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Instead of Where or How, Sri Aurobindo wrote Who

Tweets by @SavitriEraParty and @NathTusar Nov 2018
Savitri Era: The "Self" Sri Aurobindo talked about may be illusory https://t.co/2uX2GMcbID

Many get addicted to managerial responsibilities and use it as an alibi for not reading for want of time. But one must be strict with oneself to have a solid grounding in reading during one's thirties and forties. That is the best gift one can give oneself https://t.co/JMJZ0RndTx

India's role in bringing about the unity of the whole of mankind assumes pressing urgency at the moment. The Life Divine possesses a central position in this momentous adventure. “It is the most thought-provoking and thought-shaking book" said S.K. Maitra. https://t.co/B0txCYdBps

Hindutva enthusiasts are busy fighting people like @Ram_Guha and @ShashiTharoor whereas the real challenge is to grapple with Sri Aurobindo and how he redefines Indian tradition and wisdom. Just mentioning him along with Vivekananda or Dayananda is a lazy exercise which must stop

Superior modes of research and instant access to diverse knowledge-sources constitute an exceedingly advantageous situation for the mankind. Indians need to overcome juvenile love for own culture and the sense of (false) superiority and exceptionalism, a trap made by careerists.

Defending faith and tradition compulsively won't provide the critical faculty. Arguing that faith is autonomous and unchallengable is anomalous and anti-intellectual. Idols, icons, or statues are part of community life but reclaiming individual freedom and free thought is crucial

If Kolkata is written in Bengali as কলকাতা, then why it is कोलकाता in Hindi is difficult to understand. In fact, the correct name in English should be Kalkata without incorporating the Bengali pronunciation. Similarly, Delhi should be Dilli and Pilkhuwa in UP should be Pilakhua.

Congress definitely implies a continuation of the Colonial regime and in that sense Modi Govt is far more genuine. Courts are doing their job of upholding Enlightenment in trying circumstances for which they must be congratulated. Universities unfortunately are in Marxists' grip.

Since science is becoming more and more shaky in its assumptions day by day, it's profitable to maintain an attitude of healthy scepticism without falling prey to atheism. To steer clear of a worldview founded on unfettered mythology and popular culture is another huge challenge.

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo foregrounded spirituality known as Integral Yoga. It can't be taught as a College degree nor there's any time-bound practical course. So endorsing it is a bit problematic and should be left to individual's choice. Reading his books however is mandatory.

After 80K years of human civilisation, it's amply clear in 2018 that the mystery of our existence is hidden and remains a secret. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have written elaborately on higher zones of consciousness corroborating Vedic utterances which are met with "Access Denied" https://t.co/S7Cbyhj1OD

Looks like LitFests are mushrooming. All those who are in the job of stimulating discourse or navigating the course of narratives need to be extra cautious not to let their enthusiasm get better of them. No superstition, indoctrination, or pushing of unsubstantiated propositions.

Democracy, secularism, judiciary, liberalism, modernity, or science & technology: Indians have got all these almost free; without undergoing tortuous social and intellectual upheavals. How they have evolved in the West and at what price will ever inspire for generations to come.

A telescope, microscope, or stethoscope display the power of science and the urge for precision in knowing things beyond ordinary senses. The kaleidoscope however does the opposite and points to the infinite expanse of the universe and innumerable variations of its choreography.

Hindutva votaries are hell bent on establishing a puritan cultural order conforming to mythological descriptions. That the reality is far more complex and many-layered than any stretch of poetic imagination is often forgotten. Thankfully Sri Aurobindo wrote sense a century before https://t.co/ILrr6V7QVb

Hindutva enthusiasts emphasise culture, religion, and tradition over current needs, reason, and evolution. Each individual is free to decide his own way but imposing uniform lifestyle over vast groups of people in the pretext of tradition and promoting superstition is problematic

#Ayodhya is Ajodhya in Odia and many other languages. Sarayu is Saraju and Yamuna is Jamuna. Odia is the only Classical language among all north Indian languages apart from Sanskrit. Babaji Maharaj Sri Ramakrishna Das helped establish the Sri Aurobindo's Relics centre in Ayodhya.

Not many Odia persons are active on Twitter. Among those who have displayed their intellectual might and contributed their mite to the national discourse, @devduttmyth, @ashoswai, and @pratyasharath are prominent. More power to their pen and brain. @OdiaCulture @odiapuanews #Odia

Kings ruled and built; created hierarchies and modalities to reign over mass minds and also to rein in rebellion. All these must be under critical scrutiny now, in a Democratic society as diverse as India. Tradition can't be shoved down the nation's throat hook, line, and sinker.

Seems like a Liberal stance. A welcome change! @viryavaan @zeneraalstuff

The militant camp within Congress represented by Lal-Bal-Pal could be identified as the source of Hindu nationalism, writes Anand Teltumbde @AnandTeltumbde in the @UNESCO Unesco women philosophers’s journal December 2017. Sri Aurobindo is not mentioned but he favoured #WorldUnion

Complains galore: imposition of English, imposition of shuddh Hindi, imposition of festivals, imposition of GST etc. The original sin however is the imposition of a fiction called India. Dismantling it can solve many problems; States deserve Sovereignty. https://t.co/9iAAicBwoU

Mohan Bhagwat undoubtedly is the Man of the Year, 2018 who pulled the rug from under Hindutva firebrands. Although, many suspect him to have pulled a fast one since he appears to be running with the hare and hunting with the hounds, he is unmistakably getting down to brass tacks.

Many jobs offer the opportunity of free travel and often intellectuals get addicted to such hospitality. Corruption crops up and compromise creeps in as usual corollary. Pushing warped logic becomes the norm since he who pays the piper calls the tune. And, then sets in the ruin.

By dropping the word "Dharma," many try to pose as ethical persons but an examined life is not an easy proposition. Reading The Mother & Sri Aurobindo's works makes us aware as to how deep and wide the gaps between the canons of ordinary morality and demands of Vedic virtues are.

While Keshab Chandra Sen (1838–1884), Bankim Chandra Chatterjee (1838–1894), and Brajendra Nath Seal (1864–1938) had stirred the intellectual landscape, Sri Aurobindo borrowed generously from Bradley, Nietzsche, Bergson, James, et al to present a critical and synthetic worldview.

Sri Aurobindo wrote profusely to produce a firm and robust intellectual anchorage which is extremely useful in countering diverse speculative thought emanating from the West. Similarly because of him one needn't stagnate at the level of Vivekananda, Gandhi, Savarkar, or Ambedkar.

Present focus of Hindutva seem to be the outer form: temples, rituals, and crowd whereas Sri Aurobindo stressed on their inner significance and power of psychological progress. Science and AI too are moving in that direction and hence Indians must overcome tyranny of superstition

Modern India is inextricably indebted to the Judeo-Christian/European culture and hence identifying oneself as Hindu is adulterated. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have further cemented it for the future. Building on those shared values is as important as inviting foreign investment.

Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF): Hindu identity is adulterated https://t.co/tDLpVnhHWm #SriAurobindo is the answer for all current contradictions, dilemmas, and perplexities pervading the world despite Plato, Plotinus, Spinoza, Schelling, Feuerbach, Freud, Brentano, or Royce.

I expressed my support to the Modi govt nearly a year ago. Mohan Bhagwat's reformulation of RSS worldview has further reinforced my stand. I have no insider knowledge on many grouses nor any in depth expertise to analyse policy. The overall picture, nevertheless, looks promising.

An overwhelming majority of Indians are born after Independence and hence matters relating to prior to that date shouldn't be of material importance. Concentrating on the present is more prudent than bothering about the kings, wars, their tyranny, temples, traditions, or rituals.

The most important book for everyone who seeks to understand #SriAurobindo in depth beyond his popular portrayal as a revolutionary is: "Meeting of East and West in Sri Aurobindo's Philosophy" (1956) by Sisir Kumar Maitra (1887-1963), HoD, Philosophy & Dean, Faculty of Arts, BHU. https://t.co/ROiUtKTs0q

Two excellent books:
1. Paradox of Being Human by Ramakant Sinari (2007, ICPR, New Delhi)
2. Philosophical Anthropology: Man: an impossible project? by Battista Mondin (1985, Pontifical Urban University, Rome) Tr. by M.A. Cizdyn (Theological Publications in India, Bangalore) https://t.co/4ifD8M3rIv

Dr R.L. Kashyap, Director of SAKSHI Trust, Bengaluru (Sri Aurobindo Kapali Sastry Institute of Vedic Culture) has been relentlessly working for popularising the Veda but Hindutva votaries are more interested in preserving superstitions like #Sabarimala and superficial festivities https://t.co/E0Kj7CI3Bp

Titles printed on book covers are needlessly subdued. Most have used all Caps which is inconvenient to read. When each book struggles for its existence in a book shop or book fair, the title and the author's name should be designed prominently against the background illustration.

Since I detest Mythology, particularly, the religion dimension and not their appreciation as literature, the other option I love to be engrossed with, somewhat irrationally, is history of Western philosophy and story of great philosophers. Their very names inspire. #PhilosophyDay

Odias being associated with food is certainly a positive aspect since Odia cuisine is unique and has rich potentials to strike it big. @OdiaCulture @MANOJNAYAK71 https://t.co/q2AOiW8wSk

I had migrated to Indirapuram, Ghaziabad twenty years back, in 1998. A lot of development has taken place but faults are everywhere. Hiring an autorickshaw to go to Delhi is still not possible. DTC buses ply within Noida but not in Indirapuram. Ghaziabad has no city bus service. https://t.co/r2jwg6OB4c

15th year grand celebration of Shri Chitragupt Puja in our colony ended with a skit by youngsters. Shipra Kayastha Mahasabha (SKM) is also spearheading a fledgling political party to look after the interests of Kayasthas all over the country, it was announced. #ShipraRiviera #SKM https://t.co/HqOA9ZeG8H

Visited Ambedkar memorial in Noida ten days back. Hardly a dozen visitors or so. Surely needs promotion and appreciation. https://t.co/HyWTcLXpvY

Excellent synopsis of myriad dimensions of religion in India today. [Chaitanya's innovation was nagar sankirtana (street-singing) whereby worship acquired a collective and congregational character...Lalan Fakir referred to him as 'the messiah of the poor'] https://t.co/uoLr7D8Efc

["The problem is that although MRI can tell us where things happen, it can’t tell us *how* things happen."] Instead of Where or How, Sri Aurobindo wrote a poem called Who which perhaps provides the most satisfying answer to the riddle of this world. https://t.co/LEGaqsA6G4

Sri Aurobindo once went to Pondicherry Railway Station to see Sarojini off. Amrita(?) remarked how full of love he is to which Sri Aurobindo replied with same love he can plunge a knife onto the disciple. (From memory; unable to locate reference. Not to confuse as Sarojini Naidu)

Funny! Like Nirodbaran, you can attempt a new fiction around Sri Aurobindo using all emoticons. Your flair for spoiling is superb!
[Sri Aurobindo: A Dream-Dialogue with Children - An imaginary dialogue composed by Nirodbaran in which children of the Ashram approach Sri Aurobindo]

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1789, 1815, 1919, and 2019

Tweets by @SavitriEraParty and @NathTusar
Savitri Era: Symbolic meaning of Veda is lynchpin to disperse lynch mobs https://t.co/Oeg9G0m9Fu #SriAurobindo @NathTusar

The philosophy of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo has attracted and influenced numerous people during the last hundred years but social and cultural atmosphere doesn't permit to practice with freedom. So, most are forced to compromise and maintain an ambivalent relation with Hinduism.

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have scripted an alternative agenda of Vedic Evolutionary destiny which is moving forward slowly and silently amid the apparent chaos. Clash of rival religious views within a Constitutional environment is assisting this emerging paradigm to precipitate.

Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Puducherry doesn't respond to Twitter comments officially; so occasional outbursts of a teacher looks so absurd. Volatility and immaturity in expressing personal opinions is certainly anomalous on the part of a teacher especially one belonging to the Ashram.

Muscular nationalism aspires for a Superpower status for India and Sri Aurobindo is remembered at times in this context, but it's an inchoate representation of what he stood for. Radically altering the present configuration of human civilisation by Vedic principles is his vision.

Although G.N. Devy, the author, knows about Sri Aurobindo, he avoids his pioneering contribution towards Civil disobedience or Passive resistance to keep the focus solely on Gandhi to the point of deification. One who made the word amnesia famous can be accused of the same malady. https://t.co/KhKu6XYISb

Sri Aurobindo wrote a century back with a view to uprooting the dominant religions but many are fighting only to cut their branches today, without reading him adequately. The past is stubborn and Savitri Erans must be equally obstinate to obliterate its influences. No compromise!

Blaming religions or political ideologies as perpetrators of violence in the past is misplaced since in actuality man has been cruel to man as evil his part of his nature. Sri Aurobindo avoids such superficial diagnosis and aims at a radical transformation of human nature itself.

The contributions of Lalon Fakir, a contemporary of Raja Ram Mohan Roy, in developing a philosophical synthesis as well as an enduring religious amity needs to be highlighted. His music still reverberates. https://t.co/1QfFGQ2fB2

English unifies India today, howsoever tenuously; otherwise the Hindu identity is seriously threatened by linguistic division. Sri Aurobindo's books has given English a futuristic status; his readings of Blake or Nietzsche should enthuse young Indians to be curious about the West

Writings of William Archer (1856–1924), Sir John George Woodroffe (1865–1936) or Arthur Avalon, and James Henry Cousins (1873–1956) or Mac Oisín or Jayaram, prompted Sri Aurobindo (1872–1950) to comment on them elaborately, which have turned gems of literature and criticism, now.

