Saturday, October 31, 2015

Nurturing Creativity, Quality, and Talent

@chinmaykrvd One may or may not agree with their political views but top intellectuals like Mehta deserve respect and space. @krishnarjun108
Modi camp is more into relying upon people of Intelligence background than the intelligence of Humanities experts & their lifetime insights.
Is RSS, too, a fan of anarchy like Kejriwal? It seems to be driving the country towards chaos without establishing first the measuring rods.
Most in India are suffering from cognitive closure & the only way to get over it is by reading appropriate books preferably Sri Aurobindo's.
Power without knowledge and awareness can be misleading with horrible consequences. Reading adds perspective and amplifies right perception.
Most religions perpetually churn history and mythology whereas #SavitriEra is focused on the future evolution. #FollowTheMother&SriAurobindo
The most ardent supporters of BJP are its worst enemies who fail to understand how much antipathy they add for the party by their hardline.
Nurturing Creativity, Quality, & Talent should be the national goal and not soulless repetition of mythological tales & meaningless rituals.
Resist the temptation of discrediting literature/creative arts in the guise of opposing political adversaries. Remember "the author is dead"
Political patronage and an environment of approval is a spur for creativity to blossom. So, questioning the background of writers is unfair.
Political opponents are an integral feature of Democratic set up but arts and literature are Civilisational resource. Handle them with care.
Talent is rare and, hence, the nation must not be driven to a situation for disregarding creativity and artistic activity even by opponents.
Being in a ridiculous minority, their votes don't matter, but their voice represents a moral force and therefore remains relevant over time.
Those brought up on a neat Dharmic/Abrahamic taxonomy might claim monopoly over ethics but moral force is universal and surely not a farce.
Most BJP fans' responses, sadly, suffer from Ad hominem logical fallacy. Opponents are attacked personally and not the content of arguments.
I'm a late riser and, hence, I dread the prospect of sleep timings slipping into the provisions of UCC. Nothing seems impossible at present!
Admiring the deserving among those living should be considered a bigger virtue and a duty than paying tributes to the dead, year after year.
Savitri Era Learning Forum SELF-Development
For SELF-Development
From alienation to anonymity, the role of philosophy is ever relevant to tackle the questions of life and society.
Sri Aurobindo’s philosophy within... That explains how personal bias can stifle genuine academic inquiry.
Viewpoints of Savitri Era devotees might diverge, but even questioning can be part of Yoga.
@akazlev @shaviro hints as to how Science Fiction can be seen as amply ontologically pregnant vis-à-vis futurity at
Do yourSELF a favour
Modernity pillars: English, Science, Democracy & Market
Savitri Era of those who adore,
Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Hindutva Juggernaut will collapse under its own weight

Sri Aurobindo's Action encompasses all kind of things; riding the crest of time. So, sole reliance on his writings is surely not the right strategy. Discussing his thought has its uses, especially for the younger generation. But most of the debates dominating the last Century stand almost resolved or reconciled. Thus, there is nothing new to explore as far as theory is considered. That's perhaps a great relief as regards the scope of academics.

Events, on the other hand, continue to surprise and dramatic turns seem to be the rule rather than exceptions. So, how the future will unfold is very difficult to predict. The dream of the World Union, however, doesn't seem irrelevant or impracticable but the Hindutva Juggernaut will have to collapse under its own weight before that. This appears to be a clear possibility and that's speculation enough at Sixty. [TNM55]