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Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo would have remained moribund without Heehs imbroglio

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The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have written many things and the responsibility is theirs. Direct disciples too have repeated many of them out of loyalty. The challenge today is to avoid making false promises as regards spiritual power since Integral yoga is not at all result-oriented.
When I wrote ten years back "The divine manifestation of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is an unprecedented phenomenon which... is nothing in comparison to what is yet untold about them," it created a mild flutter. Their deed indeed remains largely unfathomed.

I think, I have answered your curiosity here
Possibility is the most important word in Sri Aurobindo's philosophy. Emergent Evolution as popularised by Bergson, Whitehead, or Morgan. The Mother added emphasis on the mind of the cells & their transformation
There were plays and epics, treatises on ethics and cosmology, religious scriptures, discourse on theology, philosophy, and theosophy; and diverse literature on atheist persuasion as well. Then came The Life Divine by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo replacing all cobwebs of confusion.
German romanticism is indebted to Integral thinkers like Duns Scotus (1266–1308), Giordano Bruno (1548–1600), and Jakob Böhme (1575–1624). American transcendentalism and Bengal Renaissance too have their roots. Also the Cosmic Movement of Max Théon (1848–1927) and Sri Aurobindo.
Any admirer of Sri Aurobindo has to go through a prolonged phase of exploring Homer, Heraclitus, Plotinus, Dante, Blake, Nietzsche, Fichte, Spencer, et al in order to develop an integral understanding of him. Those who suffer from West-phobia must shed their inferiority complex.

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It's well known that when one doesn't have any identity or achievement (like in adolescence) one takes up some tribal cause like nation or religion in order to shore up self esteem. But justifying political support (with intention of material gains) as rational is sheer hypocrisy.

Your interest in The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is welcome. Let's hope your comments provoke Indians to check the facts which are fairly documented. Fiction however have their own validity and utility and must not cease to flow in the tradition of Sri Aurobindo modifying many legends

To know how to wait is to have time on your side, said The Mother; patience, perseverance are key. Skill in works is the sense of an instrument and surrender which turns it into yoga, exhorted Sri Aurobindo. Sound nothing extraordinary but form the cornerstone of Integral yoga.

Studying in any university can't be seen as uniformity. Further, there is no intention or expectation of imposing it. Sri Aurobindo's future vision is competing for survival in the global marketplace of contesting ideas. Drawing inspiration is voluntary.
Many thanks for responding. The question, paradoxically, is who will decide whether it's a loss or a gain. I respect your sentiments but Sri Aurobindo would say otherwise. You are aware of his psychological interpretation of the Veda. He has clearly pointed out about the "loss."
All religions will see their demise, Sri Aurobindo has written clearly, due to growth of intellectuality. Technology and material prosperity will help accelerate the process. So, nothing to be unhappy about such a prospect. He assures a better quality of humanity and harmony.
Nothing more atrocious than imposters recommending Vivekananda as an introduction to Sri Aurobindo. So one pollutes his mind and carries that heap of garbage all his life. What Sri Aurobindo encountered in jail is his own exalted imagination of Vivekananda as the latter was dead.
Savitri Era Party is firmly against mollycoddling Hindutva or for that matter any kind of anti-Evolutionary agenda. Savitri Era Religion with The Mother & Sri Aurobindo as supreme divine manifestation is the only direction towards the future. Those playing subversive games retire
Thanks for repeating their names and their enduring work. Being concerned with them, even if critically, is also a form of yoga and has transforming effect. Thus your work is better than Marxists who simply ignore him. As regards Auroville, you can pay a visit as a tourist.
All these years, I have not been overwhelmed or intimidated by dominant narratives with the firm belief that Sri Aurobindo's agenda has the potential of capturing power. I'm sure that the fault lines like Lakshmana Rekha or Radha will implode and ramshackle castles will collapse.
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Trained as a school teacher and having served as one for one year, I think, I continue in the profession here on Twitter. I studied Botany and Agriculture but here I dish out a litany of subjects apart from culture. Overcoming being a philistine or a dilettante is aesthetic yoga.

