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Islam as an entity or agency is anomalous

Five dreams of Sri Aurobindo form a luminous roadmap for the mankind. An Evolutionary leap from the present state to a Supramental harmony might sound utopian but #SriAurobindo is emphatic about the possibility. So a federation evolving from Indian soil is a distinct eventuality.

Current election scenario is very much indicative of a plural polity based on regional aggrandisement concealing fissiparous tendencies. So from the Evolutionary point of view neither Nehruvian nor Hindutva national cohesiveness is a success. Languages reflect genuine nationhood.

We had high hopes in 2014 that Sri Aurobindo would now adorn the centrestage but after checking a large number of tweets it's evident that even in 2019 he is nowhere near anyone's wishlist. Really an unfortunate aspect for a nation which reserves ignominy for the greatest Indian.

Physical manifestation is one concept we associate unwaveringly with The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. Even the highest divine plenitude must be visible or perceptible here; that's our demand and prayer. Moreover it's not an idle waiting for the results but to imbue every act with that

Pleasant sentiments to fight boredom or depression! But who will do that? And why no one is doing it instead of fiddling with alphabets here. So being practical and setting realisable goals and reject gossip is the key. Reading Sri Aurobindo can tell more about future scenarios.
Modern empires are in the cyberspace now; geography perhaps matters less, conquering minds matter.

Indians were regularly fighting and killing each other all through the history but some are shifting the blame to other religions. Palace intrigues in hundred of kingdoms are not fiction but many want us to believe that everyone was acting as per Dharma with evidence from poetry.
Indeed, I don't follow you much since there are glaring spaces or gaping holes between your sentences as well as logic. You expect the enemy to be sympathetic to your sentiments and play a friendly tournament like Imran Khan playing recently. (Expect a few more like NZ and Mali!)
Sri Aurobindo is regularly accused as an escapist and a slew of 'mudslinging' has been documented by Peter Heehs in his book, The Lives of Sri Aurobindo. A masterly work but also famous for its skew. Parts of it are available online free.
Odisha was busy fighting for a separate State and the leaders then were of a different make; many were poets with a universal outlook. No wonder, Odisha admires Sri Aurobindo at a mass level. Sri Aurobindo too was not enthusiastic about Subhas; saw some strains of negative energy
Scholarship is a lifelong affair and narratives keep changing. Apart from his intellectual prowess, Sri Aurobindo did disclose in public (Uttarpara speech) that he can see the future, unlike other mortals. Contesting that claim is way beyond our faculties.
I have recommended this book for more than a dozen times since 2012.
Twitter being an open platform, all kinds of views need to be respected. Uninformed or unpalatable opinions also need to be circulated so that they come to the notice of a bigger audience leading to a wider engagement and animated debate. “A drop of ink may make a million think.”
I highlighted the fact of man killing man. Between cults, between ethnicities, between kingdoms, between rival businesses, so on and so forth. In most cases there is no credible history. However, such facts are being used dishonestly for spreading hatred against a specific target
I see only one difference. I'm born in a Democracy but I don't have any right to question the actions of past Kings since they were safeguarding their self-interest as well as ethics. They were sovereign and were acting as per law. But instead of them you tacitly blame religions.
Last two decades brought enormous prosperity to a huge number of Indians but they are unable to enjoy their wealth and good life due to this victimhood and whining propagated against imaginary enemies. So I take it as Divine plan to teach vairagya as has been always through ages.
I reiterate that past Kings are beyond the purview of Democratic interrogation. Discussing them is like wrestling with ghosts. Conflating issues won't bring clarity but your one point agenda is to target the people of a particular religion disregarding centuries of co-existence.
See I'm arguing that whatever happened in the past is by Monarchs who are beyond Democratic or legal interrogation. So when you bring in Islam as an entity or agency, it's anomalous. What the kings did or didn't should be the point of attention but is of no avail. @fourfoldvision
Might be, you may be right; but I have no right to question the wisdom of past kings. But giving it a religious colour is sectarian which I'm not willing to buy.
Just like Marx shouldn't be blamed for what Jyoti Basu did to WB, similarly all wrong actions of men shouldn't be put at the door of their religion. Both of us adore The Mother but differ. So perspectives relating to power, politics, self-interest are at fault. Such nuance needed
Okay, that's a good theoretical beginning though not without problems. One is the "many lives" of great men and on which to focus or draw inspiration from. Like, many great philosophers and thinkers are despised because of their Nazi connection. But still what you say has merit.

This chowkidar syndrome is so hilarious and ridiculous. To believe that there is no corruption in the govt is so atrocious. Yes, there's so much sophistication in finance now that it's impossible to trace or prove any. But large contracts like in Highways surely aren't given free

May be you are privy to insider information to make such bold claims but as an ordinary citizen I have my doubts. Besides, these aspects have become so normal that no one bothers. Media avoids small sums. Election funding is never questioned. But ultimately Democracy is to blame.

I have already said that what the kings did is none of my concern. I don't know, where I'm dishonest. As an academic subject it's okay but using certain episodes of history for arousing passion and political mobilisation is not a desirable thing. However, Democracy gives freedom.
All along I have been reading the books by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. I don't want to corrupt my thinking by reading such books. I think, you should avoid too unless you are into academic research. Can't follow what you're saying exactly and why should it happen that way at all.

Election time is the most ideal moment to understand how various States are absolutely different from each other since local politicians matter. The power of language is best in display during this time right from street corners to TV studios. So Sovereignty is the right solution

Selling Modi brand in 2014 looks justified given the enormous odds he was against both within and outside. But repeating the same formula in 2019 seems jaded since the Party or Ideology should have assumed prominence by now. Otherwise Development is merely a synonym of Government

Concentrating on the present by relying on common sense is important. Most people are agenda driven and out to misguide. They flout logic, give a spin to events, and invariably tend to invoke the past or some imagined scenario. No one tells the truth here; sad reality of Twitter.

Spiritual significance of flowers by The Mother and Psychological interpretation of Vedic deities by Sri Aurobindo are original works and have much in common. Both highlight ethics and virtues without being tethered to any rewards mechanism of Karma theory

While the theories of Presocratic philosophers on natural elements like earth, air, fire, and water are well known, Vedic pronouncements on the same like agni etc are not very popular. Sri Aurobindo explains them as rungs of consciousness not far removed from inquiries in physics

Religions are often thought of as glass paperweights with fixed interior decorative motifs but Sri Aurobindo thinks that they are liable to evolve. So, while the present mosaic of religions seem quite stable, a more kaleidoscopic scenario will emerge. Savitri Erans must be ready.

Savitri Era of those who adore,
Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.
Those owing allegiance to any of the present crop of religions can't obviously claim admission to Savitri Era Religion and hence it's better to make the choice early without indulging in self-deception, any further.

