Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Informed reappraisal of Gandhi vis-à-vis Sri Aurobindo

Katju controversy provides an wonderful opportunity for informed reappraisal of Gandhi vis-à-vis Sri Aurobindo and his prophecies. @mkatju
Admiring persons of average intellectual capability in politics, business, and entertainment shouldn't legitimise similar state in academics.
Top intellectuals like @sgurumurthy, @RajivMessage, and @Swamy39 are clearly functioning as instruments of anti-Evolutionary forces. Alas!
If Indians can understand the significance of Sri Aurobindo supporting the British in fighting Hitler, then a major shift can be established.
Modern schooling system has taken over many functions from the Religions but is not able to protect children from the tyranny of Mythology.
Tension between Religions are basically differing Ontological views which The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have been able to bridge with finesse.
For many, Philosophy is merely a discipline whereas for Sri Aurobindo, it's Evolution guiding individuals in the path of "All life is Yoga."
Sri Aurobindo has produced sufficient intellectual fodder for winning Philosophical arguments and backed it up with lots of intuitive Poetry.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo established an Ashram in Puducherry for dissemination of new thought and Philosophy integrating East and West.
Your broad impressions on the Veda, Upanishads, or Gita are drawn from diverse sources, all defective. Read Sri Aurobindo for authenticity.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo emphasise upon individual uniqueness and how one can be free from collective comfort zones and allied delusions.
That great treasure of wisdom is available in Sanskrit works is a superstition & adds to confusion of those who have not read Sri Aurobindo.
Look at Religion, Culture, and Politics through the lens of Sri Aurobindo to partake of his penetrating insights and Evolutionary prophesies.
Neither Western Philosophy https://t.co/u4iYW6yps4 nor Indian Philosophy http://t.co/JKvALeHNTi reach at any reasonable solution except Sri Aurobindo.
Philosophy is the best means of remaining free from indoctrination. Sri Aurobindo offers the best Philosophy to cut through theoretical maze.
@Lutyenspundit Most people follow their religion as per convenience. The religion should take onus in proportion to one follows its tenets.
@cpings4 Citizens must be dealt with depending upon their present status and not on the basis of what their dead forefathers did or thought.
@cpings4 Each one has his own notion and potion of culture. Indian situation is too diverse & meta-narratives have little utilitarian value.
@cpings4 If we read Sri Aurobindo, the nation has no exact fixity in the Evolutionary scale, barring being a transitional convenience. Alas!
@cpings4 It's not Universalism either; rather, the most refined form of Anarchy which will act selectively and not simultaneously upon all.
@cpings4 Group-minds are potent actors without the necessity of geographical contiguity or legality of a Nation and its irrational emotions.
@cpings4 No standard means to measure progress as Evolution is not linear and allows its tools to stoop to conquer or ally with adversaries.
@cpings4 No help here from any one else except slowly developing one's critical faculty by reading the books of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo.
Twitter is an excellent source of News and instant comments on them but regrettably, what I get to read of late is History and more History.
Most on Twitter are obsessed with History; 21st Century is beyond their mental horizon. Many also denounce Science but okay with Mythology!
Observing a History-free day on Twitter is necessary to heal people of the habit of stuffing their TLs with needless details of past events.
No one demands a model legal framework with democratic succession provisions for management of Temples etc. by revoking Govt control on them.
RSS' new jugglery 'DNA-wise Hindus' will rank as joke of the Century. Why can't they leave individuals to own their own lives is perplexing.
Just because BSP is weak, don't assume that the Dalit question is no longer of any importance. Dealing with it is the most challenging task.
Whether the Veda is anti-Hindu http://t.co/hS8fvp0FmN
[The Lives of Sri Aurobindo by Peter Heehs: A Critical Appraisal] http://t.co/nbyhfzPJzZ
[Overman Foundation - Introduction to Sri Aurobindo Studies: A Certificate Course] https://t.co/7jxWZbrG9q
[The Sri Aurobindo Ashram and its Administration https://t.co/CC6sTtd4gw Insightful article by Jayantilal Parekh that every sadhak must read.]

Friday, March 13, 2015

No one can forgive Heehs

He has other minor complains regarding the book, but Pankaj Bagaria gives a clean chit to Heehs as regards his crime in page 326 of The Lives of Sri Aurobindo. I don't agree.

