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1789, 1815, 1919, and 2019

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Savitri Era: Symbolic meaning of Veda is lynchpin to disperse lynch mobs #SriAurobindo @NathTusar

The philosophy of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo has attracted and influenced numerous people during the last hundred years but social and cultural atmosphere doesn't permit to practice with freedom. So, most are forced to compromise and maintain an ambivalent relation with Hinduism.

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have scripted an alternative agenda of Vedic Evolutionary destiny which is moving forward slowly and silently amid the apparent chaos. Clash of rival religious views within a Constitutional environment is assisting this emerging paradigm to precipitate.

Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Puducherry doesn't respond to Twitter comments officially; so occasional outbursts of a teacher looks so absurd. Volatility and immaturity in expressing personal opinions is certainly anomalous on the part of a teacher especially one belonging to the Ashram.

Muscular nationalism aspires for a Superpower status for India and Sri Aurobindo is remembered at times in this context, but it's an inchoate representation of what he stood for. Radically altering the present configuration of human civilisation by Vedic principles is his vision.

Although G.N. Devy, the author, knows about Sri Aurobindo, he avoids his pioneering contribution towards Civil disobedience or Passive resistance to keep the focus solely on Gandhi to the point of deification. One who made the word amnesia famous can be accused of the same malady.

Sri Aurobindo wrote a century back with a view to uprooting the dominant religions but many are fighting only to cut their branches today, without reading him adequately. The past is stubborn and Savitri Erans must be equally obstinate to obliterate its influences. No compromise!

Blaming religions or political ideologies as perpetrators of violence in the past is misplaced since in actuality man has been cruel to man as evil his part of his nature. Sri Aurobindo avoids such superficial diagnosis and aims at a radical transformation of human nature itself.

The contributions of Lalon Fakir, a contemporary of Raja Ram Mohan Roy, in developing a philosophical synthesis as well as an enduring religious amity needs to be highlighted. His music still reverberates.

English unifies India today, howsoever tenuously; otherwise the Hindu identity is seriously threatened by linguistic division. Sri Aurobindo's books has given English a futuristic status; his readings of Blake or Nietzsche should enthuse young Indians to be curious about the West

Writings of William Archer (1856–1924), Sir John George Woodroffe (1865–1936) or Arthur Avalon, and James Henry Cousins (1873–1956) or Mac Oisín or Jayaram, prompted Sri Aurobindo (1872–1950) to comment on them elaborately, which have turned gems of literature and criticism, now.

Thread on misleading interpretation of Vedic terms and relevance of Sri Aurobindo.

When I was in the Primary school in the early sixties, the sight of the teacher holding a cane and applying it liberally was normal. Verbal whipping, similarly, seems to be necessary, even today, to make people accept Sri Aurobindo's The Secret of the Veda

Present RSS/BJP collective leadership has shown exceptional sagacity to defend Constitutional values for safeguarding diversity. They deserve all support and solidarity so that hardliners are kept at bay. Other parties coming to power at this juncture doesn't bode well for nation

Hindutva hardliners fail to realise that it's because of their uncompromising attitude that the moderate majority of the country are forced to move away from BJP. Temple oriented template is not going to help the party for occupying the mainstream space. Sri Aurobindo as icon can

Cultural Studies, basically, weaves nonfiction out of fiction. Philosophy, the most robust genre of nonfiction, however, has been found to be fiction by Deconstruction. AI, similarly, is impaired by an irrational phenomenon like Numbers' Dream. So liminality is the most luminous.

That may be the initial impression but Sri Aurobindo foresees an inevitable Evolutionary pressure on mankind to pursue a path towards unification where differences are harmonised. Unity, for him, of course, is not uniformity but rather conforms to a federal framework. #FiveDreams

Read many tweets against Modi by his known supporters which implies that he is on the right track. Govt has done an admirable balancing act in performing its Constitutional duties without succumbing to hardliners clamouring for unjust measures. Now it's for fans to call him fake.

Anyone occupying top Constitutional positions continuously for more than 10-12 years becomes addicted to power and luxury. Vested interests grow exponentially facilitating ease of functioning and to ease irritants out. Democracy must root out such a practice through systemic fiat

Sri Aurobindo talks about 1789, 1815, 1919, and much more... "The human spirit has still to find itself, its idea and its greater orientation."
A must read when 2019 is almost knocking at the door. @NathTusar #FiveDreams #Evolution #WorldWar1 #WorldUnion

Those who find The Secret of the Veda by Sri Aurobindo a bit difficult can read a slim book instead. Aditi And Other Deities In The Veda by M.P. Pandit is an excellent introductory work.
Besides, Vedic Epiphany series by V. Madhusudan Reddy is outstanding.

Sri Aurobindo had valiantly confronted the Western threats but today no one finds it worthwhile to build on his Integralism with latest inputs from scientific research. Conspicuous reluctance of Hindutva intellectuals to enter into philosophical arguments is a crippling weakness.

From @gopimaliwal to @KanchanGupta and @harshmadhusudan, Uttarpara Speech (1909) of Sri Aurobindo has received much attention; @BooksPanda too is reading #SriAurobindo. All very fine; but Sri Aurobindo needs to be read in detail which takes about a decade.

With Gyanchandra at Pragati Maidan Book Fair, around two decades back. Sri Aravind Chetana Samaj used to put up a stall since 1996. Also a poet and an artist, he has been writing for Karmdhara, a journal in Hindi published by Sri Aurobindo Ashram - Delhi Branch. @AurobindoAshram

Opted for VRS from PNB in 2000 on this day. @sahityaakademi Library was of great help for books on 20th century #Philosophy & #CulturalStudies. Formed Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) in 2005, Savitri Era Religion in 2006, and Savitri Era Party in 2007. #SriAurobindo #FiveDreams

Awareness of Sri Aurobindo is very low and misrepresentation of his ideas is quite high. Savitri Era Party has been trying to spread the political aspects of Sri Aurobindo's vision, such as #FiveDreams and #WorldUnion. It has also been opposing undesirable dimensions of Hindutva.

