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A panoptic picture of Sri Aurobindo

 Tweets in original by Tusar Nath Mohapatra (b. 1956), Founder, Savitri Era Religion (2006) and President, Savitri Era Party (2007)

Savitri Era: The Mother & Sri Aurobindo's diagnosis has proved to be accurate Tweets in original by Tusar Nath Mohapatra (b. 1956) Founder, Savitri Era Religion and President, Savitri Era Party Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo were never keen to multiply their followers since they understood the general level of people and how different and difficult aspiration for an entirely new way of life is. The Ashram was simply a tiny experiment and yet formidable obstacles were there.
Many devotees of The Mother are content with their personal affairs but this is a collective yoga and so necessary attitudinal change is in order. Devotional spirit is good but keeping in mind the knowledge aspect of evolutionary force acting continuously is a huge collaboration.
By drawing our attention to different planes and parts of our being, The Mother & Sri Aurobindo show how we keep on angling for different things without realising the origin of such motivations. This complex make up of our personality should be the focus for modifying behaviour.

Evaluating The Mother & Sri Aurobindo on past yardsticks won't produce right results. Looking at their philosophy as utopian or speculative is a superficial proposition. The evolution they foresee is unprecedented. The very idea is absolutely novel and should be accepted as such.
Conversations about Universe revolve around the scientific explanation which are basically mathematical and chemical equations. The Life Divine of Sri Aurobindo on the contrary provides an accessible account of our existence. The Mother too names flowers other than botanical ones
There is no fixed method of practice in Integral yoga but reading The Life Divine or any other book by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo entails an aspiration for evolutionary progress, filling fuel in a vehicle, as it were. Other religious practices have no such proactive component.
Constitutional values or the human values in general derive from the Vedic ideals conceived in the ancient past. Sri Aurobindo's interpretation of deities like Mitra and Varuna lay bare the intricate structure of ethics required for successful creation of a harmonious society.
We have top level specialists in all fields but no one can explain the mystery of life or meaning of the world around us. That leaves us in a precarious situation of relying upon our common sense and gut feeling. How far it's true or really dependable has no means to be evaluated
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in the absence of proper benchmarking. Besides most of our actions are involuntary and each person behaves the way he or she is wired. In this context the teachings of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo assumes importance. Their yogic vision affords certain credibility to the ontological
architectonic they have built through their prose and poetry. There's no dearth of competent commentaries on their philosophy but the transmission of information according to their strands of consciousness is neither available spontaneously nor verifiable physically. This lack of
replication of experience has prevented their vast wisdom from being accepted academically. Be that as it may, the absence any reliable alternative forces us to follow the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo a major component of which is surrender and the action of the grace. This falls
under the domain of religion. Thus, ordinary life is rendered as religious life and a collaboration with evolution. Contrary to the general perception that Integral yoga is impersonal, surrender to The Mother is an absolutely essential element. A mental make-up for philosophy and
appreciation of poetry is considered necessary for forming individuality and showing the right direction. Educational implications of this phenomenon is quite vast. Thus the ambitious goals of Integral education devised by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are of much academic relevance
Reading the books of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo gives a firm impression that they are against founding a new religion and favour spirituality instead. Most devotees and followers are quite comfortable with this well-known position which facilitates keeping link with own religion.
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Practice side on the contrary demonstrates much religious behaviour and regular observance of special days throughout the year. Aloofness from older religions also is encouraged resulting in exclusive obeisance to The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. This, no doubt, marks a new religion.
Accepting this reality has not been possible till now although I launched the Savitri Era Religion way back in 2006. Supreme Court verdict in Auroville case, 1982 proved to be a dampener. In the absence of any legal status as a new religion faith is not passed to next generation.
Despite possessing the best possible knowledge base and modern modes of practice the legacy of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is suffering from serious handicaps. No institutional mechanism is in place for propagation of their vision for the future. Ideological confusions persist too
Sri Aurobindo himself was an outstanding politician and has written extensively on political theory. Current political streams in India have their own histories and distinct ideologies. Some try to appropriate Sri Aurobindo for their political masters. This is patently anomalous.
Two factions are at loggerheads in Auroville and the ownership question is out in the open. Savitri Era Party holds that Auroville and Matrimandir belong to the devotees as a whole and hence should be handed over to them. Recognising it as a new religion is also part of the deal.
Most people in our country are addicted to ancient texts and peddle defective cosmologies. That leads to needless and never-ending arguments. Sri Aurobindo wrote The Life Divine for this very purpose but it is hardly referred to or quoted. Neglect of right knowledge is lamentable
Sri Aurobindo's relationship with his disciples was largely impersonal but conversely The Mother's dealings with them was thoroughly meticulous and affectionate. This mother-child equation has special roles in Sri Aurobindo's Integral yoga: individual, universal, and transcendent
Holding meetings, seminars, and collective meditations has been common among devotees and followers of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. Group activities, no doubt, have a role for roping more people in. Emotional investments in such endeavours can be unsettling for original intentions