Sri Aurobindo spoke of #WorldUnion in his August 14, 1947 radio broadcast and visualised a free association of free nations. States of India and Pakistan being Sovereign and forming a Federation would be a step in that direction. If not done peacefully, unrest is sure to happen.

Considering the fact that humans have been inhabiting this planet since one lakh years, creativity relating to women by men through art, architecture, poetry, literature, music, and movies is recent. So much of content but women, unfortunately, are deprived of enjoying sentiment.

Tusar Nath Mohapatra: My original contributions to understanding Sri Aurobindo #SriAurobindo #WorldUnion #Odisha #SavitriEra @NathTusar

Many RW handles like @sanjeevsanyal @followsanjeev @dharmadispatch apart from @esamskritiindia @IndiaFactsOrg @Pragyata_ @prekshaajournal etc. deal with religion but Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) has been disseminating an Integral view on Sri Aurobindo since 2005. @NathTusar

AAP seems to have retained its edge in Delhi and it would be interesting if Kejriwal gets to play the role of Kingmaker when BJP will be scrambling for stitching up a simple majority on May 23, 2019. (Pic from election campaign of @AtishiAAP in East Delhi on March 26, 2019).

Almost all of Sri Aurobindo's writings can be said to be incomplete or work in process. He was never satisfied; always intended to revise. Even The Life Divine can be seen as incomplete as his essays (1949-50) revealing Mind of Light remained inconclusive.

Thanks. Please go through the essay by Seth Farber on Savitri by Sri Aurobindo. The Message of Sri Aurobindo: God, Romantic Love, and Physical Immortality

Instead of the usual sense of love, the Vedic figures of Mitra and Varuna signifying fraternity can be the model for the future society. Such a scenario of course is unthinkable at present, but the fourfold forms a fundamental structure of any organisation or moulds of Evolution.

Instead of finding fault with those particular persons, it'd be in order to check why or how such things happen, with a broader perspective. There's no example of any system or organisation running in a rational manner. Undeserved success is almost a rule, with events conspiring.

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo used to tolerate minor irritants in order to fight bigger adversaries. Events working out in ignorance was their preferred option than miraculous intervention. Hence it's difficult to identify whom Evolution backs as it also invites periodical setbacks.

Evolutionary teleology of Sri Aurobindo allows to think and act on individual, universal, and transcendent levels simultaneously. That's the meaning of Integral yoga which is open ended and independent of any fixed method. The Mother however is at the heart of any such endeavour.

Sri Aurobindo’s "final dream was a step in evolution which would raise man to a higher and larger consciousness and begin the solution of the problems"
Such a vision obviously is beyond any particular party or country and can sprout in any corner of world.

Savitri Era: No need for any temple, ritual, or learning Sanskrit
Authentic worldview and appropriate guidance: @NathTusar Tusar Nath Mohapatra (b. January 22, 1956) #TheMother #SriAurobindo #WorldUnion
No means to produce evidence

Writings of Sri Aurobindo bring to mind
Poets, philosophers, and prophets:
Homer, Heraclitus, Plato, Plotinus,
Dante, Goethe, Milton, Blake,
Vico, Herder, Fichte, Mazzini,
Hegel, Nietzsche, Bergson, James,
Teilhard, Jung, Assagioli, Alexander,
Whitehead, Steiner, Gebser, and Wilber.

I have been using Twitter since 2012 for expressing my views as SavitriEraParty and NathTusar. Besides, my blog at is in operation since 2005. 
Savitri Era of those who adore,
Om Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.
Photo from Ashram at Talla Ramgarh, Uttarakhand

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No need for any temple, ritual, or learning Sanskrit

Tweets in original by @SavitriEraParty and @NathTusar

SM is crowded by adolescents and even older people seem eager to mimic them. Serious thought gets drowned under humour and banter. But an underlying narrative like the Vedic Vritra persists. So the task for the followers of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is to invoke Mitra and Varuna

Sri Aurobindo has accomplished a great task of presenting the wisdom of the Veda, Upanishads, and other important texts of Indian philosophy in English. Thus the need to learn Sanskrit or read originals is obviated. Further, he infuses the power of the mantra in his poem SAVITRI.

Science promised an era of transparency but AI smacks of a realm of Kafkaesque conspiracy. The snares of big data and deep state are ever increasing keeping pace with arms race. Carbon footprint and global warming hang like the sword of Damocles. Sri Aurobindo is the solution.

The charisma of business-oriented gurus is so prevalent now that the young and educated in India don't recognise the value Sri Aurobindo. Parochial mentality, similarly, prevents the Westerners from assimilating Sri Aurobindo's insights. But all resistance to Evolution is in vain

While it's not uncommon to look at Congress as a symbol of modern and liberal values, voting for the present Congress dynasty is opposite of that. Similarly, despite the dismal record of RSS in the past, the way the present govt is trying to redefine collective living gives hope.

Interestingly, it's necessary to make a distinction between Modi's "performance" and govt performance. Modi consistently resorts to theatre considering large uneducated masses divided by languages. Optics comes in handy here and can be seen as a tribute to power of folk theatres.

Aligning the ideological antenna in the right direction is extremely important at a time of tidal waves of propaganda, disinformation, and widespread confusion. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have established a firm outlook for the future but without a corresponding framework to grip

The Ashram and Auroville models obviously are utterly inadequate to address the countless issues faced by the humanity. Political intervention therefore is absolutely necessary for giving shape to the dreams of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo and fighting against the onslaught of evil

The Mother no doubt was acting through the Congress to some extent but the Emergency came after she passed away. No political party at present is sympathetic to #FiveDreams or #WorldUnion of Sri Aurobindo. So contesting elections as independents is only recourse for his followers

Many devotees of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are working for Companies or other govt agencies. Some are with Ashrams and Centres for whom annihilation of ego is the priority. Most others are confined within personal or professional affair. They needn't bother about political foray

A rare instance where Sri Aurobindo approvingly hints at intellect's potential of expressing fraternity without mentioning a spiritual turn. Such a prospect however looks improbable when gender dynamics comes into picture to exert extraneous emotions.

RSS inclination for uniformity is apparent in this MBC movement (sic) prior to elections. Individual differences and speciality should be celebrated and not painting everyone with the same brush. Too much of loyalty is suspect; let's hope it doesn't degenerate to a synonym of BC!

Do whatever you like to education but never forget the contributions of pioneers like Ram Mohan Roy, Keshub Chunder Sen, Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar, and Bankim Chandra Chatterjee for whom India is what it is today. The Evolutionary arrow should guide policy and not blind idiocy.

Sri Aurobindo's Bengali writings (Dharma: 1909-10) contain many of his ideas in concise form that were expanded or commented upon later (Arya: 1914-21). This volume is a must read as consummation of intellectual ferment of the past one hundred years.

