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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Savitri Era Party demands Sovereignty for the States

Tweets by @SavitriEraParty
Savitri Era: Kashmir and Odisha should be weighed on the same footing #SriAurobindo #FiveDreams
@SREEHARI2001 @BirdsEyeWeiv Why? Tamil Nadu already has a Kannada born Brahmin to lord over an anti-Brahmin party. So, where is the problem?
So far Modi Govt is nothing different than UPA-III on the economic front and at this rate India has to wait for 22nd century for Development
Renaming Race Course Road where the PM resides is farcical. Entire Constitution of India needs relook whether Indians need a Prime Minister.
When made sovereign, Indian States have better scope of negotiating with neighbouring countries for their Development and cultural exchange.
At present, States are prisoners of a pan-Indian narrative. Therefore Odisha can't directly deal with Indonesia or Tamil Nadu with Sri Lanka
If Algeria or Argentina with similar population as Odisha are independent countries, then why Odisha should not be allowed to rule itself?
@AmbarishSharmaO Nothing against a State or a Caste in particular. I have highlighted prevailing paradoxes & absurdities Constitution ensues
China's dictatorial regime can handle a large population but the multi-party system of Democracy in India has proved to be an utter fiasco.
What can be more ridiculous and tragic than the 20 crore people of UP being at the mercy of a Central Govt. for funds and policy decisions?
India as a single nation has failed to deliver and citizens are suffering from deprivation. So, the States must be endowed with Sovereignty.
The Constitution of India as a British legacy has turned a trap which the present generation must jettison with individual States as nation.
Celebrities of local languages and cultures won't feel inferiority complex for not making it to the National scene if States are Sovereign.
Savitri Era Party demands "Sovereign Nation" status for the States as the Central Govt. has become an impediment in the path of Development.
Democracy conceived at the time of Independence of India has become untenable and infructuous due to population explosion over the decades.
Linguistic nationalism has great potential to spur Development in the States with renewed vigour which the Central Govt. is unable to tap.
Fifty new Indian nations interacting with the rest of the world directly has tremendous possibilities for economic and cultural resurgence.
If role of the Central Govt is reduced to dole out MGNREGA kind of alms, then it has no reason to exist. States can do as Sovereign nations.
If Indian culture and philosophy is propagated by fifty new nations in diverse fashion then it would be a victory for Sri Aurobindo's vision
Balkanisation has been understood as a negative phenomenon but for present day India it can usher in an era of growth and multiplier effect.
Geopolitical strategy and scenario thinking brigade have benefitted by Central Govt; States have languished with people poor and unemployed.
Central Govt. is responsible for dispensing monochromatic education lacking in creativity and wonder. States as nations can push competition
The overpowering idea of India has so enervated and enfeebled its citizens that people are shuddering at the hint of States going Sovereign!
@a_r_j_u_n That would again be a compromise; deferring the solution for another five to six decades without any substantial gain. So surgery
Right now the most vigorous linguistic nationalism is sweeping Karnataka. Give it Independence and see the kind of metamorphosis it engenders
When the States become Sovereign Nations, their respective demographies would dictate fresh policies on Reservation and affirmative action.
Isn't it illogical that the Govt. of West Bengal can't build a port at a site of its own choice? Why would a Central Govt. throw a spanner?
Central institutions have enjoyed enormous power and advantage which would go for the welfare of States, thus electrifying Market dynamics.
Languages are not going to die easily and as long as they are vibrant, fissiparous tendencies in India will persist. Proactive steps prudent
If Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives, and Mauritius are independent nations, then why Odisha, Vidarbha, or Bundelkhand be prevented from turning one.
Instead of reacting to only eruption of violence, a modern Democracy should be awake to people's aspirations and urge for self-determination
Many local cultures and knowledge systems have been steamrolled by the Indian nation which will see new opportunities for efflorescence.
If given independence at least 20 Indian States will occupy space within 50 most populous countries to enjoy commensurate bargaining power
Systemic changes are a peacetime activity and shouldn't happen in a firefighting mode. Transition of States to Sovereignty warrant maturity.
Many would be aghast at how can we talk of independence of States without Churchill or Nehru. But yes, this decision has to be taken by us.
So far, the Central Govt has performed its role as a guardian. Now the time has come to set the States free so that they fly with own wings.
Addition of fifty new Indian Nations is sure to alter balance of power in UN and other international fora transforming North-South discourse
One thing that needs to percolate into people's mind is that there is no essential virtue in having a large nation with gigantic population.
Technology and digitalisation is transferring many known roles of Central Govt. to private multinationals facilitating nationhood of States.
Languages hide immense treasure and the States will take adequate care of them when they become Sovereign Republics.
When the most timid person comes out as a lion to denounce Modi you know that everything is as per RSS script. DMs fly to create right noise
UP is the most crucial challenge and every single move is aligned in that direction. Events seem random but hard to rule out RSS machination
Most BJP supporters & commentators pretend as if RSS doesn't exist or sits silently during periods of controversy. No one discusses its role
Sloth in Modi Govt. is due to enormous population of India. Devolving Sovereignty to States is the only option and the most required reform.
Once all the States turn Republics, regional co-operation in true sense of the term will ensue without expectation of any Delhi intervening.
Dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 has helped everyone and it's surprising why the States of India are waiting for so long to emulate.
Giant nations are dangers to world peace and hence India must split into 40-50 independent countries and disable nuclear war possibilities.
There are 200 member countries of United Nations with less population than Odisha and so there is no reason why it should be under Delhi.
Modi raising Balochistan in his Independence day speech is likely to snowball into balkanisation of India leaving him Gorbachev and last PM.
Savitri Era Party is first to demand granting independence to the States of India and those sympathetic must express solidarity. #FreeStates
@himanshujmohan You're right but the history of urge for self-determination, like love, shows that it defies logic and possible consequences
@himanshujmohan Besides, you are already a client of Twitter and Google cyber-empires and they are not exactly under Indian Sovereignty.
@himanshujmohan Just gave an example; your definition of State should change. Real power lies with Artificial Intelligence and Google on top
