Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mythology and Monarchy lead to fascism

When those elected by the people start hiding their whereabouts from the people, Democracy gets dented. Security or privacy not above people.
Democracy is not merely a form of Govt but embodies some very highest norms of human conduct to be practiced almost religiously by one & all.
Like Citizen's Charter, each leader needs to notify his achievements and constraints in adhering to the Democratic norms from time to time.
There is a misconception that since Democracy is of Western import Hindutva is more suited to India. Mythology and Monarchy lead to fascism.
If someone is so great, read his books and try to follow his career path. Anything beyond that smacks of fascism and manipulating the public.
Many undesirable pomp and ceremony pertaining to Religion and Monarchy have permeated into Democracy which need to be weeded out ruthlessly.
Present attempt to emulate the Presidential style betrays a secret longing for Monarchy that myths and legends have kept alive in memory.
Time is fecund to believe in yourself, endeavoring to archive peaks instead of chanting someone else is great and losing your individuality.
Certain policies need to be decided by medical experts & sociologists and so every greenhorn tweeting his weighty verdict on them is futile.
Rules and procedures are the heart of Democracy. Neither elected Govts nor Judicial authorities need to be subjected to scrutiny/criticism.
Democracy amounts to broad consensus on diverse areas, most of which appear as arbitration since justice and fair play are rare commodities.
Democracy accords the Opposition a respectable place but that doesn't mean opposing each and every decision just for the sake of opposition.
Govt has right of way in Democracy. The Opposition must not play the Election campaign game on a concurrent basis. That would be subversive.
It's one thing to be happy about a favourable verdict but not to be sad about the fate of a fellow human being and the mode, seems inhuman.
Ideologies need to be embraced in their purity and not their popular versions dispensed by the political masters or primary school teachers.
That was a moral voice with the potential of damaging dissent. So, the obvious had to be resorted to with all others so agreeably oblivious.
One meets innumerable know-alls on Twitter but what will happen to them if they happen to read The Life Divine by Sri Aurobindo like Kalam?
All those who clamour about Hindu pride all the while would do well to read at least one book of Sri Aurobindo to understand own emptiness.
Protests & agitational mode is antithesis of Democracy. Whether the demands are met or not, it damages the whole fabric of Constitutionalism.
Dialogue, communication, negotiation are the real Democratic devices for thrashing out issues. Protests exacerbate conflict, fuel animosity.
There can be conflicting viewpoints concerning any issue but Democratic ratification has a greater legitimacy than even the moral dimension.
After Independence in 1947, India has not been able to throw a genuine Democracy. Like Sri Aurobindo's Aspiration, we must genuinely want.
Congress Dynasty and Hindutva tribalism don't allow genuine Democracy to congeal. The anti-System rhetoric of ultra-Left is also a dampener.
Even best of judicial pronouncements, like that of O. Chinnappa Reddy in Auroville case, succumb to the numbers game.
One good thing about the numbers game in Democracy is that it's impulsive & contextual. Thus mediocrity stands the chance of being corrected.
Nature of Democracy now depends, not only on demographic elements, but also on quality of TV media penetration and Social Media interactions.
Wild & reckless voices of pseudonymous SMites are as inimical to Democracy as Guerrilla wars to accepted International laws and conventions.
Opposition in Democracy has a crucial job just like Evil is also a tool of Evolution in Sri Aurobindian Ontology. Parody and satire are ally.
Though flaws of Democracy in India are many, thoughts on how to plug them receives scant attention. Only a new party can take up challenge.
@bhoopalp Journalistic roundup. Didn't find anything new apart from final bullets to stand with Malhotra with which I disagree in principle.
Koenraad Elst rightly points out that Rajiv Malhotra gives too much importance to the ethnic factor; Indian/Western.]
Hindutva brigade is against 1) Sonia, Christians, Westerners 2) Pakistan, Muslims, Terrorists 3) Secular-Liberal Hindus, English Media, Left.
Euphoric Hindutva tribalism and triumphalism is nothing different than adolescent Marxist enthusiasm for Revolution. Evolution is the answer.
Almost all shortcomings of Hindutva ideology have been foreseen by Sri Aurobindo who did chalk out elaborate methods how to escape its trap.
Dalit ire against Brahmins today is juvenility. Ambedkar was wrong in leading them to Buddhism; they must follow The Mother & Sri Aurobindo.
Hindutva longs for fixity; Evolution means flux. Sanskrit, Hindu, Hindi, Hindustan, Hanuman etc. are all perishable phenomena. New emerges.
Orientation in Sri Aurobindo's thought is a must to acquire good citizenship qualities that are aligned to Evolution.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Work for Savitri Era Party at the national level