Thread on misleading interpretation of Vedic terms and relevance of Sri Aurobindo. https://t.co/XOTBcPjXgr

When I was in the Primary school in the early sixties, the sight of the teacher holding a cane and applying it liberally was normal. Verbal whipping, similarly, seems to be necessary, even today, to make people accept Sri Aurobindo's The Secret of the Veda https://t.co/So7hoP0rF7

Present RSS/BJP collective leadership has shown exceptional sagacity to defend Constitutional values for safeguarding diversity. They deserve all support and solidarity so that hardliners are kept at bay. Other parties coming to power at this juncture doesn't bode well for nation

Hindutva hardliners fail to realise that it's because of their uncompromising attitude that the moderate majority of the country are forced to move away from BJP. Temple oriented template is not going to help the party for occupying the mainstream space. Sri Aurobindo as icon can

Cultural Studies, basically, weaves nonfiction out of fiction. Philosophy, the most robust genre of nonfiction, however, has been found to be fiction by Deconstruction. AI, similarly, is impaired by an irrational phenomenon like Numbers' Dream. So liminality is the most luminous.

That may be the initial impression but Sri Aurobindo foresees an inevitable Evolutionary pressure on mankind to pursue a path towards unification where differences are harmonised. Unity, for him, of course, is not uniformity but rather conforms to a federal framework. #FiveDreams

Read many tweets against Modi by his known supporters which implies that he is on the right track. Govt has done an admirable balancing act in performing its Constitutional duties without succumbing to hardliners clamouring for unjust measures. Now it's for fans to call him fake.

Anyone occupying top Constitutional positions continuously for more than 10-12 years becomes addicted to power and luxury. Vested interests grow exponentially facilitating ease of functioning and to ease irritants out. Democracy must root out such a practice through systemic fiat

Sri Aurobindo talks about 1789, 1815, 1919, and much more... "The human spirit has still to find itself, its idea and its greater orientation." https://t.co/j49g3KcJZ6
A must read when 2019 is almost knocking at the door. @NathTusar #FiveDreams #Evolution #WorldWar1 #WorldUnion

Those who find The Secret of the Veda by Sri Aurobindo a bit difficult can read a slim book instead. Aditi And Other Deities In The Veda by M.P. Pandit is an excellent introductory work. https://t.co/jXj7feizgA
Besides, Vedic Epiphany series by V. Madhusudan Reddy is outstanding.

Sri Aurobindo had valiantly confronted the Western threats but today no one finds it worthwhile to build on his Integralism with latest inputs from scientific research. Conspicuous reluctance of Hindutva intellectuals to enter into philosophical arguments is a crippling weakness.

From @gopimaliwal to @KanchanGupta and @harshmadhusudan, Uttarpara Speech (1909) of Sri Aurobindo has received much attention; @BooksPanda too is reading #SriAurobindo. All very fine; but Sri Aurobindo needs to be read in detail which takes about a decade. https://t.co/vQbBsOjLCE

With Gyanchandra at Pragati Maidan Book Fair, around two decades back. Sri Aravind Chetana Samaj used to put up a stall since 1996. Also a poet and an artist, he has been writing for Karmdhara, a journal in Hindi published by Sri Aurobindo Ashram - Delhi Branch. @AurobindoAshram

Opted for VRS from PNB in 2000 on this day. @sahityaakademi Library was of great help for books on 20th century #Philosophy & #CulturalStudies. Formed Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) in 2005, Savitri Era Religion in 2006, and Savitri Era Party in 2007. #SriAurobindo #FiveDreams

Awareness of Sri Aurobindo is very low and misrepresentation of his ideas is quite high. Savitri Era Party has been trying to spread the political aspects of Sri Aurobindo's vision, such as #FiveDreams and #WorldUnion. It has also been opposing undesirable dimensions of Hindutva.

And that precisely forms the foundation of a fresh political formation which has not been tested till now in India, since most don't get the distinction or consider it insignificant or not viable enough. But time is ripe to take this recipe forward and seek approval of the young.

Sri Aurobindo is the most appropriate choice for people of all sections. #Evolution #FiveDreams #WorldUnion

India is so vast in size and huge in population that no citizen can be reasonably aware of its affairs, even in this age of instant communication. So it's more of an idea or notion than an actual nation. States with distinct languages and manageable population qualify as nations.

Good survey and as things change with time and circumstances, they should be accepted as they are; but the author seems to be carrying the burden of changing the course of change. The very confidence that the future can be moulded or managed is problematic like chasing a chimera. https://t.co/aXYG4Tgdgd

Many of Sri Aurobindo's ideas pertain to his times when the thoughts of Nietzsche, Myers, or Bergson et al were dominant. His synthetic philosophy, therefore, has an edge over traditional Hindu systems and ethical prescriptions. So beware of Westphobia, myopia, and provincialism.

Professional proficiency doesn't equip one to choose between metaphysical systems and it's prudent, therefore, to rely upon some credible endorsement. India is fortunate to have Sri Aurobindo, with impeccable credentials, for such a requirement https://t.co/AVLPB3tKL3 #FiveDreams

Many brilliant people have confessed that they have made a mistake by backing Modi. (Well, that may prove to be another mistake on their part.) This is an example of how human mind is prone to errors. So pompous announcements on path of Dharma should be taken with a pinch of salt

Politics falls under the secular domain but failure of ideologies has made it to seek future roadmap in religion and philosophy. Sri Aurobindo had foreseen such a scenario 100 years back and drawn the blueprint for an ideal society. Let's follow his dreams #WorldUnion #FiveDreams

Muslim votes are pivotal for winning elections and Democracy in India is warped in that proportion. Hindutva votaries however have the additional burden of survival and securing privileges. From Savitri Era point of view, both concerns are flawed. One needn't bother about others.

States deserve Sovereignty; no shortcuts. https://t.co/RxCasnTqPg

Carlyle popularised the Great Man theory but Spencer opined that they are products of their time. Even Democracy is instrumental in creating a larger than life halo. Management too focuses on success and leadership. The Evolutionary goal however is served by a more inclusive cast

A) AAP remains a symbol of alternative politics despite its dismal record on the ground.
B) BJP is confused as regards ideology but is poised to represent the mainstream.
C) Congress is struggling to regain lost ground but won't be successful.
D) Other Dynastic outfits will stay.

Philosophy means to be aware of where one stands today and take a step forward in accordance with one's uniqueness. Each person being endowed with an entirely different set of capabilities and competence is a wonder and understanding this, beyond myriad rubrics, is an imperative.

Sri Aurobindo finds a number of approving mentions but his agenda may not be in sync with the thrust of this otherwise admirable article. Nevertheless, the utility of Sri Aurobindo as an intellectual arsenal, if harnessed reasonably, would mean a substantial gain for the nation. https://t.co/kS13smDzNU

From a practical point of view, RSS is a reality and it's evolving. It can't be uprooted so easily but people can be weaned away by offering a different ideology. Such a recipe was formulated by Sri Aurobindo 100 years back but lies unused. That needs to be zealously popularised.

Hindutva victimhood prevents its adherents from exploring alternative viewpoints or appreciating worth in more viable theories. Recognising value is essential on the part of any individual, organisation, or nation and privileging it needs to be internalised otherwise it's demise.

