Saturday, May 23, 2015

Sowing the seeds of future Human Unity

Though not so widely acknowledged, Sri Aurobindo has injected irrevocable reconfigurations into the traditional conception of being a Hindu.
It's tempting to imagine Hindus as a monolith like Jews but only a third of people would be willing to be under such a rigid ghettoization.
Suddenly some people have started thinking as if they have got India as Jagir and they can do with its people as they wish. Fool's paradise!
One good thing about BJP assuming power is - RSS ecosystem is discovering that there are more things to ponder over than merely the Muslims.
Some RSS supporters have amassed stupendous data on Muslim and Christian history but need to come out of bigotry to earn wider credibility.
RSS must introspect why it has been so reluctant to disseminate the Evolutionary vision of Sri Aurobindo and how to make up for lost years.
Language, Culture, Religion, etc. are passing phenomena vis-à-vis Geography. So, sowing the seeds of future Human Unity is far more crucial.
@OdiaCulture Video Songs - Journey of Odia Cine Music - YouTube
Apr 22, 2015 - Uploaded by OdishaLive
[The 2nd, Odia Cinema Geeta (1936-1969) by cine journalist Surya Deo, is available for ordering]

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Modi, monkey, and milkmaid

Modi seems to have adopted Govinda model [heartland politicans like Lalu Yadav peddled earthiness, wit and rusticity]
East coast sends shudders down Modi's spines and he understands too well that the UP-Bihar Janata is no admirer of him. So showdown with RSS.
Modi promoters understand the hypocrisy of RSS ideology and plot its implosion through a backward-caste Nehru-clone instead of a brown-Sahib.
Modi has posed stiff competition to Golwalkar's legacy and the new generation RSS recruits will be forced to dump Guruji and annoint Modi.
Hindutva fans love to adore Modi in the model of a Digvijayee Samrat and it's good that he is soon to obliterate Ram from the people's mind.
There is no greater intellectual dishonesty than claiming undisputed Hindu excellence based upon mythological poetry and concocted history.
Modi fans romanticize that he is autonomous and pushing an innovative economic blueprint but the grip of Global finance mafia is everywhere.
@ibnebattuta By then the Mars mission will be ready and Modi will surely join!
@tufailelif Commenting upon politics is a minefield and yet we maintain our stand of opposing Modi's fascist methods.
@mihirssharma Foucault wrote many works from a Cloister and his intense methods of accessing the Self is no less rigorous than Spirituality.
Life's questions, however, are universal and there is no better source of answers than Sri Aurobindo. [TNM55]
Beyond The Crisis Of European Sciences by R. Sundara Rajan to Amod Lele sums up the tortuous journey of Philosophy...
@rranjan501 Quest for:
L - Light
I - Immortality
F - Freedom
E - Ecstasy
(equivalent to Sat-Chit-Ananda i.e., Existence-Consciousness-Bliss)
Sri Aurobindo unveils the underlying principles behind the four Castes. This is most relevant for Management Studies.
@inrealisation Monkey, Seagull, et al
[i undertook this study to deepen my own insight and understanding and am not trying to teach anyone about anything.]
[example of churning by a milkmaid who moves her left and right arm alternately in opposite direction to make butter]
[Has Modi become a fading star: PM is behaving like a novice or a naive politician who does not know what to do]

Sunday, May 17, 2015

No escape from Enlightenment

World Union 2014 carries an article titled Where is humanism going? By Sanjay Seth from The UNESCO Courier | issue on Humanism: a new idea. Govind Nishar tweets "Perhaps the most accurate write-up decoding Modi & significance of his win. He is a child of European Enlightenment." [A year ago, I wrote this piece about Narendra Modi -- the typical Indian being produced by the Indian constitution]

The macro-view, itself, has its methodological discrepancies as well as loopholes as regards legitimacy. Nevertheless, a simple objection would be the neglect of Sri Aurobindo's worldview. But, that's not without its share of problems as noted so perceptibly: "It is this shared feeling about the incommunicability of the spiritual that allows the mystic and the secularist to have a common platform." (Beyond The Crisis Of European Sciences: by R. Sundara Rajan, p.56).

The clasp of civilizations | by Richard Hartz is a welcome addition in this context and not to forget Patterns of the present by Georges van Vrekhem (2:21 PM). Commenting upon current affairs and politics, however, continues to be a minefield and yet we maintain our stand of opposing Modi's fascist methods. [TNM55]

Friday, May 15, 2015

No better source of answers than Sri Aurobindo

From Beyond The Crisis Of European Sciences: by R. Sundara Rajan to Skholiast‘s interview with Amod Lele (2:17 PM) sums up the tortuous journey of Philosophy during the last two decades. Life's questions, however, are universal and there is no better source of answers than Sri Aurobindo. Certain facts stand out:
1. Sri Aurobindo wrote in English and we don't need translations.
2. He is adept at Sanskrit and brings out fresh connotations.
3. Being a poet, he is attuned to the poetic expressions in ancient texts.
4. Sri Aurobindo understands the Veda inside out.
5. His insights as a Yogi is far more reliable than a Scholar's.
6. His grounding in the West adds authenticity to his worldview.
7. Dabbling in political struggle taught him to look at things radically.
8. His Ontological framework is by far the most dependable at present.
9. Collaboration with The Mother offers a trusted shelter for solace.