Intellectual lethargy can be an underlying factor for fostering the easier yoga for taming the ego course. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo however encourage to pursue unfamiliar and difficult things and not merely repetitive or mechanical acts. Shirking challenges can mean stagnation.

Intellectuals galore but right understanding of things is a rarity as plethora of tweets bombarded every minute prove. Political partisanship as well as textual anaemia is turning people myopic or jaundiced. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo offer right mix of rationality and intuitive

Don't judge a college from its building; don't judge an intellectual by his standing. Internet has enabled availability of resources but human preference is irrational; self-interest drives paradigms; jealousy prevents collaboration. Words of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo will win.

Glorifying lower grade professions may be vote catching techniques but greatness of a nation is dependent upon intellect. Attaining the qualities of a Brahmana as represented by the Vedic Varuna - or even by the name Bharata - must receive priority in thought, speech, and action.

Varna, castes, and professions are being debated now and a churning is needed to understand the significance of Sri Aurobindo's insights. On Twitter however there are two castes: Upper castes put their comment above a tweet while lower caste people append their submissions below.

Savitri Era Party has a practical approach and been advocating things based on common sense like no need to learn Sanskrit. Further, 1) Sovereignty to States; 2) support for Democracy, Modernity, and Science; 3) opposing Astrology, Mythology, and Rituals; & 4) no to Reservations.

Savitri Era Party is not interested in glorifying the past or defending someone. Everyone must be subjected to ruthless critical scrutiny. Autonomy and freedom of individuals must be respected not merely as a political ideal but also for the Evolutionary ontological stipulations.

A common surname in Odisha, Swain is a distortion of Swami like Gosain is of Goswami i.e., Master of light and knowlege. @ashoswai is ably playing his role as a spokesperson like other Odias @sambitswaraj & @PandaJay. @Sampadananda & @devduttmyth also straddle the national scene.

#ManoharParrikar is my age. Unfortunately, his much admired talent or knowledge couldn't be harnessed at the national level in any noticeable manner. It'd be interesting to popularise and implement his philosophy of Development, if any, as a mark of genuine tribute to the leader.

Yoga of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo aims at Divine manifestation & physical immortality the modalities or dynamics of which is difficult to elaborate at present but they certainly don't recommend poverty or austerity and instead, want life to be suffused with Divine consciousness.

All life is Yoga forms a fundamental principle whereby there is no need for any temple or ritual. Each moment and each action is occasion for sincerity or devotion. Feeling the presence of Divine significance everywhere is an advance over all old religions and their stipulations.

Decoupling Sri Aurobindo's political vision from Hindutva obscurantism is as important as demolishing the perception of him being equivalent to Ashram. Writing the last chapter of The Life Divine in 1940, he refuted all erroneous impressions of his philosophy being just monastic.

The whole oeuvre of Sri Aurobindo (now available online easily forms a University of interdisciplinary studies. The defenders of Hindu cause however are more busy with archeological evidences for Sarasvati River and Universities at Mohenjodaro and Harappa

Democracy entails freedom for citizens without any attempt to define them or label them. So, current use of words like patriot, chowkidar, or anti-national patently amounts to throttling Democratic ethos. Those dreaming of a theocratic State are of course unlikely to be troubled.

Hindutva parivar has been singularly ineffective in bringing out any significant achievement or vision during last five years. Election victory is not indicative of ideological supremacy and hence reformulation of national policy with Sri Aurobindo getting primacy is a priority.

Although, The Mother & Sri Aurobindo denied any intention of forming a new region, their writings have the capacity to strike at the root of dominant religions. Besides, it'd be naïve to accept that they didn't understand what they were doing by attracting more an more devotees.

All those who are clinging to their Hindu roots must ask a question to themselves repeatedly: Why did The Mother come to Puducherry on March 29, 1914? Her single point mission and sacrifice demands exclusive loyalty, dedication, and collaboration. Mixing other faiths is an insult

Those who benefited from a decade long UPA rule are restive to restore the old order. No, stop that instinct to reinstate an anti-Democratic and anti-Evolutionary set up. A second term for the present regime is justified but it looks like to be a much wider rainbow coalition.

The transition from a dip pen to a fountain pen was a big technological progress in our childhood. Journey of science and engineering is on but commensurate benefits, in many spheres, are not reaching common people. May be they don't need it but many lack education and awareness.

For instance, a technology like an ordinary boat is still so relevant and useful where nothing else is available, affordable, or feasible. Family skills also matter as no diploma or licence is required. Utility of bicycles or bullock carts similarly seem indispensable even today.

I have been using Twitter since 2012 for expressing my views as @SavitriEraParty and @NathTusar. Besides, my blog at is in operation since 2005. (Photo from Ashram at Talla Ramgarh, Uttarakhand on February 21, 2019) (Last post for Google+)
Savitri Era of those who adore,
Om Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.

The Mother’s four powers resemble the four Vedic suns and Varna system. A similar taxonomy occurs in Vaishnava system too. Heidegger’s fourfold of course is a bit different. But still no harm in conceiving the universe standing on these four firm pillars]

The division is difficult to reconcile and so their qualities. Vedic feminine figures like Ila, Mahi, and Saraswati may bear rudimentary resemblance to Blake's counterparts. Btw Sri Aurobindo's impression of Blake in his The Future Poetry is worth perusing
1) The Mother's symbol
The four powers also resemble the Vedic suns.
2) Psychological perfection
Sri Aurobindo talks about four different manifestations of sun, viz., Varuna, Aryaman, Mitra, and Bhaga in his "The Secret of the Veda." These are relatively more primordial and potent principles which should find a place in your otherwise admirable post.

Writings of Sri Aurobindo bring to mind
Poets, philosophers, and prophets:
Homer, Heraclitus, Plato, Plotinus,
Dante, Goethe, Milton, Blake,
Vico, Herder, Fichte, Mazzini,
Hegel, Nietzsche, Bergson, James,
Teilhard, Jung, Assagioli, Alexander,
Whitehead, Steiner, Gebser, Wilber.

Not very sure but my impression is that people in the West are eager about application, system, method, skill, outcome, etc. Even Chaudhuri emphasised upon Meditation and other collective activities. Certainly part of Integral Yoga but thorough understanding should be a priority.

Political slugfest intensifies during elections with long-term issues pushed to the background. But Yoga, Veda, or Dharma are perennial challenges which demand commitment and consistency. Aspiration for the descent of Supramental consciousness is the primary task in Integral Yoga

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo popularised the Integral notion of Evolution of the whole mankind without any geographical, cultural, or religious segregation. Those who suffer from some national exceptionalism must discover how the concept of human unity is the fulcrum of the future.