The whole problem is the word Hindu since so many texts and traditions form such an indigestible mixture that reconciling them or following any one poses difficulty. Further, it doesn't offer any definite solution and adds to human confusion. Sri Aurobindo did try to cherry-pick.

Anyone who has read Sri Aurobindo to a reasonable extent would not respect other great men of the period as much. As traditional interpretation of ancient Sanskrit texts have undergone significant transformation in his hands, maintaining a receptive attitude sans rumblings needed

While your analysis may be a good explanation of the past, the future may not be a linear extension of it all. Sri Aurobindo, for example, has made wide ranging prophecies as regards adventure of Consciousness and its Evolutionary trajectory which even science is finding probable

Fine, if the intention of the thread is to highlight your religion and its founder, it's okay. But the challenge is to rationally examine various options available today and foreground viable formulations which MSM neglects. Vigilance against misrepresentations is also necessary.

Modi govt can be credited with for being singularity bereft of any ideological narrative or pushing any pet formula. Apart from the theatrical performance of PM at different locations with costume, the function of the govt, overall, has been amorphous. This is a welcome feature.

I don't read or write in Odia much but listen avidly to songs. Unlike Hindi or Bengali, its words are pronounced without halant effect. Also it doesn't have much discordant sounds like prevalence of d in South Indian languages. Further, Odia letters have an aesthetic rounded form

Having seen so much of technological transformation during the last 63 years, one wonders what else is still possible. Smart phones serve more the visual medium, now and reading has taken a backseat. Uniform platform for books, journals, and blogs for facilitating reading needed.

It's a tragedy of human civilisation that no frontline philosopher from the West could engage with Sri Aurobindo so far. No major public intellectual in India too is excited about him. This also proves Sri Aurobindo's scant respect for efficacy of sole reliance on intellectuality

Savitri Era: Instead of Where or How, Sri Aurobindo wrote Who https://t.co/7ygC1x9fZ1

Watched Dil Diya Dard Liya (1966) based on Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights. [it was controversial because of stark depiction of mental and physical cruelty, and challenged Victorian ideals of the day regarding religious hypocrisy, morality, social classes and gender inequality.]

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Symbolic meaning of Veda is lynchpin to disperse lynch mobs

Tweets by @SavitriEraParty and @NathTusar

Nehru-bhakts were euphoric about him last month but don't have even a word to say regarding Sri Aurobindo. This dishonest amnesia is going to take them to political abyss. Engineer-Nationalists too are no better than Marxist-Secularists in appreciating any merit in Sri Aurobindo.

So many tweets today offering homage to Sri Aurobindo but no promise on concrete action. Any new book or some research initiative? Even his relevance to present political scene is downplayed. The name of Patel or Ambedkar can bring votes but not Sri Aurobindo's. That must change.

How Sri Aurobindo reinvents the Veda and strikes a blow to Rituals by his symbolic interpretation is the lynchpin to grasp the essence of Indian wisdom and disperse lynch mobs. The silence of Hindutva scholars on Go, a minor piece of semantic confusion, is causing tremendous harm

No need to talk about the past or criticise his contemporaries when we contemplate on the template Sri Aurobindo has designed. Spirituality is a distant goal but many facets of modernity and traditional morality form its scaffolding which Sri Aurobindo found to be of Vedic origin

Sri Aurobindo passed away on December 5, 1950. His relevance is increasingly felt by more and more concerned individuals but they profess silence. So all are requested to break reticence and tweet on Sri Aurobindo's legacy and preeminence on issues political as well as spiritual.

The world of philosophy has two dozen dominant schools of which Sri Aurobindo is one. From Gebser to Wilber, it has seen diverse receptions. Nearer home, Hindutva has shown lukewarm response. However, as an intellectual and aesthetic challenge, Sri Aurobindo remains unparalleled.

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo were surrounded by a good number of disciples who were expected to surrender to them. But some of them were intrepid enough to ask inconvenient questions in writing. By replying to them in detail, Sri Aurobindo encouraged thinking and critical reasoning

Democracy is a fiction; a theoretical construct at best. The mechanism of election is so gargantuan that the role of an ordinary citizen amounts to a cypher. TV additionally has irrevocably altered the power equation and a voter's agency has further diminished. Correctives needed

Different people from different ideological/sectarian factions have tried to push their agenda in the past but we must be thankful to them all for their zealous contribution to the melting pot of thought as well as sense of restraint because of which a rational environment exists

Sita Ram Goel describes his story of discovering Sri Aurobindo but for present generation, the challenge is overcoming Hindutva domination. Besides, what Sri Aurobindo writes can't be shown as taking shape in the near future. So a rational approach needed. https://t.co/KblSZLXoB3

Intellectuals won't endorse Sri Aurobindo
[Nehru got away with his agnosticism because it was still the afterglow of the freedom movement... UPA, under Sonia and her mostly Leftist NAC, lost their way. They began looking alien... clinical, near-agnostic secularism. SHEKHAR GUPTA]

Intellectuals in India have not been able to take advantage of two outstanding books that appeared quite early: The Integral Advaitism of Sri Aurobindo (1957) - Ram Shankar Misra (BHU) & The Political Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo (1960) - Vishwanath Prasad Varma (Patna University)

Understanding life and the world has been a continuous process across continents and cultures. Fresh insights are being added everyday. So, no point in praising some writings over the others since no metaphysical proposition can be proved to be correct. Sri Aurobindo is an anchor

Reading ancient texts for deriving aesthetic satisfaction is an individual's choice but it comes about through social recommendations. Bias acquired at an impressionable stage lingers and hardens with age; but when one starts endorsing the same to others, the fallacy multiplies.

Tracking the tweets of a dozen South Indians gives the impression that Hindutva is firmly in the saddle and people are zealously organising their lives around religion and rituals but the reality is otherwise. Sri Aurobindo completed The Life Divine hundred years ago. A must read

Education encourages to generalise, find common principles whereas introspection and contemplation unveil subjectivity. Yoga too is a means of connecting to universality but at its core is purely personal with a unique trajectory. Sri Aurobindo however talks about the Supramental

By firmly positing rising to the next level of Evolution as the target Sri Aurobindo alerts us to present imperfections. While rejection of what is wrong is necessary aspiration for the good qualities is primary. Both however must proceed in an attitude of surrender before Grace.

RW commentators never bother about the dynamics of how events occur or possible hidden reasons behind them. What they dish out, day in and day out, is a bland version of out and out materialist account of people. The philosophical approach of looking at history is totally absent.

It might be tempting to characterise certain phenomena with precision but words are insufficient to describe complex and multi-layered reality. Looking for the good side and drawing lessons from the flaws is a more balanced approach than outright vilification and condemnation.

