Saturday, July 18, 2015

Conscious Evolution and Nation Soul

August 15 which happens to be the birth anniversary of Sri Aurobindo is one month away and one may make some effort to understand his works.
No one claims intellectual superiority for the RSS as though it's not a Hindu trait. The mess created by Rajiv Malhotra now a serious drag.
Plagiarism charge against Rajiv Malhotra is just a technical one. His attacks against fellow Indians as Sepoys and Slaves is much more grave
Rajiv Malhotra is putting his faith on future research on Sanskrit manuscripts. They will yield nothing but Buddhist variations; not Vedas.
Rajiv Malhotra plagiarism imbroglio has an interesting parallel in the Rangabati controversy that is sweeping Odisha.
No need to go to Vijnanabhikshu and Vivekananda or read Rajiv Malhotra and Andrew Nicholson. Rely on the authentic works of Sri Aurobindo.
Ever since philosophical discourse strayed away from the core significance of the Vedas, society has degenerated. Sri Aurobindo restores it.
All textual interpretations before Sri Aurobindo are corrupt since no one had any clue to the Vedic utterances. So, research means errors.
Just like what I tweet may or may not be true, texts authored by X, Y, or Z in Sanskrit 1000 years back cannot be accorded the status of Truth.
@SonaChele1 Research is praiseworthy only if the inference is not settled beforehand. Sidelining contrary evidences is also a grey area.
@kalisbrood Instead of an universal definition, better to proceed from the perspective of an individual's need. Sri Aurobindo fits the bill.
Western philosophy sharpens your ability to perceive how drastically Sri Aurobindo differs from Vivekananda, Abhinavagupta, or Shankara.
Interesting study on Radhakrishnan, Vinoba Bhave, Rajagopalachari & Coomaraswamy. Sri Aurobindo is light years afar.
It's interesting how Sri Aurobindo interprets the inchoate idol of Jagannath as an anvil for future Evolution towards Integral Perfection.
Sri Aurobindo assures that the present form of politics won't last long and Evolution is at work to remould future on the basis of truth.
Most on Twitter have not heard of SAVITRI. So, how can we expect them to judge the poetic and philosophical superiority of Sri Aurobindo?
Specialisation, be it in History, Literature, or Economics, can distort your worldview and warp priorities. Reading Sri Aurobindo balances.
Twitter public is deeply divided on political lines and has no time for Sri Aurobindo's social ideals & future vision barring a few curious.-
Political theory learnt from reading newspapers doesn't equip one with Critical Reason. Read Laclau, Mouffe, Negri, Rancière, and Wolin.
History books will tell about at least one hundred top ranking contemporaries of Sri Aurobindo, but to read him alone is enough for future.
Cosmetics and narcotics lead to deceitful mentality. Quest for authenticity, as Heidegger stresses, should be a constant motivation in life.
Following The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is the best means to be protected from the pretence and deceit that are staple of present day politics.
Young adults tend to fall prey to hedonism and Marxism offers a fine shelter. Orientation in Sri Aurobindo's philosophy provides protection.
Feasting & allied forms of celebrating religious festivals is a low mode which Sri Aurobindo insists to turn into adventure of consciousness
@souvickch Sri Aurobindo's conversations with his disciples are available in several volumes where his ideas seem to be quite accessible.
@souvickch One can straightaway start reading Evening Talks by A.B. Purani which is a classic.
Religion, agrees Sri Aurobindo, has a role to play in an individual's evolution but to treat it as be all and end all of life is erroneous.
Aspiration for attaining higher states of consciousness & striving to stay in those spheres of thought is what Sri Aurobindo wants us to do.
Above our ordinary mind level there is the Higher Mind & Illumined Mind and then Intuition which need to be the target, avers Sri Aurobindo.
@_Mauna_ Whether Dharma falls within the ambit of Indian Constitution or you claim like Kejriwal that it's something above the Constitution?
The only task for young Indians is to spot Quality and respect Excellence. Never equate a gross Kejriwal with the perceptive Yogendra Yadav.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo forcefully pushed the idea of Conscious Evolution and Nation Soul. Many are mesmerized but Modi is anti-Evolution
The choice is simple: AAP, BJP, and Congress are various avatars of fascism. So, they must be opposed in principle despite their upswing.
Following Sri Aurobindo's social ideals is the only way out of the mire of Dynastic Congress, RSS-infected BJP, atheist Left, & confused AAP.
Many make a living out of current events but in order to change them in tenor of justice & harmony, turning towards Sri Aurobindo is a must.
[Sri Aurobindo gave a clear political ideal to India]
Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.
Modi is adhering to Gujral & Kulkarni Doctrines
Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.
Just noticed the signboard of Patanjali Retail Store (in Devanagari script) in our colony market. Roots of English in India so pervasive!
No one should be ashamed of his or her looks and should have it prominently as Twitter DP. That's the first step towards self-realisation.

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