Monday, July 13, 2015

Modi is adhering to Gujral & Kulkarni Doctrines

BJP is gaining ground and, presumably, acceptance but it'd take a decade or two for it to acquire intellectual dominance by internalising Left.
Despite high sounding phrases like Civilisational State, India lacks good social science theory and roadmap. Left in the West is aeons ahead.
An implicit assumption by Hindutva fans is that even if one is subjected to intellectual growth, his views and allegiance would be intact !
Hindutva was out of power all these years and has recaptured it. So the euphoria surrounding it is understandable but not hubris or chutzpah.
Indian tradition has a thousand things which need relook, calm reflection, reinterpretation, and reformulation. Rigid Hindutva poses hurdle.
Dominance of a Mythology-based, Temple-oriented version of Hindutva has played havoc with the Vedic wisdom of the yore. Sri Aurobindo saves.
Attention to Sri Aurobindo by @SwarajyaMag has been negligible but his ideas by Ram Swarup quoted in an article on Hinduism by @arvindneela
Record of Modi as PM so far exhibits that he has been adhering to Gujral Doctrine as well as Kulkarni Doctrine, strictly, in his utterances.
Modi is entitled to his endeavor to go down in history as great and noble while pocketing a Nobel alongside and how India benefits is bonus.
That so many grown ups are so happy with having their dream PM feels same as children enjoying boisterously while on a Merry go round ride.
#AdarshLiberal sounds somewhat like Lehar Pepsi and Bhakts are happy that a desi word has been inserted instead of the too western Lib-tard.
@sankrant @_Mauna_ Languages evolve and take new form; need not be defined as / confined to old identities as it's a matter of aesthetics.
@sankrant @_Mauna_ The task for India, as Sri Aurobindo emphasises, is not to follow every other nation but evaluate Evolutionary relevance.
@sankrant @_Mauna_ Sri Aurobindo wrote extensively in English and that is one indicator of English being more equal than other languages.
Just like "A ship is safe in harbor but that's not what ships are for" a museum is good for a visit but no one would like to live such life.

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