Peter Heehs' new book, Spirituality without God: A Global History of Thought and Practice is perhaps a comprehensive study on the theme this post draws a thumbnail sketch of. Sri Aurobindo, however, remains the most authentic voice on this ancient debate. https://t.co/KUshVeBA29

Struggle for existence is a reality and achieving easy as well as big success in a complex and competitive environment is a challenge for everyone. Politics, in this scenario, is more of a career than any service motive, owing to compromising with values is a foregone conclusion.

If I may butt in, and today we are celebrating the death anniversary of Sri Aurobindo, subjective experience as such may not be of much help to another. However, when narrated, it may generate certain experiences in the reader/listener. Journey of each person is absolutely unique

Are you sure? Sri Aurobindo wrote about R.D. Ranade's small treatise on Heraclitus. He has also written on similarities of Greek and Sanskrit.

Offices and Institutions created by the Constitution are too distant and intimidating for an ordinary citizen. Those are for those who can influence, mobilise, and organise. Ideas however have a trajectory of their own and at times catapult a lay person to large-scale recognition

Vacillation and ambivalence are hallmark of RSS which has helped it to survive. (Syādvāda or Anekantavada, of course, are old doctrines reinvented by postmodernism.) The only definite assertion made by Mohan Bhagwat recognising worship of Sai Baba has enough subversive potential.

No one believed us then, but now many great minds are repeating that Modi is fake. In actuality, Modi is the same and holds up a mirror to others that they are all fake. Everyone is in love with stars and celebrities on TV and Modi exploits this weakness of the people to the hilt

Three important debates: Triple Talaq, 377/LGBT, and #Sabarimala unfolding during the Modi regime have far reaching effects. Apart from the claims on economy and development, these social sector churning are surely outstanding feathers in Modi's cap. Obviously, no fakery here.

Friday, November 30, 2018

Sri Aurobindo was a universal person

It's futile to try to understand Divine Mother by recounting some of the events from her life spanning nearly a century but even that seems to take many many years before a substantial number of people become aware of. Gratitude on her Departure Day: #MirraAlfassa. #SriAurobindo

Since I detest Mythology, particularly, the religion dimension and not their appreciation as literature, the other option I love to be engrossed with, somewhat irrationally, is history of Western philosophy and story of great philosophers. Their very names inspire. #PhilosophyDay

Christianity (& Islam too to a limited extent) has undergone extensive philosophical interrogation during the last 2000 years whereas Hinduism has pushed philosophy to the background by putting Mythology on a pedestal. Sri Aurobindo initiated an informed and sympathetic scrutiny.

Western philosophy still fights shy of Indian philosophy and Indian society is conspicuous by its absence in the analyses of Western philosophers and sociologists. Let's hope Hegel's India by @Aakash_Ironman and @riminamohapatra be a catalyst in arousing engagement.#PhilosophyDay

Reading Sri Aurobindo under the Hindu rubric is a virulent method and those suffering from it must strive to disabuse themselves. When philosophy was reeling under the blows of science and scepticism, #SriAurobindo rejuvenated it on Vedic Evolutionary foundation. #PhilosophyDay

Most teachers of philosophy in India are trained better in the Analytic tradition and hence nurse suspicion towards Continental philosophy. Lack of adequate acquaintance of 20th century philosophy such as postmodernism is a serious pedagogic disability. @IIASShimla #PhilosophyDay

Let's hope that @arvindneela retains his hallmark academic humility and restraint without succumbing to the temptation of resorting to aggression and harsh words. Reality is multilayered and players in history are complex entities. Honest discourse can unveil truth #PhilosophyDay

For all textual/linguistic expressions, the Veda is supposedly the most ancient and authentic source. Of course, the Veda itself has clear Zoroastrian and Egyptian roots. Sri Aurobindo has done extensive translations and written commentaries to offer a new interpretation the Veda

Bright students don't study humanities. College education is mediocre. PostGraduation is not rigorous. Training in writing or research is almost nonexistent. Reading is meagre; thinking, a chimera. Genuine curiosity is discouraged in favour of established patterns. #PhilosophyDay

Thinkers analyse the past, comment on the present, and speculate on the shape of the future. Some prove to be right in the short run on a few counts, to become famous as visionaries. But to foresee the Evolutionary arrow is the exclusive achievement of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo.

Please read The Secret of the Veda by Sri Aurobindo before passing any opinion on the Veda. This is an humble request. Today is the Departure Day of The Mother, #MirraAlfassa. @NathTusar #SriAurobindo

The Veda is no more prisoned in rituals and conventions but becomes a handbook of self-culture. As a result, thematic unity between the Veda and the Upanishads has been restored. ...Sri Aurobindo has delivered it from the confines of a particular religion. https://t.co/y0s7CcassG

#Sabarimala belongs to Kerala; CBI can't enter Andhra Pradesh and WB: signs of regional self-determination are loud and clear. Turning India into a loose Federation by granting Sovereignty to the States is the need of the hour and should be supported by all right thinking people.

Some support BJP, others oppose it. Politics, economy, history: everything is judged brazenly on partisan lines; will get amplified as election approaches. Informed and honest intellectual wrestling is not to be found. However, there is a narrow middle path set by Sri Aurobindo.

Those who denounce Leftist scholarship expose their own ignorance. Similarly, ignoring Christian/Western thinkers is counterproductive. Young Indians must strive hard to master the basics of philosophical thought. The Philosophy of Evolution by Rod Hemsell https://t.co/VcmVg9jRO0

Company is a monster created by the modern civilisation. Legal safeguards for concealing identity, liability, and syphoning of funds encourages promoters to perpetuate evil practices. Abnormally large companies, like an abnormally large nation like India, need to be right-sized.

Social evils are rampant in India and they can't be eradicated by just shooting the messenger from the ramparts of well-heeled SM handles. Espousing superstition and hierarchy is so ingrained in an influential section is that they never find it amiss nor have any qualms about it.

Apart from a handful of devotees, I haven't come across anyone on Twitter possessing a reasonable understanding of Sri Aurobindo. No one has read him in any detail; most make do with a few quotations from India's Rebirth. Both Left & RW avoiding the greatest intellect is a riddle

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo, in an exemplary and rare show of harmonious agenda, exhorted to grow beyond religions so that the underlying universality comes to the fore and mankind prepares for the next rung of Evolution. The path of yoga, they said, can unite all in collaboration

I read about Bartlebooth (Life: A User's Manual by Georges Perec: Bartlebooth then sends each painting back to France...) in Jean Baudrillard: A Study in Cultural Metaphysics by Charles Levin. A character I always remember like Tom (Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe).

