Saturday, July 25, 2015

Sri Aurobindo inaugurated East-West synthesis

Sri Aurobindo inaugurated an enduring foundation for East-West synthesis as precursor to the Life Divine upon earth.
The most important thing to learn from Sri Aurobindo is a firm teleological account of history, especially of India, tethered to Evolution.
Hegel's vitalistic supremacy of State and Nietzsche's aggressive Overman were duly moderated by the Nation-Soul & Superman of Sri Aurobindo.
Hindu-Muslim harmony is seen in India as a major objective but Sri Aurobindo aims higher. He with The Mother worked for East-West synthesis.
Sadly, people like Rajiv Malhotra, S. Gurumurthy, and Subramanian Swamy are clearly pursuing an anti-Evolutionary path by opposing the West.
Western scholarship might have mistreated India in certain sectors but its overall role in the progress of humanity should be acknowledged.
No one would support Colonialism but its contribution in shaping the trajectory of India's progress must not be overlooked nor deprecated.
No political party in India has any clue to what Sri Aurobindo exhorted hundred years ago. Concerted effort needed to break their resistance.
For Hindutva to graduate to the level of SAVITRI would take at least a century. Bhakts must help themselves to come out of their ghettoes.
SAVITRI, and not archaic Sanskrit manuscripts, should be the priority of scholars and intellectuals in India for foray into Consciousness.
@Vidyut Your SAVITRI moment. Time to discover what this profound epic has in store in term of individual as well as collective emancipation.
@Vidyut SAVITRI is meant for sustained reading, only a few lines or a page at a time and contemplating over the same. It has Mantric effect!
@Vidyut Exactly. Available online with lots of commentaries.
Many supporters seem to have given up on Modi. He is expanding his constituency & will be able to ditch RSS (ladder after climbing) one day.
@cpings4 Any one who becomes PM under the Indian Constitution has to model on Vajpayee (Kulkarni Doctrine); there is not much legroom left.
@cpings4 As long as one equates anti-Hindu with anti-India, no objective analysis is possible; they fall under entirely different dynamics.
@cpings4 I don't think Indira violated Constitution or rules, she simply flexed muscle to make PMO all important and later PMs draw benefits.
@cpings4 You are free to feel so and act likewise but for academic diagnosing, one needs to be more objective & precise to demarcate the two.
@cpings4 Emergency was very much Constitutional which provided justification to what ensued. Not to forget that she faced the Election again.
@cpings4 One may or may not agree with her; I'm not supplying moral justification. In terms of legality everything was in order; that a fact.
A glaring lacuna of the Indian Constitution is an ambiguous administrative structure of the nation's Capital. Priority case for redefinition.
@ScrewedbyState It's paradoxical that you suppose Market is dependent upon Modi & the State. It's other way round and Market isn't in hurry.
@ScrewedbyState All these are common knowledge and the challenge is how to make such a transition. Market is the answer and it takes time.
Market hates textbook models and neat prophecies since it follows its own logic and compulsion that is more or less aligned to the Evolution.
"Survival of the fittest," "dictatorship of the proletariat," or "the customer is king" are all suppositions which have limited use for the Market.
If you want to understand the secret of Market, try to know about the Evolution. Beyond Man and Beyond Physicalism are two excellent books.
A book like Beyond Physicalism underpins the commonality of human existence and its transcendence through prescriptions like Sri Aurobindo's.
Two outstanding books that must enter every intellectual's ken
Beyond Physicalism:

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