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Sri Aurobindo's arguments are the most potent bomb to demolish any ideology or religion

@vs70 It's all grist to the Evolution's mill; so what utility Lalu serves is difficult to sum up as a neat narrative.
@vs70 Aaj to aapke dost log bahut enjoy kar rahe hain. You should join them. Why bother about what a spoilsport tweets or Lalu eating chara?
Nothing wrong in Hindutva supporters wishing for their own Rashtra or exclusive Homeland like Israelis or Palestinians. Another partition!
@an_tyagi @Vidyut There is an enclave called Auroville which needs to be suitably expanded / replicated for possible future eventualities.
@Vikasguptaorg @Vidyut This time, it's Muslims, Christians, plus the Hindus who don't subscribe to Hindutva. Little bit more complicated!
@SanjumCanada Why should you? Life is far more important than any Land. Besides, Google or Facebook virtual empires are much more pertinent.
@SanjumCanada Please understand, you are living in a Democracy where people's will is paramount. Past laws can be changed by majority vote.
@SanjumCanada My comment is conjectural as your tweet is hypothetical. Let's hope that nothing of the sort happens and you enjoy dignity.
@SanjumCanada Analogy is not always safe and in the present case poles apart. Local & historical context too dissimilar to hazard any guess.
@SanjumCanada No rights are permanent and can be amended by the Parliament. All past principles can be modified and nothing is guaranteed.
@SanjumCanada History, not relevant. Better to concentrate on the Constitution and Parliament since Canada is a vibrant Democracy as of date.
There's no gainsaying that Hindutva camp hasn't exactly covered itself with glory by the kind of tweets we have been reading since yesterday.
Nothing warrants such intense hatred and intolerance when the due legal and Constitutional process is underway without any hindrance or thaw.
After some from the SM circle were picked up for Party responsibilities, a stiff competition is going on as to who can be the most spiteful!
These two days are proof enough that Hindutva camp has completely lost its ethical moorings as no one rejoices over the death of one person.
When I say camp, I'm aware that a large variety of viewpoints are included in it but they all seem to be deeply under confusion about Dharma.
The PM is gifting Gita but his foot soldiers on Twitter are making a mockery of it by indulging in no holds barred acrimony and lynch clamor.
One spurious Jain has just demanded a Hindu warrior organisation & has argued that as Ram killed enemies, he can also kill. Atrocious logic!
@jaganniwas Spurious because Jains are Ahimsa followers. Being strong or weak is an individual choice over which no community has any say.
@jaganniwas I never meant that, simply clarified your point as to why I used a pejorative. In any case, his tweets are very much in the open.
@vs70 It's great of you that you are discovering new facets of me every other day. It makes me humble to certify others by ever new criteria!
@avenger_D What is relevant to you needn't be relevant for me. Come straight as to where did I distort him. You're free to refute what I say.
@avenger_D Okay, then what does he say? What is his advice? Is he instigating others to kill? (I'm blocked by him, so I miss the original!).
@avenger_D How the question of killing arises? Democracy doesn't authorise any citizen to kill. To whom he is exhorting? On what authority?
@DivyaSoti @avenger_D Both of your observations seem to be be right. But we must understand things within the context of Indian Constitution.
Hindutva must free itself from Ghettoism and learn to understand human issues so intensively explored in Western philosophy and psychology.
Hindutva may not like Marxism but can pick up certain threads of human concern from the plays of Mohan Rakesh which need to be addressed.
If Rajiv Malhotra pushes Indology and Sanskrit down our throats without any discourse on what Mohan Rakesh is saying, then it's useless.
Rajiv Malhotra continues to explain his methodology but he should also inform what new theories he has unearthed.
Hindutva can learn a lot from Habermas, from Human Rights discourse. Antipathy for English is keeping a whole generation of people ignorant.
Talent is rare and scholarship is difficult. An environment of freedom is essential for academic pursuits instead of imposing Hindutva trap.
Opposing BJP-RSS is no indicator of supporting Congress Dynasty. India must free itself from the slavish culture that Congress perpetrates.
Apart from Congress and BJP, beware of another fascist outfit called AAP which has captured power in Delhi by hoodwinking gullible public.
Propaganda pervades Internet and right thinking and good advice is rare. Young Indians must exercise due caution while picking on theories.
If you are a Hindutva sympathiser, check your convictions against how Sri Aurobindo views them. That'd be your first taste of postmodernism.
Never subordinate your own existence to any predetermined construct like Hindutva. Understand from Sri Aurobindo the secret of individuation.
Undertake due diligence of your previous Gurus and check whether you suffer from stagnation. Time to graduate to Sri Aurobindo's teachings.
Never compromise on knowledge nor anchor it to big names or tents. Let no past formulation block your imagination and exploration of truth.
Outside world has a vested interest in keeping you ignorant and subjugated. Only you owe you a responsibility to secure authentic knowledge.
Believe on books rather than any Guru. Any book by Sri Aurobindo can open new vistas for your thinking and new horizons for examined action.
Govt patronage and easy fame has robbed the urge for research among Indian academicians. No motivation for studying Sri Aurobindo's thought.
Hindutva ecosystem is infra-rational & Marxist thoughtweb is rational from which one must leap to the supra-rational realm of Sri Aurobindo.
When Sri Aurobindo clarifies that Rama was a mental man it explains perfectly why Ram is the darling of the infra-rational Hindutva ideology.
Religion allows to locate oneself outside the narrow circumference of one's life and Sri Aurobindo encourages to treat politics similarly.
One may or may not believe in Sri Aurobindo & his philosophy but his arguments are the most potent bomb to demolish any ideology or religion.
The works of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo contain such explosive ideas that Hindutva fans never venture to quote him beyond India's Rebirth.
Read Sri Aurobindo. [bharatiya inheritance has not really produced writers and thinkers on political philosophy]
@kiran_patniak @PradeepKhatri18 @Alhamdd786 @SharanSujit 
Savitri Era Party drawing inspiration from Sri Aurobindo is the only alternative.
@jadhav_in No one disagrees with you but that doesn't mean one shouldn't read the perceptive works of Marxist philosophers and sociologists.
@jadhav_in I don't agree that scriptures contain all those insights that modern Western thought offers. However you are entitled to your opinion.
@jadhav_in [Philosophy and Animal Life - Stanley Cavell, Cora Diamond, John McDowell, Ian Hacking, and Cary Wolfe]

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