Red Earth and Pouring Rain by Vikram Chandra can be said to be comparable to Life: A User's Manual by Georges Perec. Anamdas Ka Potha by Hazari Prasad Dwivedi and Agni aur Barkha (Agni Mattu Male, The Fire and the Rain) by Girish Karnad are equally complex https://t.co/DFDiCBqK42

René Leys is another fascinating novel Charles Levin discusses in his Baudrillard book. Cf. The Phantom Hour, a short story by Sri Aurobindo. [Sturge Maynard rose from the fireside and looked out on the blackish yellow blinding fog] https://t.co/m0rOQrWAdY https://t.co/1StG8FASap

Solomon’s proverbs and Confessions by Augustine, Rousseau, Tolstoy, and Gandhi are famous. Sri Aurobindo too has written enough in First person so as to fill one full volume titled: Autobiographical Notes and Other Writings of Historical Interest (CWSA 36) https://t.co/XBl2sUvK5c

Zorba the Greek by Nikos Kazantzakis is well known but before it, I had read about the author in A study of Savitri by Prema Nandakumar. His epic, The Odyssey: A Modern Sequel (translated into English by Kimon Friar) with 33,333 lines is longer than Savitri (nearly 24,000 lines).

Have spent many hours from time to time with her The Poetic Self: Towards a Phenomenology of Romanticism (1979) to savour her penetrating insights on Coleridge, Wordsworth, Arnold, Whitman, and Baudelaire. Meena Alexander (17 February, 1951 – 21 November, 2018) #MeenaAlexander https://t.co/I5KVunRVcv

RSS is attempting to give the vision of Sri Aurobindo a shape which should be seen as an Evolutionary leap. It's inevitable, The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have said it pithily. Please read the August 14, 1947 broadcast by #SriAurobindo in which he spoke of #FiveDreams & #WorldUnion.

I have been reading for over half a century now and it's for you to catch up with. #MirraAlfassa #SriAurobindo https://t.co/3LSdjtlI7g

Almost all facts about The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are documented but unfortunately many are spreading disinformation without reading. Mixing fact with fiction without any compulsion of substantiation is being considered by some as their birthright. Alas! https://t.co/3LSdjt47fI

You are evaluating from the Indian standpoint but Sri Aurobindo was already a universal person and was concerned more with future Evolution of the mankind. The Life Divine published between 1914 & 1919 testifies it. So, please avoid words like embarrassing regarding #SriAurobindo

While your impression on Sri Aurobindo can't be disputed, and some of his devotees, in fact, wrote to him questioning his actions; he, however, defends himself stoutly and all the letters are available free online to read. You may go through them sometime. https://t.co/srUGIcl4Ea

The story behind the deity of #Sabarimala is definitely the creation of a talented poet of yore like Sophocles. [Freud misread Oedipus Rex—which does not illustrate the Oedipus complex— and distorted its meaning to suit his theoretical preconceptions.] https://t.co/aTCV9Qqees

A gap of a century between the launch of Brahmo Samaj on 20 August 1828 and formal establishment of Sri Aurobindo Ashram on 24 November 1926 following Siddhi attained by #SriAurobindo, which witnessed wide ranging intellectual churning. Can't be steamrolled under Hindu narrative.

Three lessons on Siddhi Day:
1. Sri Aurobindo is the topmost authority on Indian religion and tradition.
2. Sanskrit texts need to be understood in the light of his interpretations.
3. Evolution towards a global consciousness warrants shedding antipathy towards foreign cultures.

From Morse code to Mars Science probes matter. Economics tells us about patterns buttressing fatalism. Hindutva harks back to the past signalling regression. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are the only teachers who talk about future possibilities by transcending present imperfections

Leftists are an influential moral voice in politics but their perspective on violence is ambivalence. Congress chained to Dynasty similarly is antithesis of Democracy. BJP is evolving but can't be free from RSS clutch. So no prospect of a decent choice with freedom and fair play.

Textbook ethical positions vis-à-vis politics seem absurd considering how much manipulation and malpractice are rampant. But The Mother & Sri Aurobindo invoke Vedic virtues to assure that those refined qualities are a reality and can be attained by individuals who seek sincerely.

While "fatalism, determinism, and predeterminism are discrete in stressing different aspects of the futility of human will or the foreordination of destiny" "a dramatic change or event happens suddenly and is very noticeable and surprising; is exciting and impressive" #FiveDreams

Marx is railed against but remembered for: "Philosophers have hitherto only interpreted the world in various ways; the point is to change it." Stephen Stearns pointed out: "the annals of research journals are littered with the corpses of beautiful ideas that were killed by facts"

PR, journalism, and critical analysis are three different realms and adequate grounding is needed to distinguish them. RW journals turning a clone of each other is hardly useful. Quality and credibility stem from sound criticism and not merely by academic or professional degrees.

If I remember correctly, the then PM said in his speech that Babri Masjid will be rebuilt. This promise has been forgotten and perhaps is considered irrelevant. But that would be the greatest achievement of India if the domes reappear along with cobwebs. #Sabarimala gives hope.

Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF - since 2005): Selfie and conforming to conventions of beauty https://t.co/xZnZG9XAbQ Posted by Tusar Nath Mohapatra @NathTusar at November 27, 2018 Location: Shipra Riviera, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201014, India #SriAurobindo

Savitri Era Learning Forum: Sisyphus, platypus, and octopus https://t.co/PxSbtGIlU8

[Henry Louis Vivian Derozio (18 April 1809 – 26 December 1831), one of the first educators to disseminate Western learning and science, had a profound influence on Bengal Renaissance]
[Denis Diderot (5 October 1713 – 31 July 1784) was a prominent figure during the Enlightenment.]

Bedu Pako: Fifteenth year annual cultural programme organised by the Uttaranchal Parivar Samiti, Shipra Riviera, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad is on. Shri Sunil Kumar Sharma, local MLA @sunilsharma_bjp graced the occasion. Harpal Singh had once described, #ShipraRiviera is a mini India. https://t.co/8UMIGyNbMK

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

The "Self" Sri Aurobindo talked about may be illusory

Recently I came across this wonderful site which can quench the thirst for knowledge by way of discussing five books like Joe Henricho of the ‘collective brain’ fame does here. 

Savitri Era Learning Forum has in its Archives thousands of hints and links to innumerable sources of knowledge and alternative viewpoints which can be of immense help to learners without any ideological inhibitions. Understanding Sri Aurobindo is crucial. https://t.co/jYEnLPU9Nw

VIP VAK: Kumar Utsav celebration by Odia Mahamanch https://t.co/aTvhGnfZ8v https://t.co/qEy2upOJVu

Islam is hated so promptly in India today but its role in the history of philosophy and evolution of Modernity is an interesting story. https://t.co/Bice52cnzo

Most are aware of Vidura but same can't be said about Vidula. Sri Aurobindo attempts [a free poetic paraphrase...translates freely in parts, in others makes some departures or adds, develops and amplifies to bring out fully the underlying spirit and idea.] https://t.co/Hc63QBSx3w

The Life Divine by Sri Aurobindo is a modern day wonder which is unlikely to be surpassed in any foreseeable future. Both physics and biology are trying to come to terms with the prophecies made in it. But South Indians are forever fascinated by forts and temple architecture alas

It may be true that as social animals everyone is in need of others' appreciation or a sense validation but practice of yoga trains to be udasina, i.e., indifference and detachment. Besides, a significant variation in seeking appreciation between men and women can't be ruled out.

Expect a new version of Amar Akbar Anthony in a month or two showcasing #MeToo. Bollywood is always prompt in cashing in on such hot topics. However, no one should be held guilty before the courts say it in a majority verdict.