While the lowest population among the States of India is around 1m, there are 70-80 countries in the world with less population than that.
Demanding independence can spread like wildfire with terrible consequences. So let's get onto the task preemptively for peaceful transition.
It's a common feeling that accidents happen to others. Clamour for independence by the States may not be easy to suppress, like in the past.
That a large section of people are poor, uneducated, and unemployed shows Delhi's widespread disconnect with and indifference to citizens.
When the States become independent, a lot of people for whom Pak bashing is staple would be jobless. Fertile web of Diplomacy will dissolve.
Democracy entails involvement of people; when population grows it becomes less participatory in that proportion. So 1947 can't dictate 2017.
Gandhi and Nehru were chosen by Evolution, no matter what their imperfections. Those nitpicking expose their own vileness and insensitivity.
@ArmchairPseph I "feel" Gold Standard is as impractical as Sanskrit as National language. So no point arguing @AgentSaffron @UttaraMimamsaka
@ArmchairPseph No disputing; I was thinking of future and its relevance/efficiency unless all the nations agree to give fresh lease of life.
@ArmchairPseph Yes, I'm not aware. So, what next? Are these nations opting for Gold Standard? Can they convince all other nations?
@ArmchairPseph Let's suppose USA declines by 2020. Will India play ball with China? Seems doubtful; whoever is at top will be suspected.
@Zen_twt @MunimB @vajrayudha11 English may be good for jobs but the States of India must become Sovereign Nations to save respective tounges
Europe comprises of nations on linguistic basis since ages but in India Colonial legacy has prevented the States from acquiring nationhood.
India is the root cause of discord in the Sub-continent. If the Central Govt. is abolished, States can live in peace with their neighbours.
India was never a single entity and the Frankenstein's monster that the British have forged by force needs to be dispensed with forthwith.
@AmbarishSharmaO No Centre; States are Sovereign nations with UN membership and option of being under regional federation/coalition. Simple.
@AmbarishSharmaO Hope you read the whole set of tweets on the subject. I'm building my arguments on population size.
@AmbarishSharmaO You are free to paint me in any brush but I am proposing a Constitutional route to abdicate the Constitution. No agitation!
@AmbarishSharmaO From the handle you can notice that it's a party and it's only a couple of days back that I started this brand new campaign
@AmbarishSharmaO If you support abolition of Central Govt, I will be glad to have you as a co-worker. We can discuss the details via gmail.
Ultimate Federation is the UN. So, each State has direct access to global politics with tremendous potential. Bargaining power multiplies.
The Central Govt. is an impediment in the path of peace and prosperity of Indians as it guzzles enormous resources and enfeebles the States.
The Central Govt. is a replica of Colonial rulers which sucks the blood of the States and squanders them on foreign tours and arms race.
Modi's reference to the Baloch freedom struggle in his Independence Day speech has turned prophetic. Bihar and Bundelkhand too want freedom.
Bhojpuri is one of the most vibrant languages in India (& Internet:-) ) today. So, why can't there be an independent country called Bhojpur?
The Dominion of India has become an instrument of demonic domination over the States and people, thus turning own raison d'être infructuous.
Not a day passes without a Chief Minister criticising the Centre on some pretext. Time to jettison the Central Govt. lock, stock, and barrel
When the States become independent, no one in Kerala will bother about goings on in Kashmir or Kolkata. What a great relief for the people!
High decibel rhetoric on terror and war is on but States are starving of resources. Central Govt is enjoying; school children have no shoes!
People of India have been feeding a white elephant called the Central Govt all these years. Dual Govt system is a curse for a poor country.
Each State of India must become a Sovereign country. No one can deny this right or stop such an eventuality. Time to follow the USSR example
There is no justification for the Central Govt to exist. Each State can manage its affair well as a Sovereign Republic. Overhaul necessary.
War mongering by Hindutva enthusiasts has proved that their brand of muscular nationalism is nothing but religious hatred & baying for blood
Lofty ideals set forth in the Indian Constitution should not fall victim to Hindutva obscurantism. So snap the advantage of a large nation.
Chasing a grand-narrative, Indian Constitution has strangulated legitimate aspirations of people for self-determination on linguistic lines.
Movie theatres have given way to Multiplexes. Republic of India must make way for the States turning Sovereign nations to enter global arena
India as a nation has suffered as guys belonging to different States in a team don't see eye to eye. Forced nationalism is counterproductive
The mystery of a language is still a secret. Let the people of India promote their own languages by becoming separate Independent countries.
Dialects of Hindi have suffered under its weight. Regions with distinct dialects must claim nationhood and huge States to split accordingly.
The Central Govt & its bureaucratic network across States has been able to throttle regional aspirations and urge for autonomy. Dissolve it
Empty phrases like Unity in Diversity and National Integration have cheated the Indians of our generation of genuine linguistic fraternity.
The Hindi, Hindu, and Hindustan agenda of RSS must be foiled by abolishing the Central Govt and granting Sovereignty to the States of India.
Odisha must recall its ancient civilisation and overthrow the tentacles of Central Govt. over it. Each and every State of India is a Nation.
National scene and the round-the-clock discourse around it has proved total unproductive and hegemonic to eclipse the States out of focus.
While Caste or Religious discrimination draws attention, linguistic discrimination is pushed under the carpet. So, States must turn Nations.
Brain drain and irrational migration has sapped the States which need to be rejuvenated with Sovereign status and allied global transactions
Central Govt is a cesspool of lobby & liaison for deriving unfair advantage by pleasing one or two persons which multiple Nations will curb.
The names of 17 soldiers killed in Kashmir is known but the secret beneficiaries of the Rafale deal will never be known. Say halt to Centre.
People residing in the vicinity of Delhi have greatly benefitted from Central Govt leaving the inhabitants of far flung States high and dry.
@yugaparivartan Let Modi be the last PM of India and get Nobel Prize for granting Sovereign status to the States by dissolving the Centre.
Pak-centric commentary will stop when the States of India become independent and deal with their respective neighbours and distant friends.
@SwarnaBharatIN Please support our campaign for abolition of the Central Govt and Sovereignty for the States @Loksatta_Party @swaraj_abhiyan
@Prof_HariOm Present task
@SudheenKulkarni @madhukishwar @bainjal @SwarajyaMag @rahuldev2 @sardesairajdeep @Retributions @atanudey @sanjaycsds @sabhlok @RaisinaSeries
Dr. Alok Pandey labours a lot to elaborate but gets bogged down in verbosity. Healing needs precision and certainty.
Promising instant or assured results by invoking the spirituality of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo must be avoided due to subjectivity/Swabhava