The past is a victim of difficulties and adversities. The future is full of promise and hope. Sri Aurobindo left his body today in 1950. He spoke of evolution ushering in harmony. No piecemeal remedy. Plenary truth and beauty. Good and sublimity. Let's remember him with gratitude
Several handles keep on finding fault with other religions without realising that no one is to blame. Religious theology and practice develop over centuries and the cumulative product is bound to have many loopholes. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo therefore advise to discard them all
Instead of searching for the truth, philosophy as a subject has taken upon itself the task of guarding its own turf of a secular and titular explanation of things. It revels around past heroes and related mythology. No wonder, Sri Aurobindo remains perpetually outside its sphere.
Democracy has become a vehicle of prestigiously peddling deceit and falsehood for the sake of capturing power. The propensity of the entitled and the credentialled for not accumulating any stigma or keeping a good reputation to play teflon is really astounding. Wanted a new order
If philosophy has failed in its job of scouting for knowledge, science too keeps us chained to a narrow and shallow worldview. Politics sets forth the day to day priorities with judiciary giving the impression of ensuring harmony. Acquaintance with Sri Aurobindo bucks the trend.
Those conversant with Sri Aurobindo are acutely aware of the deprivation others suffer from. They have the responsibility for disseminating this information so that the general impression of him is rectified accordingly. New voters, added everyday, do deserve wholesome knowledge.
Most people avoid Sri Aurobindo with the pretext that his books are difficult to understand. But there are scores of commentaries on his writings by his disciples and other scholars. Online essays and blog posts too abound. Besides videos and podcasts by competent persons galore.
Hindutva sympathisers tend to keep Sri Aurobindo chained to the freedom fighter's image. His reconfiguring of religion and tradition is rarely highlighted. This dread is understandable but Sri Aurobindo is only the messenger of evolution. No one can protect when the old crumbles.
I haven't seen any tweeter disseminating a panoptic picture of Sri Aurobindo. Many are rather interested in imposing their own pet ideas on Sri Aurobindo. The Mother however is the most faithful interpreter of the integral nature of his philosophy. Open mind for receiving needed.
The Life Divine was written more than a hundred years ago. New books are being promoted with much enthusiasm but they can't surpass The Life Divine. Indians can save their country only if they are inclined to read this epochal book. No political party has the power to transform.
It's because of Sri Aurobindo that we see a galaxy of great men playing their roles on different fronts around the time he lived. It's part of his leela the mythology of which is interesting and enduring. Judging any one or two persons in isolation can't be the right approach.
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Your assessment is not in consonance with Sri Aurobindo's thought as he never denounced Gandhi or Nehru. It would be unwise to criticise the gains of post-independence India.
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Different kings ruled different regions and all ills of monarchy was in full play. Glossing over this stark reality won't supply any clear picture. Social harmony was not a given and discrimination was widespread.
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Visit Haldia if possible.