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At seventy India must retire

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Savitri Era: Society should be rationally reconfigured like shop floor #SriAurobindo
How much India has harmed India over the last seventy years need diligent study. Slogans and renaming of roads can't take the people forward
Multiplying killings can't be a solution for demands of self-determination. India with its abnormal population needs to abdicate megalomania
Liberation of the States has no less moral validity than India as a single nation since welfare and prosperity takes precedence over culture
The India we live in is a Colonial legacy and must be subjected to rational examination by sympathetic consideration of linguistic fissures.
At seventy India must retire and hand over the future to its fifty offsprings. Time to listen to simmering discontent from Kashmir to Kerala
Joint families break and hence fourfold increase in India's population since Independence is valid ground for smaller nations of 50-60m size
Muscular nationalism of Hindutva is pushing India in a jingoistic and dangerous route. Free all the States to stimulate world brotherhood.
Considering the fact that the present Govt at Centre lacks pan-Indian approval, its moral stature to resort to drastic measure is truncated.
@prashanthbn Glossing over the root cause of conflict is not a fair and prudent thing. Human suffering must guide modern mentality/sympathy.
@prashanthbn My point is the path being followed will never lead to any solution. I stress that we must find the solution to save future generation
@prashanthbn To paint all acts of terrorism with the same brush is tantamount to pushing the truth under the carpet. Honest appraisal needed
@mpshiva6 @prashanthbn Hindutva is in power and so the branding. Further I am campaigning for multiple Sovereign nations instead of Unitary.
@mpshiva6 Parliamentary Democracy dovetails into dialogue over SM and I can wait for your considered views after reading the justifications.
@mpshiva6 I'm not urging you to accept. But the responsibility of understanding the other point of view is a necessary evil in a Democracy.
@mpshiva6 That smacks of a fascist attitude which RSS is trying to impose. We are challenging that neat homogenisation and safe uniformity.
@mpshiva6 What you say is a simplistic view of things and complex questions have to be faced. All answers are there at the links I have sent
Justification in three parts for the independence of Indian States:
Defence comes to mind whenever a Sovereign country is mentioned. But the more appropriate areas are trade, culture, & environment protection
India is an abnormality in the present shape and requires surgical operation to rectify errors of the past and make the States future ready
Seventy years of spoonfeeding has pushed the States into a state of sloth from which they need to be rescued by granting them Independence.
Barring China, which is under a dictatorship, no other country in the world owns this disastrous level of population and diversity as India.
Stop foolishly taking pride for being the largest Democracy as it essentially means Democracy spread thinly to the extent of nonexistence.
The way smaller nations have developed during the last 2-3 decades is incontrovertible proof of how the States of India have been starving.
Language is the most potent ingredient around which the people can be regrouped as new nations in India and not caste, religion, or culture.
Within the same language also, multiple Sovereign nations have to be created with 50-60m population, which should be the final yardstick.
People have the final word and if a few thousand people consider them as a distinct nation, then there is no reason why anyone should object
Modernity values human mind and preferences a thousand times more than any commodity or territory. Imperial attitudes need to be obliterated
If ten year olds in a family are enjoying enough freedom, then why millions of unwilling inhabitants be subjugated by a megalomaniac nation?
Each village or Block of India should be given the option of choosing the political organisation that suits it. Let a thousand nations bloom
Love humanity and not territory. Sri Aurobindo invites for adventure of consciousness of infinite vistas. India (or Bha-rata) signifies that
One is born as a human being and acquires nationality or religion subsequently. Protecting the nation can't take precedence over fraternity.
Those blind with hate find themselves in a subhuman status and enjoy the slime and stink. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo: life, light, and love.
Overpowering human propensity of envy is the root cause of hate whereas nationalism, religion, caste, language, or gender are mere pretexts.
Seventeenth century sentiments for nationhood are irrelevant today in an interconnected world and let's work for Sri Aurobindo's #ThirdDream
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo emphasise upon winning inner continents before which outer territories & nationhood dwarf in stature & priority.
Despite India's size both Delhi and Bollywood are in cahoots with the underworld. No one complains or is bothered. Reason to break collusion
@bhimakarma Independent States on linguistic basis therefore is a must. Such honest set up can generate real brotherhood and federal spirit.
@arvindneela Thanks for the respectful disclosure. Hope, you subject SA's thought to critical examination vis-à-vis Ambedkar and Savarkar.
@arvindneela Looked at your Wikipedia bio & felt that you must have achieved some kind of ideological maturity by now. Any firm indications?
[Hegel presented a scathing social critique. Indian thought haunted Hegel and thus he railed against the caste system]
Hegel's India @LarvalSubjects @DrZamalek @shaviro @jonathandirk @adamkotsko @ThouArtThat @loveofallwisdom @Jayarava
@loveofallwisdom I know you are a Hegel fan. The book should help the scales fall from many eyes. I told Rimina that it's Brown man's burden
@loveofallwisdom I don't think Advaita (or, any Indian thought, for that matter) has Evolution which is Schelling's forte. Hegel integrates.
From Feuerbach and Freud to Foucault, the West has deployed heights of intelligence to understand the world but only Sri Aurobindo succeeds.
Wingers, wingless, and umpires, all live on snippets which Sri Aurobindo warns against. What matters is a firm substratum; not to float away
Sri Aurobindo spoke against AIT but all available evidence indicates its veracity as per MT. Hence supporting it instead of rhetorics valid.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo dedicated their lives for the Nation. But today, when India needs to be split due to overpopulation, that's fine.
Even though The Mother & Sri Aurobindo endorsed it, if Sanskrit as National language is as impractical as Gold Standard, no point in pushing
Sri Aurobindo was acquitted in the Alipore bomb case but alas the temptation of painting him as an apostle of armed revolution is so rampant
Sri Aurobindo demystified the Veda by eschewing Rituals and yet triflers sadly assume his epochal work on it as obscurantist and revivalist.
Sri Aurobindo maintained a critical distance from tradition and picked up what was valuable. So, why fall for those trinkets that glitter?
“better to bring Machiavelli and Hobbes into dialogue than to bring Machiavelli and Sun Tzu into dialogue" but not sidelining Sri Aurobindo.
American promoters of Indian philosophy don't consider the Veda or Sri Aurobindo's interpretation of it as their field of study. Who loses?
Sri Aurobindo happens to be a direct descendant of Shelling and Hegel. Overlooking this is a self-inflicted exilement
Savitri Era Learning Forum: Bradley belongs in the company of Bergson, James, and Nietzsche #SriAurobindo
[Bradley exposed reductive attempts to describe reality]: the Orchid and the rOse
Full family suicide and gang rape draw media attention. Solo is passé! Cf: "One death is a tragedy; one million is a statistic." ~Stalin
When asked about his dream Gautam Bhattacharya replied to build an ideal auditorium in Delhi which it woefully lacks
Because Thou Art: Dinanath Pathy's swansong Ganjam #SriAurobindo
Vairāgya (वैराग्य) or dissatisfaction with the available scheme of things is one valuable means that Evolution deploys to explore innovation
My father used to adore Radhanath Ray's Chilika, the most sensitive line of which is, "Mo jibana gadha anya upadane": I'm of different make.
@a_r_j_u_n @maidros78 @Mamdhata @GolPuri @whocares_501 Savitri Era Religion has big following in Odisha and may overtake them by that time.
Odisha has several problems: Dynastic rule by Naveen, Jagannath cult festivities, Koshali issue, Conversion of tribals, and People's apathy.

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