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Savitri Era Religion respects all faiths and traditions to avoid hatred

Sri Aurobindo is known as a revolutionary against the British rule but his most important achievement - along with The Mother - was defeating Hitler (by lending support to British war effort). Implications of this is not over; vigilance against anti-Evolutionary forces essential.

Supporting the British was difficult to understand for many among Sri Aurobindo's close associates. His other political initiatives were not accepted by the Congress leaders. To this day, his actions and priorities remain misunderstood; full loyalty and devotion needed to fathom.

Many followers of Sri Aurobindo are found to be fond of badmouthing Muslims and Christians but for Savitri Era Party, it's not a priority. Fascist and Kafkaesque tendencies active behind the Hindutva movement is rather a much more menacing factor against future peace and harmony.

Apart from raising awareness against Astrology, Mythology, and Rituals, Savitri Era Party has been urging to rediscover the Veda as interpreted by Sri Aurobindo. Breaking the stranglehold of current gurus in not permitting the public to read Sri Aurobindo is also an action point.

Mischievous rejection of religion by Marxist and Nehruvian writers made Hindutva respectable as a backlash. Sri Aurobindo however has made elaborate examination of human progress a century earlier and this insight arms Savitri Era Party to reject Hindutva lock, stock, and barrel.

It'd be clear now how the stand of #SavitriEraParty on Hindutva is profoundly different than that of Congress, Marxist, or Ambedkar supporters. Savitri Era philosophy is 1) Vedic, 2) Evolutionary, and 3) Integral or global. Our views on diverse subjects at

Nothing at present indicates that Savitri Era Party can be a success (it's already twelve years), but having seen some dramatic changes happening quite unexpectedly, I'm hopeful that such a change can come. Instead of a miracle, it should be perceived as logical outcome of events

A 2014 picture of my village home in Odisha where The Mother came to me in 1964 when I was nine (I'm 64 now)... My initial lessons in self-reflection and self-management,... I continue to express such frustrations and disappointments here in various forms.

I think, DDU wrote in Hindi and hence not much accessible. Further, like his other contemporaries, he is dated. Today's world is a much more complicated and interconnected one. We invoke The Mother & Sri Aurobindo for their spiritual force; any other name is a "contamination."

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo (1872 - 1973) are a continuation of Western values blended with Vedic wisdom. Trouncing Hitler was their prime achievement which forms a modern mythology. Their critique of Hinduism and other religions heralds a new era for the mankind. #FiveDreams #WW2

March of modern civilisation through Girolamo Savonarola (21 September 1452 – 23 May 1498), Giordano Bruno (1548 – 17 February 1600), Galileo Galilei (15 February 1564 – 8 January 1642), and Voltaire (21 November 1694 – 30 May 1778) et al needs to be remembered vis-à-vis Hindutva

Ram is no stranger to political discourse in India but regrettably forms a serious methodological hurdle in academic pursuit. For instance, relationship between the Veda and the Avesta should have been a fertile field of research (where Ram matters little) but not much enthusiasm

The story of the other Mother #MirraAlfassa contains many clues to understand our existence as well as the future. #TheLifeDivine by #SriAurobindo is still the best bet against pure scientific perception of the cosmos. Need to explore the evolutionary saga

AIT like Big bang or Quantum mechanics is still a contested domain involving a lot of speculation. So, it's better to wait for some final breakthrough leaving the field to experts like blog_supplement or @bennedose. Any emotional support has the potential of misguiding the young.

But what's the basis of your asserting that it was a bogey; has it been conclusively proved? If yes then the conspirators should be booked. There should be a logical end to the whole affair. Sadly the backlog is so much that we are waking up to Netaji files or Tashkent files now!

Predominant role of TV in life as well as politics has altered many previous notions. The wide reach of SM similarly has added depth to Democracy. Yet, a deeper look hints at increasing distance and disenchantment of people with political action, barring some entertainment value.