I might have tweeted any number of links but people don't read nor need any further clarification. Why our educated folk are so reluctant to read Sri Aurobindo is a mystery. Articles on him are generally superficial and misleading. His #FiveDreams however contain seeds of future.
Darwin signifies a watershed; so many fields of inquiry got reconfigured to accommodate his findings. But in India it feels like he never mattered; ancient texts contain all the wisdom. Thankfully Sri Aurobindo took up the pen; after a dozen incomplete drafts came The Life Divine.
Savitri Era Political Action: Sri Aurobindo's agenda has potential of capturing power @NathTusar
"If this is not the solution, then there is no solution; if this is not the way, then there is no way for the human kind" #SriAurobindo #FiveDreams #WorldUnion
Those who are drawn towards the vortex of Sanskrit texts in their youthful enthusiasm are inviting trouble for all their life. One text will lead to another and then multiple commentaries etc. would rob many pleasures and cause vertigo. Sri Aurobindo's English translations safer.
Sri Aurobindo has hinted at Sanskrit possessing original root sounds that are self-creative. However no such quest is on and subjective findings are suspect. As regards the Mantra aspect Sri Aurobindo's poetic output in English is more accessible and relevant for the modern times
Proof is the very fulcrum of science but since there are immeasurable fields of knowledge beyond the confines of science philosophical speculation comes to the rescue. There epistemology is as crucial as empiricism. I'm not an atheist but against Astrology, Mythology, and Rituals

I remember Kanchan's regular column in The Pioneer when it was relaunched first three decades back spreading alternative perspectives. Some have pioneering roles and that should get due recognition. Countless people might have benefitted from such endeavours. Each word mattered.
Fairly educated and well meaning persons not able to write even one sentence with right spelling, grammar, or punctuation marks has become a common feature like people wearing torn jeans, these days. Adding emoticons and other visuals to the text is another irritating phenomenon.
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My original contributions to understanding or interpreting Sri Aurobindo can be summarised under a number of heads:
1) Against Hindutva, Mythology, & Astrology
2) Vedas against Rituals
3) Against Vivekananda
4) Espousing Modernity & Democracy
5) Nationhood to States & languages.

Some experts on Sri Aurobindo are active in Twitter:
1. Civilisation & culture @kittur @singh_shreepal
2. Psychology & healing @drsbasu2115 @AuroMaa_org
3. Poetry & literature @GoutamGhosal2 @smurali1234
4. Philosophy & yoga @santoshk1 @akazlev
Knowledge seekers may consult them instead of dilettantes

Murali Sivaramakrishnan has dismissed research on Sri Aurobindo "as mere descriptive essays and interpretative monographs." Going beyond the texts to dwell in the free land of ideas is the real challenge; not the past but the future must capture attention.
Dr. Murali Sivaramakrishnan's “Sri Aurobindo's Aesthetics and Poetics: New Directions” | Overman . - #GoogleAlerts

No amount of Prime Minister's speech from the ramparts of Lal Quila can remove rampant rural poverty and deprivation. Sovereignty to the States is the only way to ensure last mile Democracy and Development. Parliament must abolish Central govt to turn itself to #BharataFederation

