
Indian Constitution was drafted under the Colonial shadow and high time now to rewrite it. Thus Hindu Rashtra is a valid point of departure.
Unity is a virtue but, as Sri Aurobindo explains, only when voluntary. USSR type forced binding of regions in India not a healthy situation.
@vs70 One may not support Hindutva but the idea of having an exclusive homeland has got merit. After all they are a minority & marginalised!
So the logic that Hindus should claim an exclusive homeland for them may not be ratified by the majority. Here Democracy overrides religion.
If a referendum is held today on the question of whether India should become a Hindu Rashtra, it's likely to fail as happened in Scotland.
Contrary to popular notion, Democracy is not all about majority. Majority simply elects who would rule, thereafter, a minority decides all.
Nothing can more define the Hindutva mindset when they lambaste Seculars and Liberals which are signs of man's quest for Beauty and Freedom.
No amount of stage shows on foreign soil will earn Modi more than 30% on home ground. Time to throw away the Hindutva ladder, to go forward.
Like any ideology, Hindutva would have seen much evolution and improvisation with time but for certain fundamentalist South Indian Brahmins.
Power of memory and intellect turns many South Indian Brahmins into laws into themselves. They must consult Baudrillard and Merleau-Ponty.
Sri Aurobindo exposed some South Indian Brahmins who had terribly misinterpreted the Indian tradition and wisdom. They have never forgiven!
Some South Indians Brahmins love to portray Hindutva in an exclusivist framework betraying a Regressive impulse, out of touch with reality.
Mythology and Rituals are the reason why young men desert Hindutva fold and those persist outgrow its appeal over time. Hence, the 30% limit.
Modi seems to harbour respect and admiration for JP and Lohia having outgrown Hindutva. If true, he can surpass V.P. Singh in relevance.
@tyrantasorus There are lapses & failures & he himself used to talk of semifinals. I don't attribute perfection but he was in that direction.
@tyrantasorus Your impressions match the popular version. You needn't agree with me but, I hope, you subject V.P. Singh to closer scrutiny.
India has had only one Prime Minister who was fondly called Raja saheb. Popular mandate, painter, dreamer, and an astute stickler for values.
Those harping on Hindu value would do well to raise the bar for measuring how a leader of modern India must conduct himself to earn prestige
The Govinda model may be good for drawing fawning crowds but the Indian PM in 21stC. must be more sophisticated intellectually & in dealings
Nothing particular to complain against Modi Govt but his clownish image is going to stick unless he takes leave from costumes & ivory towers
It's amusing to come across a spate of jingoistic sentiments on Twitter; irony is, those rooting for militant moves want someone else to die.
Cosmology is not alien, Sri Aurobindo helps to make it part of ordinary consciousness for one's freedom & fulfilment. http://t.co/oYaBNLE9fZ

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