The tightrope walking that the Constitution of India demands of the President is exacting and whether one faltered should be judged strictly.
There has been no instance yet of a President resigning over disagreement with the PM or expressing remorse over some events or corruption.
Opposing and suppressing dissenting voices with the favoured religion as the sole yardstick is most dishonest and despicable in a Democracy.
An ideal Democracy would treat every individual as unique with a distinct voice which must not be trampled under some collective cacophony.
Your love for your Religion and respect for Democracy might clash at times and those are the moments to judge which one to receive priority.
Patriotism, Religion, Culture, all will foster well if Democracy is in fine health and Freedom of speech enjoys autonomy and creativity.
Mobilising votes for your favoured political party and bringing it to power is admirable but some hidden agenda beyond this may not be good.
Democracy entails moderation. Extolling someone in religious fervour smacks of half-baked citizenship & lack of much needed critical faculty.
@SNSMT The agenda of a political party should be wholesome, sufficient, and ideal for Democracy. So, following other objectives might clash.
Only Political parties enjoy full legitimacy within a Democracy. Other organisations as well as individuals have limited rights and appeal.
@SNSMT Thanks. You are welcome to work for Savitri Era Party at the national level.
@SNSMT Theory is important and as foreseen by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo, people will turn towards good ideals and value-based politics.
Insolence and being incensed by criticism is a sign of Democracy deficit which leads to frustration and bigotry. Being wary of this needed.
Ours is a strange land! One section holds the copyright of Idea of India and another group has the monopoly over Patriotism or Nationalism.
@bhoopalp The point is, each group considers, it is its right to define citizenship and those who don't fit in are not worthy of citizens!
Curiously, many in our country are not reconciled to the fact that citizenship is earned automatically and equally merely by virtue of birth.
That every citizen has the right to an opinion of his own including sedition is not easily digested by a huge section of our patriotic folks.
Once we shed the fear of discordant voices undermining the country, we would have a much stronger society, facing incongruities more boldly.
When some sane people take upon themselves to certify a few as nationalists and others wanting then a precarious taxonomic situation arises!
@bhoopalp In today's world, no one can monopolise communication. One group doesn't bother about overseas audience; its focus is domestic.
@bhoopalp I agree, but most publications have minimal influence in the real world and the challenge is to build robust alternative discourse.
@bhoopalp Both ways; English has enormous advantage as well in terms of resources and reach. You can start writing; ideas matter in the end.
Freedom and Democracy are ultimate Human Rights, upon the rails of Science and Spirituality. Market is a facilitator and English lubricates.
Homogeneity of culture has been our bane in the past & therefore corrective measures by way of Colonialism was foisted upon us by Evolution.
Individuals are wired a certain way and some likely to develop queer/criminal tendencies but character building organisations lack sympathy.
@bhoopalp RSS, to be precise.
@RajeshDhir4 You are right but, I hope, you don't consider making such statements superfluous. Lifeguards are a constant in popular beaches.
@RajeshDhir4 Thanks for encouraging thoughts. Words have power and let's continue to hammer. The rocks of resistance will give way one day.
@bhoopalp No firm LGBT policy for instance, criminality (including love) often imputed on grounds of religion, Leftists as anti-national etc.
Democracy entails transparent fight between opponents, holding every individual's choice as supreme, without insisting on one's own victory.
Man is not democratic by nature; it's a virtue to be nurtured all your life. Once elected, many Prime Ministers turn most undemocratic. Sad!
Being an ardent supporter of a Political party and safeguarding Democracy are twin burdens of a citizen, the second being a bit more heavy.
Majority of Tweets focus on history instead of concentrating on future. How to develop a vibrant Democratic culture should be the priority.
History and Mythology promote hero-worship by blunting individuality and critical reason. These lead to anti-democratic and fascist outlook.
Social customs and traditions are purveyors of anti-democratic attitude in many cases and hence need to be reviewed periodically and amended.
Even though Constitution doesn't mention it, if CMs and PMs relinquish office after serving two terms, what a Democratic convention it'd be!
@brownbrumby @AgentSaffron I don't find it well-argued. Secularism (no Religion) will remain a template for most spheres of human action.
[Many New-age professions often encourage to be an accomplice in unethical practices in the pretext of competition.]

Monday, July 27, 2015

Social problems must be examined in the context of Yoga

It's common to hear that there is no divergence between ordinary life and spirituality in the teaching of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. But on closer analysis, this is difficult to establish since each one is unique and circumstances vary. Even within the Ashram also so many contradictions exist which signal a different scenario. Reading, however, is considered both as practice of Yoga and seeking guidance and clarifications on a maze of life problems.

Sri Aurobindo's own experiences and experiments with Yoga have been published under the title, The Record of Yoga, although some hold the view that they are not meant for public consumption. However, apart from the famous, The Synthesis of Yoga, his answers to varieties of questions by disciples have been compiled in several volumes of Letters on Yoga. Thematic arrangement in these books are a great help to the reader to understand the dynamics of Integral Yoga, systematically. The Mother's Questions and Answers, additionally, provide fascinating explanations on abstruse metaphysical abstractions.

The direct disciples who wrote books explaining Integral Yoga were mostly Ashram residents. So, there is lack of discussion on problems of general life in their writings. Numerous social problems that one faces in the outside world are never examined in the context of Yoga. These are real problems and in the absence of authentic guidance people tend to drift. Political choice is one area where emotions are easy to overtake reasoned positions. Many New-age professions often encourage to be an accomplice in unethical practices in the pretext of competition. One is sucked into such situations unless there is prior grounding in Yoga. [TNM55]