Books by Satprem can easily be categorised as ahead of their time but the very title of one of his famous works, The Mind of the Cells itself indicates the profundity of our existence. Aspiration of the Earth consciousness similarly gives the image of a heart beat like phenomenon

A deluge of New Age books and cults have prevented a genuine work like Mother's Agenda getting the attention it deserves. Further, pop-science and pop-psychology publications mushroom to encash in the boom. Satprem however remains as an authentic explorer of higher consciousness.

Development is a prime concern of a govt and some progress will happen in the course of five years. So supporters being euphoric about every bit of achievement is but juvenile. Further not giving credit to previous regimes amounts to deception. Surely we need more sophistication.

Marxist discourse in India is criticised all the while but it continues without any corrective. While their antipathy towards Hindutva or Modi is understandable, silence on a great scholar like Sri Aurobindo is totally incomprehensible. Sadly they haven't read a page of his works

Cold war might have ended long back but intellectual cold war continues. Marxists can't be ignored. Some rigorous scholarship of 20th century belongs to them while top stars of the other end of the spectrum have paled. So Sri Aurobindo becomes all the more important and relevant.

Rock 'n' roll is passé; Twitter revels in mock & troll. Shooting a rejoinder is the first instinct instead of understanding the thrust of a tweet or respecting the worldview of the person and his motivation. That one's own stand is just another opinion and not global is forgotten

Speaking of trolling many find it convenient to quote from Thoughts and Aphorisms of Sri Aurobindo to trounce an adversary. Now that copy and paste handles by young women are proliferating to disseminate the wisdom of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo, a certain slant can't be ruled out

Sri Aurobindo is often characterised as a revolutionary from Bengal or yogi of Puducherry. Beyond it, Indians don't consider it their responsibility to explore or assimilate. Young educated Indians must learn to get rid of superficial nationalism, and plunge into The Life Divine.

Defenders of Hindu cause keep on complaining about suffering of their ancestors owing to tyranny of rulers but the ontological dimension is never discussed. Sri Aurobindo has examined and explained the Karma theory in the light of Evolutionary necessity where pain is part of plan

Marxists have the birthright to be politically correct and reject the caste system but defenders of Hindu cause shouldn't shy away from the issue. What Sri Aurobindo explains in terms of Vedic principles for social machinery need to be factored in, in formulating modern policies.

Formula to replace reservation of constituencies: Stipulated number of women and SC/ST candidates winning the highest %ge of votes should be declared elected. Thereafter, other results on FPTP basis would be announced. New RS members on PR (List) system on the basis of LS polls.

Hope you support my campaign for granting Sovereignty to the States and other linguistically distinct regions. That's the ultimate solution.

Culture is good, entertainment is okay; but the basic questions of life like its purpose and the right course etc need to be understood when things are normal and not when one encounters difficulty or distress. And this self-management requisite needn't be confused with religion.

Writings of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo do give an insight into Science of Living and Planes and Parts of our Being. They are not part of general education or professional courses. So the responsibility of learning these basic facts and one's role in Evolution is upon each person.

As long as there are no conclusive proofs, whatever science has disclosed so far must be respected. Rival narratives like Colonial, Marxist, or Hindutva must be scrutinized ruthlessly without partisan perspectives. Sri Aurobindo inaugurated such a venture.

Binary has become a hated word but there is something intrinsic to it. At least, there's no escape from the right and left hemispheres of our Cerebrum. Sri Aurobindo talks of Integral Advaita in The Life Divine but by always taking care that he doesn't stray too much away from Sat-Chit-Ananda

Nehru's task as the first Prime Minister was to erase the obscurantist opinions of Gandhi in order to inaugurate a modern nation. Modi has similarly been successful to whitewash Hindutva to such an extent that it's no longer recognisable. Or should we give credit to Mohan Bhagwat?

Authentic worldview and appropriate guidance
Savitri Era: No means to produce evidence #TheMother #SriAurobindo #WorldUnion @SavitriEra @NathTusar Posted by Tusar Nath Mohapatra (b. January 22, 1956)

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No means to produce evidence

Twitter is about ideas, events, information, communication but is also literature, a sort of "aesthetic yoga" as K.D. Sethna (Amal Kiran) would term it. Those who privilege experience may find a tamarind tree to meditate under instead of wasting time here.

Effort gives joy, says The Mother but Twitter also serves as an excellent medium for venting pent up emotions, albeit in euphemistic terms. Coping up is a perpetual challenge and those using unseemly language reflect this malaise best. So subtexts are clue

This much we know from The Mother & Sri Aurobindo: descent of the Supramental consciousness on earth was an uncharted path for which they "struggled, suffered, hoped, endured so much" and "attempted all, prepared, achieved all for us" but we can't produce evidence. It's all faith

Bhakti is a sublime emotion but the picture underneath is a bit shabby. Miracle is the mantra and power is worshipped; a litany of demands always accompanies. Nayana Nayak in our village, I remember, kicked away The Mother's photograph when failed to clear the Matriculation exam.

A sample of Hindutva science and self-management:
[On a practical basis, we may learn more from exemplars, like our grandparents, on how to live, than by the contradictory, variable claims of modern science that we often receive filtered down.]

Most defenders of Hindu cause are busy with other religions instead of the vision of Sri Aurobindo. Digging the past for exhuming more and more corpses has become an obsession for many instead of applying time and energy for designing future societies, or even sustainable cities.

Among the Hindu cause defenders, staunch fans of Swamy, RM, TI, & MT are vocal while another stalwart like @dikgaj seems to be not very popular. It's unfortunate that persons with such encyclopedic knowledge are anonymous. Articles coauthored by him are at

Without addressing a single press conference during the last five years, the PM gives credence to the widely held impression that he is simply an actor. If he looses a large chunk of votes on this count, then he himself is to blame. Idiosyncracy is rarely an asset in a Democracy.

Speculative psephology: BJP will loose around 50 seats in UP which is terribly hard to compensate elsewhere. Everyone is looking forward to this scenario which will cripple present leadership. 2014 wasn't a reflection of inherent strength & optics can't overcome ground realities.

It's easy to blame Westerners for distortion in history or misleading cultural idioms but how to explain widespread transgressions of Dharma occurring at present. Is there any logic for ignoring The Secret of the Veda by Sri Aurobindo? Where's the required intellectual integrity?

Giuseppe Mazzini died on March 10, 1872 and Sri Aurobindo was born on August 15, 1872. Sri Aurobindo admired Mazzini. [When Sister Nivedita Called Sri Aurobindo 'Bengal's Mazzini' – Beneath and Beyond - Some Unknown Stories of SRI AUROBINDO AND THE MOTHER]

The evolution of modern Democracy through momentous but tumultuous events like Magna Carta (1215), Petition of Right (1628), English Civil War (1642–1651), Glorious Revolution (1688), and Bill of Rights (1689) is a reminder to remove whoever has enjoyed two terms at top position.