Politics, by definition, denotes demolishing hierarchy but, in effect, creates a deep-rooted hierarchical framework. Democracy is nothing but a well laid out organisational structure with diverse powers and functions distributed somewhat arbitrarily through merit or manipulation.

Ordinary citizens are powerless to make any difference to the affairs of the state unless they form large groups akin to political parties. Local consultative process is almost absent which creates a huge chasm between the highest and lowest poles of the Constitutional framework.

There is no democratically functioning political party in a country of 1.366b population like India. Personality based politics privileges triviality over ideology. The Constitution itself seems to be disputed in view of demands like Hindu Rashtra and open attacks on secularism.

Savitri Era Party aims at a fully rational functioning of Democracy leading to a harmonious society. Although it would seem naïveté to expect such a state of affair in the present circumstances, it's confident of this Evolutionary march as envisaged by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo.

Savitri Era Religion respects all faiths and traditions to avoid hatred. It encourages an intellectual environment without outright rejection of Marxist discourse. Civil Society norms are a priority and espousing Democracy, Modernity, and Scientific attitude is a responsibility.

Darshan Day tomorrow. This is what The Mother wrote about the feminist movement on July 7, 1916. #MirraAlfassa #SriAurobindo #SavitriEra #FiveDreams #WorldUnion #WW1 #Feminism @NathTusar

The Mother's final arrival in Puducherry on April 24, 1920 to November 17, 1973, when she passed away is a long history coinciding with momentous events taking place in India as well as the world. Let's hope, more are more Indians take interest in knowing about her contributions.

Someone just chided me to be childish and remembering The Mother on the Darshan Day, it's a great blessing. Of course, the challenge is to move from the childish arena towards the child-like domain. #MirraAlfassa #SriAurobindo #DarshanDay #BeLikeAFlower

What's guarantee that she @ShefVaidya won't do a @priyankac19 or @Dr_Uditraj ? It's only a matter of time and convenience. (“When the facts change, I change my mind." -Keynes). The original phrase is Aaya Ram Gaya Ram

She @ShefVaidya may be a Navagunjara. [Finally, a child in the crowd blurts out that the emperor is wearing nothing at all and the cry is then taken up by others. The emperor realizes the assertion is true but continues the procession.]

I'm not thorough on the details nor much interested in this particular case. The Courts are the ultimate authority and personal feelings should wait. Some involvement however can't be ruled out, as of date.

Expressing beliefs and conjectures are staple of SM but I feel certain people should be responsible and fair. Your views as an Hindutva activist often lacks that and clashes with likely civil society response. Even the language of a person like @arvindneela has coarsened of late.

Remembering Aravind N. Das (1949-2000) whose India Invented on DD3 used to be such a breath of fresh air. Also Surendra Pratap Singh (1948-1997) who changed the news scenario with his Aaj Tak. Sensational murder of Irfan Hussain, a fine cartoonist is also etched on the mind still

Ancient Egyptian civilization is where the roots of most religions and culture lie but is never discussed much. Most Indian temple architecture and sculpture owe their origin to it. There are much other indebtedness in mythology, legends, philosophy, etc.

14 great men in pairs John Milton and Milton Friedman, Benjamin Franklin and Walter Benjamin, Alexander the Great and Samuel Alexander, Erasmus of Rotterdam and Erasmus Darwin, Edmund Spenser and Herbert Spencer, Bertrand Russell and Peter Russell, Giordano Bruno and Bruno Latour

Democracy is like a dress that hides but doesn't eliminate ugly realities. Sri Aurobindo relies more on the transformation of human nature and evolution of an ethical environment than incremental reforms for bringing about any lasting change in different organisational frameworks

As actual history including ordinary happenings have begun to be seen as evolutionary unfolding since at least Hegel, present imperfections have to be looked upon as part of the churning with Sri Aurobindo's equanimity in the absence of a clear perception of what helps or hinders

I tweeted against Modi before and after his election. I didn't oppose any govt policy or action as it's its right and wisdom. I started supporting the govt as it went soft on Hindutva. I want Modi to have the second and final term, but deplore his washing feet of fellow citizens.