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Kashmir and Odisha should be weighed on the same footing

Tweets by @SavitriEraParty
Savitri Era: Rituals are facing negotiation from Modernity and Feminism #SriAurobindo
Favourable remarks from Prakash Karat and Makarand Paranjape are not insignificant achievements for Modi Govt; let's concede well deserved
One may sympathise with Modi for the tightrope walking he does but the existence of RSS will never permit BJP to be seen as mainstream party
Although RSS hands are tight as Modi is under Reliance's thumb and his Nobel dream is paramount, mischiefs are warranted for winning polls
@sarkar_swati That's the norm in Statecraft for ages and whether Monarchy or Democracy, one should resign to the fact that an idiot rules.
@dikgaj The original formulation of Hindu by @sarkar_swati unfortunately is more fundamentalist than what the Socialists practiced. @JyoitaS
Despite grappling with diverse cultures prevailing in the country for almost a century, it's a miracle that RSS has retained monochromatism.
No matter how much one imagines India as one country, local languages make you feel as an alien even in different regions within U.P. State.
Optimal size should receive due consideration not only for Corporates but also for towns, cities, States and country for gaining efficiency.
While the liberal spirit behind Copyright verdict is laudable repercussions will be devastating if extended to marriages and religious sites
Agitations for separate state of Uttarakhand or Telangana and the violence involved is irrelevant today. Kashmir will look like that one day
Imperialist sentiments insisting on some intrinsic virtues in having a country as large as possible is nothing but a humongous superstition.
It needs to be mulled whether everyone should emulate "Giocante, son of commander Louis de Casabianca who remained at his post and perished"
Like Negotiable Instruments are time barred, human memory is erased to make life happy but historians and politicians stir forgotten wounds.
With population as yardstick India can be divided into four U.S. like nations of optimal size who would be free to be part of one Federation
India is suffering just like a huge joint family and modern technology and infrastructure have failed to achieve integration as one nation.
Democracy in a country of such huge population is unprecedented in history and so anomalous. Say of people in Govt is negligible and a sham.
Thinking about Pakistan or Kashmir in abstract terms is a trap. Military solution is a chimera; human emotion and suffering should be focus.
Arunabha Bagchi has a fine piece but by not distinguishing Sri Aurobindo from Vivekananda he commits simplification.
Watch superb musical puppet Play 'Across the Sea (Paar Samandar)' at LTG auditorium, 6:30 PM by National School of Drama, Sanskaar Rang Toli
JNU is culprit of criminal neglect of Sri Aurobindo on "how Asians think about international affairs and strategy"
Congress is determined to grab a bigger slice of the pie of power in UP than Bihar and SP is not its favourite. So it's advantage Mayawati
Idea of nation must evolve from geographical boundaries to cultural (including religious) cohesiveness and shifting choices of human beings.
Time is ripe for a leap forward towards Asian Federation allowing broad corridors in the borders as common ground for cultural exchanges.
International encounter and human destiny can't be left in the hands of Military and restrictions on trade and culture need to be slackened.
Kashmir and Hyderabad are two mistakes of 1947-48 the consequences of which refuse to stop bothering after 70 years. Time for drastic steps.
The present citizens of India should take a common sense view of Kashmir and resolve it without being entangled by its complicated history.
Territory should stop being the defining element of nationalism and Soft Power and Goodwill should propel towards Peace and Harmony, instead
Understandable that those in Govt can't proceed openly & hence a Citizens' movement must build up for immediate resolution of Kashmir issue.
Bloodshed for Uttarakhand & Telangana was unnecessary. Indians must be sympathetic enough to resolve the Kashmir issue with ink across table
Instead of looking upon Kashmir as a loss or defeat, the possibility of it turning as the fulcrum of Asian unity and melting pot is bright.
Kashmir as it stands today has a single solution. Govt, the ruling coalition, their supporters and public in general need be honest to admit
Govt has displayed commendable restraint in spite of jingoist cacophony by irresponsible supporters, perennially driven by religious hatred.
There is no reason why a Constituent Assembly of 1946 vintage should be the arbiter of fate of 1.3b Indians in 2016. Let States be set free.
People of each region must have the right of self determination sans any coercion or undue influence from any central or outside authority.
Last decade has proved that the Prime Minister is operating under the direct control of extraneous entities. Safe to overthrow Constitution.
@Sheks65 It's for the people to decide which comes first. Master narrative of an imaginary nation shouldn't deprive school children of shoes
After enjoying the bare beauty of Astaranga beach, noticed school children returning home in bare feet @OdiaCulture
@ArmchairPseph While your sympathetic portrayal of Kharavela sounds nice, sparse details about him makes any reasonable assessment suspect.
Review of the Constitution is no longer in the priority list of any party. Savitri Era Party takes this agenda forward to rectify past error
India's population has multiplied almost fourfold since Independence and hence it has become unmanageable as a single country and Democracy.
The system of Dual Govt, multiple parties, and bureaucrats from other States has played havoc due to which Development has taken a back seat
If Algeria or Argentina with similar population as Odisha are independent countries, then why Odisha should not be allowed to rule itself?
Why would a Prime Minister from Gujarat and a Chief Minister who can't speak Odia be sympathetic to the ancient civilisation that Odisha is?
Democracy in India has become anomalous due to vast & diverse population and nowhere in the world such an disastrous experiment is going on.
Parliamentary Democracy works efficiently in smaller countries and India should give birth to around 50 such new entities including Kashmir.
The way the democratically elected Govt of Delhi is humiliated proves that such Saas-Bahu serial is futile and the Central Govt is redundant
Democracy is tantamount to a certain distance between the Military & civilians but RSS strategy is to keep people charged with war rhetoric.
Just like someone's toothache troubles all in a huge joint family, a minor event in one corner of India harassing 1.3b citizens is absurd.
Linguistic diversity in India provides a perfect template for multiple nationhoods and there is no scope for any Central Govt to be imposed.
Despite its ancient history to insist that Odisha is not a nation is bizzare and symptomatic of some megalomania masquerading as nationalism
If there are more than one hundred countries in the world with less population than Odisha, then no reason why a Gujarati should rule them.
@AmbarishSharmaO The PM. The CM is also half-Odia and half-Punjabi and can't communicate to people in Odia though in office since 2000. Alas
Big States need split to 3-5 crore population level and all the States, including Kashmir, should be set free as independent countries.
Though an ancient civilisation, Odisha has been a victim of the totalitarian traits of Indian Constitution. School children have no shoes!
Like all other States and regions of India, Odisha too wants liberation from the yokes of an insensitive Central Govt and march as a nation.
@AmbarishSharmaO Yes, one side of argument. You are free to provide a counter narrative. Let there be a national debate over whole situation
Terrorist attack in Kashmir and Maoist attack in Odisha are two sides of the same coin. Self-determination by people can't be suppressed.
Traditionally, Ram is not worshipped in Odisha but by building new Ram temples, RSS wants to induct north-Indian ethos and throttle culture.
Kashmir is not a Pakistan issue nor has Military solution. Self-determination for Kashmir and Odisha should be weighed on the same footing.
School children who are fortunate to have shoes should join a campaign to provide shoes to those don't have, so that they walk with dignity.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Rituals are facing negotiation from Modernity and Feminism