Heehs was conscious of what he is writing and tried to build an atmosphere in a perfect screenplay style so that there is no lacuna in the purvapaksha. He has done it like a consummate artiste for which he deserves encomiums. The reader is led up the garden path and then told magisterially the hard truth. 

No one can forgive Heehs. He has to suffer ridicule all his life for that single act. Meanwhile, extracts from his great work will be quoted and requoted in more and more books not only in India but across distant seas and lands. [TNM55]

Whether the Veda is anti-Hindu

Envisaging the path of Evolution, The Mother & Sri Aurobindo preached true spirit of religion sans any Mythology, Rituals, or superstition.
Personality cult in politics is derived from Mythology. Following Sri Aurobindo is only way to be free from pernicious effects of Mythology.
To remain prisoner of distorted History is as pernicious as being surrendered to Mythology. Young Indians must reclaim their independence.
Katju has a right to comment on persons and events and all right thinking people must support him for his courage and denounce RS stricture.
RS must withdraw its condemnation of @mkatju and assure citizens that they are free to hold any opinion on anyone and there are no holy cows.
RS must not intimidate citizens for their views on history. Healthy debate and analysis of facts must have priority over propaganda. @mkatju
What @mkatju is pointing at is an honest reexamination of historical accounts. Such academic activity must not be suppressed nor condemned.
Katju's reading of Gandhi may not be far from facts but lacks a holistic sense. Sri Aurobindo turns out to be the best analyser of Gandhi.
@PawanDurani Recite SAVITRI a-page-a-day and join Savitri Era Party for National rejuvenation under The Mother & Sri Aurobindo's inspiration.
Forget Mythology. Understand the Vedic terms in their original sense from Sri Aurobindo and discover their deep psychological significances.
Forget the debate over beef-eating. Go means light as in Golaka, Gomati, Gaveshana, etc. Sri Aurobindo unveils inner sense of the Veda.
Forget Mythology. Indra means mind, the lord of Indriyas (senses) represented by the sky. Learning the Veda from Sri Aurobindo is revealing.
Ostentatious display of Rituals by rich & influential people is blindly followed by others who remain poor, both intellectually & materially.
Mythology eclipsing Philosophical curiosity & intellectual interrogation is so prevalent that festivals are considered the be all & end all.
Engaging with Sri Aurobindo intellectually is the most appropriate course for Indians to understand their roles for the National resurgence.
Mythology and superstitions are so ingrained in Indians that they fail to imagine how life can be without them. Sri Aurobindo shows the way.
Throwing out senseless Mythology and Rituals is a must if India wants to be a modern nation as envisaged by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo.
Dreaming a world-class nation with abysmal country-class citizens is absurd. Indians must follow Sri Aurobindo to see it reach great heights.
Sri Aurobindo built a robust Ontology in his magnum opus, "The Life Divine" upon Judeo-Vedic essences by keeping Mythology and Rituals out.
Sri Aurobindo introduced Logic of the Infinite and Exclusive Concentration to erect an Integral Advaita bridging Judeo-Vedic perspectives.
Hindutva suffers serious infirmities in the eyes of Sri Aurobindo who offers a paradigm that is universal and stems from Vedic perspective.
There is no chance that the modern generation will welcome Hindutva. But then, the question is what's the alternative? It's Sri Aurobindo.
Many women protagonists appear in Sri Aurobindo's poems and plays but few Indians have heard of them or had the chance of reading the texts.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo never encouraged judging with the Gender lens so that each individual proceeds in his or her unique discovery.
@jadhav_in It's up to each individual to decide how he'll proceed with intellectual development and where and how he would breach tradition.
@jadhav_in If it is really an awakening, then it's good. But intellectual churning and critical thinking is a must, else it's all parroting.
Many post pictures of Mythology related sculptures with great pride but never appreciate the grand architecture of Sri Aurobindo's SAVITRI.
Temple sculpture may receive attention as Art but shouldn't privilege Mythology as a dominant influence on Politics, Economics, or Science.
Mythological fiction, not only numbs political aspiration, but also legitimises abhorrent social hierarchies. Sri Aurobindo is the way out.