"Be Indian, be Sri Aurobindian." An army of young men and women needed to carry his epochal words and ideals forward.
Daydreams at ten, some concrete dreams at twenty, thirst & ambition at thirty, frustration at forty, pragmatism at fifty, & wry smiles at sixty.
Understanding the world or human relationships on the basis of personal experiences suffers from a methodological error and hence misleading.
Midlife verdicts on life also tell a partial truth as if the rest of the life doesn't exist or has no significance. Whole must set the goal.
@Vidyut Any post on some ideological framework contributing to your views on lifestyle issues and evolution of ideas? Just curious to know.
Nitish Kumar turning the symbol of anti-fascist feelings in the country is the most salutary outcome of the 2014 Lok Sabha Election results.
Nitish Kumar's act of defiance against Modi when most were gravitating towards the latter was prophetic, as India slides into Dictatorship.
Those who denounce Nitish-Lalu combine as political expediency must do a reanalysis as to how the country is being seduced into Dictatorship.
AAP fiasco, thankfully, has brought clarity before the countrymen. Nitish Kumar is the only person now to save the country from Dictatorship.
All those who value Democracy and abhor Dictatorship must see to it that Nitish Kumar returns to the national scene with full vigour.
Like the epic wars, Bihar has turned a straightforward fight between Democracy and Dictatorship in the country blurring Party affiliations.
@vs70 I have been a supporter of the kind of politics enunciated by Vinoba, JP, and VP Singh who I consider to represent the Integral spirit.
@vs70 Politics entails financial corruption & Lalu may not be free from it but he has been rock-solid on ideological front against Hindutva.
@vs70 Depends upon perception. BJP breaking away from Janata Party in 1980 must have coloured my opposition towards it. Prisoner of history!
@vs70 You are right, we don't have much option in the political sphere apart from clutching on to some ideological fig leaf. Twitter pastime!
Reciting SAVITRI is the best means to confront a situation like death & be a willing participant in the collective aspiration for Evolution.
Sri Aurobindo's SAVITRI deals with death & overcoming it the Vedic way:

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Sri Aurobindo inaugurated East-West synthesis

Sri Aurobindo inaugurated an enduring foundation for East-West synthesis as precursor to the Life Divine upon earth.
The most important thing to learn from Sri Aurobindo is a firm teleological account of history, especially of India, tethered to Evolution.
Hegel's vitalistic supremacy of State and Nietzsche's aggressive Overman were duly moderated by the Nation-Soul & Superman of Sri Aurobindo.
Hindu-Muslim harmony is seen in India as a major objective but Sri Aurobindo aims higher. He with The Mother worked for East-West synthesis.
Sadly, people like Rajiv Malhotra, S. Gurumurthy, and Subramanian Swamy are clearly pursuing an anti-Evolutionary path by opposing the West.
Western scholarship might have mistreated India in certain sectors but its overall role in the progress of humanity should be acknowledged.
No one would support Colonialism but its contribution in shaping the trajectory of India's progress must not be overlooked nor deprecated.
No political party in India has any clue to what Sri Aurobindo exhorted hundred years ago. Concerted effort needed to break their resistance.
For Hindutva to graduate to the level of SAVITRI would take at least a century. Bhakts must help themselves to come out of their ghettoes.
SAVITRI, and not archaic Sanskrit manuscripts, should be the priority of scholars and intellectuals in India for foray into Consciousness.
@Vidyut Your SAVITRI moment. Time to discover what this profound epic has in store in term of individual as well as collective emancipation.
@Vidyut SAVITRI is meant for sustained reading, only a few lines or a page at a time and contemplating over the same. It has Mantric effect!
@Vidyut Exactly. Available online with lots of commentaries.
Many supporters seem to have given up on Modi. He is expanding his constituency & will be able to ditch RSS (ladder after climbing) one day.
@cpings4 Any one who becomes PM under the Indian Constitution has to model on Vajpayee (Kulkarni Doctrine); there is not much legroom left.
@cpings4 As long as one equates anti-Hindu with anti-India, no objective analysis is possible; they fall under entirely different dynamics.
@cpings4 I don't think Indira violated Constitution or rules, she simply flexed muscle to make PMO all important and later PMs draw benefits.
@cpings4 You are free to feel so and act likewise but for academic diagnosing, one needs to be more objective & precise to demarcate the two.
@cpings4 Emergency was very much Constitutional which provided justification to what ensued. Not to forget that she faced the Election again.
@cpings4 One may or may not agree with her; I'm not supplying moral justification. In terms of legality everything was in order; that a fact.
A glaring lacuna of the Indian Constitution is an ambiguous administrative structure of the nation's Capital. Priority case for redefinition.
@ScrewedbyState It's paradoxical that you suppose Market is dependent upon Modi & the State. It's other way round and Market isn't in hurry.
@ScrewedbyState All these are common knowledge and the challenge is how to make such a transition. Market is the answer and it takes time.
Market hates textbook models and neat prophecies since it follows its own logic and compulsion that is more or less aligned to the Evolution.
"Survival of the fittest," "dictatorship of the proletariat," or "the customer is king" are all suppositions which have limited use for the Market.
If you want to understand the secret of Market, try to know about the Evolution. Beyond Man and Beyond Physicalism are two excellent books.
A book like Beyond Physicalism underpins the commonality of human existence and its transcendence through prescriptions like Sri Aurobindo's.
Two outstanding books that must enter every intellectual's ken
Beyond Physicalism:

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Rajiv Malhotra should stop spewing hatred against West