Tweets by @SavitriEraParty
Savitri Era: Communists are blind to Sri Aurobindo's overture
Not a happy news on #HindiDivas but Sri Aurobindo Karmdhara has notified suspension of its print version (1972-2016)
Wide ranging changes in customs and lifestyle in the wake of Industrial Revolution is on and India is no exception. #SriAurobindo #Evolution
Those pleading for tradition & rituals are deaf to the footfall of treasures that the future can harvest as part of Evolution. #SriAurobindo
@SwarajyaMag By reading Sri Aurobindo, Sanjeev Sanyal and Jayant Sinha can vastly improve upon their Ontological perception & prescription
Enjoying off from work due to religious holidays shouldn't be addictive nor nurture inertia. Expecting change and overhaul must be a habit.
Doing justice to salary has become so entrenched that commitment to facts and right knowledge has taken a beating. So vigilance is necessary
Savitri Era and not Buddhism is the right route for Dalits to escape to mainstream and the sooner their leadership realises this the better.
BSP fiasco has left Dalits confused and fragmented. Proof why a robust philosophy like Sri Aurobindo's is essential for movements as fuel.
Philosophers the world over have been striving for long to explain the functioning of the world without the concept of God in various guises
The Life Divine by Sri Aurobindo demolishes the combined efforts of atheists, rationalists, and Marxists, devastatingly, to reestablish God.
Instead of whining against Brahmins and Hindutva day in and day out, Dalits should embrace the liberal and global ideology of Sri Aurobindo.
Dalits have a sizable votebank but no leader. Instead of allowing unity to fritter away & advantage squandered, should accept Sri Aurobindo.
New found bonhomie between Dalits and Marxists animating student politics looks promising. Sri Aurobindo offers mature and enduring solution
Dalits believe that Ambedkar gave infallible theory. Same mistake as Arya Samaj vis-à-vis Dayananda. Need to study Sri Aurobindo critically.
Dalits & Tribals have served as crucial factors against the homogenising propensity of Hindutva. Sri Aurobindo can lend ideological bulwark.
BSP and Reservations have contributed to further Ghettoisation of Dalits leading to discrimination & deprivation. Sri Aurobindo can correct.
Conflating Dalits and minorities is an electoral compulsion but lacks ideological affinity or advantage. Dalits must discover Sri Aurobindo.
Discarding Hinduism to bolster Buddhism is a classic example of jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. Sri Aurobindo offers safe home.
@Ram_Guha @aadityahbti Thanks for mentioning Sri Aurobindo. Time to atone for excluding from Makers of Modern India by critical reassessment
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo refuse instant solutions. Grappling with current issues and burning problems have to be attempted to turn it Yoga
Aim of Integral Yoga is life, writes Dr. K.N. Varma, and endeavouring to fill life's imperfections with Divine aspiration to transform them.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have made the middlemen unemployed and empowered each individual to establish direct relation with the Evolution.
Instead of personal salvation as goal & resorting to selfish modalities towards it, The Mother & Sri Aurobindo ask surrendering to Evolution
Surrender is normally associated with bhakti and considered as a matter of heart but Sri Aurobindo is brutally honest to extend it to mind.
Despite being ignored for a century Sri Aurobindo has not lost an iota of relevance. That shows how powerful revolutions are silent & steady
@AmbedkarCaravan @ROUNDTABLEIND @khalidanisansa1 Real third way for Dalits to overcome is to embrace the path of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo.
Exclusive concentration is how Sri Aurobindo explains the uniqueness of an individual and hence commonality among humans is something rare.
Whether science is good or bad is a task within the domain of science itself. Same is the case with philosophy and test of intellectuality.
How far away people are from science can be imagined from the widespread ignorance of right nutritional value of foods they cook and consume
@DasBolshevik Sidelining top knowledge source can't be considered a virtue. Ignoring Sri Aurobindo's futuristic theory is such a catastrophe
@DasBolshevik Superficial discords are symptomatic of deeper secrets for understanding which there is no better authority than Sri Aurobindo
AAP, BJP, SP, BSP, Congress, and the Communists are making Sri Aurobindo relevant every passing day. Even the U.S. Hillary vs. Trump contest
Mythology and science can't go together. Emotional clinging to the past and unverified narratives should be replaced ruthlessly by raw data.
Finding something interesting or holding any cause close to the heart is not altogether innocent or harmless if probed from Freudian angles.
The Mother warns against music that titillates and Sri Aurobindo says Ananda is an altogether different zone than our ordinary concept of it
Atheists, Dalits, Marxists, and Hindutva votaries need to be healed of Ontological flaw by injecting Sri Aurobindo's Evolutionary dialectic.
Priorities in life and perspectives on issues are severely skewed due to gender divide which Integral Yoga has an ambitious aim of bridging.
The same Marxists who fight for freeing copyright for dissemination of knowledge would not touch Sri Aurobindo's writings with a barge pole.
Hard to find a single University teacher in either side of the ideological isle who openly sides with Sri Aurobindo or recommends his works.
In the absence of incentives and remunerations, dedicated study of Sri Aurobindo's thought has dried and the current dispensation seems deaf
Theoretical relevance of Sri Aurobindo in wide ranging fields like philosophy, psychology, science, education, literature, politics etc huge
Marxist imperialism and arbitrariness in education domain must be squarely overthrown so that the reign of Sri Aurobindo is given a free run
Undergraduates must be rescued from the sanitised syllabi thrust by the Marxists and exposed to the Evolutionary ontology of Sri Aurobindo.
Just like Congress is no more the natural party to rule, Marxist Profs must be shown the door so that the mischief they've perpetrated stops
@a_r_j_u_n I agree with your sentiments but not with the grand narrative you love to espouse that is clouded by Mythology & retrograde ethos
@a_r_j_u_n I'd request you to think for yourself instead of depending upon and falsely glorifying other scholars and obsession with history.
@a_r_j_u_n I know that your encounter with Sri Aurobindo stops at respect and obviously I am not a fan of the Aurobindo of your conception.
@a_r_j_u_n Pigeonholing someone as secular is an old Hindutva game and serves no purpose. Sri Aurobindo is smart enough to defy false label
@a_r_j_u_n These kind of studies including that of Prof @blog_supplement are excellent for intellectual development but puerile as ideology.
@a_r_j_u_n Hope you disabuse yourself of the notion that I have not read anything during my last sixty years. Am amused with your innocence!
Marxist-atheists, Dalit-Buddhists, Hindutva-obscurantists, and Congress juvenility are to be fought with the single weapon of Sri Aurobindo
When you have a Govt of your choice, it's illogical to advise it on day to day happenings and each and every issue bypassing its own wisdom.
Hindutva occupying centrestage has one advantage in that traditional rituals are being subjected to negotiation with modernity and progress.
Feminism is also coming to the fore in questioning Hindutva anachronisms and an internal fermentation leading to reforms is not far behind.
Music is often lauded for lyrics and in that sense a few genres in India are overrated. Discretion is the better part of valour not to name.
Reimagining and Refashioning Integral Management - Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) Ghaziabad
Redistributing content is one of the finest gifts of the Internet age but the recalcitrance observed on Twitter to RT is really so pathetic!
While friends are legion on Facebook, one meets adversaries more on Twitter which corroborates A wise enemy is better than a foolish friend.
@India_Progress Odisha (Utkalinga) as an ancient civilisation needs to be studied independently and not as an adjunct of modern day Bengal.
Odia cuisine, Odia language and its script are excellent products of human civilisation with which Indians should voluntarily be acquainted.
@c_aashish @waatho I retire on turning 60 but Railways won't allow Senior Citizen's concession until I'm 61. Why this gap year? @RailMin_Care