VIP VAK: What isn't considered a social construct?
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Read the Odia translation of an article (Bengali writings - Vol. 6) by Nolini Kanta Gupta (13 January 1889 – 7 February 1983) on Unity of India in the current issue of Navaprakash (Puducherry). He obviously defends the present structure but concedes that the diversity is complex.
Nice thread and resonates with all of us who are born and brought up in a village but then I was reminded of this old column by Dileep Padgaonkar which I had read before my access to Internet.
[Let your grand-daughter live in a hut in my village, tend goats all day and sing your poems to her hearts content.]
You have said many things; would seem as rambling rant but intention is laudable. It's a question of right attitude and convincing content. In the absence of right books people are confused about the ideology. When right knowledge comes humility will dawn.
Human affairs as perceived by way of current affairs is merely a tranche. Even in its totality it's like a few pieces of a jigsaw puzzle without any assurance of being the authentic ones since rest of the pieces are either missing or it's not known whether a puzzle exists at all.
Hindutva votaries need to be polite therefore without flaunting any kind of certainty as regards cosmology or sociology. Superiority and exceptionalism are avoidable hubris. Berating others for their contesting point of view can be unsubstantiated chutzpah. Coexistence is basic.
Let language be the sole defining criteria for a nation when the States get Sovereignty. Preserving all dialects is a romantic idea but hardly practicable; they will perish. Major ones will survive just like merger of Banks. Economics will play a role toward an organic evolution.
I respect you both. Each person has his chosen intellectual trajectory, spiritual destiny, and Evolutionary assignment. Truth is a severely contested domain in the 21st century due to uncertainty of science and it's a catch 22 situation. So, let not there be bar on perspectives.
I feel pity for the Hindutva activists who undertake painstaking research for understanding various nuances of Islam in order to criticise it. Similar is the case of @devduttmyth who valiantly bears the burden of displaying the futility of mythology by wallowing in its quagmire.
I remember Kanchan's regular column in The Pioneer when it was relaunched first three decades back spreading alternative perspectives. Some have pioneering roles and that should get due recognition. Countless people might have benefitted from such endeavours. Each word mattered.
One of The Mother’s many volcanic ideas that shook us in the school days and hooked us to her lasso is that the flowers decorating her photo need not be thrown away daily. Each flower has the right to serve the divine as long as it remains fresh ...
Sites like @AuroEbooks @aurovilletoday @SACAR_IN and @WelcomeSacar are helpful.

Aurora Mirabilis: Hero is the one who can be betrayed with impunity
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The desire to be desired is crucial for self-esteem and how it activates hormones in a moment is the most complex mystery of social existence. Sublimation is not exactly what The Mother & Sri Aurobindo aimed at; Transformation into an altogether new configuration and we must wait
Impersonality is integral to rationality but it's easier said than done. Other spheres of consciousness always wait in the wings and self-interest or self-protection is firm. Education, profession, financial position, age, gender, political affiliation; all have bearing on mind.
War is the father and king of all, said Heraclitus. Randall Collins highlighted how conflicts spur philosophy. Without Heehs imbroglio, the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo would have remained moribund. New frontiers opened by the debates like IY fundamentalism
If you call yourself a Hindu, you can't ignore the Veda. Once you convince yourself to understand the Veda, you can't ignore Sri Aurobindo. A further step would be to know who is this The Mother. Next test will be what's best from the West. Tolstoy you know, but what about Royce?
I have read a few posts by Bruno Marchal who speculates about numbers dreaming or machines going irrational at an advanced stage. So, what are the challenges to face such a prospect? Seems to be too dystopian; any insights on that? Thanks.
Sri Aurobindo spoke of the logic of the infinite; so, trying to find logic in spirituality doesn't hold water.
It may not be a spiritual path at all; just changing costume to avoid public attention. It's his freedom; needn't conform to any prior version.
What existed in 1370 or happened in 1947 has to be corrected and reversed. Tinkering is not healing; deferring is not the right course for solving a problem. Too many nations have been bound together for too many years; they must be set free. States of India must get Sovereignty.
Seems that moment
[Kya samajhkar aaye the ... ki sardar bahut khush hoga, shabashi dega? क्‍या समझकर आये थे ? कि सरदार बहुत खुश होगा शाबाशी देगा ?] #BernieSanders #Kashmir #FiveDreams #BharataFederation
Because Thou Art: Scholarship and learning are means of detecting a wrong
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