It's unfortunate that Rajiv Malhotra prefers to brazen out the whole allegation following the footsteps of BJP Ministers and Chief Ministers.
When a book is published, it's neither Western nor Eastern. It belongs to the world. Rajiv Malhotra should stop spewing hatred against West.
Rajiv Malhotra's admiration for Andrew Nicholson's book is on record. So now terming the same book as substandard speaks of his own standard.
Rajiv Malhotra is free to draw citations per his sweet will but his blanket condemnation of Western sources looks like juvenile delinquency.
The more Rajiv Malhotra defends himself, the more he would be exposing his prejudices and weaknesses. It tells upon Hindu norms and ethics.
Instead of adhering to norms of academics and publishing industry, Rajiv Malhotra is resorting to polemics and drumming up political support.
@bhoopalp Rajiv Malhotra himself has admitted that some passages are without quotation marks and that, precisely, is the issue at present.
@bhoopalp Point is, why should I read a book which, I gather, is lopsided. I am commenting just because the plagiarism issue refuses to die.
@bhoopalp You are entitled to your bravado but I am pained by the fact that one who is preaching Dharma is so reluctant to say simple Sorry.
@kalisbrood I read reviews of books which interest me and often blog about them. Part of my responsibility to inform readers objectively.
@bhoopalp I have observed Rajiv Malhotra's attempts to downplay Sri Aurobindo on many counts. If you don't agree, then I have nothing to say.
@kalisbrood Reading all books is not possible for me. I have my own limitations and preferences. Don't want to be dictated by someone else.
@bhoopalp That's well known, there are any number of write-ups over Web. But how does that justify the plagiarism attempt by Rajiv Malhotra?
@bhoopalp I have read it and from there only I gathered what Rajiv Malhotra is up to. Being Different is also with me which I read in parts.
@bhoopalp Not malicious, but Malhotra intends to raise Vivekananda to greater heights which he is entitled to do but I don't agree with him.
@kalisbrood You are free to feel like that but I act as per my own inspiration and try to keep myself free from the Hindutva epidemic.
@bhoopalp You are evading the original issue by parroting Rajiv Malholtra's poor logic. My intention is not to force someone to say Sorry.
Intellectual superiority can be earned by publishing coherently argued books and not by running down authors with different opinions or pov.
A book shouldn't be banned, pulped, or withdrawn as long as the author stands by it. Those opposed should counter with their own publication.
Ban on The Lives of Sri Aurobindo by Peter Heehs is as reprehensible as the withdrawal of Wendy Doniger's The Hindus: An Alternative History.
Pathetic attempts by Hindutva supporters to save Rajiv Malhotra from plagiarism charge by obfuscating with extraneous
Editor defending own lapses comes late and seems lame. But fair enough, and further, Indra's Net needn't be rewritten.
Indology or Sanskrit are not innocent fields of study. One is likely to be misguided unless acquainted with Sri Aurobindo's interpretations.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo help us not to delve deep into the so-called Indian Philosophy which are heavily influenced by Buddhist discourse.
Sri Aurobindo presents us SAVITRI - the scripture for the future - that helps one ride the ladder of Consciousness & spread seeds of Harmony.
The Knowledge system The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have honed is unique & unprecedented. If mixed with other teachings, it becomes ineffective.
Sri Aurobindo's insights are light years ahead than that of his contemporaries, whether in India or the West. Comparative studies fruitless.
@Vidyut Whether one would study or simply believe is driven by the genes. Not much choice there. But they aren't mutually exclusive, overlap.
When The Mother & Sri Aurobindo decided to work together in 1914, a great East-West synthesis was forged which is to blossom as Life Divine.
Sri Aurobindo inflicts a terrible blow to the materialist theories of Darwin, Marx, and Freud. His fight against Fascist forces, too, epochal.
@Vidyut One learns through compare and contrast; that's unavoidable. Spending too much time in comparing deprives one studying Sri Aurobindo.
@Vidyut Each individual has his own unique way and how he'd acquire knowledge can't be predicted. Tweets are simply pointers, not so fixed.
@sarvatragam @Vidyut Many people bring in other teachings like Vivekananda's while studying Sri Aurobindo which, I feel, should be avoided.
@sarvatragam @Vidyut Philosophical aspect of Sri Aurobindo is such that comparisons are a must but same is not true for his Yoga Psychology.
It's instructive to know why Tagore wrote a poem eulogising Sri Aurobindo & how he was respected by senior radical leaders like Lal-Bal-Pal.
Most intellectuals in India are almost ignorant about Sri Aurobindo and Bengalis are prejudiced by Tagore's Sandip.
Religion, culture, and the future of India in the context of Sri Aurobindo's Evolutionary theory and the Life Divine:
@dasyavevrka [Buddha was born in Odisha]

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sri Aurobindo's philosophy will prevail