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Communists are blind to Sri Aurobindo's overture

Tweets by @SavitriEraParty
Savitri Era: Liberal ideals are of Vedic origin #SriAurobindo
@MRVChennai To his credit, his brand of popular history has a host of RW acolytes now, adept at applying slant with impunity and finesse.
If truth is at a discount in an empirical domain like History, then expecting any firm proposition in the world of Metaphysics is farfetched
Sri Aurobindo has written on a prominent role for India in shaping human future but that is more about chasing Vedic knowledge & perfection.
The Mother's hand in defining Sri Aurobindo's concept of man & his destiny stemming from a Judeo-Vedic symbiosis is unprecedented & epochal.
With The Mother & Sri Aurobindo's work on Cellular transformation conforming to Vedic imperative & Lurianic Kabbalah emerges a new religion.
Just because Indian diversity is susceptible to vote bank politics exploiting it won't continue for ever. Sri Aurobindo wants rise of reason
Since reason alone can't assure an enduring motivation towards right path, faith and loyalty need to be drawn from religion, in combination.
Inertia and ignorance force people to fall back on tradition and status quo but The Mother & Sri Aurobindo offer a safe home sans confusion.
The rigour and sophistication with which The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have examined the human condition vis-à-vis religion is verily peerless.
Rather than as inheritance, following a religion should be assessed on the basis of merits and demerits just as supporting a political party
The legacy of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo spanning over more than a century has a large reservoir of knowledge and devotion across the globe.
More and more people with genuine quest & scientific perspective are recognising the futuristic potentials of Sri Aurobindo's pronouncements
Although many fine minds are held captive by Hindutva, gradual efflorescence of curiosity and knowledge in them can't be held back for long.
Problem with Hindutva is that no one has authority or is responsible as to which text or philosophy is right. Sri Aurobindo charts out path.
Dalit antipathy towards Vedic knowledge as unveiled by Sri Aurobindo is pushing them towards intolerance & fanaticism scuttling emancipation
Unfortunate that no one tells Dalits how new Cognitive psychology and Genetic engineering findings coincide with Sri Aurobindo's prophecies.
A single tweet is enough to convince any one about Sri Aurobindo but to wake up those who are pretending to sleep needs constant hammering.
Both Right and Left have found it safe to ignore Sri Aurobindo but no more. Savitri Erans have enough ammunitions to disrupt their strategy.
Irreconcilable fissures exist among RW and Hindutva proponents. Sri Aurobindo comes handy to exacerbate the rupture when controversies erupt
Hindutva is yet to conquer India, convincingly. While so-called Secular forces claim credit, followers of Sri Aurobindo must snatch victory.
The Mother warns that "the past seeks to endure" and Sri Aurobindo exhorts to be worthy of "the noons of the future." So no room for laxity.
Communists were pioneers in the field of experimental and avant garde films and literature. We find them blind to Sri Aurobindo's overture.
Characterisation of India's past has been problematic with Hegel, Marx, & Max Weber. Indians no better except Sri Aurobindo's deft handling.
Political players leveraging own factions for winning games of Democracy is understandable. Sri Aurobindo foresees play of widening ambits.
The fact that neither the Hindu majority nor the Bahujan samaj were able to seize electoral victory is proof of Evolutionary forces at work.
Vedic light, freedom, & perfection are unseen goals of humanity which The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have underscored in their copious writings.
Prosperity and pomp have become the new criteria of credibility and respectability for modern day ashrams instead of treasures of knowledge.
Pilgrims thronging festivals and rituals exposes the utter neglect of education and employment the majority of Hindu population suffers from
Both Hindutva and the Communists want the masses to be in ignorance so that they can be manipulated well. Sri Aurobindo votes for knowledge.
Ideologies followed by AAP, BJP, Congress, & the Left makes them adversaries of the Nation if one is acquainted with Sri Aurobindo's vision.
@ramolia82 From a long-term perspective neither Pak nor Islam need be seen as a concern. They are minor irritants in comparison to Hindutva.
Sri Aurobindo had no confidence in piecemeal solutions. Tinkering with systemic flaws may be contingent but latching on to Evolution needed.
@Duttvijay @manishpant22 It's necessary to look beyond activism and discover true wisdom unveiled by Sri Aurobindo.
@profabanerjee Thanks, with encouragements from @SangeetaRG @sarojoshi65 @Ji16Sanjay @Nimai_Swain @kuldips59 @ramolia82 and @SanyalIndranil