Old Bollywood numbers are an indispensable part of Puja celebrations. Jumma chumma de de is being sung in our Colony now followed by Laila o laila.

While rationale for individual fulfilment is presented elegantly, it's pertinent to consider and contextualise what Sri Aurobindo calls Collective Yoga that is no less relevant since "No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main" https://t.co/5aaDJUguXz

Men and women are different in a hundred ways and recognising this reality by rejecting the hypocrisy of equality is the remedy. Reconstituting systems and situations by catering to psychological necessities should be the priority than facetious portrayals in fictions and movies.

When someone refers to America or China, it's invariably their Govt. There is a paucity of conversations about their people, general life, and matters of human interest. Even a powerful visual medium like TV has failed to do justice with spreading awareness about far off nations.

Popularity is often assumed as an index of utility and value but Ramdev's Swadeshi campaign and Ekta Kapoor's TV serials - to take two examples - can't be rated as particularly salutary. Modernity arrived after one lakh years of human society and nurturing it is the duty of all.

Many devotees are ecstatically posting Sri Aurobindo's pen portraits of Four Powers coinciding with Durga Puja/Navaratri. But the most appropriate picture of The Mother is expressed in Radha's Prayer. No wonder Sri Aurobindo saw her as embodiment of Surrender when they met first.

Secularism is bad, Liberalism is bad, Modernity is flawed, and Political correctness is wrong. It's difficult to swallow such warped logic from enlightened-seeming wise men and women defending nebulous advantages of esoteric practices belonging to arcane traditions in India today

The teaching and Adventure of Consciousness of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is becoming increasingly relevant in the face of irrationalities espoused by Hindutva adherents. It is also an antidote against Marxist antipathy towards religion and Western disregard for anything Indian.

Most people are grossly ignorant of even what they eat and won't be able to distinguish between Carbohydrates and Proteins but would stoutly defend the efficacy of religious traditions and rituals uncritically out of sheer habit and herd mentality. Defending own thing is flawed.

The question is whether one should perennially be under the tyranny of some irrational rituals and superstitions just because his or her accident of birth. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo emphatically say no and show the way how to think logically and freely on Judeo-Vedic substratum.

Despite all our love and sense of gratitude towards a genius like Akshaya Mohanty, spreading awareness of the original composers or lyricists is necessary in the interest of truth and with a view to expressing respect to such creators in other languages whom an Odia may not know. https://t.co/RwOSsO3nMf

Shipra Riviera Durga Puja bags the First Prize in the trans-Hindon, Ghaziabad sector. Show is on. https://t.co/hurvfpNIw2

Just like advertising increasingly elbows out news in newspapers, religious activity is encroaching on real estate more are more. Almost all places of tourist interest and natural beauty are cruelly defaced by ugly structures or statues. Reliance on physical symbols should halt.

Western ethical tradition is distilled through four thousand years via the Arab route and Chinese tangent. Saussure's contribution to linguistics based on his study of Sanskrit however inaugurated postmodernist worldview leading to much nuance. Sri Aurobindo's lens is the safest. https://t.co/4o2iTLjcpw

Who do you think is “best” equipped to understand or interpret a cultural text? asks @MakrandParanspe and adds his preference. But the answer is not simple since most texts have already been translated in different languages and interpreted in diverse ways https://t.co/7aNhj4Cfng

Abnormal level of population and dual govt system is the bane of India. Languages form the basis of a nation as in the European countries but the States don't enjoy Sovereignty in India as a result people lack initiative & motivation to contribute their best. #Sabarimala is local https://t.co/0vbVTIDbQh

No amount of moderation can be the pretext for overriding the primacy and superiority of Constitutional rule. Hinduism, or for that matter, any religion mustn't impose its priorities by pushing mob wisdom as more legitimate as is happening in the case of #Sabarimala imbroglio. https://t.co/r1bJtoUUpU

That a temple is the home of the deity and therefore the rules and customs followed as per tradition should enjoy autonomy is a formidable and convincing-seeming argument. But the flaw is law is about human beings whose perceptions and interpretations alter with time. #Sabarimala

"If our backgrounds, hopes, dreams, languages, expressions, bodies and preferences are all different..." @neha_aks asks invoking the plurality principle but stops short of saying that there should be different rules or options too. Tradition is not supreme https://t.co/YjV4BDAk3Z

No I didn't watch it DDLJ then. But the film I remember with equal fondness is: 
[Woh Saat Din (Those Seven Days) is a 1983 Hindi film directed by Bapu. Produced by Surinder Kapoor and Boney Kapoor Starring: Anil Kapoor; Padmini Kolhapure; Naseeruddin Shah] #23YearsOfTimelessDDLJ

Remembering the other K.K. Nair (Krishna Chaitanya) (1918–1994) of the five-volume Philosophy of Freedom fame is in order. Said [Sri Aurobindo's discussion of time and eternity is wholly derived from that of Boethius; Life Divine is watered down Plotinus.] https://t.co/icEdIZRe47

India is a populous country and it's easy to gather a crowd. If the occasion is religious then large congregations are spontaneous with immense scope for commerce plus content for media. Apart from economics deriving political benefit has also become mainstream. RSS has monopoly.

Any political player is prone to seek advantage from all kinds of situations but keeping a watch on the health of Democracy is also an additional responsibility. Now that RSS is part of the ruling dispensation this particular function needs to be addressed by some astute persons.

Great! Just read another nice word "sociability"
[It seems that if humans do depend so much on sociability and interaction, I expect great things to happen from the internet — and the huge and constant interaction of people and information that it allows.] https://t.co/1oyyd1nNZt

Fighting patriarchy and spreading awareness against misogyny is a modern day challenge but relying upon State apparatus for ensuring these or preferential treatment for women is another extreme. Organic and voluntary empowerment should be preferred to imposed impracticable goals.

Strangely, no one refers to Sri Aurobindo or his The Secret of the Veda. May be inconvenient truth!

In the case of many recent #MeToo accused, their daughters have been referred to but not always the sons which seems to be a bit skewed. [Also, in this case, the minister is married and is a father of grown-up daughters, so it is definitely not okay.] https://t.co/wisRu36EUd

A relevant thread by @vakibs of course without any influence by Sri Aurobindo's profound observations on the subject. https://t.co/fr6ZxKg7yY

India comprises of multiple nations and myriad cultures. Most people are yet to be modern in their attitude and aspirations. Gender stereotypes are further strengthened through culture, religion, and tradition. Courts are doing a bit to dismantle their hold and must be supported.

India never saw Democracy during the last 7000 years and the British gifted it only 70 years back but is in its infancy. Political parties are doing their best to keep people bonded to myths, both ancient and modern. People exhibiting their freedom and autonomy can break all that.

Everything happens for the first time or nothing can be considered as a repetition. ("You cannot step into the same river twice" -Heraclitus). So, Democracy including the role of Judiciary is evolving by negotiating highly complex situations and navigating through wide diversity.