Most institutions connected with Sri Aurobindo are into education, culture, and meditation. Only political foray can overcome limited appeal.
Sri Aurobindo helps you to get out of Hindu cultural backwardness and acquire intellectual muscle to confront social realities with wisdom.
Hindutva enthusiasts suffer from insecurity. Espousing Science, English, Modernity, and Markets is only way to face the future with boldness.
Bypassing Mythological milieu and displaying scientific attitude are basic demands of modern life. Sri Aurobindo supplies the justification.
On the Theory front, Sri Aurobindo wrote extensively on Indian culture and its future between 1906 &1921 much before RSS took birth in 1925.
By discarding 1) atheism of Congress & the Left and 2) mythological orientation of BJP and RSS, Sri Aurobindo's path most suited for future.
Some people would pay their respects to Sita Ram Goel & Ram Swarup almost mechanically but won't support someone who pursues their agenda.
Political success will always dependent on numbers who are relatively unaware of ideological issues but such a day arriving is not unlikely.
Genesis of AAP & its dismal state is a case history for pol. observers. If Sri Aurobindo's path ever gains traction, it must not compromise.
Disenchantment with BJP by hardcore supporters is coming to the fore. No one to blame but the present status of society and its slack norms.
Sri Aurobindo was emphatic about spiritual growth for serving the Nation. Hundred years later, we may not be so sure about this insistence.
There is no reliable method of having spiritual progress nor any modality to measure it apart from reading Sri Aurobindo's books and aspire.
From this angle, major works of Sri Aurobindo like The Synthesis of Yoga are of little utility while his Socio-Political theory is relevant.
Sporadic prosperity in India has engendered ethical wobbling and what the Nation may benefit best from Sri Aurobindo at present is morality.
Some religions in India have entry ceremony but others don't have such stipulation. Religion should be a personal affair free from legality.
The Constitution of India must undergo a thorough revamp so as to stop according any kind of recognition to Castes, Religions, or Languages.
Modernity demands that we save young people from the hegemony of religious zealots. One's birth shouldn't be binding on matters of faith.
Most are content with celebration of festivals and social utility of religion whereas Sri Aurobindo would underscore the spiritual aspect.
There should be spontaneous rejection of all stipulations relating to food, fasting, dress, headgear, or hairstyle imposed by the Religions.
Religion encroaching upon culture, custom, & choice is unacceptable. Indian Constitution must safeguard individual preference from Religion.
Following Sri Aurobindo enables forsaking the rigid, religious lens and view things anew from the Evolutionary and Universalist perspective.
So far, I have noticed that 4 potential Rajya Sabha MPs have blocked me. Feel honored. @prasannavishy @SandeepWeb @mayankjain100 & @octotus
Beauty of Twitter is that Bhakts & Trolls are at once recognized and so the chance of a genuine philosophy gaining quick popularity is more.
The possibility of Dalits picking up this opportunity & acquiring firstmover's advantage is there but there is no one who can convince them.
Vigorous churning in politics is sure to demonstrate that TINA than Sri Aurobindo's philosophy. A critical mass of such converts can emerge.
Earlier, nobody would imagine Congress out of power; similar fate will visit BJP and AAP. Finally, Sri Aurobindo's philosophy will prevail.
@ARangarajan1972 If you probe bit deeper, it would be evident that only Savitri Era Party drawing inspiration from Sri Aurobindo has future.
[The first off the block on this 'gamechanger' idea is you there's no other Indian in cyberspace who has done it yet]