Very important article to understand how the British facilitated freedom:
(a) the ‘recognition of the principle of Home Rule in Ireland and India’ and
(b) the ‘recognition of the claim of each constituent nation to a voice, a free and equal voice, in the councils of the Empire’.

Democracy is the most precious possession and it's the duty of each citizen to participate in order to defend it. Elections are an opportunity - only once in five years - to serve Democracy and Savitri Era Party encourages citizens to contest for ethics.

Defenders of Hindu cause object to the portrayal of India as being born as a nation on August 15, 1947 but gladly accept the folly of the British in unifying diverse regions, languages, and culture under a single administrative unit. Why bear the blunder committed by the British?

Defenders of Hindu cause prefer to describe India as a civilisation rather than just a nation which in a way seems justified. Besides, there's no compulsion nor any inherent advantage for a nation to be a single administrative unit when the population becomes too large to manage.

Each State must be declared as a Sovereign Nation so that the local language gets full honour and care. Self-determination of each region must be respected without succumbing to the empty rhetoric of a grand narrative like India which in fact is a blunder committed by the British

I have written hundreds of tweets justifying Sovereignty for States. Links:
#MirraAlfassa #SriAurobindo #FiveDreams #WorldUnion
Further, the underlying principles are alluded to here:

Minor issues like building a temple or entering into a temple are getting unduly complex and affecting the entire population of the country. Once the States are Sovereign, problems can be resolved locally without inflated ramifications of justice or wide demographic implications.

Congress used to enjoy the support of a wide cross-section of intellectuals, and it seemed so natural, then. Now, it's clear that it wasn't on merit or morality but pure self-agrandisement. Present govt too has its own sycophants seeking benefits, albeit a bit less sophisticated.

Election result predictions have begun. Supporters are claiming full majority for their respective parties. Projecting a false and imaginary scenario without any credible data is normal during the election season. Telling lies or peddling all kinds of fake news is part of Dharma.

Sri Aurobindo was the first person to have demanded complete Independence of India from British rule. Savitri Era Party, drawing inspiration from his vision, is first to demand Sovereignty and complete Independence for the States by abolishing the Central Govt under a Federation.

Govt has performed reasonably well but intellectuals sympathetic to the Hindu cause have failed miserably. RW journals have no special achievement to be proud of except perhaps stable business models. Not a single book on how or why the Hindus have a bright future. Failure galore

Hindu cause defenders often invoke the name of Sri Aurobindo, mostly along with Vivekananda and/or Bankim. Majority of them have not read anything that Sri Aurobindo has written and carry a false impression of him. Hope no one will interject that reading has no utility for Hindus

Current experiments are always disliked but over a period of time, they become classic and evergreen. All languages are evolving and the pace is fast due to internet which hopefully will lead to pleasant surprises. Melody has returned to Odia music like in

So, you write well but seem to be too opinionated. Too much of victimhood and whining mars your presentations. Hope you develop a balanced worldview and give space to the logic of the other side. That requires a philosophical attitude instead of a warriors'. Let the reader decide

My point is there are systems in place for dealing with various exigencies and evils. So writers must focus on different facets of public affairs. Concentrating on issues relating to a specific religion is counterproductive. Fostering honest discourse should be the responsibility

You are avoiding the basic issue of self-determination of Kashmir people which is the genesis of terror. Further, why a terrorist would oblige the ruling party just one month before the elections are declared is a mystery. So, it's obvious that so many forces and players operate.

Vivekananda benefitting by pushing the brand equity of Ramakrishna while reformulating his philosophy and reordering priorities arbitrarily can also be seen as a prior example.

Truth, I feel, is more important than insult. You can think over the whole thing later and judge how the organisation came to be built step by step and its contributions with a critical lens, without being swayed by hagiographies. A reappraisal can help understanding the present.

Another incident

RM concentrating on Sri Aurobindo is certainly a happy news and let's expect that a lot of educated young Indians will feel inspired to read Sri Aurobindo's works in original. We must be grateful to Ken Wilber that he popularised Sri Aurobindo in the West.

Please don't be a gatekeeper for Integral Yoga and spread false notions on #SriAurobindo. Of course, it's safe to say anything by being anonymous; no responsibility!

Wrong acts are bound to attract strong reactions. I haven't read longer works, if any, by you relating to The Mother & Sri Aurobindo but in this tweet you have provided a very reductionist definition of Integral Yoga, which, I think, can misguide a newcomer. Hence, my objection.

From Heads of State, business magnates, top celebrities and rock stars to run-of-the-mill journalists, all rub shoulders on Twitter. While their expertise in respective fields has its own value, no one stresses the Evolutionary significance of Sri Aurobindo. SEP is at apex here.

Right now, you may not accept what I say leading to a long argument which I'm keen to avoid since I talk more of intellectual aspects here than dynamics of Yoga which are too subjective and contingent (subject to "random seem the ways...Infallibly the curves of life are drawn").

You are free to stick to theory but my approach is more practical than literal. Further, I have no clue as to what happens to another person involved in various activities while remembering The Mother. So, there can't be any theory to judge people or verify their progress in yoga

Some disagreements:
1. There are no compartments in Integral Yoga. All activities, including reading, involve multiple faculties and elevate them.
2. So blind reading is again an oxymoron.
3. Agenda is not about the body alone. It's a whole universe, even a volcano. @AgendaMother

Latest issue of Call Beyond features many helpful ideas and inspirations. A chapter from The Synthesis of Yoga published 100 years ago by Sri Aurobindo has also been reproduced. Karunamayee's birthday celebration on March 24, 2019 is a forthcoming event.

Publicity was anathema for followers of Sri Aurobindo (and still is, as can be found from the low follower counts of say, @SAADelhiBranch or @AuroSociety) but by using the instant publishing facility of Internet in a spirited manner in 2005, I was able to ferment public debates.