Because Hindutva is invested in the past and doesn't subscribe to the evolutionary vision of Sri Aurobindo. Present RSS top brass fortunately appears to be aware of this issue and is trying to make amends, albeit in fits and starts. Open debate needed involving all stake holders.

While it's difficult to disagree with Prof. Avijit Pathak, we have to give the devil his due. No one will endorse violence in a civil society but the young revolutionaries risking their lives against the British rulers certainly deserve respect and not denigration. BJP does that.

Effect of the influence of mythology which glorify monarchy. Being in awe of some high and mighty is part of human insecurity. Dynasty provides a space for women also that serves other human imaginations.

While some level of glorification of the past and denigration of the present is understandable, the article doesn't disclose the source of any chance of change. Sri Aurobindo's Vedic Evolutionary vision however provides the corrective to a similar objection to Nietzschean version

The Vedic Evolutionary universality preached by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is for everyone on this planet and not for any particular country or continent. They visualise coexistence of diverse cultures and innovations under the umbrella of #WorldUnion the only viable future setup

Children are taking birth everyday and new persons are joining Twitter. So repeating the life changing path shown by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo by sowing the seeds of future Evolution is necessary for the sake of education. Books can help once someone develops basic appreciation.

Well-oiled ecosystems around Gandhi, Nehru, Lohia, Ambedkar, Savarkar, and other local figures are a reality today but unfortunately Sri Aurobindo has been kept imprisoned by the Ashram. He is sure to become a political rallying point and informing the modern day youth is needed.

Science and technology made a steady progress during their lifetime (1872-1973), but The Mother & Sri Aurobindo remained steadfast in their reliance on self-culture for all changes including transformation of the body. Besides, they took enough pains to write to subvert narrative

Nothing is self-evident truth since nothing definitively is known about our life or understanding. So a safe characterisation of all we know or think is a belief system or narrative. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have forged a new narrative which needs to be pushed to topple others.

The tension between the individual and society is ordinarily given a political treatment but The Mother & Sri Aurobindo point to a psychological interconnectedness signifying the possibility of harmony replacing the present discord. They also tell of the Vedic domains of virtue.

Recommending food or films is quite common but saying something good about Sri Aurobindo is like perdition. Many think it's their personal affair which is a warped perception of what Mother & SA represent. Not only they visualise an ideal collective life but also collective yoga.

It's not unknown how some modern gurus of India have built empires by shouting from the rooftops. A similar push for Sri Aurobindo is yet to come. The earlier scattered approach and stress on grassroots or percolating effect seem no longer a success formula. Top-down is the rule.

There are any number of contentious issues upon which RW intellectuals harbour divergent views. These are pushed under the carpet but when right occasion arises the views of Sri Aurobindo will reign by reining in obscurantist positions. Supremacy of Sri Aurobindo is unassailable.

Accessing Sri Aurobindo's thought is time consuming and most institutional avenues prefer meditation. Breaking this barrier is important and inculcating an intellectual culture (like the books by Rod Hemsell) among the defendants of Hindu cause is crucial.

Buddhism appears to be an amalgam of Jainism and Hinduism but instead of a reform movement, it has fallen prey to empty rituals and methods and is also patronised by the Left in the West to build an ecosystem. Sri Aurobindo is the only genuine teacher to bridge theoretical gaps.

No political party or religious sect wants followers to be intellectually active; they all love a good crowd. Savitri Era on the other hand is a rationality based religion meant for the thinking mind with modern attitude. Defending right of citizens to think and act is priority.

Many would readily express their opposition to castes but no political party is willing to take steps in that direction. Savitri Era Party has this priority of removing castes from Indian Constitution so that all citizens attain equality after so many decades of the Independence.