Monday, July 20, 2015

Sri Aurobindo relegated to footnotes

Sri Aurobindo produced a couple of landmark scientific/philosophical principles and it's utter intellectual dishonesty not to recognise them.
Sri Aurobindo's 1) Logic of the Infinite and 2) the Supra-physical being beyond empirical probe, are percolating into Consciousness studies.
@dikgaj @Hum_bharateeya I think, nothing radical was sensed about Sri Aurobindo before he landed his first job. Any reference in particular?
@OdiaCulture 'Ahe dayamaya' belongs to the same genre of poems written by Madhusudan Rao or Tagore under the influence of Brahmo Samaj cult.
@maidros78 With due regards, this negative vibe being spread against Gandhi appears to be a bit unfair as he did perform an Evolutionary role.
@maidros78 True, but many other things he wrote or did around that time is being excluded. So there is a danger of a wrong picture emerging.
@sarkar_swati @DivyaSoti @SkandaVeera @maidros78 @dikgaj Please use the following link for referencing Sri Aurobindo
[Long after he is dead and gone, his words will be echoed and re-echoed across distant seas and lands. C.R. Das 1909]
Rajiv Malhotra authored a book with grave editorial lapses; should apologize. His response has been amateurish & counterattacks superfluous.
Rajiv Malhotra raising voice against Western intellectual hegemony is justified but his characterizing Indians as Sepoys smacks of arrogance.
It's absurd for Rajiv Malhotra to expect that everyone will toe his line and valorize Hindu philosophy. He must learn to respect other views.
Unfortunate that Rajiv Malhotra has not been able to understand the flaw in his own thinking process. Disregarding Sri Aurobindo is his bane.
Everyone belongs to some religion or sect and that doesn't mean there can't be any scope for dialogue on social issues or intellectual field.
Gripe drives the research of Rajiv Malhotra and Saswati Sarkar and whining seems to be their dominant style. Positive atmosphere is absent.
Academic humility and politeness is a must for earning credibility. Displaying due neutrality and lack of personal bias are sine qua nons.
Nothing more shameful than RW veteran justifying Rajiv Malhotra's plagiarism. Shoddy logic of blaming anti-Hindu forces for own inefficiency.
Say sorry when you are wrong. Carry your arguments and evidences to your next book instead of confusing supporters and burdening lay readers.
Plagiarism is a form of corruption which can't be justified by saying others are also doing the same or the quantum is of a small magnitude.
A crime is a crime and no amount of tribalism can turn it into a virtue. Author must own up lapses and assure the public on remedial steps.
@bhoopalp What muck? Exposing indiscretions or misrepresentations is an academic responsibility. One should be grateful to those policing.
Preaching not enough; intellectuals must practice Dharma with precision. Rajiv Malhotra is charged with malpractice but he is obfuscating.
Propensity of shielding crimes by acquaintances is a moral depravation and Rajiv Malhotra should not take the cover of such improprieties.
@bhoopalp Be logical, two wrongs don't make a right. Rajiv Malhotra preaches Dharma and he has been caught red-handed. He must act exemplary.
@bhoopalp You are mixing issues to confuse others. Rajiv's book has some stolen paragraphs which is intellectual offence. He must act Dharma.
@ngc1729 That's justifying his crime by obfuscating the whole issue. A Dharma preacher must not resort to such intellectual dishonesty.
Instead of mobilising supportive articles by admirers, Rajiv Malhotra should say sorry for the lapse and that would enhance his credentials.
Neither Nicholson's response nor Srinivasan's justifications has any bearing on the crime committed by Rajiv Malhotra. Primary crime stands.
@ngc1729 You are descending to the personal level, that's the tendency! Let's judge things on merit through proper arguments and evidences.
@ngc1729 The crime relates to stealing words and not ideas. That's a clever ploy to obfuscate the issue and create a halo around Malhotra.
@ngc1729 Please read my tweet carefully and you won't find any name calling. No rancour, I'm just throwing a challenge to Dharma upholders.
@ngc1729 Fully agree with you, it's a technical lapse. But a murder by accidental pressing of the trigger is also a crime and is punishable.
@ngc1729 I have referred to a phenomenon which supporters of Rajiv Malhotra are resorting to and I'm cautioning him against it, not abusing.
@ngc1729 I wish the whole issue were so simple and sorted easily. But then why such lengthy clarifications, justifications & counterattacks?
@ngc1729 Exactly and a simple acknowledgement of the lapse would have ended the matter. But group dynamics is dictating muscular response.
@bhoopalp I have read his responses and the petition etc. A calm response would have pacified the matter. @ngc1729
@ngc1729 @bhoopalp How Courts decide is beyond control but petition to a Publishing house is not that serious but Malhotra took missteps.
@bhoopalp @ngc1729 Here is a case of corruption with every detail out in the open & we must be able to solve the puzzle with academic rigour.
Has anyone floated a conspiracy theory that the Editors deliberately left multiple flaws in Rajiv Malhotra's book just to discredit him?
So the no corruption, no malpractice chorus is getting louder. But a Dharma preacher need not obey it and confess guilt, if any, on his own.
Kshatriyas are entitled to an array of ethical latitude in consideration of life-risk. Do Intellectual Kshatriyas too enjoy such privileges?
Whether Rajiv Malhotra follows it or not, RW Dharma experts should formulate a road map for all those facing Dharma Sankata, ethical dilemma.
Recall Peter Heehs who faced hell for words he never wrote but liable to be construed and here Rajiv Malhotra has actually stolen paragraphs.
Claims & counterclaims notwithstanding, the publisher finally will take a call. By that time Rajiv Malhotra's reputation would have wrecked.
@ngc1729 Current issue is other than the intellectual worth of his books. His book has some passages lifted from another book, that's wrong.
@bhoopalp Haven't read it but the book is perhaps an exaggerated account of Vivekananda with Sri Aurobindo relegated to footnotes. Bad Karma!
Misgivings about an academician by another academician should be vented in the proper format in appropriate forum. Snide remarks not the way.
Fashionable to abhor the Westerners but as the Rajiv Malhotra imbroglio demonstrates they are even responsible for pointing out our mistakes!
@bhoopalp Infinity Foundation should upload all the books authored by Rajiv Malhotra so that one can read them online at one's convenience.
@IndianRealist Don't be agitated. International laws are there to take care. And in the worst case, Modi can swing any situation in his favour!
@IndianRealist Modi is endeavouring to create an Asian Confederation sans China so that questions relating to Kashmir would have no meaning.
@bhoopalp If you have read the book, I'd be happy to know what I said is half-truth and what's the truth. Just for general awareness.
Hindutva enthusiasts fail to realise that by constantly attacking the Islamists, Jihadis, Christians, White skin etc. they expose weakness.
@pras4net He who is strong would not bother about his enemies but if he fears them, then he will talk about them willy-nilly, all the while.
@pras4net That's what I indicated at the first place. You are weak and feel that the narrative is in the hands of your enemies whom you fear.
@pras4net You can say so as I genuinely fear the Fascist propensities of RSS and its Kafkaesque functioning destabilizing Indian Democracy.
@pras4net You are a genius; now you may switch to @mediacrooks for wholesome entertainment. Your own man, btw!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Conscious Evolution and Nation Soul