Dr. Radhakrishnan had portrayed Tagore, Gandhi, and Nehru as embodiment of his cherished ideals but, unfortunately, missed the integral personality in Sri Aurobindo. Time to make amends. [TNM55]

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Caste characteristics and critical reason

Some of the sayings of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo, if taken in isolation, can create misleading impressions. Tweets, therefore, are most unsuitable for disseminating their ideas in their own words. There is a tendency to judge them on the template of past religions or earlier philosophers. That they represent altogether new conceptions of the future and human potentiality is rarely appreciated.

One of their key contributions is to unveil the underlying principle behind the four Castes. This is most relevant for Management studies. As we live in a world that needs human initiative on a continuous basis to survive, understanding our orientations and limitations is quite essential. While the Vedic insight aquaints with the qualities associated with each Varna category, the Yogic imperative is to surpass and integrate with other capabilities.

Although the power of Yoga owns the freedom of operating in any part of our being, the supremacy of the mind must not be belittled. We have observed in the Heehs imbroglio how people were sucked into vested vortexes and missed a pure intellectual standpoint. The same can be said about the Obama or the Modi election campaigns. So, preserving the independence of critically examining even the words of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo on the touchstone of rationality and practicality is no less important. [TNM55]

Tweets: [The Thinking Indian: Essays on Indian Socio-Cultural Matters in the Light of S... via @amazon]
Those anchored to - and convinced of the supremacy of - Hindutva can never make peace with something new and unconventional dawning upon them.
Believing deeply that the future will unfold in line with what is written in the past by unknown seers constitutes an exasperating Ontology.
Most issues are human and Ontological and don't arise merely from the Hindu-Muslim problem or the Indian-American cultural conflict.
@HarminderjitS Nothing so pessimistic about the lived reality and we must discard lenses with worn out religious and nationalistic criteria.
@HarminderjitS People are doing fine wherever they live, but your telescopic view is too pessimistic and paints a negative picture.
One fine thing about Sri Aurobindo's The Life Divine is that it lifts you away from the confines of National boundaries & Cultural ghettoes.
Utter misconceptions on why he left Bengal and widespread prejudices about the Ashram have prevented Sri Aurobindo's thought from spreading.
[But perhaps Matriprasad Satyamurthy really believes that Sri Aurobindo escaped to Pondicherry out of fear than was]
[Auroville's business mantra is less about profits and scale and more about creativity & community. That's why Mason]
[Does all success need to be replicated? Is some potential best left unrealised?  In praise of un-marketing]
[Śri Aurobindo thinks that Heraclitus seems to recognise the inextricable unity of the eternal and the transitory,]
[Sri Aurobindo’s Rare Interview published in “The Hindu” in 1915 via @wordpressdotcom]
[Lele is just as likely to be reading Jaimini or Kūkai or Xiong Shili, as he is Plato or Augustine or Marx.]
[Slavoj Žižek thinks political correctness is exactly what perpetuates prejudice and racism] -
[i undertook this study to deepen my own insight and understanding and am not trying to teach anyone about anything.]
Sri Aurobindo unveils the underlying principles behind the four Castes. This is most relevant for Management Studies.
[The Integral Yoga and the Activities of Daily Life]
[The Method of the Integral Yoga]
@inrealisation Monkey, Seagull, et al - -

Saturday, May 02, 2015

Capital has shifted to an attic in Mumbai

@cpings4 No help here from any one else except slowly developing one's critical faculty by reading the books of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo.
@Vamsee9002 Neat straitjacketing of ideas & action needs a relook since what really happens has a complex history and future ramifications.
@semubhatt Assuming individuals as typal, i.e., complete and unchanging is an illusion. Brilliance is episodic, spiral, and process driven.
Odisha harboured countless intellectual & religious traditions over the centuries and must not be smothered under the wheels of Juggernaut.
The East and the West continue to be as irreconcilable as the North and the South in India, or the Analytic and the Continental Philosophy.
To vote essentially means being absolved of the responsibility to think on diverse and complex issues but sadly Twitter inflicts this burden.
Twitter prompting and promoting writing doesn't dispense with the need for reading. For reading the best, hearken to right recommendations.
Sponsoring controversies is an accepted strategy for filmmakers for gaining publicity and there is no reason why politicians won't adopt it.
Each RSS person is a walking History book with his own imagined narratives which are so artfully blended that no one will ask for any proof.
To give the devil his due, RSS has resisted personality cult in politics but itself fallen prisoner to Golwalkar's legacy by terming Guruji.
Lutyens' Delhi has assumed a Kafkaesque reputation over Twitter but most ignore that the Capital has since shifted to an attic in Mumbai.
Once a criminal, always a criminal. Legal, political, or popular amnesty can never exonerate him of the guilt or the trait or future shocks.
Thousands of passengers enter Hubballi Rly. Station near the right hand corner holding their luggage with much difficulty. They need a step.
Excellent response by Dr. Ramesh Bijlani to the play ‘Boma’ by Bratya Basu in The Times of India (25 April 2015)
[Overman Foundation - Introduction to Sri Aurobindo Studies: A Certificate Course]
[New ebook releasing May 21. The Thinking Indian]
[Hers is a story of faith; of aspiration and complete surrender at the Feet of the One whose writings had kindled]
Informed reappraisal of Gandhi vis-à-vis Sri Aurobindo
Savitri Era of those who adore,
Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

Sea beach scene in Puri, Odisha (2014)