Books of Stephen Hawking, Fukuyama, and Huntington made huge impact before the arrival of Internet but no one can impress to such an extent any more. Old religions and scriptures seem to hold some appeal but only superficially. Hard-nosed seeking of material gains has taken over.

The promises of Science, Social Science, and New Age optimism have wilted. Euphoria generated due to Social Media facilitating networking has evaporated, significantly. No example of any progress of society or principles for betterment of community is in sight. Commerce goes on.

There are any number of intellectuals now steeped in religion and Indian philosophy. Power has enabled them to express enormous optimism about the future. Of course they curse most other countries than India. But they rely on tradition and that is no sure foundation for Evolution

Restoring true Federal character of Indian subcontinent should be the priority so that languages get their due respect and local culture and knowledge systems are revivified. Central Govt is an anomaly and Democracy is dysfunctional; States must get Sovereignty and UN membership.

Rather, get Uttar Pradesh out of India as 22 crore people are capable of ruling themselves as a Sovereign country. India must turn into a Federation.

Scheduled castes leaders maintain that they suffer from social disparity despite economic progress. Hindutva adherents, similarly, can't get over the victimhood of hundreds of years of slavery. The solution, therefore, is to look ahead instead of listening to speeches on history.

Each person should be accepted as he is and not what he could or should have been. Sri Aurobindo is absolutely ahead of his times and it's necessary to imbibe his ideas, slowly, instead of remaining a prisoner of misleading impressions about him propagated by Marxist historians.

The pragmatic views of Peter Heehs regarding Sri Aurobindo as writer of "a shelf full of books" should perhaps be taken more seriously after a decade. No wonder, the Ashram supported him to the hilt with the realisation that the "Self" Sri Aurobindo talked about may be illusory.

The author is dead but each text including temple sculpture remind of Freud. Sex is local and contextual and hence all generalised conceptions of occurrence or deterrence are merely suppositions or entertaining conjectures. Culture however is layers of falsehood over naked Nature

A tweet is enough to express any truth but people seem to be slaves of the old habit of believing in long articles or books. There are umpteen exegesis on ethics but it's necessary to remember that only what is permissible or appropriate in public is discussed. Rest are private.

The gap between Art and Commercial films is no longer as wide as it used to be earlier, agreed the speakers.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

End endorsing Mythology

Tweets by @SavitriEraParty

It's simply impossible to imagine that the sea was very much the same millions of years before the appearance of the humans. The march of time, however, is so slow and yet, so short for the myriad aspirations that people harbour or the countless deficiencies they seek to conquer. https://t.co/x708NFU7Qq

Science hasn't been able to say anything definite about the functioning of the world. All religions and their scriptures are suppositions. Those who take pride in the superiority of some text or philosophy should do introspection. Endorsing Mythology or speculation is no heroism.

Knowledge is a commodity and has its own utility. Its validity unfortunately is often derived from dubious authority. Self-interest and uncritical respect help perpetuation of unsubstantiated propositions. Refusing to believe in them should be the duty of every vigilant individual.

Just because someone has been saying something or believing in something, it's not necessary that he or she will have to do it for ever. Each educated person must conduct a rigorous review of his or her intellectual framework periodically and purge impaired furnishings ruthlessly.

Human beings are certainly a special category upon this planet but religious groupings are groping in the dark as regards knowledge about the universe. Rituals and imagined manipulation of the unseen worlds are not only arbitrary but also subversive of one's dignity and autonomy.

Looking at Sri Aurobindo as merely a revolutionary is the primary level. Remaining mesmerised within his web words is the second stage and a long one. The third is when one gradually comes out of that spell and starts realising why he wrote so much and actually goes beyond them.

Each one is wired in a specific way and chained to a certain spatial limits. So universality is an incoherent and inchoate concept. Ideas like Infinite or Perfection nevertheless persist and propel a sense of adventure and discovery. But most are unwilling to undertake the burden.

Education relies upon the past and emphasises on great men. But the task for each individual is to move beyond what has been achieved so far. Here the role of freedom and creativity come into play. Syllabus binds, teachers repeat; the student must break free, hew his new avenue.

Being conversant with Western philosophy is a necessity for proficiency in any field. Such a large number of people grapple with issues relating to current affairs but they neglect philosophy proper. This is the prime reason for poor quality of debate dovetailing to name calling.

Management, media, or even social sciences can train one as a well aware person but philosophy imparts the true foundation. Many assume that study of some ancient Indian texts is sufficient so far as philosophical grounding is concerned but it is a mistake. Swadeshi doesn't help!

Reimagining and Refashioning Integral Management - Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Director, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF), Ghaziabad. Ghazi://t.co/YGoEhdLyp7

It's really odd if Sri Aurobindo Ashram - Delhi branch lets out its sacred Meditation Hall for sundry gatherings. Seems like a regime change is underway! https://t.co/zNJ16md7bc

Mohan Bhagwat giving recognition to worship of Sai Baba now forms the benchmark for addition to the list like Sri Aurobindo.
[एक भाषा किसी को समझ नहीं आती. हिंदी की ही कई अलग अलग बोली है - भाषाओं और देवी देवताओं की विविधता - नए नए देवी देवता आते रहते हैं. पहले साईं बाबा नहीं थे.]

Most concerns on Twitter are about two percent of the population. The rest take care of themselves but the disconnect is glaring. https://t.co/h7OqW13T7W

Was stranded in Digha last night as hotels there are not permitting stay of single persons. This is highly insulting and discriminatory of the autonomy and privacy of those who travel alone, especially the senior citizens. Incredible India campaign must root out such sore areas.

For those who may not be aware @viryavaan is one of our brilliant minds well-versed in Sri Aurobindo. He has his own reasons to express extreme views but shouldn't be dismissed lightly. One may not agree with him but his sentiments need to be respected after RSS turning inclusive.

A staunch advocate of Dharma had once expressed his sympathy which when reaches its logical conclusion of legalization is, perhaps, the right solution to this problem relating to incidents of non-consensual nature. https://t.co/QuqzqgFYNw

[The Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust has received many requests to set up a facility to receive donations online. Those wishing to make a donation to the Ashram may do so by visiting https://t.co/IHdxW6j0D8. The site and payment gateway are secure, and data privacy is respected.]

Update: October 14, 2018

Sidhu has said something serious perhaps for the first time! High time to turn India a Federation by awarding Sovereignty to the States so that local culture and language receive due recognition, respect, and care. Bengali being nurtured after creation of Bangladesh is an example.

From Ram Janmbhumi movement to Sabarimala protests, the farcical face of ritual-based religion in India has traversed full-circle. Savitri Erans devoted to The Mother & Sri Aurobindo watch in gratitude the Masters' prophecy of religions being pulverized coming true brick by brick.

Life is complex and talent is rare. Reality is unpredictable but people long to fit the future as per their pet paradigms. Politically correct propositions are treated as given and normal whereas they are mere normatives. Both, Hindutva and Modernity suffer from false narratives.