August 15 which happens to be the birth anniversary of Sri Aurobindo is one month away and one may make some effort to understand his works.
No one claims intellectual superiority for the RSS as though it's not a Hindu trait. The mess created by Rajiv Malhotra now a serious drag.
Plagiarism charge against Rajiv Malhotra is just a technical one. His attacks against fellow Indians as Sepoys and Slaves is much more grave
Rajiv Malhotra is putting his faith on future research on Sanskrit manuscripts. They will yield nothing but Buddhist variations; not Vedas.
Rajiv Malhotra plagiarism imbroglio has an interesting parallel in the Rangabati controversy that is sweeping Odisha.
No need to go to Vijnanabhikshu and Vivekananda or read Rajiv Malhotra and Andrew Nicholson. Rely on the authentic works of Sri Aurobindo.
Ever since philosophical discourse strayed away from the core significance of the Vedas, society has degenerated. Sri Aurobindo restores it.
All textual interpretations before Sri Aurobindo are corrupt since no one had any clue to the Vedic utterances. So, research means errors.
Just like what I tweet may or may not be true, texts authored by X, Y, or Z in Sanskrit 1000 years back cannot be accorded the status of Truth.
@SonaChele1 Research is praiseworthy only if the inference is not settled beforehand. Sidelining contrary evidences is also a grey area.
@kalisbrood Instead of an universal definition, better to proceed from the perspective of an individual's need. Sri Aurobindo fits the bill.
Western philosophy sharpens your ability to perceive how drastically Sri Aurobindo differs from Vivekananda, Abhinavagupta, or Shankara.
Interesting study on Radhakrishnan, Vinoba Bhave, Rajagopalachari & Coomaraswamy. Sri Aurobindo is light years afar.
It's interesting how Sri Aurobindo interprets the inchoate idol of Jagannath as an anvil for future Evolution towards Integral Perfection.
Sri Aurobindo assures that the present form of politics won't last long and Evolution is at work to remould future on the basis of truth.
Most on Twitter have not heard of SAVITRI. So, how can we expect them to judge the poetic and philosophical superiority of Sri Aurobindo?
Specialisation, be it in History, Literature, or Economics, can distort your worldview and warp priorities. Reading Sri Aurobindo balances.
Twitter public is deeply divided on political lines and has no time for Sri Aurobindo's social ideals & future vision barring a few curious.-
Political theory learnt from reading newspapers doesn't equip one with Critical Reason. Read Laclau, Mouffe, Negri, Rancière, and Wolin.
History books will tell about at least one hundred top ranking contemporaries of Sri Aurobindo, but to read him alone is enough for future.
Cosmetics and narcotics lead to deceitful mentality. Quest for authenticity, as Heidegger stresses, should be a constant motivation in life.
Following The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is the best means to be protected from the pretence and deceit that are staple of present day politics.
Young adults tend to fall prey to hedonism and Marxism offers a fine shelter. Orientation in Sri Aurobindo's philosophy provides protection.
Feasting & allied forms of celebrating religious festivals is a low mode which Sri Aurobindo insists to turn into adventure of consciousness
@souvickch Sri Aurobindo's conversations with his disciples are available in several volumes where his ideas seem to be quite accessible.
@souvickch One can straightaway start reading Evening Talks by A.B. Purani which is a classic.
Religion, agrees Sri Aurobindo, has a role to play in an individual's evolution but to treat it as be all and end all of life is erroneous.
Aspiration for attaining higher states of consciousness & striving to stay in those spheres of thought is what Sri Aurobindo wants us to do.
Above our ordinary mind level there is the Higher Mind & Illumined Mind and then Intuition which need to be the target, avers Sri Aurobindo.
@_Mauna_ Whether Dharma falls within the ambit of Indian Constitution or you claim like Kejriwal that it's something above the Constitution?
The only task for young Indians is to spot Quality and respect Excellence. Never equate a gross Kejriwal with the perceptive Yogendra Yadav.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo forcefully pushed the idea of Conscious Evolution and Nation Soul. Many are mesmerized but Modi is anti-Evolution
The choice is simple: AAP, BJP, and Congress are various avatars of fascism. So, they must be opposed in principle despite their upswing.
Following Sri Aurobindo's social ideals is the only way out of the mire of Dynastic Congress, RSS-infected BJP, atheist Left, & confused AAP.
Many make a living out of current events but in order to change them in tenor of justice & harmony, turning towards Sri Aurobindo is a must.
[Sri Aurobindo gave a clear political ideal to India]
Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.
Modi is adhering to Gujral & Kulkarni Doctrines
Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.
Just noticed the signboard of Patanjali Retail Store (in Devanagari script) in our colony market. Roots of English in India so pervasive!
No one should be ashamed of his or her looks and should have it prominently as Twitter DP. That's the first step towards self-realisation.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Modi is adhering to Gujral & Kulkarni Doctrines

BJP is gaining ground and, presumably, acceptance but it'd take a decade or two for it to acquire intellectual dominance by internalising Left.
Despite high sounding phrases like Civilisational State, India lacks good social science theory and roadmap. Left in the West is aeons ahead.
An implicit assumption by Hindutva fans is that even if one is subjected to intellectual growth, his views and allegiance would be intact !
Hindutva was out of power all these years and has recaptured it. So the euphoria surrounding it is understandable but not hubris or chutzpah.
Indian tradition has a thousand things which need relook, calm reflection, reinterpretation, and reformulation. Rigid Hindutva poses hurdle.
Dominance of a Mythology-based, Temple-oriented version of Hindutva has played havoc with the Vedic wisdom of the yore. Sri Aurobindo saves.
Attention to Sri Aurobindo by @SwarajyaMag has been negligible but his ideas by Ram Swarup quoted in an article on Hinduism by @arvindneela
Record of Modi as PM so far exhibits that he has been adhering to Gujral Doctrine as well as Kulkarni Doctrine, strictly, in his utterances.
Modi is entitled to his endeavor to go down in history as great and noble while pocketing a Nobel alongside and how India benefits is bonus.
That so many grown ups are so happy with having their dream PM feels same as children enjoying boisterously while on a Merry go round ride.
#AdarshLiberal sounds somewhat like Lehar Pepsi and Bhakts are happy that a desi word has been inserted instead of the too western Lib-tard.
@sankrant @_Mauna_ Languages evolve and take new form; need not be defined as / confined to old identities as it's a matter of aesthetics.
@sankrant @_Mauna_ The task for India, as Sri Aurobindo emphasises, is not to follow every other nation but evaluate Evolutionary relevance.
@sankrant @_Mauna_ Sri Aurobindo wrote extensively in English and that is one indicator of English being more equal than other languages.
Just like "A ship is safe in harbor but that's not what ships are for" a museum is good for a visit but no one would like to live such life.