@cbhanp Following Sri Aurobindo is the most appropriate path for Indians, if creating a futuristic and just society is the objective.
Young Indians deriving esteem and belongingness by hero-worshipping Modi or Kejriwal is understandable. May future grant them understanding!
Emancipation from the tentacles of Mythology, Meta-narratives, & Hyperreality (Jean Baudrillard) is not easy unless one reads Sri Aurobindo.
New political culture must be reason based instead of pandering to symbols or socializing devices. Following Sri Aurobindo facilitates.
Anti-Western sentiments has its own validity but valorising Mythology by relinquishing critical faculty by young and educated is unfortunate.
Those who are interested in working for Hindu interest should form a separate organisation instead of burdening BJP with their narrow agenda.
Books and Films try to create some pre-release controversy to gain attention. Govt. and MPs too help the process, as has happened recently.
AAP supporters are getting rid of their illusion of Alternative Politics; Hindutva enthusiasts yet to be done with dreaming Glorious India.
BJP is happy at AAP discomfiture but forgets that it'd face a similar prospect in the near future. Tanashahi is tolerated for a while only!
@Parikramah Kejriwal brooks no dissent & should have put his detractors tactically in the Margdarshak Mandal taking a leaf out of BJP's book
@amreekandesi Kejriwal would soon realise his mistake of asking for five years only though Delhi was willing to be leased to him for 99 yrs!
The way AAP saga is unfolding, the 49 days jinx looms large and the real RSS machinations may come out in the open sooner rather than later.
Why only AAP, considering their stance on various issues over Twitter, Modi fans can be said to be divided into a dozen factions. Democracy!
Were the members of the new National Executive of BJP elected by the cadre? If not, what kind of internal democracy is this? Just eyewash?
Both AAP & BJP need adequate mechanism for internal democracy and transparent debate on issues of national importance in National Executive.
At critical moments, the Govt must be supported unequivocally when it's acting in the overall National Interest with futuristic perspective.
Modi is turning a victim of his grandiose utterances and assurances; nevertheless deserves support while negotiating tough political terrain.
Decentralisation, transparency etc. are the means and not the core philosophy around which a party should grow. Definite ideology is a must.
@centerofright @swarupdas @doubtinggaurav RS should get new members on PR basis after every State election to have representative character.
@pras4net Nitish is a seasoned politician and specific issues have multiple dimensions. He is surely better equipped than BJP to handle them.
@pras4net Nitish installing Manjhi may not be a model situation but such political exigencies happen. Besides Nitish is best among available.
@pras4net You are mixing too many issues. Manjhi is a non-entity and has nothing to do with my original tweet. I'm optimistic about future.
@pras4net Even after Nitish was democratically elected as the leader, the Governor refused to recognise him and finally Democracy prevailed.
@pras4net Predetermined imposition is the RSS modality but a Democratic party would throw leaders at various levels through open voting.
@pras4net RSS has thousand other flaws and BJP inherits them. Nitish has no such baggage, he can evolve, assimilate and chart new directions
@pras4net The flame of hope kindled during the JP Movement burns still in our hearts despite the bizarre consequences. Future may be better.
Free India has not been able to produce a principled political party yet. Time is ripe now to create one under Sri Aurobindo's inspiration.
Modi & Kejriwal are twin aberrations country is suffering from at present. Bihar win for Nitish Kumar will lead to sanity at national level.
Democracy is an elegant path but the players must always be prepared to face the Great Leader's wrath since questioning him is blasphemy.
All mobs are mobilized today with strings pulled from different corners of the world. Pity that Anna Hazare befooled with his fake naiveté.
YY turns a living legend today and takes a firm seat among the great soldiers of Democratic principles and Transparency in public life. Mar 4
It's regrettable that anyone opting for Naturopathic treatment in future will be looked at with suspicion. Delhi CM must not have feigned!
Like IPTA, Religions have exploited aesthetic needs by pushing Mythology through music, plays and poetry. Sri Aurobindo is the only way out.
Life's aim is not merely following one's Religion but discovering the direction and demands of Evolution regardless of past accomplishments.
