Monday, November 24, 2014

Sri Aurobindo translated several Sanskrit texts

Moments and not men generate ideas and hence no talent is permanent and it's a mistake to expect someone to go on offering top rate output.
No one is willing to accept the past as it is. Everybody conjures up an imagined scenario propping his own pet heroes playing stellar roles.
Gandhi, Nehru, and Tagore have ruled the mind of Indians for too long but RSS is no sound substitute. Sri Aurobindo is the real alternative.
Those clamouring for Sanskrit would be shocked if they come across Sri Aurobindo's interpretations of the Veda, Gita, and select Upanishads.
Clinging to Mythology is nothing but lethargy. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo invite braves for Adventure of Consciousness through Integral Yoga.
Those who are unable to value Sri Aurobindo's poetry, philosophy or prophecy are hardly entitled to be regarded as intellectuals. #FiveDreams
Sri Aurobindo's major works were written between 1914 and 1921 but RSS, born in 1925, has never shown any interest in understanding them.
Reading Sri Aurobindo's teachings can free one from the clutch of Mythology, rituals and superstition. Indian children deserve this minimum.
Many expressing free thought on Twitter are not free in real life to actually say it. Longing for Freedom, however, is an aid for Evolution.
Books on fictional characters abound as a neat boundary is available but the nature of a real person is as unfathomable as is unpredictable.
Defending Indian tradition and justifying its tenets are two different enterprises. Critical scrutiny or rigorous tests must not be eschewed.
Indian Constitution gives the option not to feel oppressed by the burden of tradition nor harbour a sense of being buried under old history.
Many important texts in India express their indebtedness to the tradition while diverging at the same time on some very crucial propositions.
Collective approach is always to impose & direct while respect of Individualism values subjective choice & creativity including aberrations.
Individuals deserve protection from the overpowering rhetoric of a great nation, a great leader, a great language or such other bamboozling.
An individual needs to be seen as one since he was born and not in terms of his supposed great grandfather or similar historical assumptions.
Claiming independence of individual citizens from collectivist and totalitarian mindset is the greatest challenge for Indians now in 2014.
Sri Aurobindo translated several Sanskrit texts into English but avoided being seen as a votary of either languages. The Mother spoke French.
Human origin and civilizational journey is a continuous whole which different people prefer to study under lens of different isms & epochs.
All apparently opposing ideologies are, in fact, somewhat complementary phenomena which depend for their origin and growth upon each other.
Reading Sri Aurobindo helps one to get over the East-West or Socialism- Capitalism dichotomies & regard things as part of a larger Ontology.
Indians have enjoyed the luxury of blaming the British rule but the real culprit is excessive dependence on Mythology, Astrology, & Rituals.
Greatest intellectual challenge in India today is that your political or ideological pursuit doesn't prevent you from reading Sri Aurobindo.
Words of Sri Aurobindo works at various levels & at various stages of life. World has not seen a more versatile teacher of such Integrality.
Learn from Sri Aurobindo when you are young & argumentative, passionate & curious. It'll stand in good stead through the rest of your life.
Many find Sri Aurobindo's Philosophy and Yoga too technical and his Poetry too otherworldly. True, but his words hide a world of treasure.
Everyone learns differently from The Mother & Sri Aurobindo according to his or her age and temperament; need, aptitude, and circumstances.
Lies perpetrated by religions are not outside the overall Ontological framework and hence need to be investigated with adequate diligence.
No matter whether you are secular or religious, reading Sri Aurobindo gives a firm grounding in the dynamics of rebirth and personal destiny.
Neither education nor indoctrination can solely make a man. The genetic built as necessitated by a preconceived personality holds the clue.
Integral Yoga is an on-the-job affair and doesn't defer the task-in-hand to some special realisation. All life is Yoga, says Sri Aurobindo.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo laid down elaborate route map for liberation from rituals and tradition to tread the path of yoga and aspiration.
Sri Aurobindo stressed upon stepping to a higher rung of consciousness instead of superficial logic for better organisation of human affairs.
Mere Development or Governance is not the aim. Embodying the Spirit of Constitution is as much an Enlightenment challenge as of Vedic values.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo believe in Evolution and steady Transformation of human nature through volitional force released by Integral Yoga.
The Mother's conversations are an excellent link to understand modern day concerns in Sri Aurobindo's light after his passing away in 1950.
No amount of prosperity can be a substitute for Democracy. Human nature vitiates politics at present but also can raise it from perversity.
A genuinely democratically elected Govt eludes India. All patriots must strive for creating a Party that runs in the spirit of Constitution.
First monolithic non-Congress Govt in the saddle at Centre but an extra-Constitutional authority like RSS with remote control mars the show.
The reigning misconception that Hindutva & Nationalism are synonymous and coincide with Modi is the greatest misfortune that India suffered.
Following Gandhi in the pre-Independence days was as anti-Evolutionary as supporting RSS, BJP, & Modi currently by neglecting Sri Aurobindo.
Just because Sri Aurobindo had political association with Lal-Bal-Pal, they are not without blemish from Evolutionary standpoint. Caution!!!
Human nature determines economy but higher aspiration introduces the chaos factor. So, nothing Eastern or Western about economic endeavour.
Vedic ideals of striving after Light and Force must translate into our seeking Democracy and Transparency in collective existence in India.
Evolution and Perfection drive human progress in which Democracy is a crucial aid. Present political parties are a barrier in India's march.
Though not perfect, Democracy constitutes a significant advance in the realm of collective conduct but Indians are still far away from it.
The first word The Mother & Sri Aurobindo teach is ASPIRATION. Indians must aspire for a Democratically functioning Party before having one.
No one represents India better than Sri Aurobindo. Be Indian, be Sri Aurobindian #FiveDreams