Monday, September 12, 2016

Liberal ideals are of Vedic origin

Not many on Twitter are adequately conversant with Sri Aurobindo's writings and in that sense I consider myself fortunate and a bit special.
Yoga and spiritual aspects of Sri Aurobindo's teaching are well-known and receive Institutional patronage. I popularise his political views.
Both Western and Indian Philosophy have been lukewarm towards Sri Aurobindo and his reception in the non-academic circle too is rudimentary.
Studies have been attempted on political philosophy of Sri Aurobindo but present rise of Modi and RSS lend an excellent context and urgency.
While different political parties are scratching their heads and scrambling to grapple with the Hindutva menace, the clue is firmly with me.
The philosophy of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have been explained by competent disciples with due fidelity but political facet lacking focus.
Many followers of Sri Aurobindo are averse to politics and some are wedded to Hindutva. That leaves my task unique and the track, untrodden.
It amuses me how intellectuals in India don't realise what I see so naturally. Then the question of funding emerges which dictates ideology.
Democracy has deified numbers but "Talent is rare" (Satyajit Ray) and "Equality, Quality and Quantity: The Elusive Triangle..." (J.P. Naik).
Thus despite lacking popular reception so far, the intervention of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo a century back is sure to illumine the future.
Gandhi, Nehru, and Ambedkar did fight the Hindutva menace in their own way in the firefighting mode with some help from Marxist academicians
Opposing majoritarian Hindutva on rationalist and humanist planks succeeded but within thirty years of Independence they could taste power.
Hindutva however clung to all kinds of backdoor methods and piggyback riding to capture power until Modi happened with complex ramifications
Despite its avowed antipathy towards Communism, Hindutva's engagement with Socialism, Lohia, Ambedkar, SVD, and JP is an interesting story.
Besides, at one point or the other, both CPI and RSS have scuttled Freedom struggle but endorsed Indira Gandhi, JP movement, and Anna Hazare
Some prefer to restrict Hindutva to Savarkar's pamphlet or Golwalkar's "Bunch of Thoughts" but nuances accrued from Deendayal to Sudheendra.
RSS seems to understand the diversity obtaining in India and has avoided pushing Hindu agenda mindlessly fearing damage to the social fabric
Many people like K.R. Malkani, Sikander Bakht, & Dattopant Thengadi have been instrumental in weaning Hindutva away from fundamentalist diet
Die hard supporters crave for a hardliner leader but BJP and RSS have so far been level headed due to compulsion of seeking votes from all.
Apart from harking back to Mythology, Rituals, and obscurantism, Hindutva was a manageable proposition but Reliance-Modi factor adds danger.
From "Ramdev launches political party named 'Bharat Swabhiman' (March 17, 2010) to Swaraj Abhiyan, India has seen manifold confusion.
If Modi were merely a Reliance project with RSS as midwife it would have been tolerable but involvement of an International syndicate exists
Thus, as far as being hand in glove with International operators is concerned, AAP, BJP, Congress, and Communists are birds of same feather.
With Modi at the helm, no one is sure how much he helps the cause of Hindutva or expands its core constituency. RSS didn't bargain for such.
Overall, the attempt is to avoid looking at Hindutva through a monochromatic lens and indicate RSS-Modi contradictions & fatal consequences.
That brings us to the Hindu ecosystem with its elaborate Mythology and intricate Philosophy which even baffled Hegel
Not only a large mass of Indians follows the religious tradition but also a new section of elite takes pride in Hindu culture and philosophy
Flip-flop by BJP, RSS, or Modi notwithstanding, a loyal section of Hindu population will always be the silent vote bank and funds provider.
Faith being the cementing factor, no critical stance can disturb such an ecosystem but a theoretical antidote stands the chance of invading.

The role of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo springs up at this precise moment which had been waiting in the wings for almost a whole century now.
Point is, the Gandhian, Nehruvian, and Marxist ammunitions that have been deployed to keep Hindutva at bay have turned blunt and ineffective
Further the popularity Congress once enjoyed has been squandered away by successive leaders due to faulty policies and ambivalence on issues
A firm indication that in the absence of robust theoretical bulwark, mere enthusiasm is not enough to resist a behemoth like Hindutva ethos.
Surely, Development, employment, and other economic issues are far more important than matters of religion as the Leftists keep on harping.
Sri Aurobindo on the other hand hints at the primacy of religion which has proved to be the Achilles' heel of the whole Communist ecosystem.
Sri Aurobindo can be surmised to be sharing the Marxist anathema for organised religion but he doesn't throw the baby out with the bathwater
Ambedkar's painstaking studies on religion similarly examined sociological aspects and their political consequences bypassing spiritual core
Marxists have tried to apply corrective by appropriating Gandhi, Tagore, and Vivekananda to an extent but siding with Islam has warped track
Though difficult to grasp Sri Aurobindo's thought from a couple of books, it's profitable to glean from "Our Ideal"
While provincialism is a norm with most political parties in India, Sri Aurobindo posits a form of Nationalism that embraces whole humanity.
In advocating a federal World Govt, Sri Aurobindo is echoing what thinkers from Kant to BC Pal envisioned as inevitable Evolutionary outcome
Although Sri Aurobindo has dwelt upon some external characteristics differentiating the East from West, he is firm about future human unity.
@desaisantosh Sri Aurobindo reiterates eternal values date back to Shruti and have been available to the seers in their vivid inevitability.
@Mint_Opinion @livemint Sri Aurobindo teaches to respect Evolution and value its direction despite its opposing elements achieving success.
Savitri Era Learning Forum: Dr. Karan Singh says goodbye to Auroville #SriAurobindo
Savitri Era: Human volition is a toy in the hands of Evolution #SriAurobindo
Non-human teachers also play significant roles as enumerated in
After enjoying the bare beauty of Astaranga beach, noticed school children returning home in bare feet @OdiaCulture

