Friday, March 13, 2015

No one can forgive Heehs

He has other minor complains regarding the book, but Pankaj Bagaria gives a clean chit to Heehs as regards his crime in page 326 of The Lives of Sri Aurobindo. I don't agree.

Heehs was conscious of what he is writing and tried to build an atmosphere in a perfect screenplay style so that there is no lacuna in the purvapaksha. He has done it like a consummate artiste for which he deserves encomiums. The reader is led up the garden path and then told magisterially the hard truth. 

No one can forgive Heehs. He has to suffer ridicule all his life for that single act. Meanwhile, extracts from his great work will be quoted and requoted in more and more books not only in India but across distant seas and lands. [TNM55]

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