Savitri Era: Believe in the Vedic Evolutionary ontology of Sri Aurobindo Tweets in original by @SavitriEraParty & @NathTusar A few links on Sovereignty to the States: - #MirraAlfassa #SriAurobindo #WorldUnion

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Believe in the Vedic Evolutionary ontology of Sri Aurobindo

Tweets in original by @SavitriEraParty and @NathTusar

While it's understandable that electoral politics and its compulsions will dominate the national scene in the next few months, the long term imperatives such as #WorldUnion as emphasised by Sri Aurobindo aren't lost sight of. This would amount a massive moral upper hand for India
The only solution to the Kashmir problem is #WorldUnion. Solution to NRC imbroglio in Assam is #WorldUnion. By awarding Sovereignty to the States, India will rather become larger by attracting more and more nations to the Confederation, obviating need for geographical contiguity.
People in different States have their own pasts, own tales of suffering or pride. To replace them all by a pan-Indian narrative is not an attractive proposition. According Sovereignty to the States is a more plausible solution to the ills accruing from an abnormally large nation.
1. People of Odisha must elect a new CM to save Democracy.
2. Neither BJP nor the Congress is the natural choice.
3. Supporting an alternative ideology like Sri Aurobindo's is the need of the hour.
4. Let's show that #Odisha is different and has a mind and a character of its own.
True, but our job is to use tools like Twitter that are in our hands, to mend the skew. Many erudite handles like @Janamejayan @maidros78 or our own @viryavaan have lost hope, but what @MakrandParanspe elucidates can't be dismissed as merely a PR exercise.
Understanding how Sri Aurobindo differs from Vivekananda, Tagore, Subhas, Gandhi, & Nehru on one hand and Radhakrishnan, Coomaraswamy, Periyar, Savarkar, & Ambedkar on the other is important for young Indians to examine the present ideological confusions obtaining in the country.
I have written hundreds of tweets but you might have missed them. A few links:
#MirraAlfassa #SriAurobindo #FiveDreams #WorldUnion 
Further, the underlying principles are alluded here:
Very important article to understand how the British facilitated freedom: (a) the ‘recognition of the principle of Home Rule in Ireland and India’ and (b) the ‘recognition of the claim of each constituent nation to a voice, a free and equal voice, in the councils of the Empire’.
Sri Aurobindo's prophetic vision was clear about Independence which enabled him to leave active politics. His analysis amply illustrates how he was assured of a positive outcome. Those who berate the British must not overlook what Sri Aurobindo highlights.
The latest article co-authored by @sarkar_swati Saswati Sarkar, @maidros78 Shanmukh, & @dikgaj Dikgaj foregrounds many facts on Sri Aurobindo that aren't widely known. Other facets of Sri Aurobindo like poetry, philosophy, education, etc too need attention
Although, Bipin Chandra Pal pleaded that "the ultimate political unit is humanity," Sri Aurobindo supplied a robust metaphysical foundation for such a possibility. Many of our confusions today would vanish once #WorldUnion is accepted by subordinating the national identity to it.
The Mother came from France to meet Sri Aurobindo in Puducherry on March 29, 1914. First issue of ARYA came out on August 15, 1914 carrying epochal thoughts and continued through the War years. The message of peace and harmony is still relevant for humanity after a whole century.
Strong kinship ties and family loyalty resist a full flowering of free market environment in India. Sangh parivar itself denotes socialistic tendencies and govt routinely pursues socialist policies. Nothing wrong in that except how facile and spurious vocal opposition to Marx is.
Sri Aurobindo, like the three masters of suspicion: Marx, Nietzche, and Freud, strived to focus on true meaning of religion by reinterpreting the Veda. Hindutva, however, continues to ignore his Evolutionary roadmap towards Life Divine by promoting irrational reliance on Rituals.
Proper assessment of Sri Aurobindo's philosophy can be done only by those who have read him in some detail. It is in order, therefore, to ignore and reject perfunctory remarks on his works, or attempts to misrepresent him or prison his ideas, by persons of different affiliations.
As long as science is not able to supply any valid explanation of our material existence, there's no other recourse than to believe in the Evolutionary ontology of Sri Aurobindo. Its Vedic orientation is more in line with sublime political dimension than mere individual salvation
Sri Aurobindo is the only scholar-philosopher who captures much deeper truths as regard socio-political reality of India. Hope your ongoing research will meet him at some point like @sarkar_swati discovering his genius recently. DPC's book Sri Aurobindo and Karl Marx is excellent
The folly of the Left are manifold which can be diagnosed at one go from its antipathy towards Sri Aurobindo. The way they have conspired to keep him out of school and college curriculum is really reprehensible. All their moral grandstanding wilts due to anti-Evolutionary avenue.

In an environment of unprecedented ease of communication, followers of Sri Aurobindo, unfortunately, prefer to remain at the picture book level thus squandering an excellent opportunity to sell the salience of Sri Aurobindo's unique future vision to the people of other countries.
The Meeting of the East and the West in Sri Aurobindo's Philosophy by Sisir Kumar Maitra and Sri Aurobindo and Karl Marx by D.P. Chattopadhyaya are mandatory reading for all followers and admirers of Sri Aurobindo. Besides, an ounce of acquaintance with postmodernism is essential
Instead of being eternally grateful to European scholars of Indology who paved way for Bengal Renaissance, many accuse them of bias or other vices. It's because of British rule that India is where it is today and even struggling to match the quality of Democracy honed in the West
Some Indian perspective worth pondering over:
Thanks for the encouraging words. I simply paraphrase what I have read from stalwarts like M.P. Pandit, Shyam Sundar Jhunjhunwala, and D.P. Chattopadhyaya. #SriAurobindo #FiveDreams #WorldUnion
Savitri Era: Believing in their living presence is Savitri Era Religion By Tusar Nath Mohapatra @NathTusar Director, SELF, SRA-102-C, #ShipraRiviera #Indirapuram #Ghaziabad #UttarPradesh 201014 
#SavitriEra of those who adore,
Om #SriAurobindo & #TheMother

Rousseau's faith in the inherent goodness of man is well-known whereas Sri Aurobindo presents a much profounder conception of man. He, however, hastens to add the precariously perched status of a human being being "a transitional being" between animality and a divine possibility.
Leibniz had popularised the idea of pre-established harmony but a full exposition and profound explanation incorporating the concept of Evolution had to wait till Sri Aurobindo. So, instead of idle reliance on divine providence, all are invited to the task of designing the future
The story of human civilisation doesn't have a very pleasant direction of its own or any scope for some inspiring hope. Sri Aurobindo, however, posits an Evolutionary schema with an unbelievable level of optimism bordering on prophecy. So situation is identical to Pascal's Wager.
The surface of our planet lacks symmetry or uniformity and distribution of population is uneven. So, different nations have people of peculiar combinations due to arbitrarily drawn borders. There are many other dissensions arising out of this condition mending which is necessary.