Monday, September 05, 2016

Human volition is a toy in the hands of Evolution

Tweets by @SavitriEraParty
Savitri Era: RSS itself should retire #SriAurobindo #FiveDreams
@Bodhisatvaa Author's family connections may be dictating such PR exercise and you are certifying it. Please preserve your critical faculty.
@samas777 @Retributions Not to forget, Reliance, in fact, nurtures the ambition to take over the State which Modi is stealthily facilitating
From Gandhi to Modi, Gujarat's culture of reliance upon business houses is so normal. Raising an alternative paradigm for politics is needed
@a_r_j_u_n Reexamining your own expectations and insistences is rather a better course for evaluating how BJP is trying to modifying itself.
Who killed Gandhi is a fruitless debate like Is Subhas alive? How to elbow out the Gandhis from political scene should be the sole doctrine.
When one thought that Internet made things accessible and transparent, came the wicked Apps which are barriers and cause disenfranchisement.
R-Jio announcements send shivers down the spine as the worst prospects of "Big-Brother-is-Watching-You" loom large and there is no escape.
Quantum of mandays lost in observance of Rituals and countless Festivals in India, plus the indolence they promote, is simply unforgivable.
Science is the source of power, both economic and military. Mythology is responsible for preventing blossoming of scientific spirit in India
Rediscovering our identities as human beings beyond any kind of demographic taxonomy and securing Constitutional sanction for it is priority
All train names are superfluous and should be abolished, and replaced by numbers like flights showing originating and terminating stations.
People from Delhi are not much aware of or enthusiastic about visiting Puri. Best beach of the country apart, it has diverse others to offer
If you've run out of tourist destinations, visit Haldia. Take an afternoon stroll alongside the river. Rejuvenating!
To know the name of a river or a station a train crosses is difficult to know for a passenger as size and location of signboards are flawed.
Many songs are shot in remote as well as popular locations and @Vividhbhartiorg should remind listeners of those before playing the numbers.
Just because some facts and views have been presented in an well written article and published in a respectable site, it need not be valid.
Texts belonging to 5000 - 7000 years of Indian civilisation can't have full relevance for those born after 2000. Ruthless excision necessary
@prabhashashi Waking to the challenges of future and taking stock of current creativity is needed by coming out of the prison of old sayings
If we are really an extraterrestrial entity as MT believes then a huge fraternity of planets promising life across galaxies can be conceived
Origin of life and march of Evolution spans over billions of years and so illusory mythological stories shouldn't cloud children's thinking.
Just because "RSS has waxed" it can't claim legitimacy. It straggles with an omnibus ideology unheeding Sri Aurobindo's sharp criticisms.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have not only criticised major religions but also found fault with many lifestyle choices imposed by modern world
While we concur with the overall thrust of arguments, portrayal of Sri Aurobindo's ideology and vision is uninformed
Three sins of Ambedkar: 1) Tainting the Constitution with SC & ST, 2) Not reading commentaries by Sri Aurobindo, and 3) Valorizing Buddhism.
India today is a product of complex course of history, philosophy, and technology. Sri Aurobindo asks to prepare for a front-runner's role.
The most tangible aspect of Sri Aurobindo's teaching is he provides an alternative to Marxist, Nehruvian, Ambedkar, and Hindutva worldviews.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo valiantly pushed an alternative global perspective surpassing Bankim, Bipin, Tagore, Vivekananda & Radhakrishnan.
The most surprising phenomenon about erudite Hindutva votaries is they never talk about its inadequacies, perniciousness, or contradictions.
Rituals and ceremonies are not harmless acts, apart from being unscientific. The Mother warns about frightening occult consequences of them.
Recovering from hubris and checking one's beliefs and convictions with Sri Aurobindo is essential for walking safe in life sans confusions.
Akin to cleaning of garbage from public spaces, it's everyone's responsibility to keep our mindspaces free from Mythology and superstitions.
@GreatHeretic Sri Aurobindo avoids specifics but The Mother at one place tells about the ill effects of worshipping the black Kali idol.
@GreatHeretic As long as one is under the spell of R&V, one can't grasp the full import of what The Mother & Sri Aurobindo say. Problematic!
@GreatHeretic Only in passing. You have started reading Sri Aurobindo and it will take time to discover the whole range of Himalayan peaks.
@GreatHeretic The writeup ends with a "host of questions" and that is enough indication. You may however author a book on their connection.
Just like exercise of body can be done by oneself, understanding Sri Aurobindo's distinctiveness can be attained by continuous self-effort.
@RAJIVNJAIN66 @NewsGram1 Please read the works of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo for a more enlightened take on Karma & rebirth beyond religions
[The all-absorbing interest in food and its consumption should be replaced by an almost chemical knowledge of needs]
Many pronouncements of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are beyond scrutiny by present tools of science. Focus should be on their political vision
Being on the side of Sri Aurobindo means discarding Mythology, religion, and rusted philosophies of Tagore, Gandhi, Nehru, and Radhakrishnan
Indians must stimulate their creativity in designing new tech products instead of confining it to Mythology and hackneyed religious artwork.
Rationalists believe in the autonomy of human volition without realising that it is a toy in the hands of Evolution, explains Sri Aurobindo.
Don't fall prey to Marxists, atheists, and Rationalists; avoid the other extreme occupied by Hindutva. Read Sri Aurobindo for justification.
Reimagining and Refashioning Integral Management - Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) Ghaziabad
@sippy_sippy Time is running out. Modi must have his Nobel. You should be kind and accommodating to that extent. He doesn't want a 2nd term.
Instead of millstone, someone has tweeted milestone as regards Modi. Strange, how fairly educated men stoop to delude themselves and others!
Even films like Munna Bhai M.B.B.S. or Gandhigiri raised positive feelings among viewers but Hindutva supporters ferment religious division.
There is no dearth of people who repose their faith in common sense, fairness, and sympathy. They will all support Savitri Era Party someday
@ThinkersPad @Sheks65 I have a copy of "Doosri Gita" of 700 verses where Arjuna requests a second innings after the War and Krishna obliges.
@Sheks65 @ThinkersPad Check Mahabharata; it's very much part of it. Sad that Hindutva stalwarts are so inadequately informed of tradition!
@Sheks65 Instead of showing gratitude for imparting you new knowledge on Teachers' Day, you are calling my explanations! Not Hindu culture!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