The ritualistic and obscurantist image of the Veda has undergone a makeover in the hands of Sri Aurobindo. The real meaning of the Varna system or the castes has been revealed by him overturning the birth-based conception to an aptitude-linked one. So discrimination need to stop.

If one doesn't subscribe to Divine manifestation of Sri Aurobindo and continuing action then a mere scholarly appreciation of his works doesn't mean much. Because his vast and diverse writings don't really add up to anything; can be utterly confusing. But he personifies Evolution

It's therefore absolutely necessary to be clear about the background of Sri Aurobindo's ideas and how he synthesises Western speculative wisdom with Vedic Evolutionary vision. The Philosophy of Evolution by Rod Hemsell is an excellent overview on the topic

People of my generation have been brought up on distorted history. Just read a thread by a foreigner recounting assassination of Gandhi and other "truths." Unless we write down our own history correctly, anyone can challenge the facts and put our academic standards to shame. Sad!

Whether it is TI, AT, MT, or SS/S/D, a certain agenda drives them and not the urge to establish the truth. Taking revenge or victimhood is a dominant sentiment always. Of course, everyone is toiling for some money or name and so, history without any slant has a scant possibility.

Not being a traditional Ashram, the term Ashramite also is not without problems. Simple Member or Resident may do the job. Thanks.

For us the devotees of course these outward details or a chronological account of their gradual progress in spiritual realisation are just a distraction but some dates are important pointers of planetary Evolution like WWI or Hitler hoping to be in Buckingham Palace on August 15.

Sri Aurobindo arrived in Puducherry on April 4, 1910 at the age of 37 which marks an important turning point in his life. The Mother would come four years later on March 29, 1914 and they launch the monthly magazine ARYA on August 15, 1914. Why #August15?

Raja Ram Mohan Roy was born on May 22, 1772, Giuseppe Mazzini died on March 10, 1872; and Sri Aurobindo was born on August 15, 1872. William Carey arrived in India in 1793; Sri Aurobindo returned in 1893. Interplay of diverse ideological strands is obvious

Sri Aurobindo is caustic in his criticism of religion including Hinduism. While delivering the Veda from the clutches of rituals is one of his great breakthroughs, throwing away the crutches of external props in favour of living within is his idea of Yoga.

Which biography of Sri Aurobindo matches this description? Lamentably, perhaps none. Let's hope @SpiritWithBody undertakes
[too much must not be expected from any humble effort to produce, rather a pleasing but faithful miniature, than a grand and commanding full-sized portrait.]

Books of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are teachers and accepting any other person as Guru or guide is a seed of strict with oneself to have a solid grounding in reading in one's thirties and forties. That's the best gift one can give oneself.

The question is why this pathetic need to wallow in the mud of Twitter after having such lofty experiences; the function of a rational posture (self-interest and self-protection) seems to be a reflex action and never vanishes. Further ordinary prudence is vital in initial stages.

The Mother came to #Puducherry to meet Sri Aurobindo on March 29, 1914. This single event is the only tangible reason to believe that there is some meaning in our existence and what all the philosophies and religions have been searching for will certainly be found out. Gratitude.

No historian would find it relevant vis-à-vis the World Wars or Independence of India. Even her contribution in shaping Sri Aurobindo's philosophy and ideal of human unity is still underappreciated. #TheMother however is busy with her Evolutionary task of divinisation of the body

Gang Neher near Muradnagar (UP) hosts many festivals round the year but why no one from the Hindutva camp cares for a facelift of the area is a mystery. High sounding lectures on Dharma are futile if basic facilities are not provided on ground. No one's aesthetic sense is pricked

Bhandara or distribution of free food is common in North India on different religious occasions. However, the protein content is negligible despite rise in prosperity. I haven't seen any Hindutva activist discussing this issue of raising the quality of the diet. Why such laxity?