Hindutva and its muscular nationalism was not an issue when The Mother & Sri Aurobindo were present but it's the dominant concern today. So it's difficult to draw suitable guidance from their writings commensurate with their overall thinking. #WorldUnion is the best task & slogan
While followers of #TheMother & #SriAurobindo kowtowing to Hindutva are legion, the challenge to present an independent and futuristic ideology has few takers. Religious fanaticism colouring objective thinking is too powerful to wash away. #SavitriEra Party however is optimistic.
It's no secret that Hindutva lacks sufficient moral appeal or emotional pull for being a successful poll issue and hence either it's being sugar coated or consigned to the back seat by whipping up other emotive themes like terror and war. Why wear hypocrisy as hallowed hallmark?
Carrying forward the spirit of Auroville to other corners of the world based on a rituals-free Vedic Evolutionary paradigm is a crying need. Followers of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo must rise to the occasion by giving up their obsession with picture books or other hackneyed themes
What did you gain for The Mother & Sri Aurobindo after five years being in power? Followers must ask themselves and reformulate their affinity and priorities. Puerile hatred must not cloud the sublime vision of #TheMother & #SriAurobindo. Outgrowing intellectual adolescence must.
Of course, we don't seek results, we are steeped in yogic ethos. Okay, but then why this eagerness to be part of some crowd; the need to belong? Ned died young but her outlook shines: nothing in Sri Aurobindo’s writings justifies hatred of Islam or Muslims
Each individual must think on his own without being overwhelmed by the flamboyance of party spokespersons on TV who, invariably, camouflage the truth to present what is politically expedient. The followers of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo hold a special responsibility on this score.
This article shows how things are becoming too complex to handle for an abnormally populated country like India. Although it pleads for some special rights, the right solution, as we have been demanding consistently, is to grant Sovereignty to the States under a loose Federation.

The most basic test of being politically correct is not to import social phenomena into political paradigm. Varieties of social relations and economic hierarchy interplay in the real world but politically, equality of all citizens is sacrosanct. PM must abstain from stereotyping.
The PM, unlike a king, is not a chair for dispensing patronage nor should be seen in the image of an paternalistic magnanimity. Political expediency refuses to draw such a demarcating line but Democratic ethics is strict. PM's job is to animate the cold print of the Constitution.
For long years or rather decades RSS was outside power orbit and nurtured a monochromatic worldview. Money wise too it was like a middle class family. In the changed circumstances, with contact with big money, compromises are bound to happen as regards allies as well as ideology.
RSS-BJP-Modi supporters continue to attack their opponents mercilessly, without any qualms about ad hominem nature of their response. This happens because of lack of content: no one respectable or responsible to quote, no rigorous theoretical work to refer to or to be guided by.
Even if someone is an agent of an enemy country or harbours anti-national agenda, no one can snatch away from him the fact of citizenship. Respecting fellow citizens and their opinions irrespective of religion, caste, or other identities should be the first lesson in a Democracy.

Mother's Agenda, edited by Satprem was highly controversial when published without consent of #SriAurobindo Ashram. The Lives of Sri Aurobindo by Peter Heehs also generated much heat a decade back. Still, she remains almost unknown in India. Hardly anyone has read her 30 volumes.
Empty erudition is an oxymoron; more so when applied to The Mother's books. You're entitled to your opinion but trying to negatively influence other readers of the tweet who could derive a moment's inspiration is cruel. "Grant that nothing in us shall be an obstacle to Thy work."
Tusar Nath Mohapatra: My memories of the installation ceremony came alive. Thanks to all. This mire must harbour the orchid and the rose #SriAurobindo #Champaklal #WorldUnion @SavitriEraParty
Savitri Era of those who adore,
Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

Apart from freeing the Veda from Rituals by his symbolic interpretation, Sri Aurobindo explaining the Varna system in terms of a fourfold Vedic insight into societal functions as well as individual propensity should help disperse the mist of confusion surrounding the caste issue.
The Two Negations: The Refusal of the Ascetic by Sri Aurobindo (LD) can be read along with What is the meaning of ascetic ideals? by Nietzsche (Genealogy of Morals) and Asceticism by Jeremy Bentham (Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation)
the idea of Bhawani Bharati - an ideal collectivity - could not be elaborated sufficiently during the Arya period. It was during the revision in 1939 that the last six new chapters were added to The Life Divine. And this makes it the greatest book on earth
the experience of benefiting by reading the book is quite personal and contextual. It is common to stumble upon a sentence or a passage while reading that contains extraordinary wisdom. But if you quote the same in an article or lecture, the force dwindles
Sri Aurobindo takes trinity and adds Kamadhenu, the mythical cow of plenty. Speaking of camel and lion, the chameleon comes to the mind, which also symbolizes innovation... Kafka’s hibernation and metamorphosis. If Nietzsche comes, can Kafka be far behind?

Immortality or endlessness is the crux of the Veda; amrita is also synonymous with ananda, says Sri Aurobindo. Spirituality is all about possessing a firm confidence that they exist and a persistent aspiration for moving towards them. All other aspects are just skills or methods.
The missing link #TheMother #SriAurobindo @SavitriEraParty
The Mother’s method is to heal with wholeness. The particular or the transitory has an importance of its own; but when compared to the larger reality, it is inconsequential... The Life Divine is the answer. But nowadays there are more writers than readers.
Thanks for letting me know that you benefitted. Btw, my first article was published when I was in college. "Lastly, our Indian culture has maintained a regard for humanity, emotions, maternal love and family life." Tusar N. Mohapatra, Yojana April 15, 1976
Kheper site created by M. Alan Kazlev @akazlev has many informative articles and references. Currently, of course, he is into writing science fiction, which he considers as one of the means of receptivity on our part for the descent of higher consciousness

General education trains to be more curious about the outside world than the functioning of our internal organs, e.g., [stimulate insulin release include amino acids arginine and leucine, parasympathetic release of acetylcholine, sulfonylurea, cholecystokinin]

Misc. References:

Life prods to move on and not stagnate.
[For a very long time now, I actually see no space for aesthetic experience, leave alone the promise of transformation. I don’t see the dancers somatically engaged with their own bodies, the body is actually absent!]

[Primitive forms of propaganda have been a human activity as far back as reliable recorded evidence exists. Behistun Inscription (c.515 BC) detailing the rise of Darius I to the Persian throne is viewed by most historians as an early example of propaganda]

[Human quest for unity and harmony: A psycho-spiritual approach in the light of Sri Aurobindo (Sri A.B. Patel memorial lectures) – by H. Maheshwari (Author) Publisher: Sardar Patel University (1994)] #WorldUnion #FiveDreams #SriAurobindo @SavitriEraParty

[Man: Towards His Splendid Destiny by Samar Basu. Published by World Union, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry
The UNO, the world government, and the ideal of world union Samar Basu, World Union - 1999
Glimpses of Vedantism in Sri Aurobindo's political thought Samar Basu - 1998]

[A Golden Chain of Civilization Indic, Iranic, Semitic and Hellenic up to C.600 BC: History of Science, Philosohy and Culture in Indian Civilziation, ... G.C. Pande,  Published by Centre for Studies in Civilisations]

[Emergent: George Lewes in 1875 book Problems of Life and Mind. Henri Bergson 1907 book Creative Evolution. Samuel Alexander in Space, Time, and Deity (1920). C. Lloyd Morgan in Emergent Evolution (1923). Roy Wood Sellars's Evolutionary Naturalism (1922).]