And that precisely forms the foundation of a fresh political formation which has not been tested till now in India, since most don't get the distinction or consider it insignificant or not viable enough. But time is ripe to take this recipe forward and seek approval of the young.

Sri Aurobindo is the most appropriate choice for people of all sections. #Evolution #FiveDreams #WorldUnion

India is so vast in size and huge in population that no citizen can be reasonably aware of its affairs, even in this age of instant communication. So it's more of an idea or notion than an actual nation. States with distinct languages and manageable population qualify as nations.

Good survey and as things change with time and circumstances, they should be accepted as they are; but the author seems to be carrying the burden of changing the course of change. The very confidence that the future can be moulded or managed is problematic like chasing a chimera.

Many of Sri Aurobindo's ideas pertain to his times when the thoughts of Nietzsche, Myers, or Bergson et al were dominant. His synthetic philosophy, therefore, has an edge over traditional Hindu systems and ethical prescriptions. So beware of Westphobia, myopia, and provincialism.

Professional proficiency doesn't equip one to choose between metaphysical systems and it's prudent, therefore, to rely upon some credible endorsement. India is fortunate to have Sri Aurobindo, with impeccable credentials, for such a requirement #FiveDreams

Many brilliant people have confessed that they have made a mistake by backing Modi. (Well, that may prove to be another mistake on their part.) This is an example of how human mind is prone to errors. So pompous announcements on path of Dharma should be taken with a pinch of salt

Politics falls under the secular domain but failure of ideologies has made it to seek future roadmap in religion and philosophy. Sri Aurobindo had foreseen such a scenario 100 years back and drawn the blueprint for an ideal society. Let's follow his dreams #WorldUnion #FiveDreams

Muslim votes are pivotal for winning elections and Democracy in India is warped in that proportion. Hindutva votaries however have the additional burden of survival and securing privileges. From Savitri Era point of view, both concerns are flawed. One needn't bother about others.

States deserve Sovereignty; no shortcuts.

Carlyle popularised the Great Man theory but Spencer opined that they are products of their time. Even Democracy is instrumental in creating a larger than life halo. Management too focuses on success and leadership. The Evolutionary goal however is served by a more inclusive cast

A) AAP remains a symbol of alternative politics despite its dismal record on the ground.
B) BJP is confused as regards ideology but is poised to represent the mainstream.
C) Congress is struggling to regain lost ground but won't be successful.
D) Other Dynastic outfits will stay.

Philosophy means to be aware of where one stands today and take a step forward in accordance with one's uniqueness. Each person being endowed with an entirely different set of capabilities and competence is a wonder and understanding this, beyond myriad rubrics, is an imperative.

Sri Aurobindo finds a number of approving mentions but his agenda may not be in sync with the thrust of this otherwise admirable article. Nevertheless, the utility of Sri Aurobindo as an intellectual arsenal, if harnessed reasonably, would mean a substantial gain for the nation.

From a practical point of view, RSS is a reality and it's evolving. It can't be uprooted so easily but people can be weaned away by offering a different ideology. Such a recipe was formulated by Sri Aurobindo 100 years back but lies unused. That needs to be zealously popularised.

Hindutva victimhood prevents its adherents from exploring alternative viewpoints or appreciating worth in more viable theories. Recognising value is essential on the part of any individual, organisation, or nation and privileging it needs to be internalised otherwise it's demise.

The whole problem is the word Hindu since so many texts and traditions form such an indigestible mixture that reconciling them or following any one poses difficulty. Further, it doesn't offer any definite solution and adds to human confusion. Sri Aurobindo did try to cherry-pick.

Anyone who has read Sri Aurobindo to a reasonable extent would not respect other great men of the period as much. As traditional interpretation of ancient Sanskrit texts have undergone significant transformation in his hands, maintaining a receptive attitude sans rumblings needed

While your analysis may be a good explanation of the past, the future may not be a linear extension of it all. Sri Aurobindo, for example, has made wide ranging prophecies as regards adventure of Consciousness and its Evolutionary trajectory which even science is finding probable

Fine, if the intention of the thread is to highlight your religion and its founder, it's okay. But the challenge is to rationally examine various options available today and foreground viable formulations which MSM neglects. Vigilance against misrepresentations is also necessary.

Modi govt can be credited with for being singularity bereft of any ideological narrative or pushing any pet formula. Apart from the theatrical performance of PM at different locations with costume, the function of the govt, overall, has been amorphous. This is a welcome feature.

I don't read or write in Odia much but listen avidly to songs. Unlike Hindi or Bengali, its words are pronounced without halant effect. Also it doesn't have much discordant sounds like prevalence of d in South Indian languages. Further, Odia letters have an aesthetic rounded form

Having seen so much of technological transformation during the last 63 years, one wonders what else is still possible. Smart phones serve more the visual medium, now and reading has taken a backseat. Uniform platform for books, journals, and blogs for facilitating reading needed.

It's a tragedy of human civilisation that no frontline philosopher from the West could engage with Sri Aurobindo so far. No major public intellectual in India too is excited about him. This also proves Sri Aurobindo's scant respect for efficacy of sole reliance on intellectuality

Savitri Era: Instead of Where or How, Sri Aurobindo wrote Who

Watched Dil Diya Dard Liya (1966) based on Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights. [it was controversial because of stark depiction of mental and physical cruelty, and challenged Victorian ideals of the day regarding religious hypocrisy, morality, social classes and gender inequality.]

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