Monday, July 29, 2013

Discovering Sri Aurobindo

@SavitriEraParty: Despite their differences Sri Aurobindo gives credit to Dayananda for enunciating a spiritual interpretation of the Veda which he enlarged.
@SavitriEraParty: @i31p1n Many but opposition to Havan rituals and allied rigid literalism or infallibility insisted by the Arya Samaj are primary objections.
@SavitriEraParty: @i31p1n Sri Aurobindo rescued Yoga from physical anchorage before which all rituals & texts are inferior/inadequate & was wary of authority.
@SavitriEraParty: @i31p1n To understand Sri Aurobindo it's essential therefore to be free from prior affiliations/indoctrination & learning with an open mind.
@SavitriEraParty: To apply corrective to Brahmo Samaj, Arya Samaj, Theosophical Society, & Ramakrishna Mission was a challenge for The Mother & Sri Aurobindo.
@SavitriEraParty: Reconciling/repudiating Buddhism, Advaita/Dvaita, Vishishtavaita/Vaishnavism, and Tantra etc. was a major accomplishment of Sri Aurobindo.
@SavitriEraParty: Synthesising the Evolution of Nietzsche, Darwin, Spencer, Bergson, James, Royce et al with Vedic clues was a masterstroke by Sri Aurobindo.
@SavitriEraParty: Sri Aurobindo also kept under leash excessive emphasis on humanism, rationalism, or secularism without abdicating critical/scientific stance.
@SavitriEraParty: A deep Hermeneutical sympathy & Poetic sensibility is what was at the core of Sri Aurobindo's Intuitive theorising & Integral view of world.
@SavitriEraParty: By delving into the Psychology of Social Development & Ideal of Human Unity, Sri Aurobindo could crystallise his #FiveDreams for World Peace.
@SavitriEraParty: The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have opened a vista into the future & everyone is invited to collaborate with Evolution & partake of the Harmony.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Judeo-Vedic Evolutionary dialectic leads

@SavitriEraParty: The first lesson regarding Sri Aurobindo is to approach him independently and not in combination with Bankim, Bipin, Tilak, or Vivekananda.
@SavitriEraParty: The second lesson pertains to the widespread misconception that Sri Aurobindo espoused Hindu Nationalism. The truth however is the opposite.
@SavitriEraParty: The third important lesson about Sri Aurobindo is that his writings stopped at 1950 but The Mother expanded his vision in theory & practice.
@SavitriEraParty: @mahia478 But when Ambedkar is compared to Sri Aurobindo the difference can be easily perceived although both share the Vadodara connection.
@SavitriEraParty: A new Philosophy, a new Politics, & a new Religion - Indians must educate themselves to know critical value of Sri Aurobindo's contribution.
@SavitriEraParty: @wizard_satish We worship The Mother & Sri Aurobindo & this new Religion integrates Vedic and Judaic traditions by linking it to Evolution.
@SavitriEraParty: @wizard_satish Please Google search Independence Day Speech of Sri Aurobindo. It was actually broadcast over AIR, Tiruchirapalli on Aug 14.
@SavitriEraParty: Strange that the Congress is shielding the misdeeds of Manoj Das Gupta & his machinations in preventing any probe into Sri Aurobindo Ashram.
@SavitriEraParty: @kiran_patniak Sri Aurobindo has charted out the alternative not only for India but for the whole humanity. Our willingness to follow needed.
@SavitriEraParty: India is yet to overcome consequences of multiple historical accidents but its future is bound to follow Sri Aurobindo's #FiveDreams vision.
@SavitriEraParty: The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are harbingers of a new way of life upon Earth and following them entails consenting adventure of Consciousness.
@SavitriEraParty: Members of the Savitri Era Religion scattered the world over must raise their voice for a democratic & transparent resolution of the crisis.
@SavitriEraParty: Restoration of democratic rights to the residents of Sri Aurobindo Ashram/Auroville to elect their own management is the long term solution.
@SavitriEraParty: The silent majority constituting the Savitri Era Religion is denied hand in Sri Aurobindo Ashram management and the right to self-assertion.
@SavitriEraParty: Influential sections of Sri Aurobindo Ashram inmates today are either surrendered to RSS brand of Hindu Nationalism or Marxist Rationalism.
@SavitriEraParty: @AgentSaffron I oppose Sonia and the Dynasty as much as the RSS. Parties are in a fluid state and can change according to their leaders.
@SavitriEraParty: The synthetic path that The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have crafted for whole humanity must reach all corners of Globe.
@SavitriEraParty: This is the hour when all our intellectual wherewithal gifted by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are harnessed to fight anti-Evolutionary forces.
@SavitriEraParty: So sad that at a time when it should act as a lighthouse to the Nation mired in obscurity, Sri Aurobindo Ashram itself is plunged in crisis.
@SavitriEraParty: It'd be unfortunate if the unique following The Mother & Sri Aurobindo so painstakingly created is surrendered to the whim of rank outsiders.
@SavitriEraParty: Inmates of Sri Aurobindo Ashram & Auroville residents should democratically elect own Governing body to protect the minority-Religion status.
@SavitriEraParty: Sri Aurobindo comes down heavily as much upon the ritualist as on the rationalist. His Judeo-Vedic Evolutionary dialectic privileges Surrender.
@SavitriEraParty: Sri Aurobindo's advent adds momentum to evolution as he is opposed to museum like preservation of ancient practices and religious traditions.
@SavitriEraParty: Sri Aurobindo's marked disdain for mythology, rituals, & superstitions oriented old religions bears greater appeal for the young generation.
@SavitriEraParty: The more the split over Hindu Nationalism sharpens, the better focused will be Sri Aurobindo's unique propositions and interpretations of it.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Learning from Sri Aurobindo is a life long love affair

@waglenikhil @manishkbaid @sawhneynikhil Such a vision was given by Sri Aurobindo in his #FiveDreams address to the nation on 14 August 1947 View conversation
Evolutionary perspective taught by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo forces one to perceive the other as a fellow human being and not as adversary.
Consenting to learn from Sri Aurobindo is a life long love affair. There is no shortcut to going through the forty volumes of complete works.
Selecting study material in consonance with one's political persuasion is a paradoxical as well as perplexing phenomenon. Read Sri Aurobindo.
With understanding of Sri Aurobindo's Vedic Evolutionary dialectic, one can be spared of the confusion suffered by pbmehta and madhukishwar.
Despite possessing all resources Congress failed in India because it neglected the path hewn by Sri Aurobindo. AAP & BJP will meet same fate.

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Sri Aurobindo freed the Veda

Sri Aurobindo freed the Veda from senseless rituals & Havan stipulations by revealing true meaning
Not to take that apparent chaos for granted is the task by which we lend volitional power & conscious collaboration to Evolution.

Monday, July 08, 2013

Lure of power in religion and politics

 5 Jul Past patterns and divisions are hardly of use by future Evolution. Hence, addressing previous fault lines with dated therapies has no value.