RSS itself should retire

Tweets by @SavitriEraParty 
Savitri Era: Modernist agenda of Savitri Era Party #SriAurobindo
@jasmvk So, what is the alternative? Without positing that no meaningful task is possible.
@jasmvk Modi majority is not for ever. Task is to build a new party so that the modern generation can have an option other than cow worship.
Hindutva votaries used to promise that they will set the History books right. No such confidence is visible now save stray digital articles.
Travelled from Udhampur to Jammu by bus last Sunday & it indeed felt like cruising through some Science Fiction zone
@ShootinThoughts At times, contemplating over the wisdom of a specific tweet (or lack of it) is in order instead of focusing on the author.
RSS doesn't try much to defend itself for it understands that the more acute is its criticism, the more will be the number of its supporters
Common and easy strategy is castigating the detractors instead of coming clean on allegations or clearing their concerns and apprehensions.
No other person's death anniversary can serve so much of happiness and enjoyment especially if Vividh Bharati is on.
@Rjsayema This is the best ever by #RafiSahab @Raja_Sw @Satyapriyan
Watched Aan and thought Nimmi being in a double role; later, found out she is Sheela Naik. Baahubali kept on crossing my mind as comparison.
Savitri Era Learning Forum: Three melodious song offerings #SriAurobindo
@ShekharGupta Remember the tagline, "If you want to talk, you don't have to walk" (Superphone intercom in 1978) ? Now, "To quit, just tweet"
UP is being projected as a direct fight between BSP & BJP but the reality is Akhilesh is firmly ensconced in his throne to perform hat-trick
Those enjoying power and wealth by selling victimhood to Dalits will never agree to dispensing equality to all under the Indian Constitution
@LopakdotIn This exposé shows how watchdogs are essential cogs in the wheel of Democracy.
@biswajeetdash @alok_bhatt @OdiaCulture A variant with flat exterior is called Neua in Odia. A poor cousin, indeed, in terms of taste.
@alok_bhatt @mamtan14 @OdiaCulture Neither Kaddu nor Sitafal bring sense of the shape of Pumpkin by sound effect as its Odia name, Kakharu.
This national campaign against Reservations is being run by @SavitriEraParty to awaken people at large to the virtues of Liberty & Equality.
If private companies handle their own Foreign affairs, there is no reason why States shouldn't set up their own Overseas issues Ministries.
Since many Indians hold considerable asset in foreign lands including human resources, Nationalism has turned a nebulous and porous concept.
Democracy is all about dreams. One should enjoy one's own conception of and hope for an ideal society. Only imposing on others is a problem.
Democracy is an admirable proposition but a political party through which it functions is like a Leviathan so far as a citizen is concerned.
Science is the threshold separating a verifiable fact from hypothesis. Those valorising Mythology and Rituals do enormous harm to Science.
Body has a role in industrial and health related activities but in matters of religious experience, it is likely to be lazy and mechanical.
Popular brands of Hinduism reinforce the mechanical model of Mimamsa and Tantra whereas Sri Aurobindo refuted it and preferred Consciousness
All forms of activism and marketing are proven Defence mechanisms and so their sanity part is a little suspect, but not always the issues.
Even Freud established a predatory duality between the analysand and the analyst but The Mother & Sri Aurobindo award autonomy sans any Guru
Crossed Dadri level crossing yesterday for an auto & it seemed to be an expedition with Captain Cook. Filth on Pathankot rly tracks appaling
@Roflindian Objections:
1. The Picture seems to be concealing more than revealing
2. A perfect moment in time doesn't seem to be convincing.
Just like true Democracy is a hostage of rules of Parliament, price discovery is prevented to a large extent by the rules of Stock Markets.
Most issues of Governance and Development are subordinated to the Muslim factor and hence change to Presidential system is the only saviour.
Treat all citizens as equal. No Reservations or privilege dispensation. Free the citizens from the clutch of religions on lifestyle choices.
Reservations pile up more and more grooves of privileges involving a plethora of injustices. Time now to throw away this worn out machinery.
Indian State must not discriminate among its citizens. Labeling them as SC, ST, or OBC etc. is against the spirit of Liberty and Equality.
People from all castes and sections are occupying influential positions and hence justification for social justice no longer have relevance.
Love for India shouldn't degenerate to a slavish loyalty for BJP. Sri Aurobindo keeps aloft a sublime version of Nationalism and Human Unity
Protect your individuality, protest against received wisdom and imposition of Rituals and Superstitions. Sri Aurobindo provides ammunitions.
Rebel against Mythology and the whole industry that is built around it to fleece you. Insulate your children from being contaminated by it.
People following questionable ideologies are quoting Sri Aurobindo out of context. Beware of their keenness in seeking deceptive legitimacy!
Hindutva demands the kind of protectionism that Marxism has enjoyed in Media and Universities but Sri Aurobindo encourages free war of ideas
Sri Aurobindo far surpasses Vico, Herder, Hamann, & Hegel in his independent inquiry into motivations behind Evolution and East-West tension
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo experimenting with cells when Margulis and Sagan, Maturana and Varela, and Luhmann too were active is interesting
Rescuing Sri Aurobindo from the worshipers of cow, Sanskrit, and Mythology is essential to expose the youth to Tech, Science, and Modernity.
India is not free yet as despicable ideologies are ruling the political discourse. Bringing Sri Aurobindo's vision to centrestage is uphill.
How many have read a complete biography of Sri Aurobindo? It is a necessity for understanding the significance of the genesis of new India.
Role of Sri Aurobindo is critical in injecting a slew of correctives to a series of skewed diversions thrust by various Renaissance schools.
History is important but more important is to rescue the current course of events from being steered by the RSS. Sri Aurobindo is the means.
Many forces like the Marxists, Dalits, rationalists & secular brigades of various hues are against RSS but themselves harbour serious flaws.
Parliament is the appointed place for discussion of issues but everyone seems to want them decided outside. Telecasting proceedings futile.
Sectarian and partisan politics pull away from rational understanding of issues but Sri Aurobindo assures that such foolish phases will pass
Democracy hinges upon the right person being elected to rule. By being lured by false will-o'-the-wisps, Indians have been a failure so far.
A large section of educated Indians being RSS supporters, one can only pray for a liberal and ethical polity reigning the country by 2047!
Ignorant voters are often blamed for electing wrong persons to power. But educated citizens are more responsible for supporting the corrupt.
Sri Aurobindo is hopeful that the rule of Reason and Ethics is bound to replace the present state of affairs driven by fear, hate, and greed
Modi is a known protector of crony-Capitalism and corruption. Followers of Sri Aurobindo must stop supporting this anti-Evolutionary agent.
Apparent democratic functioning of BJP and liberal posture of Modi are brilliant smokescreens. Invisible hand of RSS is expanding its grip.
Anyone who is fighting for truth, moderation, restraint, decency and transparency can be said to be a soldier of Sri Aurobindo's #FiveDreams
@SaatmA I don't recommend "Experience" since imposters are the first to jump over and start spinning a yarn or an immersion healing session.
Reimagining and Refashioning Integral Management - Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) Ghaziabad
RSS, itself, and not its shorts, merely, should retire. Born with all good intentions, it has verily turned into a Frankenstein's monster.
No sympathiser of RSS can be a votary of freedom and Democracy. None of its members has ever demanded any transparency or accountability.
India is afflicted with numerous burning problems but burying RSS is a priority for re-evaluation of issues and exploring remedial measures.
Politics in UP and Bengal is driven by large concentration of Muslim voters. Those complaining appeasement etc. fail to grasp the reality.
State-wise arithmetic doesn't permit any firm pattern precipitating in national politics. Despite apparent stability, India is on a volcano.
For facilitating urgent change of journey plans by trains available at the time, sale of tickets within the platform area should be provided
Twitter is an excellent platform where one grows fast. But those who employ staff or hide identity may not benefit from its full potential.
A common mistake by newcomers is to follow celebrities & ladies. Searching by topics and circulating deserving tweets should be the strategy
@ArmchairPseph @devayasna Thanks. Kalinga as birthplace of Buddha should be examined seriously for possible discovery of many missing links.
Old and outdated facts crowd our textbooks and People are given disproportionate importance. Children should study only the latest concepts.
Proverbs, like Rituals, have enormous hold upon the masses. Lines from some evergreen Bollywood numbers too tend to sway people's emotions.
Film lyrics offer almost the entire inventory of nuggets of philosophy and hence the youth in India don't feel attracted towards Cosmology.
Some influential streams of philosophy emphasise upon the primacy of the individual but parents are the most important points of departure.
Unlike the present day urban youth, being born and brought up in a village is a huge advantage for understanding why Hindutva to be avoided.