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Sri Aurobindo's views on Vedic Deities and Subjective Age

Sri Aurobindo is in news. Again for wrong reasons tussle between the parents of Mirambika children and the Management
@Parikramah Strangely, Sri Aurobindo is not quoted apropos Vedic Deities although his insights on Subjective Age have been partly borrowed.
Academicians hold this superficial view that human beings are the sole originator of own action while larger events..
@kalisbrood @IntegralUnity [from The Atman Project onwards, Wilber refers to Sri Aurobindo as one of the sources ...]
Although Ken Wilber has not been able to present Sri Aurobindo's philosophy accurately, credit goes to him to bring SA to the centre stage.
With Ken Wilber's wide intellectual canvas as backdrop, one can certainly better understand Sri Aurobindo's writings.
Must read books:
1) Rod Hemsell
2) Richard Hartz
3) Georges Van Vrekhem
Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.
Being in my 60th year, my thoughts often stray into the next-life scenario and one thing I dread is sitting for all those exams in school.
@Sheks65 Not worrying exactly, but stating a fact for all those who probe life and set policy. As regards age, "This world's a life sentence"

Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.
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Majurai - February 13, 2014

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Deciphering evolutionary relevance of current events

[Networkologies - What is Philosophy? A Networkological Spin On the Age Old Question “Why”?- . Or when Franz Fanon asked, “What does a black man want?,” he was asking a question of philosophy. More so than Eliot or Williams, however, Fanon was asking this not in a merely abstract sense, however. If you know anything about Fanon, his was a question of action. That is, not only what does a man want, but what does a black man want, and in regard to the context of how he is asking this, in regard to the possibility of changing the world, to make it a better place, a world with less racism.
Fanon’s approach to the question is similar to that put forward by Marx, in his famous Theses on Feuerbach, when he stated that “The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it.” And here we see another level of reflection going on. For if the first level of philosophy is meta-ethical (ie: why I value what I do?), and the second is meta-meta-ethical (ie: how can I determine the value systems whereby I choose, implicitly or explicitly, what I value?), the level beyond this, as described earlier, is to question what value is in the first place (ie: in relation to my community, species, cosmos, etc.).]

[Larval Subjects . - Beauty - When I read architectural theory written during the Middle Ages, Rennaissance, and early Enlightenment period, beauty is an index to truth. It resonates with us because our ability to discern it is a sort of index of the divine that dwells within us; it is that which draws us towards the divine or God and that which indicates God’s signature on his creation. In a naturalistic framework all that falls away. We find we must give an immanent account of beauty. The question then becomes that of why we find the beautiful beautiful, of why we encounter the beautiful at all. This is not a question– at least at first –of what we find beautiful. In other words, it is not a question where discussions of harmony, pattern, and proportion would be appropriate answers. Again, the question here is not what is beautiful, but why such things would be beautiful to us at all. What is the ground of the ability to have, as Kant put it, “disinterested pleasure” or the ability to find things beautiful?]

What happens or action is always seen as more decisive than theory. The course of events, not only surprise many a time, but also maul many established notions beyond recognition. Nothing objectionable barring the overbearing role ascribed to human agency. Academicians hold this superficial view that human beings are the sole originator of own action while larger events like earthquake is safely left to the nature.

If one is acquainted with Sri Aurobindo, then an autonomous human being appears as an oxymoron. Nothing is outside Nature, he would insist, and though "random seem the ways," there is always a greater unseen plan. Translating this in political terms is surely difficult but to lose sight of this basic ontological concept would land one in uncertain waters. Seen in this light, current events assume a great significance and hence deciphering their evolutionary relevance is so crucial. [TNM55]

Saturday, July 04, 2015

Mirambika, Mangaraj, and Hirakud

[High court orders inspection of unfinished Mirambika building - Times of India - Parents claim the 150 students were moved into unauthorized and under-construction premises above a bank located on the premises of Sri Aurobindo Ashram ...]
[Save Mirambika – The Truth must come out! - Mirambika Crisis – justice is blind… - ….and it is sometimes seen to be not only blind but selectively deaf too! Khush to bahut hogay Manga tum ki tumahray chamche aakhir kanoon ka do joon aashi...]
Sri Aurobindo is in news. Again for wrong reasons. There is a tussle between the parents of Mirambika children and the Management which intends to upgrade it to an Engineering College. The matter seems to be sub-judice and is certainly a grave concern but is equally hard on the conscience to take a side.

While no one in sane mind would want the Mirambika students to be deprived of their iconic habitat, - given the lofty ideals this unique institution keeps afloat, - any developmental plan, as a matter of principle, should also not be thwarted. Interestingly, Mangaraj, the villainous character of a famous Odia novel is being recalled, but at the same time the displacements that Hirakud dam resulted must be borne in mind.

A further aspect is, respecting property rights and lawful entrepreneurship even if deemed arbitrary or idiosyncratic. However, rationalisation and democratisation of the Governing body of all institutions connected with The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is also essential for preventing misuse of power and dictatorial tendency. [TNM55]