Religion, as Sri Aurobindo conceptualises it, is basically aspiration for Perfection and being a willing vehicle of the Evolutionary Force.
Religion does have large dose of utility value for social harmony but needn't be restricted to it. Individual must seek scope for full play.
Savitri deals with the theme of Death & how to overcome it. Sri Aurobindo's most ambitious creation is a must read to understand his vision.
Recite SAVITRI a-page-a-day and join Savitri Era Party to work for National rejuvenation under The Mother & Sri Aurobindo's inspiration.
Odisha is in the forefront in disseminating the Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo among the masses through hundreds of Integral Education Centres.
@BHPanimalwatch Is Pollock aware of Sri Aurobindo's works? Has he commented upon his Vedic hermeneutics?
An extract from Sri Aurobindo's famous letter to his wife dated August 30, 1905: [My third madness is that while ...] http://t.co/4a3j0nRvhD
@Zeteticus The Mother & Sri Aurobindo offer the most insightful theories on the subject. http://t.co/S7aWJUVQVD
[Sri Aurobindo was also engaged in countering and exposing the Media of the day which was peddling lies & falsehoods] http://t.co/iBaF8wwoBV
[The Lives of Sri Aurobindo by Peter Heehs – A Critical Appraisal] http://t.co/3aX4ol5oJa
[For Humanities/English Lit/Soc Sc junkies: What exactly is the point in publishing 10000th article on Shakespeare] http://t.co/jbnlyFzu8x
Online articles are avidly read and recommended on Twitter. References to books and their Professor authors are almost negligible. So sad!
Most people on Twitter suffer from a false self-righteousness which can be healed by understanding the Integral psychology of Sri Aurobindo.
Misfortune of India is some really well meaning people on Twitter repose their faith on people like Modi and Kejriwal and the country weeps.
There're a few seminal studies on Sri Aurobindo
@jadhav_in Integral Yoga of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo
@jadhav_in Religions are not permanent, they reside in the mind. Once someone is convinced about a new thought, the edifice is over. Simple!
@jadhav_in First, you have to decide for yourself whether Veda is anti-Hindu. If yes, you can label the followers of Sri Aurobindo as such.
@jadhav_in In my original tweet, I had mentioned Sri Aurobindo opposing all major religions. So no question of promoting any other religion.
@jadhav_in Although The Mother & Sri Aurobindo never wanted to establish a new Religion or Political Party we are now calling it Savitri Era.
@jadhav_in There's no one who can claim of preaching Sri Aurobindo absolutely right. All are subjective opinions. Each one must read him.
@jadhav_in So make a due diligence, if there's any merit in their claims instead of dismissing them outright. Sri Aurobindo needs to be read.
@jadhav_in SEP draws its inspiration from Sri Aurobindo and opposes all other Parties.
@jadhav_in Not exactly in that spirit. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo worked for re-establishing the Integral Vedic Harmony all over the Globe.
@jadhav_in I'm my own self; it's for others to judge and label.
Bondage to Sri Aurobindo is voluntary and joyful
Savitri Era of those who adore,
Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Integral Advaita bridging Judeo-Vedic perspectives

This is an excellent overview of a very complex scenario. It appears that there can be no second view but, fortunately, Sri Aurobindo was writing in a journal on these kind of topics on month to month basis 100 years back. He foresaw an Evolutionary track for the whole humanity seeking unity but not uniformity. Thus, the present notion of Hindutva suffers serious infirmities in the eyes of Sri Aurobindo, who offers an alternative paradigm that is universal and stems from the Vedic perspective. [TNM55]

Sri Aurobindo introduced notions like the Logic of the Infinite and Exclusive Concentration to erect an Integral Advaita bridging Judeo-Vedic perspectives. Relying upon such modern and Evolutionary contributions must receive priority over over-venaration of ancient texts. [TNM55]

Democracy or political parties don't operate in a vacuum; they are about people and human nature. Without understanding them nothing perfect can we expect. Sri Aurobindo has delved deep into these issues; how an individual should evolve and imbibe values for an ideal mode of collective living including Democracy. The more people read Sri Aurobindo, the greater the chance of social transformation and ethical revolution. [TNM55]


There is no better book than The Life Divine by Sri Aurobindo that explains the existence of God in relation to the world. [TNM55]