[Schopenhauer studied physiology and is impressively learned about the lungs and pancreas; it is a striking thought that his choice of university subjects might have reshaped the whole course of Western philosophy - Signature: A Journal of Theory and Canadian Literature - 1989]

How Friedrich Nietzsche used ideas from the Ancient Cynics to explore the death of God and the nature of morality

[Empathy and sympathy have no place in matters of discipline in defence forces as a nation should have a fighting force of morally upright, effective and righteous officers, HC upheld IAF flight cadet termination, calls integrity as hallmark of forces]

Time to press the button
Instead of a Messianic superhero as a leader, a team of regional leaders sensitive to the need of making constant adjustments may be the best hope for a diverse, plural, heterogeneous country like India. - Jayita Mukhopadhyay

[Indira plunged India into...Emergency. And the confederation of India-Pakistan-Bangladesh was not destined to be in either woman’s lifetime, and looks just as improbable in today’s tempestuous times as well. But one can never say what the future holds.]

[Freudian psychology belongs predominantly to the subconscious. But the psychology of Carl Jung contains many concepts and experiences that belong to the subliminal...But the subliminal cannot be called as “Unconscious” because it is much more conscious..]

Anga, Banga, Kalinga ... #OdiaSong

Immortality for mortals? Seems like a paradox, but the Vedic dharma thought of this not as an impossibility but our birthright. @davidfrawleyved

True sir, "...more writers than readers". However, there is  a real scarcity of authentic explanation, resulting in declining number of genuine Readers. 
Your posts and prof. Paranspe's talks on Sri Auribndo , are really enlightening to the totally novice readers like me.
I am really indebted to you sir. Although your poats are a little difficult but i could understand them in my own way. And they open up a whole new world of "life divine " for me. Thanks again sir.

Saturday, March 02, 2019

Believing in their living presence is Savitri Era Religion

You are a well read person and I respect your views. In any case, you are only supporting or justifying a fait accompli out of political love. Hope, you reconsider on this a decade hence. I however stand by my verdict and feel proud that no one has objected except @krishnarjun108
The PM is wrong
Savitri Era: I won't allow anyone to wash my feet Posted by Tusar Nath Mohapatra @NathTusar Director, SELF, SRA-102-C #ShipraRiviera #Indirapuram #Ghaziabad #UttarPradesh 201014 
#SavitriEra of those who adore,
Om #SriAurobindo & #TheMother

Please don't generalise in that manner. Ashram and Auroville are different and the latter is a tiny enclave struggling for its existence. Devotees of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are spread across the country. In Odisha alone, there are thousands of Centres and six hundred Schools.
What you are alluding to is not without a grain of truth but it's a complex subject with a large number of persons and institutions as stake holders. Not easy to appropriate or hijack what The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have created so assiduously; no one can claim he/she understands

Promoting honest, astute, and dispassionate scholarship is the need of the hour to rectify distortion of history and the overall narrative accumulated so far. Courage needed to face Sri Aurobindo's work which is subversive of the tradition and religion.

Second term for Modi agenda should be separated from Hindutva. Similarly, CHARTER OF HINDU DEMANDS (HCD) should be separated from Hindutva. Hindutva itself should be separated from Hinduism. Hinduism in turn has to be separated from Sri Aurobindo's vision.

Democracy entails separation of powers and functions like between civilians and services. People join armed forces not out of patriotism or nationalism but as another job. Thus, trying to whip up sentiments over routine Defence operations and other security matters is anomalous.

One meets so many ek se badhkar ek experts on all topics from war to wc on Twitter that it's intimidating sometimes with a perpetual feeling of inadequacy. Invoking Sri Aurobindo however compensates to some extent [hound of heaven or Dakshina whose function is to discern rightly]

Sri Aurobindo started writing in public just a few months after his return to India in 1893. Vivekananda is generally considered senior to him but in terms of scholarly output, Sri Aurobindo comes first. This may not be known to many people. (Request to readers to verify/confirm)

Finally, Sri Aurobindo's epochal pioneering role gets due acknowledgement. Thanks. Remembering another brave revolutionary

Granting Sovereignty to the States to manage their own affairs, including Foreign affairs, is the most appropriate solution to all problems the country is facing today. People must prepare for this futuristic measure by abdicating the grand narrative of an unusually large nation.

Further, the word Bihar - and not Vihar - is a vivid evidence of how the local language is more inclined towards Bengali and Odia (of the erstwhile Bengal Presidency). The older languages must get due honour without of course Hindi being denigrated, which is used all over India.

Rather than analysing the past, looking at the future is more crucial in which Sri Aurobindo holds a prominent place. It's important therefore to check one's own dear ideological formulation with his vision and dreams and reconfigure them from time to time. #Auroville anniversary

The Life Divine by Sri Aurobindo had its completion last month in 1919 and nothing more profound or epochal has been published during the last one hundred years. Educated Indians must realise its significance as the most potent soft power and spread awareness of it in all spheres

When Sri Aurobindo, Tilak, and others were fighting against British rule, it wasn't against Christianity or conversion but Savarkar and Golwalkar were able to create a mass antipathy against Islam. So much so that the Mandir issue is less for a home for Ram than hounding Muslims.

There's no threat to anyone living in a free country like India but whenever Hindu unity or pride is invoked it's invariably directed against Islam if not Muslims apart from mobilising votes or funds. The States of Pakistan as well as India being granted Sovereignty is the answer

So, you are seeing some virtue in secularism? And what's the roadmap? Islam will pervade Europe before being annihilated? Seems interesting. And, the riddle of "a child shall destroy her" remains! @singh_shreepal #SriAurobindo

I have always been against literal use of the words of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo and avoid quoting them. Actuality is just a solitary moment out of thousands of possibilities and hence demanding a certain course of events is uncalled for. They hold the rudder well & don't sleep.

People are more interested in the theatre of war, so his poetry may be useless for public taste, but dismissing Sri Aurobindo as a philosopher is not the right thing in the present circumstances. His forays into probing consciousness is exactly what science is seeking to unravel.

When I talked about politics over a decade back many were flabbergasted and some used to rebuke me as to how could I "use" Sri Aurobindo for such a lowly purpose. Now, of course, it has become mainstream but my focus on "using" Sri Aurobindo for fighting Hindutva remains untapped

Dynasty and personality based politics is the dominant formula now but the demands of Democracy is to graduate to an ideology based environment. Diverse recipes have been experimented the world over during the last century but Sri Aurobindo's prediction of a #WorldUnion may gel.

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo were present during both the World Wars and harboured unadulterated optimism against overwhelming adversity and pervading gloom. The secret is to believe in a Harmony waiting to be discovered and collaborating with it with full confidence in its victory.

The #FiveDreams broadcast on August 14, 1947 is not merely a political Manifesto but almost a religious one since The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are believed to be in charge of the success of such an Evolutionary agenda. So, believing in their living presence is Savitri Era Religion.